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Chapter 1 - Victory starts college
1. Nice To Meet You

Victory sat quietly on her bed and looked around at the small room. This was her first night in the dorm, her first night at college, her first night free. They told her she would be getting a roommate tomorrow, which was a little disconcerting. Victory lay back and thought about the new situation. She had never had any close friends and was used to being alone a lot other than her family. To comfort herself she decided to close her eyes and drift into her favorite fantasy.

She could see herself in the mirror, tied to the old wooden chair, legs spread, breasts bare, her long dark hair curling around her shoulders and waist. She tilted her head back and laid it against the hard, tight stomach behind her. He was standing there with his hands on her head, stroking her hair. His hands were rough, callused and not gentle. She arched her back as they rasped down across her shoulders and bare breasts; nipples hardening as he roughly handled them.

In the bed she lifted her own hand and slowly ran it up under her shirt and across her breasts smiling as she felt that her nipples were as hard in real life as they were in the mirror in her mind.

The man behind her blindfolds her and then unties her from the chair. He leads her to a bed and lies her down on her back. She can’t see anything, can only feel and hear. He ties each of her hands to the posts of the bed, then each of her ankles. He sits beside her on the bed and she hears him breathing as he lowers his face to hers and sucks her lips into his mouth. His lips are soft and thick, his mouth warm and sweet. He pushes her lips open with his tongue and explores her hot mouth. Victory is writhing on the bed wishing she could reach up and grab the back of his head and pull him close. He runs his rough hands down her body then leans back roughly slapping her breasts, she gasps and thrusts her chest off the bed. She moans loudly as he thrusts three fingers into her…….

Victory was so into her fantasy that she didn’t hear the door open. She writhed on her bed with one hand up her shirt and the other inside her shorts slowly rubbing and smiling. She jumped and squealed as she heard someone clearing their voice. Her eyes flew open and she saw a beautiful girl standing in the doorway, tall and dark, her skin like the caf? latte Victory loved.

“Hi, I’m Ingrid.” She laughed as Victory’s face reddened. “I think we’re gonna get along great.” She turned and grabbed some bags from the hallway while Victory got herself together.

“I’m Victory,” she said, then laughed, too. She got off the bed and went to help Ingrid bring in her things. They had made 2 trips from Ingrid’s car before they got all her things into the tiny room. As they put things away and settled into their room they talked and chatted. Victory learned Ingrid was from Austria, her father had been a photographer for a magazine and traveled through Austria where her mother was living studying art. Her mother was a black Egyptian woman and her father was a chain-smoking, whiskey drinking white boy from America.

As the rest of the dorm quieted down, Ingrid and Victory were just finishing their room. Victory leaned back on a dresser and smiled, “small but cute,” she said. Ingrid smiled too and suggested they go shower. They grabbed a couple towels and quietly ran down the hall to the shower room. They stepped inside and looked at each other, grinning, it was a little dark and eerie and so quiet, then the lights came up and they laughed. Victory had never used a communal shower before and shyly stood with her back to Ingrid, but eventually she turned and glanced over and saw Ingrid, naked and covered in soap. Ingrid was looking at her and rubbing her breasts, down her belly and hips, back up again. Victory smiled and Ingrid walked over to her and pushed her by the shoulders up against the cold shower wall. Victory gasped and arched her back away from the wall and into Ingrid’s hot soapy body. Ingrid pressed Victory’s hands up over her head and then started running her hands down her arms. Victory writhed against her. Ingrid’s hands were soft and silky, siding over her skin. She gathered Victory’s breasts into her hands and lifted and squeezed and kneaded them. Victory moaned and arched her back again. Ingrid stood back a little taking her in. Victory felt so sexy standing there naked, the back of her hands pressed against the wall high above her head. She was short and Ingrid was tall and seemed somehow powerful standing over her. She continued to run her wet soapy hands all over Victory’s body. She pulled Victory over into the spray of the shower and rinsed the soap away then dipped her head and pulled one of Victory’s hard nipples into her mouth. She sucked and nibbled on one and pinched and pulled the other, rolling the hard little nugget between her thumb and finger; then traded sucking and pinching the opposite sides. Victory loved it and she relaxed letting the sensations wash over her like the water. She had never been with a girl before, but she was wet and ready for anything.

Victory cried out softly and arched again as two of Ingrid’s fingers slid up between her throbbing lips, stroking against the wet silky walls of her pussy. Her fingers were slim and soft like her own and her mouth was hot and wet on her breasts and stomach. Then Ingrid was on her knees sucking at her pussy. She looked down at the top of Ingrid’s head and watched as the hot water ran down her chest and stomach into Ingrid’s face and mouth. Victory leaned back again against the wall and lifted one leg up and grabbed her knee, holding herself wide open for Ingrid’s mouth and hands. Ingrid pushed her fingers into Victory’s pussy deep and hard, in and out as she sucked and sucked at her lips and clit. Victory couldn’t believe the sensations as Ingrid pulled her clit between her lips and sucked hard while she rammed her fingers deep and held them there, sucking and sucking. Victory wanted to scream as she ground her pussy into Ingrid’s face. Ingrid sucked and fingered and started coming herself as Victory’s hot creamy juice flowed into her mouth. Victory sank to the floor and they gently washed each other under the warm water, not speaking but smiling and content.

They dried each other and then, wrapped in the towels, they walked quietly back to their room. Inside their door, Ingrid reached out and touched Victory’s face, “nice to meet you,” she said and went to her bed. Victory climbed in her own bed and smiling, quickly fell asleep.

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2009-11-20 11:13:09
Good Story, but too short . Not enough going on in your stories.

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