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Our babysitter seeks answers about sex
One of the things my wife and I loved about our house, the first time we saw it, was the neighborhood. There were kids playing outside, and everyone seemed to know each other. Since the house was also best of all we had looked at, we bought it immediately.

While the house does have its issues, it has a lot going for it, too. First, it sits on a huge lot. It's actually nearly two full lots, meaning we have a huge backyard. It also has a great deck that sits out the back door. with a fence and gate when we want a bit more privacy. With the master bedroom sitting right beside it, we can easily see what is going on outside if needed. We picked up all the required deck items, including a grill, table, and patio chairs shortly after we bought the house. Our family loves to sit on the deck and have meals, play games, or just chill out.

Another wonderful thing about the house is the close proximity of our babysitter. Sandra, the 14-year old who lives next door, is great with our kids, and typically available any time we need her to watch them. Plus, Sandra took the effort to complete a babysitter safety course, and her parents are usually around. And living next door, it's easy to "drive her home." Open the door, watch until she gets to her door, close the door.

There are benefits for Sandra, too. She knows we are fine with her playing in the backyard, and she often brings friends over for soccer, volleyball, and other activities. It's common to find her hanging out playing with the kids, even when she isn't actually babysitting. My wife doesn't mind, as she knows the kids have an older youth watching them. I don't mind because Sandra watching the kids means I get to watch Sandra.

At 14, she is fairly well developed. Standing about 5' 8", she weighs about 130 pounds, with approximately 36B tits. She has a penchant for wearing shirts that are too short, along with hip hugger jeans (and what seem to be thong panties). In addition to having a great body, she is energetic, confident, and excited around the kids. As the youngest member of her 9th grade class, she's also slightly more mature than most girls her age. That makes it a lot easier to leave our kids in her care.

Like most young ladies, Sandra is always concerned about how she looks, and tries to make the best possible impression. And at 14, she is becoming more concerned about how she might look in her bathing suit at the pool. Typically, it's pretty easy to determine what Sandra's goal is when she goes there. If she's looking to cool off or have fun in the water, she wears a one piece suit that covers her pretty well. If she's looking to flirt with the boys, she tends to wear a bikini that shows off her body. And show off her body it does. The black suit shows off two of her best assets, her developing chest and her amazing ass.

One afternoon when my wife was out with the kids and I was doing some yard work, Sandra stopped over to ask if she could use our deck to suntan. Though her house has a small deck, I didn't question her, as our porch has more exposure to the sun, as well as better lounge chairs. I told her that was fine with me, so long as she kept the gate closed. Sandra squealed with delight, thanked me, and ran to her house to change. She returned wearing the bikini, and asked how much longer I would be working in the yard. Figuring I was almost done, I told her maybe 15 minutes, and that I would try not to bother her.

"That's okay, Tom, I just wanted to know when you would be back in the house. If it's alright with you, I'll be working a bit on an "all over" tan, if you know what I mean."

Surprised, but not entirely shocked, I told her that was okay, but that would mean she REALLY had to keep the gate closed. I told her I would go around the front to give her some privacy. "Don't worry," she replied, "It'll be okay for you to walk through. That's why I wanted to know when you were heading in, so I could plan properly."

Sandra went to the porch and shut the gate to the privacy fence. I heard her adjust one of the chairs and lay down. I went back to work, finishing up the projects I was completing. Once I was finished, I threw my tools in the shed, and headed toward the house. I thought about just going around to the front, but went to the porch, as Sandra had said she would wait until I was inside before doing any tanning "Au natural." I opened the gate and hurried through, closing it behind me. Turning toward the door to the house, I was shocked to see Sandra laying there with her bikini top and bottoms untied, and barely covering her.

"Sandra," I stammered, "What are you doing? I thought you said you would wait until I was in the house!?"

Giggling, she replied, "That's not what I said, at all. I said I wanted to know when you might be coming through so I could plan properly. I'm not nude. Yet. And I'm sure you've seen girls with their tops undone."

I had, but they weren't typically 14 years old, the neighbor, and my babysitter. I hurried through the door and into the house, before a tent in my pants betrayed my arousal.

I closed the blinds to the sliding glass door, grabbed a drink, and flipped on the t.v. I stopped by the bathroom and then went to my bedroom to change. Walking into the room, I realized the blinds there were still open, giving me a direct view of the deck, and the sunbathing Sandra. And now, she was doing exactly what she suggested she would. Her bikini top was no longer untied and draped over her titties, it was untied and completely removed. Her bottoms were not entirely removed, but she the only thing "covered" by the fabric was her butt, as she was sitting on it. Her nearly smooth mound was completely uncovered, allowing me a perfect view of her young pussy.

In fact, she had obviously moved her chair so her legs (and crotch) would be pointing at my bedroom window. Confused at what Sandra was doing, I continued to stare, not even thinking about the possible consequences. I had a cute 14-year old naked on my porch, her legs spread to give me a perfect view of her pussy. As I looked at her nude form, I realized that she had raised her head and was looking directly at me. Rather than freaking out or running away, Sandra smiled and waved. She then pointed at her body and mouthed, "What do you think? Do you like it?"

I nodded dumbly, and continued to stare.

Eventually, I collected my wits, changed clothes, and went back to the living room. I heard the door open, and turned to find Sandra standing there, still naked. She asked if I would mind opening the blinds so she could see the t.v. and I could keep an eye on her. I told her I would do that, and then did everything possible to actually keep an eye on her. How could I not? My body told me to keep a lot more than my eyes on her, and only my mind urged restraint.

Sandra tanned for about 30 minutes, turning every which way. While she said it was to get an even tan, it was pretty obvious she was doing everything she could to give me different views of her newly developing body. I'm sure I enjoyed the show at least as much as she enjoyed giving it. After that, she picked up her swimsuit, and came back into the house.

"Tom, can I ask you a question about sex?"

Despite the performance she had just given, I wasn't sure how much further things should go. "I'm not sure, Sandra, isn't that something better handled by your dad?"

"No way," she replied, "he won't answer my questions. That's why I'm hoping you will."

"Okay, I'll try. What's your question?"

"What does it feel like to be fucked?"

Her language might have surprised me if I hadn't known her. I've heard her swear a time or two, so wasn't caught totally off guard. But I wasn't sure how to answer the question. "Sandra," I said, "I've never been on the receiving end. I don't think I can help with that answer."

"Actually," she said, "You can. But it involves a bit of risk, and action, by you."

"How's that," I asked.

"Because you'll need to fuck me so I will know," was her response.

Now, I WAS shocked. I sat there, stunned, barely able to sputter out a response. "Sandra, you're 14. And you live next door. And I'm 40."

"So," she replied, a gleam in her eye. "You haven't taken your eyes off my body since the moment you came in from the yard. You looked at it in my bikini, and you looked at it more OUT of the bikini. I'm just asking you to follow up on it. I want it. It's obvious you want it. There's nothing to lose."

Well, Sandra was right about one thing. I wanted it. Seeing her naked body, pussy and all, had quickly increased my desire for her body. "Now just isn't the right time. Who knows when my wife will be home with the kids. Now, you get dressed, and then we'll talk."

Sandra threw her bikini on, though she seemed to take extra care to ensure both the top and bottom were loose, allowing them to hang dangerously low. "Okay, I'm dressed. Now, will you answer my question, or help me find the answer, myself."

"Sandra, you're 14. Whether I want you or not, it's illegal."

"That would only matter if someone was going to tell. If your wife takes the kids out, again, there wouldn't be anyone around to tell. I sure won't, and you obviously wouldn't."

Thinking about it, and trying to figure out a way to scare Sandra, I figured out the perfect situation. I would be out of town on Friday, and my wife would be out of town then and most the day Saturday. That would provide a window of opportunity.

"Okay, Sandra, if you're asked to babysit the kids Friday, from 7 p.m. until around 11, say you will. I'll come home, early, and we can see what happens."

Later that night, when my wife was making plans for the weekend, I commented that Sandra had been by, and I had asked about her babysitting Friday night. Happy that I had remembered to check, my wife called to confirm that, reminding Sandra's mom that it would be a late night, possibly after midnight. She was assured that would work, and hung up the phone.

"I told Sandra's mom midnight just in case you run late."

Smiling for reasons my wife completely misunderstood, I went back helping pack both my bag and my wife's things. With everything in place, I knew that Friday would never arrive quickly enough, and I tackled each task with a nervous excitement, thinking about the possibilities for that night.

Work, the next few days, was nearly impossible. Visions of Sandra naked on my deck kept popping into my mind. That would get me to thinking about Friday, and focus went out the window. I forced myself to complete those things that had to be done by Thursday, and somehow made it to the end of the work week. Friday was a day off, a trip for volunteer work, and the promise of an interesting evening.

Telling my wife to have a great weekend, I headed out early Friday morning. I was anxious to get through the work day and then home for the evening. Physical labor, like it often does, speeds a day along, and it was soon dinner. Rather than stay late as originally planned, I made arrangements so I could leave early, shortly after dinner. The goal was to get home shortly after 8 p.m. by which time I was sure Sandra would have the kids in bed. That would give us plenty of time to look for the answer to her question.

When I got back to town, I parked on the street a couple blocks away, and went to my house through the backyard. I knocked softly at the back door, and waited until Sandra opened it up for me. She was wearing her typical jeans and t-shirt, and smiled when she saw me.

"I was starting to think you decided against coming home early," she said. "Why don't you set your stuff down while I go change out of these clothes. It shouldn't take too long." She turned and walked toward the bedrooms. "Oh yeah, stay out of the back of the house. The kids are asleep, and I'll be using the bedroom and bathroom. No peeking."

Sandra had my interest with that, and I decided to give her the space she needed. I threw my gear into the garage, and told Sandra I would wash up in the other bathroom. After grabbing a clean pair of loose fitting jeans and a fresh shirt, I jumped into the shower and quickly cleaned up. I brushed my teeth for good measure, and headed back to the living room. Sandra was still getting ready, so I flipped on the t.v. and sat down to wait.

She came out about 15 minutes later, and it was obvious she had been thinking the night through. She had on a short pullover sweater that left her midriff showing. It was tight enough to show off her fabulous chest, yet loose enough that it would probably allow easy access to the treasures it hid. She was wearing tight jeans that accentuated her hips and ass, along with open toed heels. Sandra nearly always wore ragged shoes that came off as soon as she got into a house, so the heels were a nice change.

Sandra had also put her time in the bathroom to good use. She had curled her shoulder length brown hair, and for what had to be the first time I'd ever seen, she had on makeup. It was subtle enough to highlight her beautiful face, and bold enough to be seen. The overall effect was to make her look closer to 18 then 14.

"Wow," I said, "You clean up well, don't you."

She smiled, and said, "If you're going to do this for me, I want to make it special for you, too." She was clearly nervous, knowing what we were thinking about doing.

"Well, we don't know what's going to happen, tonight, do we? Let's take this one step at a time. How about we start by going downstairs and putting a movie on. I brought some DQ popcorn and a couple of drinks. That way, it will be like we went out to the movies. It's not even 9:00, so we can watch a movie and still have a couple hours until you have to think about going home."

Taking my hand, she giggled like the 14-year old girl she is, and said she thought that would be a great way to start the night. "But I get to pick the movie!"

I grabbed the food and drinks, and headed down the stairs, Sandra leading the way. My eyes were locked on her ass it swung back and forth going down the stairs. The tight jeans left little to the imagination, and I wondered if there was any chance I WOULDN'T follow through on her wishes.

Once downstairs, Sandra looked through videos while I set the food down and flipped on the home theater system. Sandra picked out "Almost Famous," and we settled down onto the couch as the movie started.

We were both nervous, like any two kids on a first date. Sandra asked about the movie, I offered her popcorn and a soda, and we tried to focus on anything but the sexual tension that exists when two people know what they are going to do, but aren't sure how to start. Eventually, I shifted so that we were sitting fairly close, with the popcorn between us like we were in a theater. Just the simple touch from reaching in for popcorn at the same time was electric.

The movie started out slower than Sandra expected, and she asked if it ever got more exciting. "Yes," I told her, "Besides, you picked it out."

She stuck her tongue out at me in response.

"Don't stick it out unless you're going to use it," I admonished, causing her to blush. She giggled to herself, then said, "How would I go about using it."

"You'll figure something out, I'm sure."

She moved the popcorn to the floor in front of us, leaned against me, and said, "You're funny. I thought you were supposed to be teaching me, not the other way around."

As she leaned into me, I put an arm around her shoulder, and looked down at her. With my other hand, I lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. I leaned down, and softly kissed her lips, then backed away. "Your question was about actual sex. Did you have other questions?"

Still locked in my gaze, she nodded almost imperceptibly, whispering, "Uh huh."

I leaned down and kissed her again, lingering with our mouths together, this time. Slowly, I opened my lips as she did the same thing. Our tongues reached out tentatively, brushing against each other, until our lips came together more tightly. Sandra later told me this was her first experience with French kissing, but she could have fooled anyone. Her lips were soft, her tongue probing into my mouth. Our tongues danced together as we held onto each other tightly.

We continued to neck for several minutes, until I pulled away and asked, "What about the movie?"

Laying back on the couch, pulling me toward her, Sandra said, "What movie?"

Following her lead, I laid down next to her as we continued kissing. Anxious to move beyond first base, I started to caress her body with my hands. I put one hand on her butt, squeezing her into me. I started to rub up and down her side with my other hand, starting at her waist and wandering up toward her ribs. She was breathing heavily as she continued to shove her tongue into my mouth, eager to explore the new sensations she was discovering.

As we got more and more aroused, my hand slipped closer and closer to her chest, until I was cautiously rubbing against the bottom of her breast. Responding instinctively, Sandra turned slightly, grabbed my hand, and pulled it onto the top of her tit. She never slowed down her desperate kissing as I started to gently caress her, brushing my fingers against her nipples, which were starting to get erect from the excitement.

After several minutes of massaging her tits over her sweater, I moved my hand down to her waist, again. Sandra jumped when my hand hit the bare skin of her belly as she wondered what would happen next. I decided to tease her a bit, and reached down to the button of her jeans. I felt her suck her breath in as I slowly undid the button and slid the zipper down. Moving my hand back up, I brushed across her now bare abdomen, then continued up, sliding it under her sweater and onto her bra covered titty.

Sandra started to get over the nervous excitement of making out and started exploring with her own hands. She put one hand on my waist and started to slide it up and down my side. She quickly untucked the shirt and put her hand to the bare skin of my chest. At the same time, I had worked my hand around her back to find and release the hook of her bra.

I was struggling to find the hook, causing Sandra to again giggle as she smiled at me. Leaning back into the couch, she lifted her sweater up saying, "You won't find the hook back there."

Looking down, I realized the little minx was wearing a front-hook bra. By way of explanation, she said, "One of the girls at school said this was better for making out, so I picked one up to see if you would like it."

"I love it, and I'll show you why they're better." Freeing my other hand, I released the hook, allowing the bra to pull back and off her titties. Seeing her naked chest again took my breath away. Still developing, her tits have only a small aereola and pert little nipples. Those nipples were now standing at full and erect attention, ready for more attention.

Having freed her tits, we laid back down and went back to our necking. My hand went right back to caressing her now naked titties, and Sandra responded positively. Her hand moved down toward my crotch, and she soon grabbed at my dick. It was my turn to breath in as she slowly slid her hand up and down the length of my shaft.

Excited by that turn of events, I began to kiss her more forcefully, and then worked my mouth toward her neck. Concerned about leaving hickeys on the babysitter, I gently kissed and licked at her neck and shoulders. Though hard, forceful sucking might have been more arousing, Sandra enjoyed the gentle caress of my mouth, and leaned back, breathing heavily.

I continued to work my way down, moving my hands and my mouth at the same time. My hand left her breast and moved down her chest and stomach toward the waistband of her panties. My mouth moved down her shoulder and onto the tits my hands had so recently been caressing. Using just my tongue, I licked across her nipple, then took it into my mouth. Sandra obviously enjoyed the feeling, and she laid back with her arms above her head, relishing in the sensations surging through her young body.

Her change in position did two things for me. First, it allowed me better access to both of her boobs, and I started to suck on both, keeping each nipple erect from the attention. Second, it put her body in perfect position for me to start exploring other areas with my hand. I started by sliding my hand back and forth on her abdomen, sliding my fingers just under the elastic of her panties. I could feel her belly tense from the shock, and slowly eased my hand further into her panties.

Sandra was starting to breath in quick, short gasps, and I knew she was moving well beyond anything she had ever done, before. Taking it slowly, I continued to shower her tits with affection, all while working my hand slowly into her panties. Soon, I felt the downy hair of her pussy and knew I would soon find out how far she was willing to go.

I moved my mouth back to hers, and started to kiss her, again. She responded hungrily, pulling my head toward hers. As we sucked on each others tongues, my hand moved the final few inches until it found her pussy lips, which were wet from excitement. Not wanting to scare Sandra, I started by rubbing just the outer lips. She reacted by kissing me even more forcefully, and I slowly started to work my finger into her pussy ever so slightly. As Sandra got more and more turned on, I eased my finger further inside of her. Soon, I had my finger buried in her cunt, and she was squeezing her legs together, rocking her hips slightly, humping the finger she now had inside of her. After sliding my finger in and out of her pussy several times, I would slip it all the way out, rub it across her lips and clit, then drive it back into her cunt, which was loosening up with each stroke.

After several minutes of finger fucking her, I felt Sandra's hands move to my waist, and she started to work on releasing the button of my jeans. Once she got it open, she quickly lowered the zipper, and thrust her hand into my underwear and grabbed hold of my cock. It was slippery from my own pre-cum, and her hand slid easily up and down the shaft. She was a bit forceful, and I knew she would, in time, learn to be more gentle. Right now, she had too much sexual energy to take things slow. At 14, she has time to learn. And I have time to teach her. At that very moment, I was more concerned with getting into the little girl's pussy than with how she was jerking me off.

Deciding it was time to see if Sandra was willing to go even further, I eased my hand out of her panties and reached up to take her shirt and bra entirely off. She pulled her hand off my cock, and raised her arms, allowing me to slide her sweater over her head. She quickly moved to put her hand back in my pants, but I stopped her.

"No," I said, taking my own shirt off. "It's time to lose those jeans." Saying that, I slid my hands down her body, taking those tight ass jeans with them. It took some effort, and a bit of help from Sandra, but I soon had her down to her green cotton panties. They were soaked with her juices, so I reached up and yanked them off, too. Slightly embarrassed at being stripped like that, Sandra blushed.

"There's no need to blush. You're beautiful, and you've been doing everything perfectly. And there's more for you to experience, if you want."

"I do, Tom, But I am a bit cold."

Grabbing a blanket, I draped it over her body, and joined her underneath it. Taking her mouth to mine, I shoved my hand back to her crotch, slipping one, then a second finger into her wet cunt. She followed my lead, shoving her hand back into my pants so she could stroke my cock, again. We continued like that for a couple more minutes until I again started to work my tongue toward her boobs. Kissing her nipples, again, I didn't stop my southern journey, there.

I continued across her chest and down her belly. I tickled her by flicking my tongue in and out of her belly button, all while continuing to slide my fingers in and out of her pussy. Slipping my fingers out, I worked my tongue past her hips and toward the downy soft hair covering her pubic mound. I lingered there, licking at her hair while she started to shake with excitement. Then, I repositioned myself, had her raise her legs by bending her knees, and moved my mouth down her thigh toward her hot little cunt.

Sandra jumped as my tongue hit her wet hole. I lapped at her clit and then shoved my tongue deep into her pussy. I tongue fucked her, licking up all her juices. She tasted great, and I reveled in the opportunity to eat out her young pussy. Putting my hands under her ass to raise her butt up, I forced my tongue as far into her as I could. She responded by reaching down and pulling my face into her crotch.

I could feel the climax building in her as I continued to drive my tongue in and out of her hole. She started to moan loudly, then buck her hips quickly, sliding her pussy up and down across my face. Her legs clamped tightly around my head as I continued to flick my tongue into her clit. Sandra shook with pleasure, and opened her legs up as the climax subsided.

Still breathing heavily, she looked at me adoringly. "Tom, that was incredible. I didn't realize I could feel that good from just that."

"Well," I replied, "I do love to eat girls out. So I can't promise it will be that good with all boys, but you'll always find me willing to eat your pussy until you cum."

"Good," she said, "Because of it feels that good every time, you might find me asking for that A LOT."

Pointing out that the movie was still going, I said, "We still have time before we have to consider ending the night. Do you still want to find the answer to your original question?"

"Of course, Tom. That's why I'm here. That's why I'm naked. That's why I've let you do everything you've been doing. That's why I'm wondering why you still have your pants on." Saying that, she sat up and slid my pants and underwear to the floor. "There, she said, now it's fair."

"Alright, if you want this to go all the way, we need to take care of two things. First, we have to agree that this doesn't leave this house. This is between the two of us. No girlfriends, no on-line posts, nothing."

"Of course, Tom. I know how big a risk this is, for you. And after what you just did to me, I don't want ANYTHING to make you go away."

"Okay. Second, I need to get a condom. One thing we don't need is for you to get pregnant."

"Actually, I'm on birth control. So we're good."

"I'll get the condom, anyway. If we didn't have any, we could rely on the pill. I have some, and it will help make this first experience that much better."

With that, I reached into a second bag I had brought and pulled out one of the condoms I had bought on the way home. With shaking hands, I opened the package and slid the rubber onto my dick. Then, nervous and excited, I turned back to the couch. I had Sandra lay down as if I was eating her out, again, and knelt between her legs.

Leaning over, my body hovering above hers, I kissed her passionately. Pulling away, I asked one more time, "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes, Tom, enough waiting. Please do this with me."

Confident she was willing and eager, I again leaned into her, positioning my cock at the opening to her virgin cunt. "This might hurt just a bit. I'll be as gentle as possible."

She nodded, and pulled me toward her. I started by slipping my dick up and down the slit of her pussy. In addition to lubricating the condom, it teased Sandra as she felt my cock so close to her hole. When the condom was slippery with her cum, I pushed gently, forcing the head past her pussy lips.

Sandra again sucked her breath in, and then started breathing more rapidly. As I felt her cunt loosen slightly, I pushed my cock further into her tight hole. Sandra started to breathe in quick gasps as my shaft slid further and further into her. When I felt resistance to my cock sliding any further in, I kissed Sandra on the lips and said, "Are you ready to completely lose your virginity?"

She nodded in response, and I pushed through the resistance of her hymen. Sandra let out a short scream of pain, then hugged me tightly to her body as the sensation of her hymen being torn subsided. As she relaxed, I started to slide my cock gently in and out of her now loosening cunt. At the same time, I returned my mouth to hers and she responded by shoving her tongue back into my mouth.

The feeling of her tight pussy muscles on my cock was amazing. The sensation of her hot box sliding up and down my cock, and the sight of her young body in mine was a huge turn on. Sandra was enjoying the experience as much as me, and her body was reacting to the pleasure. Her legs were opening to allow me to drive deeper inside her with each thrust. Her legs were wrapping themselves around my body, pulling me even further into her. And her tongue continued to dance with mine.

Sandra started to moan more loudly, and I clamped my mouth to hers. "We don't want to wake the kids."

"Tom, how can I keep quiet. It. Feels. So. Good."

Throwing caution to the wind, I pushed up, and started to drive quickly and forcefully into her cunt. I buried my cock deep into her 14-year old pussy, pushing her over the edge.

She started to scream as a climax tore through her pussy. The contractions of her cunt squeezed her already tight hole even more, grabbing onto my cock. That finished me off, and I shot my own load into the condom that protected us. Sandra continued to writhe as feelings of pleasure from her second orgasm of the night coursed through her body. Her gyrations worked her pussy muscles, and she continued to milk the cum out of my still hard rod.

Eventually, I collapsed onto the couch beside her, pulling my cock out of her. She gasped again, and buried her face in my chest. "That was way better than I could have ever imagined, Tom. Maybe even better than you eating me out."

Hearing her talk that way was a turn on, and I told her that was okay. "I hope you like both. I love to do both, and wouldn't think sex is the same without the chance to do them."

"Good, because I enjoyed you doing both, and hope we can do it again, sometime."

"Oh, I imagine we will. The movie is just now getting over, and that means we have another hour or so until you're expected at home. We should probably get you washed up. If you'd like, we can take a shower, together, and see if I can't send you home TOTALLY exhausted. The right treatment in the shower should help with that."

"Really," she said, her eyes lit up with excitement. "Can we go, right now?"

"We have time, Sandra. Be patient. I want to enjoy your body, right here, for a bit more. That will give me a chance to recover, and then we can head upstairs. We have time, tonight, and we'll figure out how to get together in the future. Well, assuming you want to."

"Tom, I'm the babysitter, it's almost required that you fuck me. And don't you THINK of finding another babysitter. At least not until I leave for college."

We watched a bit of t.v. while snuggling on the couch. My hands wandered, continuing to explore Sandra's young body. Her hands wandered, too, until she felt my cock start to swell, again. As it pushed up and nestled between her butt cheeks, she turned to me, smiled, and said, "Does that mean it's time for our shower?"

Smiling myself, I grabbed another condom and said, "That's just what it means. After all, it's almost time for you to go home. I wouldn't want you to go home without at least one more good fuck." Sandra jumped up, running ahead of me. With my eyes glued on her amazing ass, I followed her up the stairs, entranced by the seemingly new sway to her hips. We headed into the shower and finished our wonderful night, there.


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