Our continuing affair
After a wild night of sex and discovery, Kelly and I fell asleep in each others arms. Exhuasted from the incredible evening, I didn't wake up until morning. When I did wake up, it was because she had her hands under the covers, playing with my dick. I kept my eyes clothes, and shifted so she would have better access for her wandering hands.

While stroking my cock to life, Kelly leaned in, said, "Good morning," and gave me a quick kiss. I pushed her onto her back and started kissing her face, neck, and shoulders, working my way toward her breasts with my tongue. I could feel her heart racing and hear her breathing get harder and faster. She started to play with the head of my cock, lubricating it with pre-cum. As her hands and my dick got more slippery, she started to stroke more quickly.

Though enjoying the feeling of her hand on my cock, I said, "You said you wanted our next encounter to be straightforward, passionate, lovemaking." She nodded, so I reached up and grabbed a condom off the headboard. Sitting back, I asked her to put it on, and she showed that even putting on a rubber can be erotic. She started by kissing the head of my dick, and taking the shaft into her mouth a single time. Pulling her mouth off my cock, she slid the condom over the head and unrolled it, jacking me off as she did.

"Honey, it would be a waste of a condom if I cum inside it while you give me a handjob." I pulled her hand off my swollen dick, and moved in to kiss her, forcing her back onto the bed as I did so. She spread her legs, eager to have me inside her, and I positioned myself at the opening of her pussy.

Still kissing her, I eased my cock into her cunt, enjoying the intake of her breath as I did so. As I started to slide in and out of her, I focused my attention back on her chest. My tongue left her tender mouth and snaked back down her neck. When I reached her nipples, I started sucking one while caressing the other with my fingers. Kelly moaned in pleasure as I flicked her nipples with both my tongue and fingers. I alternated between tits, giving each nipple the same attention. Eventually, I started to suck the entire nipple into my lips and pull it up, causing Kelly to shudder with the pleasure of the slight pain.

After several minutes of fucking in this position, Kelly asked me to lay on my back so she could sit up and ride my cock while straddling me. Figuring this would make it easier to play with her tits, I quickly complied. I eased my cock out of her pussy, rolled over, and allowed her to climb on top and start fucking me, again.

As her cunt slid back over my anxious cock, I pulled her toward me and started rubbing her tits with both hands. At the same time, I slipped my tongue into her open mouth. She responded hungrily, and our tongues started a frantic dance. As Kelly got into it, she started to slid up and down more forcefully, driving my cock deep into her pussy. I started to work my mouth back and forth between her mouth and one tit or the other. By pushing her tits up, I was able to minimize the round trip, until Kelly's mouth was almost competing with mine for her nipples. Then, leading her tongue and mouth with mine, I nudged one breast even closer, pushing her nipple between our searching tongues.

Kelly never hesitated, dueling with me for the chance to suck that tit into her mouth. As she started to lick and suck her own nipple, I turned to her other tit. With both tits being sucked, Kelly started to force herself onto my cock with even more force. She was grinding her pussy against me, rubbing her clit inton my body.

I leaned back, anxious to watch Kelly sucking her own titties, and she sat up, pulling both toward her mouth. She drove herself wild by alternating her tongue between nipples, and the sight caused me to lose what little control I had left. I climaxed, thankful we had remembered to grab the condom. Kelly's body tensed as her own climax tore through her body. She clenched her cunt on my cock, rocking her hips to milk every bit of cum out of me. As the climax subsided, she collapsed onto the bed beside me, rolling to pull herself off my shaft.

I laid there as Kelly kissed my neck and whispered into my ear how wonderful she felt. "That was amazing, Tom. Sometimes, just making love is all that is needed."

I agreed, and kissed her deeply to show my appreciation.

After a few minutes of snuggling, I hopped up, asking Kelly if she was alright with me getting a training run in. "Sure, honey," she replied. "Just don't be too long. I want to go shopping with you, and we'll grab some lunch to bring back so we can talk about our lists."

I took a quick shower, trying to decide just how short a run I could count as a good workout. I was excited to get back "home" and see what else Kelly had in mind for the weekend. Friday night and Saturday morning had been perfect, and there was no chance Kelly would let that be the best part of our time together. I decided four miles would be at least a half-hour, went into the bedroom, and kissed Kelly, who was still gloriously naked, telling her I'd be back VERY quickly.

Teasing me, she lightly fingered her own pussy, then sucked her fingers like they were a cock. "Don't think about things like this while you're running. Those running shorts won't hide much."

Felling my cock start to spring back to life, I headed out the door as Kelly giggled behind me.

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2016-06-07 01:58:59
I'm Jimmy age 12. I woke up and quietly yawned. I was still tired. I'm in the trunk of my teachers car with her and her 3 daughters parked in front of the police station. They nearly screwed me to death. When the coast was clear we got in the front of the car. Mrs Adams said damn I got a parking ticket. I said that's a good thing. I said while the fool cop was writing the ticket he was standing next to the car and didn't have clue we were in the trunk. She had a huge orgasm thinking about it. Then she didn't mind getting that ticket. Then we went to eat. At the drive up window the cashier saw me and 3 naked little girls going at it in the back seat. She said she wished it was her. I gave her my number. That night her and her three toddlers took me to the police station for a little frolicking. I didn't know toddlers mouths, pussies and assholes could take such a pounding. Now I'm hooked on toddlers. I like to hear them scream and watch their tortured holes bleed. :)

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2016-06-07 01:41:33
I'm Billy age 12. Last week I was riding my bike at the edge of town by the woods. Two cute little sisters Angie 6 and Katie 5 rode past me. I said hi but they ignored me. Then I heard one crying. I turned around and Angie had fallen off her bike and skinned her knee. She was really crying. I picked her up and carried her into the woods about 100 feet to a creek. I sat her down. I wet a rag I had and wiped her knee. Nothing her sister or I did stopped her crying. I don't know what made do it but I moved her panties aside and licked her cute pussy. She was all smiles then. Then Katie wanted it too. So I gave it to her. Off came their clothes. They wanted to be big girls like their sister. I spent the next two hours making love to these beauties. I cleaned them up and dressed them. They said they know lots of little girls that want to lose their cherries. Now girls from other parts of town are pretending to fall off their bikes. I had to get some friends to help me fuck them all. :)

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I'm Rick age 12. My neighbor Jim asked me to come over. On the patio he whispered his daughter Katie (age 6) is in love with him. She wants us to live like husband and wife. She wants to have sex and sleep in my bed every night. He said he didn't know who to talk to about it. I said your big dick would obviously kill her. I asked if he wanted to fuck her? He blushed when he said yes. He said I get a monster hardon when she is in her panties and nighty and when she is taking a bath. I asked if he really wanted to have her in his bed every night? He said yes. I said let's go talk to her. In her room I told Katie her daddy's dick would kill her if he had sex with her. But there is a way to make it less painful the first time. I said if I have sex with you your pussy and butthole will be stretched enough so daddy can have sex with you. It took her a bit to understand it. She said yes please have sex with me. I said I can't be nice to you. You have to get used to the pain. So I raped her.

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