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Inspired by the Greek myth of Hades (god of the underworld) kidnapping Persephone (goddess of the spring) and taking her as his wife. This story does not accurately depict all the events or facts that were in the myth, I just liked the idea and wanted to expand on it. This is my first story for the website so be sure to give me any suggestions you may have and be sure to tell me if its too tame. I wanted to write a story I would like, one with an actual plot with relationships and personalities between the characters, I didn’t want to jump right into the sex before giving a good build up, but if it is too tame tell me. :-)
Chapter 1

Deep under the earth, in the realm of gloom, and death Hades sat contemplating his predicament.

There on his thrown, sitting next to his three-headed dog Cerberus, was Hades clothed in dark robes,

waves of silk black hair to his shoulders, a beard like most Greeks which showed his intelligence that was

achieved over the many centuries, weaved with the muscles of a true male god, and the face of a warrior

who has had to live an existence in the darkness far too long.

He was contemplating the young and beautiful Persephone. She was the most beautiful woman he had

ever seen; with waist length curls the color of wheat, rosy cheeks, and the body of a fertile woman. Even

though Persephone was only 17 she owned up to her goddess body, perky full breasts you couldn’t help

but imagine sucking, slim waist, round hips with a butt you wanted to just burry your face in, long legs,

creamy skin. He could feel his cock grow hard just thinking about her.

There was a light in her that warmed Hades’ heart; he could see it whenever he saw her smile

or laugh. He had to have her, at any cost, he would worry about making her fall in love with him later, but

he couldn’t risk another man claiming her before he did. He would have to ask her father for help in making

her his, his brother, Zeus.

Chapter 2

Persephone ran through the beautiful meadow of wild flowers, spreading her brightness, making the

buds blossom where she past. The forest nymphs followed her dancing and laughing.

They stopped next to a wall of rock in the forest with a small waterfall flowing into a pool of cool water.

The nymphs gathered around her and prepared Persephone for her bath. One unraveled her braid easing

the tension against her scalp and running fingers through the strands, two others helped her with the cloth

wrapped around her curves. They pulled her clothes from her shoulders and down her hips, massaging her

shoulders and caressing her perky breasts and round waist.

She stepped out of the outfit and started into the pool of refreshing water. She lay there against a rock in

the water humming a melodious tune while the nymphs washed her. They laughed and giggled talking

with her about going to hunt with Artemis and the latest gossip about the gods.

Nymph 1- “These men only control. They want us to do what ever they say and use our bodies for sex. They

are jealous and manipulative beasts!”

Nymph 2- “By the gods! They are tricky little demons! Zeus himself disguised as Artemis came to one of her

nymphs, Callisto, and bedded her!”

Nymph 3- “And Callisto being the fool, she succumbed to the trickery and was soon pregnant. Artemis the

true virgin goddess did not tolerate it one bit.”

Persephone- “As well she deserves, whore of Zeus! Ha-ha! I would never be so easily swayed. I never will

let a man bed me. I will be free forever and hunt stag with my half sister Artemis and sleep in the bosom of

mother-earth’s meadows. Zeus granted her the freedom to chose why not I?”

Nymph 2- “But Persephone you are the very goddess of fertility and spring! Temptation will be much harder

for you.”

Nymph 1- “Oh but we can help you! If you ever feel the need for the touch of a man we can help slay your


Persephone- “How?”

Nymph 3- “Hehe! Well let us show you…”

The Nymphs started rubbing their hands against Persephone’s wet skin. It was slippery and created an

interesting sensation. Since Persephone is a virgin she has never experienced any such sensations and

they shocked her.

One nymph started caressing and cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples. Persephone gasped

staring down at her breasts, she was starting to feel a pooling of heat in the junction between her legs.

Another nymph pulled her head back by her hair and started licking and kissing her neck, trailing kisses

around her jaw and to her lips.

Persephone was never kissed before and it felt nice. The nymph stuck her tongue in Persephone’s

mouth and started tickling her tongue with her own. It felt warm and wet; a hint of mint and spice came from

the nymph’s mouth as they embraced one another. One of the nymphs started rubbing her hips, curving

around to squeeze her ass and then down to her thighs moving inward. She started to tangle her fingers in

Persephone’s golden curls cupping her sex.

Persephone gasped- “Oh! What is happening to me? Oh stop this! I do not understand..”

A nymph clamped down on her breast and started sucking, Persephone started writhing back and forth

making waves in the pool. The nymph that kissed her started pressing her body against Persephone’s

pushing her breasts against hers.

The nymphs were so soft and their touch was teasing her body incredibly. Her lips were moist form the

kisses and she wanted to taste the skin of the nymph, she pressed her lips against the nymphs neck and

started to suck and nibble.

She was gasping and moaning from the wonderful sensations, she felt like she was falling and she

didn’t want it to stop. She felt it was wrong but she couldn’t stop herself from loving it, in fact it

made her more excited doing something that was so taboo. She may be dirty for reveling in nymphs

touching her but she swore to herself she would never let a man touch her this way. She knew that his evil

snake would take whatever it wanted, no matter what she said in opposition. The nymph between her legs

slid a slender finger between her virgin lips and started rubbing her nub, creating a large amount of cream

that started to seep out of her lips down her thighs.

Persephone screamed- “Ahhhhh!”

Gasping for air Persephone felt herself explode in a shower of pleasure and spasms. She grabbed her

sex and rubbed herself fiercely to try and alleviate the strong tingling sensation. She cupped her sex and

felt the warm cream come flowing in between her fingers.

The nymphs carried Persephone to a thatch of soft grass and covered her with silk and created a pillow

of moss for her head. Persephone was still shaking from the aftershocks and started to feel and

overwhelming fatigue coming over her. She drifted off the sleep with a small smile curving her pouty

rosebud lips.

Chapter 3

Hades paced in his chamber waiting for Zeus to arrive. He took a drink from his sack of wine to calm his

nerves. Cerberus panted and wined while sitting on the floor at his master’s distress. Suddenly there was a

pounding at his chamber door.

Servant- “Great-God-Hades! Your brother, the King-of-The-Gods, Zeus has arrived!”

Hades- “How dare you keep my great older brother waiting while you scream through a door! Let him in at


Zeus entered the chamber in all his greatness, golden head of curls with a beard to match, great

muscles that would surpass any warrior, trailing behind him was his purple wrap of clothing with gold trim

that showed his nobility among the gods. He had a manly face but childlike demeanor that showed his

true mischievous nature. Hades stepped forward to embrace his older brother grabbing his neck and

touching foreheads.

Hades- “It is good to see you brother, how are things on top of the mountain?”

Zeus- “Ha-Ha-Ha! Hera wont get off my back, it is getting harder to sneak some pussy!”

Hades- “You’d think she would be more grateful, you making her the queen of the gods and all.”

Zeus- “Aye, but she is a woman and can you blame her for being jealous, look at me.” Zeus made a turn

showing off his body that obviously many women wanted if only for one night. Even risking their very lives

with Zeus’ wife Hera lurking about.

Hades raised his a brow to his brother with a crook in his smile and laughed. They talked like this for a

moment or two but then it was time to discuss why he had summoned Zeus to his dark corner of the world.

Hades-“Brother, as you know I can not leave the underworld so I apologize for the inconvenience. The

reason I have called you before me is I have a great desire to make young Persephone my bride, but in

order to do that I need your help. And her mother, Demeter, can never know.

Zeus- “I see, this is serious. Yes you do need my help, Demeter would never let her go, she would keep her

virgin till the end of time. As you well know I have populated this earth with my many great children who

have affected the fates many times. I would love nothing more than to see the same happen with any of my

children. And it would mean my greatest happiness if I could create a happiness for you, my little brother.

You have lived in the darkness too long and it has changed you, made you dark and devoid of life and

laughter. Persephone, the very light itself, I know she would bring a great brightness back into your dark

heart. I would be happy to help you!”

Hades- “Thank you brother.”

Zeus left for the heavens to wait till their plan was to be set into action. Hades went to view his beautiful

Persephone in the waters the Fates use to view the living and dead. He saw her slumbering under a tree

next to the wood nymphs that so loved the attention of the gods. He noticed something different about the

way her face looked, and he looked closer. She was flushed, her cheeks a deep pink trailing down to her

supple breasts.

Anger grew deep in Hades and a beast growled in the pits of his eyes as he stared at Persephone. He

knew what that flush meant, and even knew why she slumbered so deeply. Someone had touched her,

brought great pleasure that reflected on her skin! He stared with death in his eyes at the nymphs not

knowing whether it was them or worse, another man! If it was the nymphs at least they would not have the

means to take her virginity or even bring Persephone the kind of pleasure a man could. He hoped that if the

flush was from great lust to let it be from the nymphs and not another man, he would not be able to hold

back the beast in him if another man had touched his future bride.

Hades sent for Hermes, messenger of the gods, and told him to send a message to Zeus that the time

had come and he would wait no longer.

Chapter 4

Persephone stretched lazily wakening from her deep slumber. Her body felt wonderful! Warmth was all

over her, an afterglow from her first orgasm. She stood and let the wind dance along her naked skin to

awaken her even further. She stretched to her toes lifting her breasts when she raised her arms.

She noticed that it was cloudy today, and looked like rain. She wrapped herself in her white cloth,

holding it together with a leather band around her waist. She then began braiding her hair and as she was

rinsing her face the nymphs woke and started collecting flowers and sticking them in her long braid of

blonde curls. Persephone hummed to herself while making a wreath of sticks, moss, and flowers to place

upon her head for when she met with her mother later that day. They were supposed to pick wheat to

prepare for making bread.

There was a groan deep in the earth that stopped Persephone’s reverie and then the water in the

placid pool started to ripple. The birds in the trees took flight and squawked. The ground

rumbled underneath Persephone and the nymphs. They screamed and got up to run away from the


Persephone- “Hurry! Get away from there!”

When Persephone looked back to see if the nymphs were following her they were gone! She stopped

cold, so worried that something had happened to them.

Persephone- “Hello?! Nymphs where did you go?”

Suddenly the earth shook right beneath her feet and caused her to collapse where she stood, the

ground was shaking so violently that she couldn’t bring herself to stand. It felt like the air itself was pushing

down on her body.

Persephone- “Oh mother save me! Please someone help me!”

Persephone cried for her mother and to the heavens for anyone to save her from being killed by the

earthquake. There was only the loud rumble and then the screeching of the earth opening beneath her

body. Then she heard loud barking and growling, she was so scared she didn’t realize it was the sound of

dogs barking beneath her. She was sobbing and digging her fingers into the ground trying to force herself

to stand but couldn’t.

Suddenly she felt something warm and strong wrap around her ankle, she didn’t realize how cold from

fear she was until she felt that heat. She looked through her tear filled eyes toward the thing around her ankle

and felt the color drain from her face when she found herself looking into the very eyes of death. She felt

herself slipping away, thick blackness edging into her eyes and then a tingling in her head. The last thing

she saw was the dark stormy sky slipping further upward as she fell into the earth.

Chapter 5

Hades stared down at the line between Persephone’s brows as he watched her anxious face dream.

He had laid her in his chamber on his bed of animal fur and pillows. Her curls were sticking out of her braid

from her tossing and turning during her troubled sleep. Her fists clung to the sheets covering her and a tear

slid down her cheek. Hades curled his finger and trailed after the tear and then brought it to his lips wanting

to taste her.

His plan had worked; he and Zeus created the storm and earthquake so that everyone would be too

distracted to hear Persephone’s cries for help. Zeus had taken the nymphs away from aiding Persephone,

and with his large libido, inevitably bedding them. This left Hades free to simply open the earth and snatch

her into his arms. He finally had her for himself where nobody could touch her.

He had already checked to make sure her innocents was still in tact, sliding a hand beneath the sheets

and then up her dress between her thighs, parting her lips he stuck a finger inside to examine if any

damage had been done. She was tight as any virgin could be. His dick grew and ached beneath his robes,

protruding through the cloth at the thought of being inside her sweet tight pussy. He had to hold himself

back though, he didn’t want to hurt her or have her awaken to something as shocking as a man taking her


He clenched his fists at the idea that those nymphs had gotten the pleasure of being the first to touch

her. Oh well, He thought, they will get what they deserve once Zeus has had his way. An evil smirk

curved his lips as he thought about that. And once Persephone accepts my offering she wont be able to

resist her fate either.

Persephone could hear screams, she was dead she knew it, she had felt herself fade and now she

would never see her mother again, dance in the meadows of spring, or bask in the sun. She kept hearing

screaming, she concentrated on it and then it started to sound like only one scream, a woman. She then

realized it was her screaming!

She woke sitting strait up only to feel a strong pair of hands push her shoulders back down

onto something soft. She kept screaming sure she was dead and then it stopped, she opened her eyes

seeing a hand clamped over her mouth and then looked up into those same dark soulless eyes she saw

just before she fell. She started to try to scream and wiggle out of the man’s hold, pushing at the muscular

chest, unable to make him budge. She was gasping for breath through her nose, her eyes wide with fear.

She spread her lips and bit the man’s hand hard. He grabbed her neck not seeming to be hurt by the strong


Hades- “None of that now my love, I will not harm you.”

Persephone- “Then why did you take me! Let me go! If you mean me no harm let me go!”

Hades- “I will not!” He said menacingly squeezing her neck tighter.

Persephone began to flair around trying to break his hold kicking her legs and shaking her head. Hades

pinned her arms on either side of her head, his body completely covering hers. Her eyes widened when

she felt his bulging manhood pressing against her belly.

Hades raised his a brow and smirked down at Persephone looking down at her lips. They were pouty

little rosebuds that he just wanted to devour. He looked further down, he saw her slender neck, followed

that to the swell of her breasts that were being pulled upward because he was holding her arms above her

head. Her dress was pulled down from the struggle and was exposing her full breasts just above where her

nipples would be. He felt himself harden even more. She noticed as well because she started to whimper

and wiggle her body trying to get away, which rubbing against him really wasn’t helping to abate his hunger for her body.

Hades caught her neck and forced her eyes to his trapping her there with his

serious stare.

Hades- “You are mine, I will have you when ever I want.”

Persephone- “No you cannot! I belong to no one!”

Hades- “Really? That is good to know, I would be very angry if anyone else had thought you were theirs to

touch…” he said slyly and then he slid the pads of his fingers down her neck, along her collar bone, and then to the

swell of her breasts. He took his gaze from her breasts and stared into her eyes daring her to try and stop

him, not that she could. He smirked and leaned in close. Persephone jumped thinking he was trying to kiss

her but he veered off. He pressed his lips against her ear and whispered; “Mine.” He lifted his head with a

smile on his lips, looked into her eyes, and then took her lips in a possessive kiss.

His lips devoured hers, dominating her mouth, and claiming her as his. His lips were hard but warm

forcing hers to soften against his. He bit at her lips making her open her mouth to his so he could dip his

tongue inside. His tongue probed hers and wiggled around every corner. She tried to struggle; she couldn’t

let him take her.

She would do everything she could to not be owned by any man, especially this one. He was not kind at

all; he was dark, menacing and pretty cocky to say the least. How could she ever love any man especially

this one who wasn’t even giving her a choice.

But even as the man kissed her further and moved his kiss to nibble at her neck she felt her body

betraying her, and her whom clenched at his touch on her skin, and a warm pooling started between her

legs. She tried to struggle again but he had pinned her, and he was so much bigger and stronger than her,

she could only wiggle, and she found that when she did that his manhood grew larger. All she could do

was whimper, from fear, or from pleasure she wasn’t sure. She felt his hands grab her body and hold her

tightly. His hands crept in between her cleavage and grabbed the cloth dress covering them.


He tore her dress open exposing her breasts to his devouring eyes. She gasped and caught him off

guard by jumping to her feet off the bed and away from his evil hands. She caught at her ripped dress and

covered herself. He sat there on the bed lying on his side languidly with a triumphant smile on his face.

“Ha-ha-ha!” He stood up in an instant and was quickly in front of her, oppressing her space. Persephone

gasped and backed away till her back hit the wall.

Hades walked the rest of the way to her, he looked up and down her body and locked his eyes on her

bosom. The torn dress revealed her lush breasts that were being squished together by her arms trying to

cover herself from his gaze. They were jiggling from her shaking body and heaving up and down cause

she was breathing so hard. He grew so hard his cock was aching so much it hurt. He didn’t think he would

be able to hold himself back much longer. He pressed himself against her soft body and reached his hand

behind her, he grabbed her hair and released the tie holding the braid. He held a fist full of her silk

golden locks in his hand brought it to his face and inhaled her sent.

Hades- “You cannot lie to me, I can smell how wet you get by my touch”

Persephone was shocked and humiliated. It couldn’t be true, this monster had taken her against her

will! How can she feel these feelings of lust towards such a person? But even as she thought that it was a

lie she could feel the cream between her lips. It was sick and she knew it but the feeling of this man

overpowering her, dominating her like an animal, excited her. She didn’t want it to, she knew what her true

feelings were in her head and she knew she wanted no part of this. She clung to that for dear life as she

lied to him.

Persephone- “Your wrong! You disgust me, you monster!”

Hades grabbed the fabric she was trying desperately to hold onto and ripped the dress from

Persephone’s body throwing it to the floor leaving her exposed to his hands and eyes. He grabbed her

hands put them behind her back and held them there, with his knee he opened her legs and kept them

spread. He brought his other hand between her legs and thrust a finger between her drenched lips up into

her core. Persephone screamed at the intrusion and tried to get out of his grasp.

Persephone- “No please, please! Don’t!”

Hades took his finger out of her pussy and put it in front of her face so she could see her juice all over it.

He glared into her eyes revealing the lies to her words. Then he rubbed his finger against her lips, making

them glisten with her juice. Just as she was about to protest he started sucking the juice right back off of


Hades- “I may be a monster, but you’re my little whore getting so wet like that. Are you sure you’re a virgin?

Cause your body responds to me like a whore begging for my dick.” He said the words with a seductive caress.

Persephone was on the verge of tears she couldn’t believe he had penetrated her like that and

discovered how truly aroused she really was then humiliated her by putting her own juices on her lips. He

had also called her a whore and questioned her virtue. She couldn’t even stand to look him in the eyes.

Persephone- “Stop it. It’s not true, don’t say such horrible things.”

Hades knew very well she was a virgin and not a whore but he wanted to punish her for resisting him

especially lying to him when she knew very well she was soaking wet and hot for him. Now that she wasn’t

struggling he took the opportunity to look at her very naked body. Her hair was hanging around her face

and along her neck in golden waves, her chest was heaving her breasts up and down, they were so

beautiful. She had full, perky, breasts with soft swollen pink nipples that looked like pink lily pads

floating in a lake of cream. Her ribcage was so small and fragile, her sides tucked in before her hips

widened into an amazingly sexy curve that he was sure if he turned her around would reveal a shapely

ass. She was not very tall compared to him but her legs were long enough to compliment her womanly

curves, he just wanted to bite them.

He brought his gaze back up to her face, her cheeks were still quite flushed and stained with tears, her

lips swollen from his possessive kisses. She was the one who was going to save him from this endless

sentence of being the king of the underworld. She would bring light back into his life and happiness. He

must claim her for himself. The need was so strong, but he wanted her to accept him and love him so he

wrapped his arms around her and pressed her to his chest.

Persephone accepted the embrace because she didn’t know what else to do but crumble into him. He

started caressing her hair in a way that comforted her. She felt his bulk against her body and his chest

against her face, she couldn’t help but get wet from the strength she felt against her own vulnerable soft

body. She inhaled his scent, smelling his musk, he was so male and it drew her even closer to him. She

tried to hide her reaction to him but it was impossible, she felt his erection grow at her growing wetness.

Her breath caught in her throat and she angled her head up from his chest to look into his eyes. There was

slight warmth in them now. It somehow made her happy to see him no longer soulless and dark.

Hades-“We are meant to be together Persephone, I am Hades god of the underworld. The Fates have

already foreseen our joining and it is impossible to deny what is meant to be. You might as well accept it.”

Persephone was stunned, people never saw Hades, god of the underworld, unless they were dead.

Hades was also the brother of her father, Zeus. It was then she realized they both had some how worked

together to take her from her beautiful home, even taking her nymph friends during the earthquake. That

was why no one answered her call for help, not even her mother. She knew her father Zeus would not want

her to be like Artemis, forever virgin, not bearing any great children.

Hades saw the realization hit her and he knew that she knew everything. It didn’t matter; he was not

lying when he told of how the three Fates had seen the beautiful Persephone, goddess of spring and

fertility, join with him. But what he didn’t tell her was of what else the Fates depicted and that Persephone

would only be his once she ate something while in his world. Which if she ate would mean accepting their

union as husband and wife, she would not be able to leave him once that was done.

Hades- “You must be hungry, I will have food brought for you, I must leave for a time but I will be back soon.

Don’t bother trying to escape, there is no way out of my realm, especially when I do not wish you to leave.”

He looked at her in a way that made her aware there would be a punishment if she tried to leave, she

wasn’t sure she wanted to risk it. She had heard many things about Hade’s underworld; there were seven

sections of the realm that would take days to get through and she didn’t want to think about running into

any of the undead.

Hades took one last look at Persephone’s beautiful body, smiled, and then left. He thought if he were

out of the room when the food arrived she would be more at ease and eat. He would have to be patient

and then soon she would be his. He would have every last part of her. In the mean time he would go about

his business as the ruler of the underworld.

[b]Chapter 6[/b]

Not long after the food arrived Persephone was alone again. She was not hungry, how could she be?

She was so scared with no way of calling for help, and being naked made her even more unsettled. She

didn’t like feeling so vulnerable.

She got the cloth she had been covered with while sleeping and covered herself best she could and

laid on the pillows of fur. The fur against her skin gave an surprising sensation that made her even more

uncomfortable. She felt like she was being watched, she couldn’t quite shake the feeling. She lay against

the fur and curled into herself. She started thinking about her captor and what she could do to try and get

out of this place. She wasn’t sure she could leave and actually make it to the surface.

As she thought about Hades and she realized how handsome he was. His eyes were so dark and

devouring like an animal in heat, his hair was like a river of black water, and his face

even though it looked sinister there was something sexy about it. He had a very strong jaw, with high

cheekbones, a rounded chin, along with a masculine nose that suited his face quite nicely. His body was

amazing; she had never seen a man with a body like his. His arms had big heavy muscles, broad

shoulders, and a big chest. She wasn’t sure what the rest of him looked like but she had a feeling by how

he pressed against her that the rest of him was just as breathtaking.

Before she realized it she was getting hot in between her legs and her breasts were swollen and aching

to be touched. She tried to appease the ache by grasping her breasts with her hand and massaging them.

She fantasized about him touching her, dominating her. Her other hand traveled under the sheet and she

cupped her sex, it was so wet! She rubbed her lips back and forth with her own juices. She started moaning

out loud at the feeling.

She poked her small fingers between her lips and rubbed faster. She started going towards where the

wetness was strongest and stuck her finger up her core. It was so warm, tight, and wet. She could feel herself

tighten even more around her finger and she started wiggling it. Ahhhh! Ohhh my! This is amazing! She

thought. Her cream was sliding down her fingers into her palm and was trailing down the crack in her

buttocks drenching the fur beneath her. She pressed her palm harder against her nub wiggling it fiercely.

Just as she started wandering what Hades’ dick would feel like inside her, her orgasm exploded, the

nerves in her clit tingling violently and spreading through her whole body to the tips of her nipples. Flush

spread all over her as she lay there panting and sweating from the amazing sensations.

She grabbed her breast and pinched her nipple causing the tingling sensation to turn into a hot small

pain that helped bring her back to reality. What am I doing?! She realized she had just masturbated

about her captor and potential rapist and came inside his bedchamber. She felt ashamed, but also excited

and so naughty. A smile crept across her face raising her rosy cheeks. She fell back laughing on the


She started thinking then about what Hades had said, about how the Fates had foretold about her and

him being together. She did not dare argue with the Fates, those that tried to avoid their fate ended up

suffering far more tragically when what was foretold ended up happening. She didn’t understand why this

had happened. Why her and him? She couldn’t help but admit she felt a strange pull towards him, an

attraction she had never felt towards any man. She even felt an emotional connection to him, she wanted

him to be happy, and she actually felt extremely lonely now that she thought about it.

No! She wasn’t like this, some girl that is just going to go to pieces when a man is not with her all the

time. She lifted her chin and started fashioning the cloth around her into a wrap dress and got her leather

tie from the floor to put it all together. She then headed for the door. She grabbed the handle and pulled

opening the door and revealing Hades standing before her. She gasped and jumped back.

Hades- “And just what do you think you are doing?” He said in a condescending tone.

Persephone- “I am leaving! You cannot keep me here. I don’t know what you have done to bewitch me, but

it will end now!”

Hades- “What did I tell you about trying to leave? And why are you dressed?”

Hades then proceeded to grab Persephone, turn her away from him and rip her newly fashioned outfit

off. Hades stared down at her perfect round ass and then got an idea. With a devilish smile curving his lips

he led her back to the bed of furs. He shoved her onto the bed and stood above her.

Hades- “You’ve been very naughty Persephone.” He said in a serious tone but with humor in his eyes.

Persephone- “I will not apologize for trying to regain my freedom!”

Hades- “Oh I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about that wet stain you left on my bed from touching your

slut pussy.”

Persephone gasped and blushed turning her face away from his gaze and covering herself as best

she could. She was completely humiliated, how did he know that she had pleased herself? Hades then

knelt-down beside her and held her face against one of his palms.

Hades- “My love if you wanted to be pleased, you should have asked.” He said tenderly but then he got a

menacing look in his eye and pushed her face into the cushions right into the still wet spot that was created

by her orgasm only a few moments ago. She tried to get back up but he held her there with her face right

against the spot smearing cream on her cheek.

Hades- “Now my dear, you are going to be punished not only for trying to leave but for being such a little

whore and touching yourself without my permission!

Persephone was shocked! How in the world had he known? She was disgusted that her face was

being pressed in her juices. She tried to get up but he was pressing her into the bed and she started to

wiggle away but she couldn’t. How dare he treat me this way! She was getting ready to open her

mouth with a bunch of curses to direct at him when she felt a slap across her ass cheeks followed by

another quick series of...


Persephone screamed- “Ah! Stop! Stop! What are you doing?!”

Hades- “I am giving you the punishment you deserve for being so naughty.”


Hades watched his hand smack down on Persephone’s ass. The slap sent ripples all over her ass

cheeks making them jiggle. Her cheeks were starting to turn bright red and he could see by angling his

head that her pussy lips were starting to get wet.

While he was out of the room he went to watch her and view, what he thought, would be her eating

some of the food that had been brought. Instead he found her pleasing and touching herself on his bed. He

went wild watching her and knew that since he had just left the room she was pleasing herself about him,

and he wanted to make sure she knew it and wouldn’t hide from how she truly felt.


Persephone- “Oh please! STOP!”

Hades- “I will stop as soon as you tell me what you were fantasizing about while you were pleasing

yourself, in detail. And if I have to ask you any questions because you don’t give enough information you

will get another slap.”

Persephone- “Oh no I cant! Please don’t make me!”


Persephone- “Ah! Ok… uhhh…. Uhhh”


Persephone- “Oh please! Ill tell you! … I was … fantasizing about…”


Hades- “About what?!”

Persephone- “ABOUT YOU!”

Hades smiled over her, knowing she was unable to see the satisfaction in his face over her confession.

He felt himself harden once more knowing she actually wanted him even if she wouldn’t admit it to herself.

Hades- “And what happen in this fantasy concerning the two of us?”

Persephone could hear the satisfaction in his voice and blushed even more.

Persephone- “Um… you were touching me.”


Persephone- “What?! I told you!”

Hades- “I said I wanted details and didn’t want to ask questions. Where was I touching you in your fantasy?

And if you don’t explain with more detail from now on I will give you something to fantasize about!”

Persephone- “You were touching me all over, my breasts, between my legs. You were kissing me and you

were on top of me. You were so strong and you held me so tight I couldn’t move. And then you … put



Persephone- “Ah! You put yourself inside me, I was wondering what it would feel like to have you deep

inside me and then I came.”

Hades began kissing her ass, soothing the burning and sting. He began to lick her red cheeks and

burry his face into them. They felt so hot from the spanking. He eased is hold on her and to his surprise she

stayed right where she was. He flipped her over and looked at her naked body. He leaned in and started

kissing her breasts and then drew her nipple into the heat of his mouth and started sucking. Persephone

gasped and moved anxiously beneath him.

Persephone- “Oh please stop! I can’t take it. Its wrong, I cant.”

Hades sat up on his knees and undid his robe revealing his throbbing cock. He then put his hands on

her knees and got ready to part them for his entry.

Hades- “But I can. You are mine Persephone and I am going to take what is rightfully mine to take.”

He spread her legs as she covered her face with her hands. Persephone was too embarrassed that the

man between her legs could see her sex spread out in front of him, inevitably leaking from the savage

beating her butt had just gotten.

Hades stared at her sweet lips, they were red and swollen from being so aroused. He could see the

juice inside her lips sliding into her butt crack. He positioned himself between her legs.

Persephone opened her eyes and saw Hades’ large member and her eyes grew wide. She then

became even more scared that if his rod impaled her she would be split in two!

Persephone- “No! You cant, you are too big!”

Hades-“After I am inside, you will widen for me.” He said trying to sooth her.

Persephone- “No! Oh please no!”

Hades held Persephone to the bed, holding her arms above her head with one hand and held his dick

in the other. He pushed his head against her lips and ran it up and down the opening of them.

Persephone whimpered at how sensitive her pussy was. She tried to get away but with Hades between her

legs and her arms stuck to the bed she could not move enough to get away from his dick.

He couldn’t hold back any longer, she could have been more ready but she was wet enough. He slid

the head of his dick to the entrance of her pussy and pushed sliding past the lips and then thrust hard

unable to hold back his lust. He broke through her innocents and thrust the rest of the way to her core. Her

insides were like velvet wrapped around his dick, pulsing and squeezing. She was so hot and wet, he felt

like he might explode right there. Persephone screamed at Hade’s penetration, crying at how painful it felt

when he thrust inside her.


She started to fight him trying to get her upper body free before she tried to get him out of her. All it did

was make her breasts jiggle back and forth in his face.

Hades went to devour his offering and started sucking her breasts and nibbling her nipples. He took

his hand from holding her wrists and held one of her breasts in his hand and began to squeeze.

Persephone started hitting him and pushing at his shoulders as he kept thrusting in and out of her. He

grabbed her neck, angry that she was still resisting him. He started thrusting harder and deeper.

Dominating her like an animal claiming his mate.

Hades- “You are mine! Your pussy belongs only to me!”

Persephone could only stare into his eyes as his hand held her head in place by her neck. He looked

so feral, he almost had a snarl across his lips as he thrust into her and back out grunting as he did so.

He started to bite her and suck on her making hickeys, marking her as his. He bit her neck and then her

breasts while also sucking on them hard. He leaned down to her sides just above her hips and started

biting hard and then sucking after each bite. The tender area on her body being bitten sent a shock through

her that made her jump and try to push at his head. He growled deep in his throat and looked up at her

from her stomach, warning her not to protest any further.

She tried to still herself beneath his animalistic assault. She heard a wet smacking sound that kind of

sounded like bare feet walking through wet mud. She realized it was Hade’s dick thrusting into her pussy,

and she was wet! In her fear she didn’t realize how excited her body had reacted to his. She was even

more excited from Hades acting so primal, like they were both animals and she was his mate in heat. She

realized that like an animal the more he dominated her and showed his strength the more it excited her

made her wet!

Persephone felt her pussy being filled completely and his head touching her cervix the deeper he went.

It sent a strange vibration throughout her body. She arched her back at the new sensation. He was just so

big, so wide; he was completely stretching her tight pussy. Once she got past the previous pain she started

concentrating on how amazing his dick felt pressing completely against her walls. He was touching every

nerve ending inside of her. When he smacked deep into her his pelvis hit her nub and it started tingling

building towards an intense orgasm. His balls were spanking her ass with every thrust.

He could feel her pussy begin to milk his dick and pulse getting ready for an orgasm. He almost came

right there but he wanted to bring her over before he did. He grabbed her nipples rubbing them and

twisting. He could hear how wet she was now from the slurping sound her pussy made every time he came

in and out. All of a sudden he stopped pounding her and hovered above her, looking at her flushed face.

Hades leaned over and pressed his lips to her ear and whispered.

Hades-“Say it, say you want me. Me, Hades, say my name!” Hades then proceeded to smack her breasts

back and forth, spanking them as he did her ass. Then he reached between her legs and grabbed her clit

between his fingers.

Persephone- “Ohhhhhh! I want you Hades! I want you so much, please, please, make me come!”

Hades- “Oh you’ll come my little pony, I am going to ride you until I am good and ready.”

With that Hades began pounding Persephone into the bed, smacking his hips hard against her pussy

lips. Persephone began moaning below him. She was digging her nails into his arms and hugging him

close to her. Hades looked down at Persephone and watched as her breasts bounced from the impact of

his impalement. He reached under and grabbed her ass pushing it up to his dick so he can go even


Persephone- “Oh Hades! Oh yes!”

Hades- “That’s right Persephone, say my name! Know who you belong to!”

Persephone- “Hades!!!”

And with that Persephone came all over his dick. Hades felt Persephone’s pussy tighten and pulse

around his dick and that took his last ounce of self-control. He spewed his seed into her pussy filling her

completely. Persephone felt Hades stiffen and release himself inside her; she was filled with the sensation

of a warm liquid that started to leak out of her lips down her buttocks and onto the bed.

They lay on the bed panting with the aftershocks of their orgasms running through them. Hades held

Persephone on top of his chest caressing her hair. He pressed a kiss to her forehead and on her hot


Persephone’s pussy was still pulsing from the ruff sex. All she could do was lie on top of him and catch

her breath. She started to feel a lethargy creep over her body as she began to drift and doze.

Hades reached over to the tray of food and grabbed a pomegranate. He pressed the cluster of red ruby

colored berries to Persephone’s lips and urged her to eat. Because she was in such a daze he knew she

would comply with whatever he told her to do. She opened her lips and bit out a cluster of seeds, chewing

lazily. Hades felt a great relief spread over him as he completed the prophecy the Fates foretold and then

he too began to drift off to sleep.

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