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They both are married, and love there spouses. They meet like this in secret, hoping no one suspects they are long time lovers, because it gives them a different kind of excitement.
That morning, she enjoys breakfast with her husband before he must leave for work. She’s in her nightie and robe, and he’s dressed in a suit and tie. God, he looks so handsome. His deep blue eyes radiate his love across the table to her making her body tremble all the way to pussy which is still moist from that mornings love making.

He glances at the clock and know its time to go to work. He gets up come over too her, helps her get up out of her chair, and pulls her close. “Its time I get going to work, if I stay here any longer, I might just have to ravish that beautiful body of your again.”

She blushes and giggles, “No might about it darling, I’d make it a point to make you late for work, or better have you call in sick.”

He smiles devilishly and walks with her to the front door, pulls him close once more and kisses her goodbye. “Love you baby, have a good day at work.”

“You have great day sweety, Bye now.”

She walks back into the house and heads into the kitchen to tidying up the breakfast dishes. After a few minutes, she hears a knock at the back door. Her eyes light up with excitement as her heart skips a beat, because she knows who it is, he visits me around this time twice a week.

She dries her hands; lick her lips, and quivers with anticipation, as she walks toward the door. When she looks out of the window, there he stands, like a cat about to pounce on a canary.

She smiles, opens the door, and purrs seductively, “Well look who’s here.”

“Hi baby,” he shouts while he walks into the room and pulls her close.

They kiss and embrace, as their tongues do the dance of lovers. She inhales deeply as his arousal intoxicates her senses. His hand goes inside her robe and grasps her full breast as his fingers pinch her nipple through the flimsy fabric. Her hand reaches down and caresses the outline of his growing member through his pants.

They both are married, and love there spouses. They meet like this in secret, hoping no one suspects they are long time lovers, because it gives them a different kind of excitement.

His hand slips up under the nightie, working its way up to her thighs. Her pussy is wet and welcomes his fingers. He slides a finger inside her vagina, still open and excited from hubby’s cock. A large glob of his their cum mixture leaks onto his fingers, and he lift it to my mouth, tasting its tantalizing flavors.

She can feel his shake with desire when she pulls his zipper down. She reaches inside and purrs when she discovers he is not wearing any shorts. Her hand grasps his cock, as she runs her fingers across the head, which is already oozing with pre-cum. Without giving him a chance to say anything she drips to her knees, pulls down pants, and takes his swelling member, deep into her mouth, savoring is juices.

He watching her taking his member deep all the ways to his balls, grasps her head, and thrust his cock into her throat, the way she likes it. As her eyes look into his, she pulls all the way to its tip, and then sucks it back into her throat.

“Oh baby, I love watching you suck my cock, but you’d better stop before I l blow my load right here. Let go into your quest room.”

“Okay love. Oh God, I need your hot lips on my cunt baby!”

He helps her to her feet, picks her up and caries her down the hall. He can feel her body quivering with desire. His mind wanders back to the first time they met. He was helping her husband, pour concrete for the new garage, and she came out of the house to offer than a cold beer.

Her big beautiful body was a knock out, the sundress slung to vivacious curves. However when he looked into her green-eyes, they lit a desire within him, that he hadn’t felt in years. He just had to have her. He did not know it, but he would have her, in bed before the week was over.

As it turned out, her husband needed to pick up some things at the hardware store that he needed to finish the job after the cement set. His friend asks if he could help, after all he goes right by there on the way home.

“Hey that’s great. If you don’t mind, you can drop them off here tomorrow while I’m at work, it will sure save me some time and trouble.”

He couldn’t believe it, here was the perfect opportunity to see, more of his sexy wife.

The following day, she met him at the door clad in shorts and a t-shirt, and it looked as if she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Hi there, thanks for bringing this stuff by today. How’d you like a beer?”

“Sure, I’m off today, so don’t have to hurry anywhere.”

She escorted him into the kitchen, where he sat down at the table. She handed him a drink, then sat down to join him. He tried to make light conversation, but couldn’t keep his eyes, or mind off her full breast.

She noticed he was starring at her top and said, “If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were ogling my breasts.”

He stammered and turned red, “You caught me. What can I say, I’m a breast man.”

Then she did something that totally surprised him she raised her t-shirt and said, “Is this view better?”

He dang near fell out of the chair, and felt his cock rising. “Are you sure you should be doing this,” he stammered.

“Maybe not, but since the other day, I find myself fantasizing about you. Don’t get me wrong I love my husband, but there is something about you I find irresistible.”

“I love my wife too, and our sex life if hot, but there are times that I feel unsatisfied. It doesn’t help that I dream about making love to you all the time.”

She lowered her eyes and asked, “I want you so much I can taste it. What shall we do about it?”

“For starters doll, we must never mention this to either one. I want you too baby; can I just hold you for a minute and kiss those ruby red lips?”

Before she could react, he stood up, walked over to her chair, helped her up, and pulled her into his arms.

When his lips met her, its gave him a feeling he never had before, something from that day forward, he knew he could not do without. They did more than just kiss too; they made love the entire afternoon.

Afterwards he sat on the bed and wondered what would happen next. She brought him back to reality when she put her hand on his shoulder. “I don’t know about you baby, but I love what just happened. I don’t know if I can resist you after this.”

He pulled her close and uttered, “Don’t try then. Let me call you again in a week to see if you’re free, because I have to do this again.”

After that encounter, they met every week, for sex.

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As he carried her to the bedroom she remembered the first time she saw him, half naked. It was the day he was helping her husband with the new garage. She was walking toward the men to offer them some cool refreshment. It was the first time she saw her husband friend’s without a shirt. His body was build like a Mack truck, the tanned muscles rippled with his every movement.
She caught herself staring and it made her tremble clear to the center of her womanhood. After offering a beer, she sat down near them, trying not to blush, while making convenient conversation.

His voice reverberated, through her like a sonic boom. She found herself wondering what he’d be like in bed. She quickly shook that thought off, and went back into the house. When she was inside, she went over to the window to watch, not within plain view, but off to the side. The more she looked the more aroused she became, before she new it she had her hand inside her panties rubbing her throbbing clit. She just had to have him, and wondered if he felt the same way too.

Her mind was brought to reality when he sat her down on the bed and kissed her. There was a flurry of fingers and clothing. She lay back down, and cooed for him to join her.

He climbed onto the bed, and started kissing her from her lips to her pussy. She spreads her leg and he repositioned himself between them. His fingers spread the lips and see the juices leaking from her sex, the liba is swollen and the clit is exposed. He takes his tongue and runs it the full length of her slit, feeling her begin to shake. He feels her hands pull his head tight against her pussy, as she grinds her sex into his mouth. He moves a bit to stroke himself openly as he eats her and knows it will turn her on more.

“Oh fuck, baby! Work that cock and eat my nasty cunt while you masturbate for me. I want to watch you cum, stroke it faster!”

“Mmuuuummmmm” is all he can say.

As he looks up at her heavy breasts, her nipples are hard and extended; they must be a full inch long. He knows her husband is a heavy cummer, and gods fall from her lips into his hungry mouth. He inserts his tongue slides into her vagina, sucking all the sweet nectar into his mouth.

She can feel an orgasm building, “I love to watch you cunt licker! Good boy, stroke that nasty cock for me. Ooooh fuck I’m going to cum, are you ready for that?”
He nods his head yes, and it’s all he can do, his face is so deep in her pussy that he can hardly breathe.

All of a sudden, she pushes his face away from her pussy and starts fingering her pussy. “I have an idea baby. You can continue to jack off while I masturbate for you. With your free hand, shove a finger into my hot-ass and finger-fuck it as I rub my clit. ”

He continues to stroke his cock with one hand as her other one worked on her tight asshole. He inserts one, then two, and she begins to shake wildly and butt cheeks clenches his hand like a vice as she neared climax.

She watches his hand flying up and down his cock, as her climax begins to surge through her body. She spreads the pussy lips open so he can see her contractions begin. Her vagina opens and closes like a mouth reaching for a cock.

She looks at him and shrieks, “Cum on my face lover!”

He pulls his finger from her ass, moves up and aims his cock at her face. He strokes wildly now, until his orgasm hits, spewing sperm all over her, face, forehead, and hair. He moves closer and paints her lips and mouth.

She grabs his hips, engulfs his cock, swallowing, and savoring the last few droplets of cum.

They lay between each others arms, well satisfied. . . . . all she can think of is ‘I wonder if hubby would join in on the fun.”

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god damn typical cheating wife........ I hope they get caught and her husband kicks the shit out of her and his wife cuts the cheaters cock off then fucks her husband in retaliation

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Please learn the difference between "their" and "there"

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