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Continution of Mr. Miller series
Fall was coming soon. I realized that it had been almost a year since Mr. Miller had raped me in his cornfield and turned me into his personal fuck slut. In that time, I’d finally grown but only an inch, I was now 4’9” not even quite five feet. My brown hair hung down to my back now long and thick, and my tits had finally pushed past my B cup and I was wearing a 32C bra at just fourteen. I’d heard my mother say, when she thought I couldn’t hear, that it was almost obscene for such a little girl to have such big boobs but she thought I was too young for a reduction. My parents still had no idea that every weekend they brought me out to Mr. Miller’s farm I wasn’t just doing chores for him. In fact I wasn’t doing any chores. Every weekend Mr. Miller got to use my body however he wanted. Mostly he fucked me himself, but he had a huge German Sheppard named Duke and a big old boar named Hugo that he liked to see push their cocks into me as well. The local Sheriff, Sheriff Matthew Owen had become a regular visitor on those weekends as well, and my favorite times were when he would visit and I’d have a cock in all three holes. I still fought embarrassment at times but I knew for sure I was a slut, and I loved it.

Sheriff Owen really got off watching me with animals. Mr. Miller just got off watching me act like the slut he’d trained me to be, so when Sheriff Owen wanted to watch me fuck or suck the dog or pig Mr. Miller always let him. Once Sheriff Owen even had Mr. Miller bring me late at night to the police kennels where they kept four K-9’s all big German Sheppard Males. They brought Duke too, and Duke was the first one to mount me. For four hours the two men watched as the dogs pack fucked me. I was in heaven, sucking doggie cock and spreading open not caring if the cocks went into my cunt or ass. Both were now well used to being fucked. At the end Sheriff Owen had pulled me out of the kennel covered in cum, both the dog’s and my own and done something he’d never done. He pushed his mouth over my ass and I felt his tongue moving and sucking inside me as he lapped out the dog’s cum. Mr. Miller had stood over us stroking his ten inch cock until Sheriff Owen was finished drinking the cum out and shoved his own seven inches up my ravaged shit chute. Then Mr. Miller had fed his cock down my throat and they’d fucked me till I had human cum to mix in my tummy and ass with the dog’s. I’d been exhausted and they’d had to carry me to the car, but the entire time I’d told them how good it felt to be used up like that, and they knew it was true because they could see how wet I was.

So it wasn’t a surprise that with the fall, it was Sheriff Owen who bought and paid for Codylove to come live at the farm. It was a surprise to me of course. I got dropped off as usual at Mr. Miller’s on Friday night. After waving by to my dad, Mr. Miller seemed extra excited this night. He took me into the little bedroom I thought of as mine in his house and had me strip immediately. “Got big things in store for you this weekend slut. Huge things.” And he laughed in the dark way he has. “Lean back and show me that fuck hole of yours.” I instantly got wet as he said that. I loved showing my cunt to Mr. Miller and fingering myself for him. I laid back on the bed pulled my legs up and spread them, then reached down and spread my cunt lips open as he stood over me staring down. He licked his lips and dropped his jeans, releasing his ten inch cock which was only half hard. As he stepped out of his jeans he started stroking his cock and looking at me real close. “Shit slut, you’re still so tiny like a baby but that cunt’s been used up good hasn’t it?” I moaned and nodded. “Yes sir, I love it being used.” He smiled down at me darkly. “Push three fingers in yourself.” I did, it was easy. My slit was dripping wet already and I usually fucked myself with three fingers. Mr. Miller stood over me gently stroking his cock harder. “Now put your pinky in that cunt, it’s time.” I blinked up at him a little confused as I tried to turn my hand to see if I could push my pinky inside too. “Time for what sir?” He leaned over and slapped my tits, just hard enough to sting then laughed. “I told you slut, one day I was going to stretch you wide.” I shuddered. I remembered how much it had hurt when he’d first started fucking me, his huge cock stretching my tiny cunt open. I’d gotten used to it now, but evidently we were moving on. Just then there was a knock on the door and Mr. Miller smiled. “That’ll be Matthew. When I get back I want to see four fingers up your slit.” He turned and left the room.

Matthew was Sheriff Owen, and he usually didn’t come to the farm till Saturday nights so him showing up as soon as I got here was different. I didn’t think about it though, I knew better than to disobey Mr. Miller. He’d always threatened to really hurt me, and I think he had it in him but I didn’t want to find out. As I heard the front door open, and two low voices in the other room I took my hand out, turned it then pushed four fingers up inside me. My cunt was dripping wet and the pinky wasn’t much more than three fingers but I felt my slit stretching wider than it ever had as I slipped them up. I came … bucking on my little hand at the sensation, just as Mr. Miller and Sheriff Owen stepped through the door. I was moaning from my cum, and Mr. Miller and Sheriff Owen were both naked. Mr. Miller already hard smiled, and Sheriff Owen’s seven inches stood straight up as soon as he saw what I was doing. He let out a soft moan. “That’s fucking hot.”

“Good cunt.” Mr. Miller said as he watched me settle down from my cum. “Now, put your thumb up in there too.” He and Sheriff Owen moved to sit on either side of the bed, staring hungrily at my spread open slit. I twisted my hand, and felt my thumb go to the right place but to get it inside I was going to have to push almost my entire hand up myself. Mr. Miller laughed as he saw me figure it out. “Do it cunt NOW!” He demanded and slapped my face. Sheriff Owen moaned again and started stroking himself. I pushed and screamed out as my whole hand popped inside my cunt, stretching it wide as I fisted myself for the very first time. I cried because the stretching hurt, but I felt my nipples harden right up and suddenly I was cumming all over my fist screaming. “Oh yeah….cumming sir..sir..” Mr. Miller laughed and nodded. “Fucking slut..” He reached over and pulled my fist out of my cunt with a pop then looked down at it. “Gaping nasty girl hole. Good slut.” He pushed my hand to my mouth and I started licking the juices off as he lay down on the bed beside of me, and Sheriff Owen lay on the other. I was ready to feel their cocks working my cunt and ass.

Mr. Miller lay on his side and pulled me on my side facing him. “Put my cock in that gaping whore hole.” Moaning I reached down and found his hard ten inch cock and pushed it up into me, pressing my hips forward to get it all in. I kept pushing my hips forward because I couldn’t get it up me I thought. Mr. Miller’s ten inch cock always stretched me open and I could barely feel it. He laughed reaching down to pinch my nipples hard. “It’s in cunt. You’re just so stretched it don’t feel right.” He bucked his hips and I felt the head of his cock shoot up against my cervix. I whimpered in fear, why couldn’t I feel his cock. “Don’t worry slut it’ll relax in a few days but I want you stretched.” I nodded, waiting for him to start fucking me but he just lay there as Sheriff Owen came up behind me. I thought at least my ass wasn’t stretched and I’d feel Sheriff Owen’s cock just fine. Then to my surprise I did feel it. His hard head rubbed against my wet lips, not against my ass. He moaned as he pushed closer sandwiching me between him and Mr. Miller. Then I felt his seven inch cock start sliding up my cunt, right next to Mr. Miller’s. Even stretched from my little fist, it wasn’t as big as two cocks. I whimpered and Mr. Miller laughed. Even Sheriff Owen who was usually gentler grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down. “Take it slut.” He moaned as he pushed more of his cock up next to Mr. Miller’s.

My cunt was stuffed, dripping and stretched so wide. I cried and squirmed but that only pushed both cocks further inside me. Then Sheriff Owen stopped moving and Mr. Miller laughed. “Look down cunt.” I looked down and saw two cocks shoved up my twat, stretching it open. Then without a word they both started moving, up and down against each other fucking me at the same time in the same hole. I creamed hard, spewing out cum and slicking those cocks as they fucked me. What kind of slut took two cocks at once, me..the kind of slut I was I thought and lay there moaning as both men worked their hard cocks into me. They picked up steam, making me cum several more times and when Sheriff Owen shot his cum up my cunt, Mr. Miller moaned slammed his dick in me hard and spewed. My stretched cunt was leaking their cum out as they pushed up into me and I moaned loving it.

That night we all slept together. They didn’t pull their dicks out of me. Mr. Miller told me to sleep, that they wanted me stretched open and would double fuck me as they woke up with wood during the night. I woke up several times to feel them moving their cocks in me, fucking me then stopping. Sometimes they came, sometimes they didn’t but I didn’t get much sleep. In the morning they pulled out of me, and Mr. Miller brought me a mirror. He pushed it down and told me to look at my cunt. I did, and I was astonished, my tiny slit was literally gaping open, leaking cum out of it. I moaned. “Yeah that’s a good slut.” Mr. Miller smiled. “It’ll go back, a day a week don’t worry about it.” He pulled me out of bed, and we all went out the front door towards the barn.

The barn was warm and dry, and it’d always been empty. Now there stood Codylove, a huge brown stallion. They pulled the doors closed behind us and Mr. Miller said. “That’s Sheriff Owen’s present to you.” I smiled, not getting it right away. I’d always wanted a horse. Sheriff Owen laughed at the look on my face. He reached down and rubbed my gaping wet hole. “Oh you’ll ride him honey, ride his cock not his back.” Mr. Miller laughed. “This is your huge surprise.” He pushed me towards the horse. “Get to work cunt … he’s been trained.” I stumbled towards Codylove, not believing really that this was what they wanted. It was impossible. I turned and looked over my shoulder. Sheriff Owen was already rock hard, and stroking himself. Mr. Miller looked hard at me. “Don’t make me come over there cunt. Just get under him and rub his cock, it’ll get hard believe me.”

I shivered, I had no idea how to get a horse hard. I knew that there was no way I could fuck him he was too big too tall. I also knew if I didn’t do something Mr. Miller was going to beat me. I went to the horse and knelt under him. He let out a soft whinny when I got close, but didn’t move. Looking up I could see the sheath that held his cock. I reached up and touched it, and felt something huge inside. The horse whinnied again and pushed his hips forward. I rubbed the sheath harder, and a huge black mushroom head popped out. I creamed right there, and the horse smelled it. His cock came out more, growing longer and harder and he stomped his rear feet. “Rub him girl, jerk that giant cock.” It was Sheriff Owen who rarely spoke to me like that. Shivering with fear and excitement I took both hands and started jerking the huge cock in front of me. God it was so nasty, so big I felt my hips start grinding as I jerked the horse hard. When he was done, it must have been twenty inches long and so big around. That mushroom head was bigger than even my gaping cunt I thought. I moaned as I jerked him hard though, loving that I was a slut that would do this.

“Now suck it slut. He likes that.” Mr. Miller was hard now too, but he wasn’t jerking off like Sheriff Owen was. I moved a little, leaned back and licked the mushroom head. It tasted like earth, and there was precum there that slid into my mouth. I moaned and opened my mouth lapping and sucking but I couldn’t get the big head inside me. “Shit!” Sheriff Owen screamed and I looked over just in time to see him spewing cum. Mr. Miller laughed. “Told you she’d love it.” I went back to the horse’s cock, since I couldn’t get it all in my mouth I jerked it and licked it up the side down the other then sucked on his mushroom head pulling in as much as I could. The horse’s cock was rock hard and he was stamping his back legs whinnying, he liked it.

“Come over here cunt.” Mr. Miller motioned to a hay bale by where he was standing. I whimpered, but left the horse cock and did as I was told. Mr. Miller spread a blanket over the hay bale. “Lie down, and spread those slutty legs.” I did, and he smiled at me reaching down and pinching my hard nipples. “You’re about to be filled with cum slut, with nasty horse cum.” I moaned and saw Sheriff Owen leading the horse over. They positioned him so he was standing over the hay bale, over me. His long hard cock swung down, its mushroom head just inches from my stretched little cunt. I whimpered and bucked my hips. “I want to fuck it… let me fuck it.” I was so hot to feel that huge cock in my cunt. “We’re going to let you fuck it baby. But you’re going to have to help.” Sheriff Owen grabbed the horses cock and guided it to my stretched cunt. The horse started pushing forward and Sheriff Owen helped pushing his mushroom head inside me. My already stretched cunt split wider and I moaned, biting back a scream as the huge cock pushed me to my limit.

The horse kept pushing forward and Sheriff Owen helped make sure his cock went into me. I felt it slide in, and keep sliding bigger than Mr. Miller. Bigger than anything that had been in my cunt before. Then when it hit my cervix the horse stopped. I whimpered and looked down. I had almost fifteen inches of horse cock stuffed inside me. I gushed cum and started bucking my hips. The horse whinnied but stood still. Sheriff Owen gasped out. “He’s trained so he won’t kill you… now grab it and fuck it.” Then I understood. The Horse wouldn’t pummel me, I’d have to ride it. I reached down, holding that massive cock inside of me and started fucking it hard. I moaned and screamed as I drove the cock deep inside myself then pulled it out and shoved it in over and over. The horse was shaking as I fucked him, and Mr. Miller and Sheriff Owen were stroking their hard cocks. “That’s my little slut. Fuck that horse .. milk his cum into you.” Even Mr. Miller’s voice was breathless as he watched me whore on the horse.

I couldn’t stop, I just wanted more and more of that horse cock. I fucked him hard even though my cunt was getting sore. Just when I thought I’d split myself open if I kept going the horse let out a loud whinny and I felt my cunt flooded with cum. It was gallons of cum, spewing up past my cervix, filling my tummy dripping out of my cunt in pools. It seemed forever that the horse came then his dick softened and I let it go. It fell out of me with a loud sucking noise, and I could feel my cunt was just a wide gaping hole. I moaned.

Sheriff Owen led the horse off, and Mr. Miller was on top of me before I could think. He flipped me over and shoved his cock up my ass without even saying anything. I knew he was turned on because it took only five strokes before he was pumping his hot cum up my shit hole. “Take human cum you horse fucking cunt…” He moaned as he unloaded. Then he stepped away and Sheriff Owen came behind me. As he’d done once before he knelt down, and I felt his mouth sucking the animal cum out of my gaping cunt. He drank it, moaning as he rubbed my ass. Then he stood up and shoved his cock into my cum filled ass. It took him only two strokes before he was yelling and filling my little ass with his own cum.

Mr. Miller picked me up because I couldn’t close my legs to walk. He carried me back to the house telling me what a good slut I was. Sheriff Owen washed me, and they put me into bed stroking my body and hair. Even Mr. Miller was gentle, with me which was odd. He whispered to me as they pulled the covers up. “Next weekend, we’re going to do the same thing … but in your ass you nasty slut.” Then they left me there to sleep and rest. They came in the next day, and gently fucked my ass when they felt like it but they knew I was used up. As I drove home with my Father Sunday evening I found that I couldn’t wait for next weekend. I was looking forward to being double cocked in the ass, then seeing if I could take the horse. I loved being Mr. Miller’s little slut.

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