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Continution of Mr. Miller series
After almost a year of being Mr. Miller’s little slut, things changed drastically. The Wednesday after Mr. Miller and Sheriff Own double cocked my cunt, then watched me fuck a horse things got very bad. I came home from school and my father looked very serious and sad. He took me into the living room and was very gentle, stroking my hair and telling me he loved me. My mother brought me hot chocolate which was really a treat in my house. Then they told me, that afternoon when Ray Summers went to deliver feed to Mr. Miller he’d found the old man dead on his front porch. They tried to be very gentle about telling me, reminding me how much I’d done for Mr. Miller helping him with chores, and how much he liked me and that at seventy five he’d had a long life.

I knew Mr. Miller had been old, I just didn’t’ know he was that old. He’d sure been active for a dirty old man I thought to myself. I wasn’t stupid, I wasn’t in love with Mr. Miller or anything. I knew he’d been using me in ways no little girl should be used, and making me do things that most grown up women wouldn’t. The fact was I had liked it, and I was crying not just because he was gone but because I remembered what happened right after I’d first become a slut. After he’d used me up and made me like it I found out I didn’t like the high school boys cocks, or even nice gentle sex. I was a slut and I needed a hard cock pounding me, telling me what a whore I was, making me do depraved things till I came. Now that was gone.

That Friday I didn’t have to go to school. Instead I went to the funeral with my parents. Mr. Miller’s two sons were there, but I heard a lot of gossip that his daughter refused to come. I heard more gossip about the fact that she wouldn’t come because she’d accused him of raping her as a child. People talked in whispers about how long ago a few girls had said such things, but there was never any proof. They all looked at me funny and some people even asked me if Mr. Miller had ever touched me wrong. I was very quiet and just shook my head, but inside I was laughing. Oh he’d touched me ‘wrong’, but it had felt so good. After the funeral the wake was held at Mr. Miller’s house. I just drifted around the house, looking at all the places Mr. Miller had used my little body. I couldn’t talk to any of the people about him, so I just looked sad and ended up in the kitchen doing dishes as they piled up. After all I was supposed to have been doing this all along.

Mr. Miller’s two sons were as different as night and day. The oldest one, his name was Tom, was short and had light blonde hair. He was very quiet and I noticed he never quite looked at me when I talked to him. The younger one, who I guess was about my dad’s age was tall like his father had been had dark black hair and big blue eyes that looked cold. He watched me all the time, and the way he stared at me especially my tits made me shiver a little. He reminded me of his father. As people started drifting out I realized that the only people left were my parents, the two Miller boys and Sheriff Owen. I was in the kitchen doing dishes still when I heard my father say. “That’s fine. I think she’d like that she has a room here.” Then Sheriff Owen said “Jack that may not be a good idea, the boys need to go through their father’s things. They don’t need a kid in the way.” And a strange voice said. “No, let her stay. She can help pack stuff up, and maybe tell us about how dad was the last year. We didn’t get out to see him much.” They kept talking but I didn’t hear the rest. Soon my dad came into the kitchen and hugged me. He asked if I wanted to stay the night and help the Miller’s get stuff together, finish the dishes and maybe say goodbye to the house. I nodded numbly. It wouldn’t be like it had been, but it was better than going home.

My parents left, then I heard the younger boy say “No Tom go on, we’ll be fine.” And another car pulled out. I peeked into the living room and saw Charles Miller and Sheriff Owen staring at each other like two goats about to lock horns. They were to quiet for me to hear what they were saying so I went on back to the dishes. Then I heard Charles say loudly. “I don’t care what kind of arrangement you had with my paw. Get your filthy mind out of here and if you ever come back suggesting that again I’ll have you locked up, don’t care if you are the law!” I dropped a plate in the sink thinking “Oh shit! Sheriff Owen just told him what he and Mr. Miller Sr. had done to me and now Charles was going to throw me out too. I hoped he wouldn’t tell my parents. I heard Sheriff Owen’s car pull off, and then the kitchen door swung open and Charles, now Mr. Miller I guessed walked in. He watched me washing dishes leaning against the table. I had my back to him, and was nervous but I wasn’t going to say anything till he did.

“So you were my paw’s little helper huh?” His voice was low and dark. I nodded and kept washing dishes. “Place sure didn’t look to clean when I got here. He must not have worked you too hard.” I shrugged then said without thinking. “He ah had me do stuff outside too, you know to help.” Charles laughed. “Uh huh, I bet he did. He trained you right up to help him around here, showed you how to do it huh?” I nodded quietly again, hoping he couldn’t see me blushing as I thought about what Mr. Miller had really trained me to do. “Well then, you can show me just how well he trained you. Come here and help me.”

I put the dish down in the sink and turned around, guessing he wanted me to help him clear the table of all the casserole dishes. But when I turned around he was leaning against the table with his cock in his hand just leering at me. His cock was longer than his father’s had been, maybe about eleven inches and it was hard. He was stroking it and eyeing me like I was a piece of a candy. I sucked in a breath, feeling my nipples get hard and my slit get wet but I froze not sure what to do. He took hold of his cock and held it straight out. “Well come on slut help me out here, suck it.” It took about two seconds to decide and then I was on my knees in front of the new Mr. Miller wrapping my fourteen year old mouth around his hard cock. I moaned and started sucking him into my mouth. He pushed his hips forward, taking hold of the back of my head and shoved his entire length down my throat. I gagged, but took it moaning and sucking as he pulled back and shoved it in again. “I knew it.” He panted. “Paw loves little girls. No way he had a fine piece of ass like you here and wasn’t fucking you hard right?” Of course I couldn’t answer him with my mouth stuffed full of cock. He held my head tight and face fucked me for a few strokes making sure I gagged then he pulled out and sneered down at me. “Is it as good as my paw’s? Did you drink his cum cunt or did he dump it inside?”

I was trembling in excitement and moaned. “Both sir..he did both.” Mr. Miller lifted me up and leaned me over the table shoving my legs apart. “Yeah, call me sir … you’re my father’s little slut alright but now you’re mine.” His hand went to my wet cunt and he laughed then he slid a finger in me. “Damn slut, you’re tiny but this hole seems a little big what was the last thing you had stuffed up you?” I dripped cum over his finger, and moaned. After six days my cunt was tighter but still stretched a little. “Horse cock sir.” He shuddered and withdrew his finger laughing. “That’s my paw, loves the animals.” I felt his hard cock rubbing against my ass. “Guess I’ll just have to cornhole you till you’re back to normal.” Without thinking I reached behind me and spread my ass cheeks apart showing him my puckered asshole. His cock head hit against it quickly. “Fuck, you like it too he wasn’t even forcing you. Little slut.” He slammed his hard eleven inches into my tight ass and I spewed cum down my legs, moaning. He drove his cock back and forth in my ass like a jackhammer. “Little nasty slut, likes getting it up the ass. Likes fucking animals. I should have come home sooner.” He shoved hard and I felt his hot cum spewing up my ass chute. I lay under him moaning and happy, knowing that I’d still get to be a slut.

That night the new Mr. Miller had me tell him the whole story. How his father had raped me when I was thirteen, and all the nasty things he’d had me do. Now and then he’d fuck my mouth when he got really excited, but mostly he stroked off. He told me that he knew his dad had fucked little girls, because he used to bring them to him. He’d find the slutty girls at school and hook up, then when they were comfortable he’d bring them home and hold them down while his father raped them. That’s where all the gossip came from, but no one had ever proved anything. Charles Miller told me he was going to move back home now, and he’d work it out with my parents to keep me coming out to the farm. He also told me he wasn’t as much as a homebody as his father had been. That he was going to take me into the city, and I better obey him or else. When my father drove me home the next morning with fresh cum in my ass I was a happy little slut. That afternoon dad came to my room with a box and told me Charles Miller had sent over a nice dress, he was going to come take me dinner as a thank you for helping him with the house work last night. Did I like that? Boy did I!!

The dress Mr. Miller sent was a modest shirt dress, my parents couldn’t complain about. Of course it was to small, so my 32C tits strained at the front but that usually happened with my clothes. My mother made me wear a sweater, and they just gushed when Charles Miller came to take me to a fancy dinner in the city, they were so nice to him. They still had no idea. Once we were in the car, and out of town heading to the city Mr. Miller looked me over. “Do you have on panties slut?” I nodded. “Take them off.” I slid my panties off over my feet and put them in the glove box. He smiled. “Your bra too slut.” I had to maneuver to get the shirt unbuttoned and then slide my bra off when I started to button the shirt top of my dress up he stopped me. “No, leave them out cunt … play with them.” I smiled and started pinching my nipples, realizing that if anyone pulled up beside us they’d be able to see what I was doing. It made me wet. A few cars passed us so fast no one even looked, but a big truck pulled up next to us and started pacing us. Mr. Miller laughed. “He’s watching you cunt. Pick one of those titties up and suck on it.” I moaned and could see out of the corner of my eyes the trucker was watching me. I lifted one of my heavy tits up and licked the hard nipple. Then I started sucking it. I’d never sucked my own tits before, and doing it for a stranger made me really wet. I let it go, and did the same to my other tit letting my tongue go all around my hard little nipple, then sucking it into my mouth.

Mr. Miller laughed. “He’s about to pop a nut, but then so am I.” He reached over and pushed my dress up, showing off my shaved cunt. “Go on slut, give him a show… “ I didn’t need further instruction. I plunged three fingers deep into my dripping cunt, glad to feel it was shrinking back to normal size after the horse fucked it. I moaned and bucked, cumming almost right away. Then Mr. Miller sped up he pulled in front of the truck, and put on his blinker. We were pulling in to a rest stop and the truck was coming in right behind us. I looked over at Mr. Miller and he just smiled at me hard. He buttoned the top of my dress up and got me out of the car. Then he led me across to where the trucks park, and right up to the door of the truck that had followed us. The door opened, and the trucker looked down at us he was fat and ugly and I noticed his cock was out of his pants. “Ya’ll want in?” He asked and Mr. Miller nodded. “Yeah, but I gotta have money to buy the little one some dinner.” The trucker looked us over, then laughed and nodded. “Hundred for the one do ya?” I didn’t understand really but Mr. Miller handed me up to the driver and went around to climb in the other side. “Yeah, that’ll work.”

The truck driver lifted me up, his hands sliding instantly to my huge tits even before he’d closed the truck door. The truck was huge, and had a sleeping area in the back. “Get on in back…” the driver said then looked at Mr. Miller as he climbed in. “I don’t do guys..” Mr. Miller shook his head. “Just pay for the cunt, I’ll watch.” The trucker took his wallet out and handed Mr. Miller a hundred dollar bill then crawled in back with me. That was when I understood, Mr. Miller had just pimped me. Now I wasn’t just a slut, but a real whore working for money. The trucker leered down unbuttoned my top and begin pinching my tiny nipples. “How old are you honey?” He whispered as he pinched my hard tits and positioned himself between my legs. I looked at Mr. Miller who nodded and I whispered. “Fourteen.” The trucker’s eyes got wide and his cock jumped in front of him. “Damn.” Then he was pushing my skirt up, and without another word he buried his six inch cock into my dripping snatch.

My young cunt was still overcoming the horse cock but it was tight enough that the fat trucker moaned as he sank his hard length into me. I saw Mr. Miller lean forward watching as the fat man fucked me, his hand was working over his cock in his jeans. I spread my legs open and started fucking the trucker back. He’d paid good money to use my cunt, and I was turned on at being whored out like this. He looked down at me and nearly chocked when he felt me fucking him back. “Fucking whore … play with your tits … lick ‘em for me like in the car.” I lifted a tit to my mouth and started licking it, then sucked my hard nipple into my mouth. The fat trucker moaned and his cock popped out of me. He held it straight jerking it twice, then spewed cum right at my mouth and tit as I sucked moaning and whacking as he came. I didn’t cum, it had been too fast but I was really horny as he climbed off me and thanked Mr. Miller.

Mr. Miller walked me back to the car and we got back on the highway. He smiled over at me as I sat in the seat squirming. My cunt was dripping wet and so hot. “Did you like that fat ugly bastard using your cunt?” He reached over flipping my dress up to expose my naked dripping snatch. I moaned spreading my legs, but forgot to answer him. His hand came down on my cunt slapping it hard. I jumped, and he did it again and again. One hand on the wheel he started to use the other to spank my cum dripping cunt hard. I threw my head back and came before panting out. “Yes sir, yes I loved being used by the fat bastard.” Mr. Miller just smiled and put both hands back on the wheel. “Now you’re a whore. He paid to fuck you. You’re going to be my whore and love it.” I could only agree as we pulled into the city.

Instead of the nice resturaunt Mr. Miller had told my parents he was taking me too he pulled into a club called “Lipstick”. We went in a back door, and I was dumbstruck as I saw these really beautiful women walking around almost naked. I’d never seen anything like this in my life, and all the girls had huge tits. Mr. Miller laughed as he watched me, and was about to say something when a man in a suit walked up. “Chuck, regular room?” He looked me over as he talked to Mr. Miller who nodded. “Yeah, and tell the guys I’m here. Send Ginger back.” The man led us to a little room that had a soft couch all around it and a little table with a pole in the very middle. Mr. Miller took my dress off right away and sat me on the couch completely naked smirking. “Never been to a strip club cunt? I own half of this club and you’re about to be the entertainment for the night.” I shivered, not knowing exactly what he meant but I knew strangers were coming into the room to look at me naked and I was excited.

First one of the girls came in, she had on tiny little panties and her tits were as bare as mine. They were bigger though, she had huge tits. She carried a tray which she sat down on the couch near Mr. Miller, it had drinks on it. She looked at me in a way another woman never has, it was like she was a guy … her eyes ate me up. When she leaned over to set the tray down Mr. Miller reached up and grabbed one of her huge tits, twisting it. She moaned and thrust her tits towards his hands. He smacked his lips just like his father did but only twisted her nipple then slapped her ass. “Get out … this is Ginger’s gig.” She left looking mad, but as she went out three guys came in. I watched as each one of them managed to grab the woman’s tits or rub her panties as they came in. Then they were in and they all seemed to see me at the same time, everything got very quiet. I could feel their eyes running over me, my heavy 32C tits hanging out for them to see, my shaved cunt closed between my legs. No one said anything until Mr. Miller reached over and grabbed one of my thighs spreading my legs open showing my wet, dripping slit. “Shit … “ one of the guys breathed. “How old is she?” Mr. Miller laughed lowly. “Very illegal, but a real slut D. Very illegal.” The guy that had asked the question started rubbing his cock through his pants. “How illegal, sixteen?” His eyes were trained on my cunt and Mr. Miller laughed. “She’s got a trucker’s spunk up there, eat it out of her D and I’ll tell you.” I moaned at the thought of another stranger’s tongue sliding up my wet snatch, sucking out the trucker’s cum and D didn’t wait for another minute. He stepped across the room and knelt in front of me his mouth covered my tiny cunt, and his tongue dove into my wet slit. He fucked it back and forth for a minute while I moaned in pleasure then literally began sucking and slurping the trucker’s cum out. Mr. Miller laughed. “You faggot … you love man cum almost as much as she does.” The other guys laughed and settled down to watch D eat my tiny cunt.

I started moaning and thrusting against D’s tongue, but Mr. Miller reached over and pushed me down to the side. “Let her have it Mike.” He said, and as I turned leaning over I saw one of the other men release his hard cock from his pants. Mr. Miller was pushing me towards it, and I went. With D lapping the trucker’s cum out of my shaved cunt I plunged down on Mike’s cock, strange and small but I didn’t care. I realized I was in for my first gang bang, and I came in D’s mouth as soon as I started sucking Mike’s cock, unable to contain myself as I thought about all these men using me. D moaned and he drank my cum along with the trucker’s, and Mike shoved his hips up, burying his six inch cock in my throat and pumping hard. I almost passed out because he didn’t pull it out till he’d spewed cum down my throat. Gasping for breath I turned as he drew his cock out, ready for the next one but Mr. Miller pulled me back into a sitting position as the door opened and Ginger came in.

Ginger was about 5’8, had bleach blonde hair and I guess she was pretty I don’t really look at girls. She had on a bright pink thong, that covered nothing in the back and just her slit in front. Her tits, which must have been at least double D’s were bare and swinging. Mr. Miller smiled at her as she came in and pointed to the middle of the room where the small raised table and pole were. Ginger looked us all over, raised an eyebrow at me but without a word she went to the pole and started dancing. She ground her hips, then lifted herself on the pole and wrapped her legs around it, sliding up and down. Soon it looked like she was fucking the pole. I stared awestruck, only realizing after a minute or so that as the guys watched her danced they’d all moved closer to me on the couch. Hands were pinching my nipples and rubbing my crotch. Every part of me was being touched as we all watched Ginger work the pole, and I was embarrassed that I was just as excited from watching her as from having the strange men pinch and finger me. Finally Mr. Miller said “Enough.” And Ginger stopped dancing, then the men pulled away. “Lay down Ginger … take your fucking thong off.” I watched mesmerized as the woman did exactly what Mr. Miller said. She stripped off the hot pink thong exposing a shaved cunt and lay down on the raised table. Mr. Miller pushed me on the shoulder and laughed. “Go say hi to Ginger cunt.”

I got up, a little confused but crossed the room and looked down at the naked woman. “Umm, hi Ginger.” I said quietly. Everyone laughed, except Ginger who just smiled at me. Mr. Miller said. “Did my daddy ever have you with a girl cunt?” I didn’t really get the question, but there hadn’t been any other girls so I shook my head. “Give Ginger a kiss hello whore.” I looked down, and Ginger smiled sweetly. “It’s ok honey, just a little kiss.” She puckered her lips. I heard the men on the couch shift and one of them whispered. “Fuck yeah.” I guess being as much of a slut as I was I should have gotten it, but Mr. Miller Sr. just hadn’t taught me some things. I leaned down and puckered my lips against Ginger’s but as soon as I kissed her she put her hand behind my neck and opened her mouth pulling me down. I overbalanced and fell to my knees, mouth opened as Ginger’s tongue tasted me. I heard a few groans from the men before Ginger let me go and I knelt there staring dumbly down at her.

“Stupid bitch.” Mr. Miller said, and leaned forward. “Grab her tits cunt, rub her tits like you rub yours.” I was a little embarrassed but I was so hot, and Ginger reached down and pushed her tits up whispering. “come one honey … touch them.” So I reached down with both hands and felt her huge double D titties in my small fingers. She moaned as soon as I touched them, and when I looked to see if Mr. Miller thought I was doing right I saw that he and all the other men had stripped out of their pants. They were rubbing their cocks, watching me feel Ginger up, except for D who was rubbing another guys cock. I was embarrassed again, and it felt so good. Ginger whispered to me “Pinch them honey … pinch my nipples.” I felt my fingers pinch over her huge nipples and she moaned arching her hips up, just like I did when a guy pinched mine. She liked it. The men moaned and Mr. Miller keeping his eyes on me said “Good slut.” I felt my cunt start dripping as I pinched and rubbed Ginger’s huge tits, getting off on it. Ginger reached up and pulled me down so my mouth was right over one of her big tits. “Suck it baby girl … suck mommy’s tits.”

The men all shifted, moaning “Fuck right … I wish she was her mommy … I want to see her fuck her mommy.” The guy that had his dick being stroked by D shoved his hand off, and grabbed the man’s head shoving his cock down his mouth. I’d never seen same sex stuff before, but D moaned and started sucking the guy just like I sucked cock. I don’t’ think the other guy was gay I think he just wanted someone sucking his cock and didn’t care who. I opened my mouth over Ginger’s tit and she shoved it up. I felt her hard nipple between my lips and started sucking and pulling on it. She moaned. “Good baby … suck mommy’s tits suck them good baby.” I imagined for a moment that she was my mother, that I was bent over my mother sucking her tiny little tits and I came as I bit down on Ginger’s nipple. What was wrong with me? I was turned on at the thought of doing this to my mother. I moved, licking and sucking till I got to Ginger’s other tit, then sucked the hard nipple into my mouth as she moaned under me. Then her hands came up and pushed me down. “Now eat mommy … you want it baby … you wish it were mommy don’t you?” she pushed me down and I realized her legs were spread open and she was pushing my mouth towards her cunt.

“Eat that cunt whore … pretend it’s your mommy’s cunt and lap it up like the slut you are.” Mr. Miller was panting as he watched. I lowered my head, I’d never done this but I was so turned on by what they were saying to me. I brushed my lips across her bald snatch and Ginger moaned. I got between her legs and started licking, it tasted so sweet … it didn’t taste like my cum juices but I liked it. My cunt was getting wetter and wetter and suddenly I was plowing my tongue up into Ginger’s lose twat, slurping and drinking my very first woman. Ginger went wild, bucking up against me as I tongue fucked her. “That’s right baby .. eat mommy’s cunt.” I lost track of what all was going on around me. I know that the guys were fisting their cocks, passing D’s mouth around as they watched me. Then Mr. Miller was behind me, he shoved my head down hard making me tongue fuck Ginger deep as he thrust his 11 inch cock into my fourteen year old cunt. “That’s right slut … this is practice … soon you can taste your mommy … lick it up ..” he fucked me hard forcing my mouth deeper and deeper into Ginger’s twat. I felt her tense up then tasted slimy woman cum as she spewed it into my mouth. I shuddered and came just as Mr. Miller filled my young twat full of his own cum. He pulled back, pulling me with him. “Slut … you like girls too … I can’t wait to watch you eat your mother.”

Then he let me go, and the men swarmed around me. I had a cock instantly replace his in my cunt, then I was rolled over and one speared my ass. My head was pulled back and a cock was thrust down my throat. All three strangers were fucking me, and I heard myself screaming as I came over and over again until I passed out from the pleasure.

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