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continuing the story
DISCLAIMER: There is no sex in this part of the story, so if that’s what you’re looking for then leave now. If you read the other parts of the story previous to this and wanted to know what happened next then read. Don’t give me bad ratings and comments because there isn’t any sex. You’ve been warned….

Jon and I had been going out for a few weeks and I was falling hard. He was gone for the weekend so I was going to spend the weekend with the guys.

“So you gonna survive without your boo?” Brent joked.

“Whatever, he’s just gone the weekend. It’s not the end of the world.” I replied.

“Yeah but he’s been around almost everyday for the past month. I’m not saying I mind, Jon’s cool, but you haven’t gone one day without seeing him.” Chris said.

“Yeah, you’re not gonna like call out his name in your sleep are you?” Randy put his arm around my shoulder “Jon, Jon, oh Jon hahahaha” he teased.

“Screw you guys” I laughed “So what he’s just gone this weekend and I’ll see him again Monday so let’s just drop it.”

“Yeah but you usually have sex on the weekends and now you’re missing out” Chris added.

“Seriously Chris, it’s not a big deal. I’m not dating Jon for the sex so it doesn’t matter.” I said starting to sound irritated.

“Ok guys, let’s drop it.” Randy said.

We were at Brent’s place this weekend. Brent had a nicer room than the rest of us. His room was in the basement and pretty much had the whole place to himself. He has a bunk bed and a couch in his room with a much nicer TV than any of us so we liked staying at Brent’s more than anywhere since none of us had to sleep on the floor.

We had been playing video games and watching TV all night and finally decided to go to bed. Chris took the top bunk and Randy the couch. I was on the bottom bunk with Brent. We talked for a little while before falling asleep.

The next morning I woke up and saw Randy looking right at me.

“Awww how sweet” he teased.

I sat up right away realizing that I had been sleeping with my head on Brent’s chest and my arm around his waist. Brent was still sleeping so I got up and shoved Randy on the way out to the living room.

“Haha so do we need to warn Jon that you’re straying” Randy joked.

“What? What’s goin on” Chris asked. He was sitting in the living room watching TV already.

“You didn’t see Zac cuddling with Brent when you got up?” Randy replied. I just sat on one of the lay-z-boy chairs and ignored them.

“No I just came right out here haha what was happened?” Chris laughed.

“Zac had his arm wrapped around Brent’s waist and was cuddling with him with his face on his chest haha” Randy explained.

“Hahahaha, uh oh Zac, you better hope Jon isn’t the jealous type.” Chris joked.

“Whatever guys, it’s no big deal” I mumbled rolling my eyes.

“Good morning guys.” Brent said walking out.

“Good morning, stud” Chris said laughing. Brent looked at him weird and they proceeded to explain what had happened.

“So, you still gonna claim it’s no big deal that Jon isn’t here this weekend?” Brent asked.

“It’s not” I answered.

“Dude, we’ve all slept over a thousand times before and never once have you cuddled up to one of us. Now you are dating a guy for a month never spending a moment without him and when he isn’t here for one night you wake up on top of me. Doesn’t that seem a little odd?” Brent asked.

“Ok so I miss him but it doesn’t mean anything.” I replied still watching the TV.

“Well it means I’ll be guarding my ass next time I sleep with you haha” Brent laughed.

“No, remember Jon’s the dominant one” Chris commented, “you gotta watch out for Zac’s hands goin for your junk.” My friends definitely know too much about my sex life.

They all laughed and I smiled a little trying not to give in to their taunts.


We went to the mall to hang out later that afternoon. We went to the movie theater there and then just bummed around.

“So how are things goin with Kristin?” Randy asked.

“Great, I’m going over to her place next week to have dinner with her parents.” Chris answered.

“Ouch” Brent said grimacing.

“What?” Chris asked.

“You’re going to meet the parents, that sucks.” I joked as I received a text message and frantically replied.

“Why is that bad, it’s not like I’m some punk that her parents are gonna hate.” Chris said worried.

“He’s got a point, Chris is a good kid” Randy said.

“Yeah, parents wouldn’t be afraid of him taking advantage of their daughter” Brent added while I received another text that tore me up inside.

“I can’t tell if you guys are comforting me or making fun of me.” Chris replied confused.

Randy looked over at me “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, I’ll be back in a minute” I said quietly with no expression on my face as I walked away.

I walked away from them and turned the corner. I went out the door of the mall to a side entrance that hardly anyone ever uses plus it was almost nine o’clock so the mall was pretty empty anyway. I leaned against the outside wall and slid down and sat on the concrete with my legs bet up and my face buried in my knees with my hands on top of my head as tears filled my eyes. I’m an emotional person but not outwardly emotional. That is one of the ways that I’m more masculine and straight acting because I don’t show my emotions and never cry in public. I hardly ever cry at all to begin with, but when I have a breakdown it’s not pretty. I can hold in my emotion as long as I need to and in this instance it was as long as it took to leave my friends and be alone.

I had been outside in that same position for around ten minutes when I heard Randy say something around the corner and walk over to me. “Zac, what’s wrong” He crouched down next to me.

“Nothing, I just wanna be alone for a minute” I said quietly as I tried to stop crying.

Randy sat down next to me and started rubbing my back “You know I’m not gonna leave you alone like this. What happened?

I didn’t wanna talk about it so I handed him my phone. He opened it and read my text message conversation.

Jon: Hey, I know this is out of the blue but I didn’t want to worry you before I knew for sure. My dad is taking a job down here.

(Jon was in Florida with his family for the weekend visiting relatives)

Me: What are you saying?

Jon: My family is moving here for his job. It wasn’t for sure before but now it is. We’ll be back Monday, but we’ll be moving as soon as the semester is over. I have to go, but I thought you should know and I’ll talk to you more when I get back.

Randy closed my phone “I’m sorry Zac. You wanna talk about it?” I shook my head. Randy pulled me closer to him “I’m here for you buddy, if you wanna talk I’ll always listen but if you don’t I’m still here for you. Come here” I turned and buried my face in his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me.

Brent and Chris came over and crouched down. “Jon’s family is moving to Florida at the end of the semester.” Randy told them.

Brent put his hand on my back “Oh god, I’m sorry man.”

“Me too Zac. But you still have a few weeks before he leaves and we’re here for you” Chris added.

“You want us to take you home buddy?” Brent asked.

“No, we’re not leavin him alone tonight, let’s all head back to your place.” Randy answered for me.

“I’ll go get my car and pull over here.” Brent said and walked away, Chris followed.

“Let’s just go back to Brent’s place and we can just hang out. You can talk if you want or just hang out but we’re not gonna let you just go off by yourself again, ok?” Randy requested.

“Ok” I sniffled.

We got in Brent’s car and I again buried my face in my hands while Randy put his hand on my back to comfort me. When we got to Brent’s place we went straight to his room and turned on the TV and Brent began playing video games with Chris. Randy said he’d take the bottom bunk with me, Brent could take top, and Chris would sleep on the couch.
Randy refused to leave me alone. He knew me better than anyone and had gone through me breaking down before. When my grandpa died I was really emotional and people listened to me and left me alone for a while and things only got worse for me and Randy stepped in and helped me through it.

We had gotten ready for bed and were all just wearing shorts but I Randy kept his shirt out rolled it up and put it on his shoulder to soak up my tears as he laid down and held me with my face buried in his shoulder. I didn’t need to talk about it as we all knew the situation and that I was crying because I had fallen for Jon and now he was leaving in just over three weeks. I just needed to cry out my pain and Randy knew that. Brent and Chris were close friends but hadn’t ever seen me breakdown so they decided to defer the situation to Randy and trust he knew how to help me and they were just going to be there for support.

A couple hours passed and Brent turned off the TV. I had almost cried myself to sleep in Randy’s shoulder and was half awake as Brent pulled a blanket over both of us and whispered to Randy “is he gonna be alright? Do you need anything?”

“He’ll be alright, can you grab me another shirt or something?” Randy whispered back. Brent handed him a shirt and he swapped the shirts and I moved my face back to his shoulder.

“Geez, it’s soaked. You sure he’s ok? I’ve never seen him like this” Brent asked again.

“Yeah, Zac hides his feelings so much that when something like this happens he really falls hard. He just needs to cry it all out. We just gotta be here for him and he’ll bounce back.” Randy whispered as soft as he could hoping I either couldn’t hear or was mostly asleep “I’m just worried how the next few weeks are gonna go. Jon will be here and Zac is either going to be really upset that whole time or he is going to get as close to Jon as possible til he leaves and he’ll break down even worse. That’s what I’m worried about.”

“Damn, he sure puts up a front then.” Brent whispered back.

“Yeah, he’s a tough guy but he gets emotionally invested really easily. That’s what’s great about him and what hurts him the most. He’s always there for anyone who needs him and he really honestly cares about the people he loves but he gets so invested that when something goes wrong it effects him more than anyone else ever would.” Randy said softly.

“You think he loves Jon?” Brent asked

“I know he does. He probably won’t admit it but he loves him. You remember when he dated Jack and Grant before? He dated them way longer than Jon and yeah he fell for them too but he never looked at them the way he looks at Jon.” Randy answered.

“Yeah I suppose you’re right. God I feel so bad, he looks so hurt and it’s not even like it isn’t working out with Jon it’s just his family leaving.” Brent said.

They continued talking as I finally finished crying myself to sleep on Randy’s shoulder.


The next day I was upset still, but felt much better. We hung out for the rest of the weekend and school came back around. Jon was back in town and that night we discussed what his family’s plans were. In three weeks and just two weekends they’d move away to follow his dad’s job. We both agreed that continuing to date each other for the three weeks would only make things harder so we decided to just be friends and keep in touch when he left.

I hated those three weeks. I didn’t want to keep seeing him when I knew it would be over soon anyway, but as long as he was near me I couldn’t help but still want to be with him. I got through until he was gone and the semester was over. That really helped now that there was no stress from school and I could just relax and try to move on.

Sorry there isn’t any action in this part, it’s just explanation and leads me to the next part of the story coming up.

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It was so touching to see how poor zac had his luv taken so early . I do hope that their is a silver lining to this story cuz i haven't read the others yet.

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