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to Marco
She sleeps at the foot of his bed, only to wake when he wishes her to.
He stands over her, holding his hand on her shoulder. Breathing
softly, he wills and whispers for her to wake, “Wake up for me now my
lovely whore” She opens her eyes and smiles at the sight of her Lord
and Master. He was grinning evilly and knocked her off the bed and
onto the floor, holding his booted foot on her paper-thin silk blue
blouse, just under her bust line. He pressed down slightly, “Rise and
Shine whore” he said in a cruel, borderline evil tone, she loved his
verbal degradation, and she felt herself tingling. His grin had
changed to a slight snarl, his boot now holding her hair down, “unzip
my pants you whore” He spits in her face as she struggles to reach up
and unbuckle his belt. Her back arched at a fifty or sixty degree
angle, her knees in the air and her breasts falling out of her blouse.
The bulge in his pants got bigger, making itself known to her, she
moaned and finally reached his zipper, pulling it down as he abused
her more, “mmmm.... you're hungry aren’t you cunt? Wanting my cock
so badly, only whores want cock as bad as you do... hurry up... fuck!
I won’t wait much longer” he growled at her. She was hungry for his
cock, she always loved sucking it, little did she know her had
alternate plans for her today. Her skirt was so severely slipped down
at this point he could see her smoothly shaved pussy through her red
thong but more importantly her full thighs, now both her breasts and
beautiful thighs where revealed. She normally slept nude or in only
underwear, but his orders where to have something he could cut off her
body. He finally felt his cock released from his jeans as she pulled
them down, he had let his foot off her hair now, clutching her jaw
tightly as he began pulling her face up to his and slapping her hard.
He ripped off her blouse and sliced off her skirt, grabbed a pair of
handcuffs a blindfold and a strip of duct tape, “Come here cunt” he
growled as he grabbed her leash and hooked it to her collar,
blindfolding and handcuffing her. He duct taped her mouth and grabbed
his knife, walking her to the front door and unlocking it, it was
midday, all the neighbors where out but it was Saturday thus all the
children where sleeping soundly in their beds not even a police siren
would wake them now. He zipped his pants back up for now, she fallowed
him as he tugged her leash slightly; she had to trust him, if she
didn’t the slave and Master relationship would not and could not
work, he had trained her all she would need to know to please him and
meet his needs; He had her now on the grass, walking her to the four-
way intersection, all the men and women staring at her mostly naked
flesh, only her silk red thong covering the front of her smooth and
bald pussy, her D40 breasts were firm and large balloons of flesh on
her upper body, putting most of the men outside within an eyeshot of
her were in an instantly aroused state at the sight of them the rest
of the men within eyeshot were staring and drooling at the appearance
of her shaved and smooth pussy through the paper-thin silk thong. He
held her in the middle of the intersection, her hands cuffed and on
the back of her head so that her body was presented fully to them all,
“Good Day Mr. Smith, Mr. Parkston, lovely weather today isn’t
it?” He sounded as if nothing had changed, like he didn’t notice
that the men’s mouths were hung in shock and with drool starting to
drip onto their chins, she stood there as her Master ripped the tape
from her lips and she didn’t even dare scream at the pain, her hands
still on her head she was blind to the faces, only becoming familiar
with the voices and scents, “Well ... Why aren’t you greeting them?
They are friends of mine” she replied boldly, “Master, pet does not
know their names, nor does pet believe she was introduced-- With all
respect and love of course milord.” He smirked and turned her towards
them, “Mr. Smith, Mr. Parkston, this is my slave, Roxanne.” She
instinctively bowed while keeping her hands on her head, her breasts
hanging down and her nipples hardened, “Good afternoon Master Smith
and Master Parkston, Milord says you are friends of his, ‘tis a
pleasure to meet you.” She heard her Master tell her to kneel in the
silence, only urging her with his mind, saying nothing, she complied.

He ordered for her to open her mouth, everyone was quiet and watching
her movements, her mouth opened and his zipper was pulled down by her
teeth and his cock was pulled out by her tongue, he was completely
hard now, “Do what you do best, cunt” he commanded aloud for
everyone to hear. Her mouth opened again and was instantly wrapped
around his cock, He rest his hand on the back of her head, he would
take it slower if he didn’t have to get ready for a dinner date with
his bosses, on witch his slave Roxanne would accompany him. He forces
her mouth all the way down his amazing and stunning cock, forcing her
to deep throat him from the start; he slapped her hard across the
face. She felt her flesh tingle and rise in goose bumps, “Ahhh you
fucking whore... little cock-sucking slut....make your Master cum” he
commanded as she started to flick her tongue up and down on his
testicles, he started to pant and growl softly and slowly, his shaft
was a good half inch in her throat, she couldn’t breathe and began to
dry heave for air, this felt so good on his cock that he put both his
hands on hers and started raping her mouth like a beast, letting
everyone watch him use her for his pleasure, “Ohhhh fucking
whore..... Keep sucking... oh yeah, just like that... AHHHHHH!” he
groaned as felt himself starting to pulsate some, he wanted the pulse
to speed up and deepen within his testicles, he pulled her hair and
let her breathe just as she felt she would die, then quick to keep the
pulse beating in him he pushed her face to the base of his cock and
ordered her to lick his cock all over before she sucked his testicles
and gave him a hand job until he came on her face. She licked his cock
all over, the head already starting to ooze pre-cum, she begged him to
let her taste and she was denied, “She will have her fill...” He
thought as she started to suck both of his testicles in her mouth and
began sucking and flicking them with her tongue, hungry for his orgasm
to take place in front of the eyes glued to them, she started to tug
at his shaft up and down until he began to growl again, this time she
sped up as he began to roar in pleasure she was moaning and almost
screaming, feeling the heat of his pleasure made her want to shove a
vibrator in her and pretend that it was his amazing hard cock, “OH!
OHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Mmmm! Mmmm! You fucking whore....Ahhh! ....good
girl.... good.... girl” he was petting her hair now, the blindfold
still in place and now cum covered like her lips and neck. He picked
her up and said, “Let’s go home, we need to bathe and get dressed
for our night out” So he walked her back to their house and told her
to take a shower, as his slave she had no right of privacy from him,
he sees everything she does and listens to every phone call she gets,
deciding who is worthy enough to even speak to his object of lust. She
stepped out of the shower and waited permission to cover herself, he
touched her cleanly shaven pussy before bending her over forwards,
“Did you shave here like I asked” he pressed one finger lightly
just below her asshole and felt her tense and grunt, “Yes Master, pet
shaved her entire lower body smooth for Master” and she had, her legs
and thighs, her pussy and ass, making sure to be careful not to cut
her flesh on accident. He loved her submissive aura, it made him hard
and want to just tie her down and fuck her perfectly stretched pussy
until he hurt her and made her sob and weep in pain from having so
many orgasms, “The tightening of her pussy around my cock tensing in
orgasm as she tries to please me, knowing that she has but I’ll be as
hungry for that tight body of hers as I want...” he thought to
himself, he was completely aroused now, and she was smooth and bent
over for his penetration, he grabbed her hips roughly, “Fucking
tease... making me hard just being around you, whore slave. Get ready
to have my cum deep inside you and don’t you even fucking dream of
screaming for me to stop, or give you more, I don’t want to hear your
begging and pleading right now” he growled at her as he thrust his
cock in her pussy for a second, ripping in out and pushing himself
into her ass as she almost cried out in fear of him, pounding at her
like a beast set on nothing but fulfilling the carnal pleasure that
consumes us all when so aroused that our bodies let us not breathe as
we feverishly attempt to regain what we need to survive, she felt him
push them onto their knees and force his body weight on her arms, his
lower body rocking hers slow and hard, he was starting to pulse again,
he pulled her hair and bit her neck hard as he could and he thrust
harder, more animalistic into her always tight ass, panting and making
her bear his pressure as he pushed her head onto his shoulder and kept
stabbing his cock into her, lifting her from the power of each thrust,
impaling her on him as he came harder than earlier, he knew she would
still want to cum, but they only had twenty-five minutes until they
were to go out, “Go get dressed.... I have some thing for you, no
underwear, a strapless bra and the red gown on my bed” He walked away
as she did, he cleaned his cock off and pulled his pants back up, and
grabbed two vibrators for her to have inside her, ones that had
something to hold her cum in, the vibrators looked strange, attached
to each other by an oddly-shaped looking tray, they also had a red
light on them, and four settings of strength on them, he had in his
jacket pocket a remote to control them, “Come here and lift your
dress up for Master” she complied and he pushed both of them in both
of her holes, “You have to be lady-like tonight, we’re going out
and you cant moan like a dying girl or even let your eyes roll back,
no noises and no begging or biting your lip in pleasure. Understood?”
She nodded and repeated his order to prove they had heard the same
thing, “Good girl now lets go meet my bosses and have a very good
time” she smiled and followed him out, in the car she wanted to rock
her body back and forth on the vibrators he made her wear, the were
strapped to her waist too, no matter how wet she got they wouldn’t
slip and make a mess. He reviled the remote to her and turned the
vibrators on soft as they walked in to the restaurant he sighted his
bosses, men, little did Roxanne know they where none other than Mr.
Smith and Mr. Parkston from the street earlier, “Good evening
gentlemen, this is my date Roxanne, she is just thrilled to meet you,
aren’t you my dear?” He asked her after introducing her to men who
had seen her in the most fragile and lusty of states but she did not
know at all. She held out her hand and said in a rather level tone,
“Yes M—” he corrected her nonchalantly, “Marco” she nodded
and finished her sentence, “Yes Marco, it is nice to meet you
gentlemen. As you know my name is Roxanne, but I am afraid I did not
catch your names” Both of the men took either of her hands and kissed
them, “Terribly sorry, Mr. Smith and Mr. Parkston of Smith and
Parkston Travel and Tour Industries” She merely smiled and sat down
slowly, she felt the tingle of the vibrators tickle her and she almost
started to giggle at the sensation. Marco motioned for his pet to sit
in the crescent shaped booth between the two men and him, she obeyed
and flattened her dress as she placed herself in the seat. Dinner was
quite uneventful and dull, except when Marco deepened or strengthened
the strokes of the vibrators. Seven and a half inches filling her and
the two and a half inches of girth pulling her tight body apart. She
had been drinking water and was feeling the effects of denying the
need to use the bathroom, but she only pushes the full glass of cold
water away from her lips and she felt herself about to fall asleep
before dinner made it's way to the table. Marco began to show his
affection by scratching the back of his beauty's neck and lulled her
to sleep this way, the gentlemen began speaking of work and hours,
promotions and soon sex. They spoke of the girl between them and her
ears began to burn and tingle, the sensation aroused her back to
cognitively. Marco noticed this and began to rub the back of her ears,
a strange feeling flooded her body, it was arousal but in the faintest
and oddest of ways; he kissed her cheek and was dismissed kindly by
his employers, the couple walked out of the room; Roxanne
stumbling on dead feet and Marco half carrying his pet to his car. He
presses a button on his remote and she screams, "No! ... No!
Nnnnnnoooooo No!" she begged, feeling herself close to wetting
herself, and she told him so. Her pleas fell upon deafened ears as he
controlled the vibrations of the sex toys he tortures his property with,
"Hush. We're almost home..." The car came to a stop, "alright. Option
one, you can go now, outside and walk back home naked. Or option two,
you can shut your whore mouth and ride home, then go there. Which one
does the slut want?" She didn't think, she needed to pee but she
wasn't wanting to walk home, she didn't stop him as he began to drive,
only half the speed he was before he asked the question. She began to
squirm and writhe against her seatbelt, "Marrrrrcohhhhh! I'm going to
piss my pants!" He only laughed cruelly, "Ah but my dear, you're in a
dress." She resigned herself to her fate and thought of anything she
could that didn't involve water in any visible form. Sadistic thoughts
and blood-filled images of perfect faces that she did not know flashed
in front of her eyes, she could have screamed, but she didn't want to
startle her Master while the car was moving. She began to rock
forwards and back, nervously clutching her shoulders and upper arms; he
placed his hand on his pet's thigh and ripped her away from the
disturbingly realistic pictures in her head. He stops the car once
they're in his driveway, he steps out of the car and takes her hand,
pulling her from the seat and kisses her and pulls a fistful of her
mane backward. She is led inside by the hair and forced to her knees
on one of the 'puppy puddle' mats he placed on the ground for her, she
looks at him as he watches her, "Open your mouth little one," She
obeyed and her lips divorced generously, she knew what was going to
happen but did not feel dread, in what would be presumed as dread's
place, she felt aroused and anxious. He looked into her eyes with the
most severe of strength and commanding, she felt her body give in and
she surrendered; all of the conditioning she had undergone in her life
disappeared in this final surrender of the mind. He grinned
sadistically and began to fill her mouth and defile her beautiful face
with his warm, golden stream; she held what landed in her mouth but he
focused mainly on her forehead and cheeks and then her firm tits and
stomach. He was pleased with her obedience at the front door where any
late-night peeping toms could watch her strip in the open; he did
enjoy watching his piss flow down her skin and she could not help but
have a miniature orgasm from this humiliation that he forced upon her.
He pulled her by the hair to the bathroom and sat her on the counter-
like seat in the large shower and gave her a light cleaning with a
rag, "You'll be very dirty later on, but no head starts. You'll be
covered in cum and drool, not piss." He kisses her lips softly and
lays her back, washing out her pussy with freezing water and the cloth
he cleaned her face with, "Let's test your control once again." he
told her to stay on her back with it arched just the way he placed
her, at about a forty degree angle, just painful enough for her to
feel the strain but not actually hurt her. He took his time getting a
medium-sized vibrator, "How are you holding up dear? Comfortable?" He
teases, walking back in to the room and spitting all over the sex toy
along with her, lubing it up mercifully for her again tight asshole;
he shoves the synthetic cock up her ass, forcing it deep before
slipping his middle finger into her tight, still-virgin pussy. He
leans down and kisses her clit softly, flicking his tongue all over
her dripping pussy, he pulls her closer and kisses her neck,
whispering in her right ear, his breath warm on her skin, "Ready to
hand your body over to me, my slut?" She was so far gone at this point
she didn't know he was speaking, a hard and swift slap burned her
cheek and she crashed back in to reality, "ANSWER ME SLUT! Do you want
me to take your body for my own now, my love?" she could only nod and
he thrust himself with enough force not only to break her hymen but
obliterate it completely. Her outcries fueled the desire inside of him
and he slowed down after a few strokes and felt her pussy grip and beg
him for his meat, he began to dive slowly and steadily into her pussy,
building up his speed once again; enjoying the tight and sopping pussy
that she was now bucking back into him with. He watched her face as
the expression changed with every few thrusts she felt each new
pleasure he gave to her, her body fell deeper into it's bliss and just
as she came he filled her with his delicious treat, letting her feel
her orgasm heighten as his groaning of terms formed into a sentence
even her out-of-it mind could understand, "AHHHH! You... Fucking....
UGGGHHHHHH.... WHORRRRRRE!!!!! I'm... Cuhhhhhhmmmm-innnnnnnng..." Her
muscles clamped down on his cock harder than she ever felt them
contract, she cried out his name as she became fully his, and only
his. He let out a long, contented sigh and kissed her softly, "good
girl.... Very.... Good." She clung to him as her orgasm subsided and
she blacked out after using the last of her strength to mumble the
phrase, "I.... Love..... You...." He nodded and whispered it back as
she fell to regain the energy she had lost, he carried her to bed and
laid her down, letting her sleep as he too gained the energy he'd lost
by taking her virginity. They slept in each other’s arms as lovers,
Master and slave.

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