Emma seduces her 10 year old cousin
Emma was having fun with her mom and dad who took turns pleasuring her. Emma has
not told either of them that she is having sex with the other but she has thought
about having sex with them together in a threesome. School was almost out for the
summer and her 10 year old cousin Missy was coming to vist for a couple of weeks.
Emma thought about seducing her when she came to stay with them. She thought it
would be cool seeing Missy have her first orgasm if she hasn't masturbated yet.

Missy arrived on a Saturday when her mother and father were both home. We didn't
have a guest room so she had to stay with me. We put an inflatable bed on the
floor for her. My parents took us to the movies and then we stopped for ice cream
before going home. When we got home my parents said good night and went to their
room. I knew what they were going to be doing soon. Missy and I went to my room.
She was really cute. She was my mom's sister's daughter and my aunt was as pretty
as my mom is. Missy plays sports just like I do. I told Missy she could stay on
the inflatable or she could sleep with me. "Decide later".

We sat on the inflatable and I asked Missy if she had a boyfriend. "No". "Me either
but I got my first kiss from a boy in school". Missy giggled. "Have you ever played
with yourself"? "What do you mean"? Wow - if she is asking that she must be pretty
much into her sports that she hasn't gotten around to it yet.

"Well sometimes you kind of get an itch down here (I pointed at my pussy) and you
just touch it out of reaction. It feels kind of good so you keep doing it and next
thing you know you get this great feeling". "Really"? "Yeah Missy. I can show you
if you want me to". "Ok". "Have you ever been asked if you want to play doctor"?
"No". "Ok. I will show you. You lie down like you are sick and I am going to be the
doctor. Missy laid back and I told her I was going to touch her in different areas
and ask her if it hurts there. She was wearing shorts and had really nice legs. Let's
pretend you fell off your bike and hurt your hip. "Ok". I started at her head and then
her neck asking if it hurt. She said no. Then I slid my hands softly down her arms
which made Missy fidget. She said it didn't hurt. Then I slid my hands along her legs
from her toes up toward her pussy. This made Missy fidget even more especially when I
got close to her pussy. As I moved my hand up her legs I purposely ran it along her
pussy toward her stomach. "How does that feel"? "It feels funny down here". "Well when
you get that feeling it is what makes you touch yourself".

I got up suddenly and said "Now we will wrestle" Missy laughed and said I was bigger
than her and it wouldn't be fair. I then grabbed her and wrestled her down to the floor
getting on top of her laughing. As I got on top of her I managed to get between her legs.
It felt great. I then rolled over so she was on top of me. "See look how strong you are".
Missy laughed cause she knew I let her be on top now. I then rolled over again and was on
top of her again. "Want to have some real fun"? "Ok what are you going to do"? "Just
trust me that you will like it ok"? "Ok". "How do you feel as I lay on top of you like
this"? "I get that funny feeling again". "Good. I have the same feeling right now so it
means we like it". I leaned forward suddenly and gave Missy a quick kiss on the lips.
"Hey what are you doing"? "Did you like that"? "I don't really know. It caught me by
surprise". "I will do it again. Tell me if you like it". I kissed her again a little
longer and humped my pelvis against her pussy. I looked at her. "It feels weird but in
a good way"

"Ok if you really want to feel great and have that great feeling I told you about, we
should take our clothes off". "Emma I don't know. It doesn't seem right". "It will be
ok Missy - I Promise - you will like it". "Ok". We both got up and took our clothes off.
She seemed embarrassed to look at me since my body was a bit developed. I had some hair
around my pussy and also had some decent tits for a 12 year old. "You have a nice body
Missy". She smiled.

Ok now let's wrestle again so we can get in the position we were before and you tell
me how it feels. "Ok". I grabbed her and wrestled her to the floor landing on top of her
with my legs between hers. "Do you like it"? "It feels pretty neat". I will do more and
you just react however you want". "Ok". I ground my pussy against Missy's and she began
to fidget which was good cause it was like she was grinding back. She was moving her head
from side to side and licking her lips. I lowered and kissed her on the lips ans slipped
my tongue in her mouth. When I broke the kiss Missy said something was happening to her
down there. I told her it was her pussy and that she should just let it happen. So she
began to moan and I then slid down and dove my face into her cunt and started licking it.

Missy began to whimper and arch her pussy at my mouth. I found her little clitty and went
to work on it. Missy was fidgeting so much it was hard for me to keep my mouth on her clit.
I kept this up til Missy suddenly arched her body way up and screamed. I kissed her really
quick to keep her quiet and ground my pussy against her while I did it. This kept Missy
fidgeting all over the place and her tongue was fighting mine from her trying to scream out
of pure ecstasy. As I ground into her I suddenly came as well and I could feel our juices
mingling. I lay exhausted on top of her. When I felt Missy calm down I got up and looking
at her said "so what do you think"? She smiled at me and said "I want to play this game
all night" !!! I smiled back. "My parents are going to do something tomorrow so we will be
home alone most of the day. We will play some more then and I will show you how to have
even more fun. Now come climb into bed with me so we can press our bodies against each
other all night". We stayed naked and climbed into my bed and went to sleep.

The next day when we got up I kissed her on the mouth and hugged her. "Let's go wash up
and go down and have some breakfast". We did that. When we went downstairs my parents
were already gone and left a note they would be back in the evening. That gave me all day
to do whatever I wanted with Missy. After we had breakfast I asked her what she wanted to
do. "Are you kidding? Is that a trick question? I want more of last night. Plus you said
we would have even more fun today". She was right and I knew just what to do. I told her to
go to my room and I would be there in a minute. I walked into my mom's room and after
looking around, found the strap-on dildo she fucked me with. Then I went back to my room.

Missy was already naked. "Missy have you ever seen a dick"? "No - you have"? "Yea. And I
am going to show you what it looks like. I showed her the strap-on dildo. Her eyes opened
wide when she saw how big it was. "I am going to put this on and then I am going to fuck
you with it. It is going to hurt when I put it in you because your pussy is small and
because you are a virgin". "You aren't"? "No". Anyway it will start to feel good and then
you will have that great feeling again". "Ok I will try if you think I should". "Ok lay
down and spread your legs so I can get you excited first". As Missy lay back I dove between
her legs and started to lick her pussy. Missy quickly started fidgeting and arching her pussy
up toward my mouth. Her juices were flowing. I then put a finger in her pussy which made
her kind of jump. "It's ok. It is to get you ready for the dick". I kept licking her clitty
and put 2 fingers in her pussy and started to fuck her with them. She was thrusting at my
fingers which was good. Missy suddenly screamed and I knew she was having her orgasm.

As she was thrashing around I got up and put the strap-on dildo on. I lay back down on top
of her between her legs and put the head of the dick at her pussy hole. Missy was now
looking at me. "I will go easy til you feel good". "Ok. I pushed the head in a little.
Missy groaned. I pushed a little more and then felt resistance. I knew I was at her hymen
so I just left about 2-3 inches of the dildo in her a little while so she could get used to
it. Missy started arching herself on it. "Ok Missy. I am going to push kind of hard now
cause I need to get through your pussy barrier and this is when it will hurt. I will then
stop so you can get used to it in you and then will start fucking you" "Ok Emma. I still
trust you. It feels pretty cool inside me right now".

I slid the dildo out about an inch and then shoved my pelvis forward hard and felt her hymen
give way. Missy yelled and I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth and just left the
dildo in her. When I felt her calm down I broke the kiss and slowly started to fuck her.
"Oh my God Emma. I feel so full with that in me". I started a slow fuck and gradually
increased my speed as I felt Missy thrusting back. Her head was going side to side and
she was moaning. I had a bottle of hand lotion nearby. As I noticed Missy was about to have
an orgasm, I grabbed the lotion. Missy started to come and I drove a last hard thrust into
her, pulled out, stuck the lotion bottle at the entrance to her pussy and squeezed it hard.
"Oh my God. What is that"? "That is what it feels like when a guy comes inside your pussy".

"That was amazing Emma. How did you learn all this"? Emma didn't answer. She got up and took
the strap-on off and gave it to Missy. "Here you put it on cause I want you to fuck me now.
Just do what you felt me do to you. Your pussy is small so I couldn't get the whole thing in
you but I want it all in me. "Ok I will try".

I lay down as Missy put the strap-on dildo on. She looked pretty funny. I spread my legs and
told Missy to get between them and put the dildo in my pussy. Missy grabbed the dildo and
placed it at the entrance to my pussy. She then pushed forward and got the head in only. "You
have to push hard Missy. I want the whole thing in me all the way. Then you have to pull it
out almost all the way then push it back in hard. Just keep doing that and you will be fucking
me. Don't stop til you see that I am out of my mind which means I am having an orgasm. Also
make sure you lean forward and kiss me while you are fucking me". "Ok".

Missy pushed the dildo hard and managed to get it all the way in me. Damn it felt good. It was
bigger than my dad's dick. Missy pulled back and then in again like I told her. She was doing
pretty good. "Fuck me hard and fast Missy". Missy started driving the dildo in me at a good
pace and was doing a good job. My juices were flowing. "Kiss me now and give me your tongue".
Missy leaned forward with her mouth open. I drove my tongue into her mouth and kissed her
back. I started meeting her thrusts and could feel myself beginning to climb toward a great
orgasm. I kept meeting Missy's thrusts as I kissed her hard sucking in her tongue. I broke the
kiss suddenly and pushed hard against the dildo. "Fuck me faster - harder. Oh my God I am
coming Missy. Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". Missy kept fucking me which made me have an orgasm on
top of the first one. "Oh fuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccckkkkkkk". I thrust up so hard I dislodged
the dildo from my pussy and Missy along with it. I rolled over on her and ground my pussy into
her as I kissed her hard. We both came together. Me for the 3rd time in a row.

"Wow Missy. You are already a pro at this. When you go back home you can introduce all your
girlfriends to this. You were great. Let's wash up and go eat and watch TV". "Ok".

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Write more about Emma and her parents,then later they all get together and have a 3 some.Alsomorewith Missy, maybe daddy could fuck her too.

Missy needs to introduce her friends to sex also

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Many are the blessings given by Obama

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