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The plane lands at de Gaulle and I can barely see the tarmac through the blizzard. They've announced that the airport is closing after we land. The airline will be putting us up in a local hotel for the evening.

A tired group leaves the plane and we re-group after collecting our luggage. They are going to divide us up and send us to local hotels. Luckily I'm flying business class and will get my own room, I'm not really in the mood for a roommate. I watch as they double up the economy class passengers, it looks like they are short on rooms as they are putting 3 and 4 to a room. A bus pulls up and takes most of the passengers to a hotel downtown. Two families, a man and a women are left. I overhear the customer service rep explain that there are only 3 rooms and that the man and women will need to share a room. All the hotels in the area are filled up and there a no rooms left. I watch the women, she looks as she is in her early thirties. She is visibly upset and is trying to explain that she cannot stay alone with a strange man.. She is dressed very classy and wearing a skirt and mid-length sleeves. I assume that she is religious, but I'm not sure. The airline
representative apologizes profusely, but insists that she has no other options. The women says that she'll sleep in the airport. The man seems to be enjoying the event, and I understand why the women would not want to share a room with him. He is disheveled, overweight and keeps staring at her legs.

I walk over to the group. I call the women aside. "Listen, I understand we are not dealing with ideal situations this evening. However, I flew business and they are giving me a room alone, I'm sure there is a couch in the room. If you want to room with me, your welcome to."
She looks at me, checking out my Kipah. She is frightfully beautiful with dark hair, chestnut eyes and a perfect complexion. "Umm, I don't know. This is all just terrible" she gasp. She hesitates. "will they let us".
"I'll see what I can do."
I walk over to the airline rep and introduce myself. I quickly explain what I'd like to do. She hesitates, but probably wants to get home as well. So she agrees.
"Ok, let's go" I say as I return, "ahh my name is Yitzi."
"Nili, I cannot thank you enough for helping me out."

We squeeze into a taxi with two other people going to the same hotel. Nili sits in the middle and I on right. She tries to not touch either of the men beside her, but it's almost impossible. So I feel her toned legs pressed against mine. At least I offered help to a good looking lady.
We make some small talk with the other passengers. Shira is and accountant who lives in Brooklyn. She was married but has been divorced for over a year. The other couple tells us about their life in St. Paul.

We arrive to the hotel and make our way to the room. We lucked out. It's a large room, two large queen sized beds, a huge picture window and a nice bathroom.

Nili decides to take a quick shower before we head out to dinner. She gathers her clothes from her suitcase and retires to the bathroom. I hear the shower turn off, and hear some scurried movement from the bathroom.
''umm, Yitzi...''
''I have a really embarrassing problem...''
''how can I help''
''I left my underwear in the suitcase, can you find it and hand it to me. I really feel stupid, all the craziness with the flight. ''
''sure, no problem'' I answer.
I open her suitcase dig around a bit. I find a low cut, brazilian black panties and matching bra and some cotton briefs from Victoria's Secret and a matching bra. It's France, I'll give her the nice stuff, the black stuff.''
''Nili, crack the door a bit and I'll hand them to you.''
The doors opens a bit, I just see her hand, in the mirror I catch a glimpse of her wrapped up in a towel. I put my hand half-way inside the door, and drop the panties and bra, she tries to catch them, but misses. I see her reflection bend down quickly to catch the undergarments and the towel drops to reveal a beautiful back. She closes the door quickly.
''Sorry about that Nili'' I say.
''I'll be out soon'' comes a hushed reply.

Fifteen minutes later she emerges wearing a button down beige blouse and a thinning but long black wool skirt. Her hair falls down her shoulders and she looks stunning but a little spooked.
''Are you all right'' I ask.
She turns to me and glances at me then at the floor.
''I'm not very comfortable with this arrangement. I'm very grateful that you stepped in and helped me, but this is still very difficult for me. Forgetting my clothes was a total mistake, you must believe me. I grew up in a very proper family and my husband was very......closed...umm modest is a better word. So please understand. And...and... the underwear you found. I mean I expected you to find the other ones. It's all just..forget it.''
I step a little closer to her, ''I understand totally and I respect you 100%. Let's get something to eat. We're running on no food, and I'm getting a headache.''

We put our coats on and step towards the door. I turn to her and say,'' I chose the nicer lingerie as I thought it would be better for a night on the town in Paris and it's better than going commando. '', I open the door and motion her to leave.

We take a seat at an exclusive Parisian kosher restaurant. We order a full meal of the finest Paris has to offer and a bottle of Bordeaux.
''What did you mean by going commando?''
I chuckle,'' you don't know what that means''
''Do you see that women over there in the thigh length skirt, she might be going commando'' She directs her look to a tall French lady with bare legs and a tight skirt.
''I don't understand'' Nili says, looking confused.
''Commando is sans underwear'' I reply
Nili turns red and looks at her wine glass, '' Oh''
''I'm sorry, I did not mean to embarrass you...again''
''It's fine, it's my issues..that I need to work through. Probably the result of my failed marriage. It's all right if you joke about it, maybe I'll loosen up a bit.''
''Ok, so who else do you think it going commando in the restaurant.''
''That waitress, not ours - the one serving the table next to us, no pantie line'' She looks at me and smiles, proud that she dealt with this sensitive issue.
''What about that girl three tables down that is getting very comfy with her boyfriend''
''I don't know - but I think she'll be commando before the night is over!'', Nili looks at me and then to girl.
I laugh and take a sip of wine.
''At the rate she's going she's going to have to ring out her panties''
Nili looks at me puzzled. Then she smiles, ''oh..I got it...sorry. You can can see them through the shirt...umm hard''
I look at her, moving down and staring at her breasts.
''Sorry, but I take extra precautions, your not going to see any Nippleitis on me. My ex used to get all bent out of shape when I was the least bit immodest. Immodest by his crazy standards. So I starting buying bras with an extra layer inside and it's gotta be really cold outside'' she smirks, ''or hot inside for me to show anything.''
''bummer, I guess we'll be left with the'', whispering, ''wet panties as the sure tell sign.''
''well, you do know what they feel like dry'' she replies.
The food comes and we finish it all off. We finish the bottle and are both in great spirits after a great meal. The conversation has toned down, but been very enjoyable for both of us.

We head back to the hotel. The snow is slick and Nili reaches out a few times to grab my arm.
''My ex never really liked going out to dinner. Actually he never liked doing much of anything that was fun. He was just so closed''
''For example'' I inquire.
''He barely looked at me, you know in romantic way. Like he desired me. He would freak out if I even wore underwear that was too sexy''
''But, only he would see that''
''Not even. Usually we would dress separately. I rarely even saw him in underwear.''
We step into the elevator on our way up to our room.
Nili continues, ''I've never shared this with anyone, not even my best friend. He would stare away from me if I was not covered up. He said it was to curb his Yetzer. I once....well... undressed while he was in the room, you know like in a club. He stormed out and called me all sorts of named in Yiddish.''
We walk toward the door of the room.
''So what attracted you to him to begin with''
''Well, just that. He was not staring at me like a puppy - like some of the other guys I dated. He was serious and intelligent. And he then he got more serious after we got married and he started a new Yeshiva and began to work in the afternoon.''
I close the door and Nili sits down on the sofa. I sit down on one of the chairs and lean back. Nili crosses her legs, I don't see any skin, but it's clear that her legs are strong and lithe.
''He stops taking as much interest in me. He tells me I'm not allowed to work out at the gym because I should be less concerned with physicality.''
''What do you work out at?''
''I was doing aerobics, swimming and some spinning. I kept going against his desire and he found out. Then he did not trust me and the relationship went from bad to worse.''
''weird, did he let himself got to pot as well''
''yes, he was a pretty skinny guy to begin with. Cute, but not very buff. He was not as broad-shouldered as you are. Then he just learned or worked and starting eating more junk and got a belly. Maybe he wanted me to look like him. It all became very surrealistic. It was like we did not communicate using the same language. We stopped sleeping together, except for the know of the mikvah, cause it was a mitzvah.''
''It does not sound very satisfying''
''No, but I've been single now for a year and that's not fun''
''There are coping mechanisms''
''Oh...yeah ok. but that's different...or just not as know''
''yes, because it lacks warmth''
''Do you mean like human warmth?''
''Just basic biological warmth. Being touched by a tongue feels a lot better than a finger - it's warmer, wet.''
''ahh, like french kissing''
''that too, but I was referring to oral sex vs. masturbation.''
''We..we... never did that. He said it was disgusting''
''Do you think it is?''
Silence, Nili looks at the wall.
''Do you want me to take off my clothes?'' I say innocently.
I stand up and take off my jacket and tie. The I remove my shirt revealing a muscled chest and flat stomach. Nili looks at me, she reddens, then looks down again.
''Should I continue? Nili tell me...are your black panties that I gave you...are they wet?
I drop my pants and stand in front of her.
''Take my underwear off'' I command.
''I can't'' she murmurs
''Do you see that I'm hard?''
I pull my shorts down, unleashing my hard member. I let the shorts drop to the floor.
''Can I touch you?'' she asks.
I take her hand and guide it to the underside of my shaft. She moves her fingers up and down the underside of my penis, hesitant. She touches the drops of white liquid, smoothing it around the tip of my hard dick. She uses both hands to rub me, using my pre-cum as lubricant..
''Can I lick it''
''yes, on one condition...''
''you must take your clothes off and listen to my instructions''
She continues to rub me, I see that she desires me in her mouth.
''But, what must I do''
''trust me''
I guide my dick towards her mouth. She licks the end, savoring my drops of cum. She take me deeper. A little clumsy, but she tries be gentle. She wraps her tongue around me, her lips sucking me.. I run my hands through her hair, touching the back of her neck. She pulls back then grabs me with her lips again. Sucking me. I pull out and kneel before her. I gently hold her face and pull closer while I lock lips with her, sucking in her breath. I kiss her deeply. I pull back and look at her.
''I want you to strip for me, I want to see your beautiful body''
Nili stands. She unbuttons her shirt, slowly. She dances slowly.. I reach to the radio and turn on some music. She closed her eyes. Her shirt opens exposing her flat stomach and black bra. I sit on the sofa, enjoying her rhythm. She opens her skirt and lets if fall to the floor. She is stunning. A perfect body. Her skin is olive and smooth. Her legs are long and muscled.
''Your gorgeous, show me more.'' I gasp
She undoes her bra, letting her perfectly shaped breasts out, her hard nippled pointed towards me. I grasp my shaft in my hand and feel myself throb.
She hesitates, then moves her hips, closes her eyes again and pulls her panties down. She throws them to me. I hold them feeling the dampness, her dampness.
''Sit down on the chair'' I request
Nili sits with her legs closed and her arms on her thighs.
''Open your legs''
She obliges and I view a pink pussy, with small luscious lips and a nice fine layer of pubic hair surrounding her hole.
''Touch yourself''
''I can't''
'' We had a deal''
She closes her eyes and begins to rub her clit. I move between her legs, spreading them. I caress her thighs. Then I move up towards her pussy, touching her lips. I move her hand away. She looks down at me.
''The difference between a finger and a tongue'' I explain.
I breath on her clit, then circle her hole with my tongue, lapping at her juices. I slide my tongue inside her. She gasps. I come back to her lips and nibble on them, ignoring her clitoris. I move up and down with long strokes, her body coming to life and wanted more. I run my tongue up and above her clit and feel it swell. I move my head back and look at her.
''Should I eat your clit''
'' say it''
''eat my clit''
I pull her towards me and my tongue darts around her soaking love button. My finger slides into her pussy, first pushing up against her G-spot then back down to the back of her tight hole. I press harder against her clit, rubbing it between my gums.
''do you want to cum''
''relax then and lay back''
She lays back against the chair and I pull a rubber around my finger, I insert it inside her beckoning pussy and move toward the back. She moans in pleasure. I kiss and suck her clit again and then pull back.
''Ok Nili, this will hurt a bit then you'll like it. Relax.''
I pull my finger out of her pussy and slide it towards the entrance of her but. I slide it in a little, she tenses. I put my mouth to her pussy and let it calm her. I push in a little bit more, I feel her loosen. She breathes heavy. I pull my finger out then push it back up. I let my tongue circle her clit. I feel her push against my face. I push up again.
''ahh, that's so good, so much...don't stop...more..give me more..'' I carefully massage her anus with my finger while pleasuring her clit. I feel that she's ready to reach, the anal pressure new to her, but bringing her to new heights of ecstasy. She tenses up. I feel her pussy tighten.
''ahh, don't ....don't stop....I'm..yes...coming''
I feel her juices running freely now. I keep my mouth to her pussy as she reaches.
We calm down and lay on the couch together.
''I need you inside me'' she says. ''I want to see us do it''
''You mean you want me to fuck you''
''I cannot say it, that word''
I take Nili's hand and I guide her to the long mirror near the door. I kneel down behind her. I see her sexy silhouette in the mirror.
''Squat on me''
She moves down, watching in the mirror as her pussy closes in on my hard and wet rod. I place my hand on her soaking pussy and rub her. She couples with my dick and I slide into her. I use my other hand to fondle her nipples.
She moves up and down. I push against her crotch, her clitoris locked between my dick and hand.
''Harder'' she begs.
I push up into her, pulsing inside her. I grab her close to me, our wet and hot flesh moving and sliding together.
''Say it''
''Say what''
''Fuck me''
''Ok, fuck me....fuck me''
I fill her with me.
''fuck my pussy...more..harder...fuck me...fuck me...more... harder. don't stop. no don't stop.
I press her against the mirror, our juices soiling the mirror and floor as I cum inside her.
''I feel you.. fucking me...don't ....I'm's so good....more.
I pump my load inside her...both gasping for breath as we finish together.

We lay cuddled by the mirror. Our bodies still warm. She looks at me, ''I never thought I'd do that like we did. I have so many other fantasies. We still have time in Paris. Can we spend tomorrow just the two of us and my fantasies. ''
''Tell me you fantasies'' I answer
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