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My hands were covered in his cum and he was also exhausted after that handjob. I wanted to continue so that I have a chance to earn more but he stopped me and said it was enough for the day. But I had grown addicted to earning that money and enjoying at the same time. That day I nagged him and asked him if we can do it again. But he refused and said we will do it again tomorrow. That day I decided to sleep along with him in his bed. He started touching each other beneath the sheets. He put his hands inside my pajama and starting rubbing my pussy, and I gripped on his penis. We started talking and shane asked
“Have you ever seen anyone naked before”

I was hesitant at first but on his continuous questioning I told him
“Not counting you I have seen 3 people nude
I have seen mom, and two of my friends from school nude”
Shane all of a sudden became very curious and asked me to describe all of them.
I started with my friends and told him
“I saw both of them while changing to swim in the school. Both of them are my age and both have bodies completely like me. One of them is Asian and has a baby face and a thin body structure, with thin flat chest. The other one is a little on the chubby side, so there are little bumbs to be seen on her chest and her hairless pussy is also somewhat more fleshy.”
“I have seen mom many times while she took a bath or was changing. She is quite different from me and her pussy is a little hairy.”
Shane-“Have you seen mom’s boobs?”
Me-“Of course, they are really big.”
Shane- “Yes, I saw them bare a few days back by mistake, They are really big. If only yours were as big as mom’s I would get something to play with”
Shane-“Have you ever seen anyone else?”
Me- “No”
Shane-"I have seen some people"
After that he went on to tell me how he accidently bumbed into the room while mom was changing and got a look at her boobs. He also had seen one of our cousins nude by delibretly entering the shower while she was in.
Shane-“If you do tell me, but for now, do you want to know what else adults do?”
Me- “Sure”
Shane- “They like to kiss and taste each others body, like I can kiss you on your chest on your nipples and your pussy and you can kiss and suck on my cock.”
Me-“We should try that”
He then went inside the blanket we were lying in. I could feel him reaching for my top. He raised it as high as he could and ran his hands over my flat breast to find my nipples. On finding them he started to kiss them. I could feel his lips on my nipples and then he started sucking on them. He continued for a few while then reached for my pajama.
Shane-“I always wanted to feel your pussy whenever I saw you wearing a pajama”
He then pulled it down and started licking my pussy. He then kissed it for a while and came up.
Shane-“Now you go”
So I went inside the blanket. I pulled down his boxers and freed his penis. I took it in my hands and kissed its tip. Then I started kissing it all over.
Shane-“Take it inside your mouth and roll your tongue over it”
I followed his commands and took his penis inside and ran my tongue over it. It was like something I never tasted before.
I continued for a while then came out of the blanket.
Me-“Lets do something for money now”
I took his penis in my hands and started jerking. I continued for two minutes after which Shane said
-“Do you want to earn more and faster.”
“Then lets do something else, you let me shag on your pussy and I will give you 20 cents per minute for it.” I agreed on the deal
He got over me pulled my pajama down and took them off. He also pulled off my panties and put it inside his pocket. Shane-“I will keep these panties for the day”
He then spread my legs put his penis on my pussy and started shaking it.
I could feel the tip of his penis rubbing against my clean smooth pussy.
He seemed to be liking it. I asked him if he wanted me to jerk his penis but he refused and said that I should just lay and enjoy. I actually was enjoying that day. I liked that feeling. I could feel the tip of his penis getting all wet. I could feel it making my pussy wet. All the rubbing was so smooth, I felt like I was going to pee. Soon Shane cum over my pussy, I peeped to see that my cunt was filled by his cum and it was dripping down. I was disgusted a bit but enjoyed it a lot and it further smoothened the feeling and that warm shoot of his cum felt great.
Shane continued for a couple of minutes then sat down.
Shane-“You can now go and clean up”, I did as he said, I went to the bathroom to clean up with Shane closely following me. He helped me clean my pussy and also cleaned his penis. I asked him to return my panties
Shane-“Not for today, you will be sleeping in pajama without panty, I like it that way”
Me-“Not a problem with me”
So I pulled my pajama and climbed into the bed with Shane besides me, every now and then I could feel him feeling my pussy and grabbing my butt cheeks. It was a wonderful night, I also got hold of Shane’s penis that night and jerked him.
Days like these continued for many months and i earned a lot by jerking off my brother

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Has anyone noticed this GUY'S profile???
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Great story and your English is very good so ignore those haters. I wish I was your older brother he's a very lubky guy

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fuck u bitch doing that to ur sister ur a bastard

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Sorry i am an asian and english is not my first language

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