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When Maria and her sister Victoria have to spend there spring break with me, I find the perfect chance to test my new found personality. The beginning of this story is told by a friend of mine that introduces another story but when he's done that, than the really story starts.
Hey, I'm Tamina and unlike last time this story won't be told by Ias. You see Ias has entrusted me, his best friend, to write this story because he's a little busy writing his next about his summer vacation, with Des. For you who don't know who Des is; Des is the chick Ias has had a monsters crush on for as long as I known him, but this story is not about her. This story is about what happen to Ias on his spring break trip to San Antonio. I wasn't there myself but that asshole told me the whole story. Well just like last time the story starts at our school, with a conversation between me and Ias during lunch. The class was empty and not even the teachers were there. The only two there were me and Ias but Des was suppose to meet us. Ever since her new boyfriend Max, she never had time for me but Ias made his time with her.
Even though she had a boyfriend, that wasn't Ias, he never gave up on his crush. Any one with eyes could see that Ias was head over heels for Des, anyone but Des. Even though she had a boyfriend, Ias became her girlfriend but Ias said this was for the best. According to Ias, the fact that she was now going out with Max gave him time to play the friend card, and move in when they broke up. The only problems were that there relationship was strong and Des wouldn't know that Ias was in to her even if he came alright out and said it. Don't tell Ias this, but he's kind of the fool of the group and I can understand if Des takes him for a joke. Still Des is just so slow when it comes to jokes and Ias makes jokes about any and everything. Ias only stops joking when he talks about Des but she's the only one who dosen't notice.
As Ias and I talked, our friend Terrin came into the room with a sack fill with papers in his hands. You could tell he had something to tell us by the way he waited for us to stop talking. He wanted to make sure that he had our full attention for the news he was about to tell us. As he started to talk we noticed Des enter the room with Max and they were also here for Terrin's news. The sight of Des with Max just got under Ias's skin and you could tell by the sudden look that came to Ias's face.
The news that Terrin had was about his birthday, and how it was over spring break. He was making plans for his up and coming birth, and wanted him and a couple of good friends to spend it together over a spring break trip. The papers he had where permission slips and we all got one but when I got home that day I found out I had plans over the break. Ias on the other hand had nothing but time on his hand, and told me "if Des is going I wouldn’t miss it for the world." Ias saw this break as the perfect chance to spend some alone time with Des but I didn't see that happening because Max was also going.
The day they planed on leaving, I was over at Ias house helping him pack. The only reason I was there was so Ias would take me with him so I could wish every one off. His cousin Meka was there to wish him goodbye, but the two looked a lot friendlier than the last time I saw them together. Every second you would see Meka all over Ias and Ias seem to enjoy it. I guess he finally sees how hot his cousin really is but the two of them are just alike.

Once we got over to Terrin's house I saw that there were a lot of people from our school also going along. There was Ias, Des, Max, Terrin, Maria, Victoria, R.K., Verine, and Victor and the only ones I didn’t know were these two little kids who Ias told me were Kapia and Kapo. They were brothers and they looked like little bad asses. Everyone started to jump in this big ass white ass van but the only really interesting thing I saw was Max wasn't sitting with Des...

Ok Tamina I’ll tell the rest of the story from here. Any way you have your own story to tell but look you’re not any realer just because of what you did with Meka, ok. The rest of Tamina’s story can be read in "The Life of Ias 2 1/4 The Life of Tamina." Ias is here and I'm telling the story again.

Well after we drove for a while I notice everyone was starting to fall asleep and that included Des who was falling asleep on my shoulder. Des and I were in the front of the van but I was more interested in the things I was hearing from the back sit of the van. At first I heard a lot of whispering which sounded like it was coming from Terrin and Verine but I didn't dare turn around to see what was going on. The risk of waking Des was the most important thing now my mind at the time but I started to hear weird sounds from the back. Des was really beautiful as she slept soundlessly but her warm breath started to hit my neck. I started to imagine Des wakening up with that beautiful look that she would always give me when I mistakenly touch her inappropriately and ask me to just take her on the van floor with Max right there sleeping.
We got to San Antonio and made it to Terrin's second house there. The van pulled up to the house and we all left the van. I notice Des and Maria laughing and whispering while looking at me. I didn't think anything of it because I hear Maria was going out with RED and she wasn't a girl that liked the whole weird guys coming on to her thing. Maria was an average looking with an above average attitude that scared me right the hell out but that didn't stop me. The whole day (when I couldn’t get to Des) I spend it trying to talk to Maria and thank lord her boyfriend was a dummy that didn't notice my constant flirting.
The only thing that I didn't get about Maria was her sister Victoria and Victoria's even worst attitude towards boys in general but her attitude soon change when we met and got to talking. I was sitting in the chair in the live room of Terrin's home and I was the only one there. I didn’t know where the other were but I was thankful they were gone due to my lack of sleep in the van because Des was on my shoulder. I was trying to dose off but I started to hear footsteps coming from the back of the house. I did care much because I was so damn sleepy but Victoria was there, standing there in front of me. Than she started to talk to me...

"Wake your lazy ass up. Where did every one go and why are you still here." Victoria yell at me.
"Ahhhh well in order: why don't you get me up, I don't know where the others went and I stayed here to get to know your sexy ass." I said in a smart tone. Know she was trying to stay serious by keeping her laugh in but she couldn't help letting out a smile at me.

I don't know what the hell I was saying but it wasn't like I was going to take it back. This girl was just so mean and she was so hot at the same time that word just came out of my mouth. She looked just like her sister, like they were twins but she was one year older. Her breast and ass stuck out like a mountain tops and her lips looked like soft, huge, hotdog buns. I got hot just looking at her and the more she looked down toward me the more turned on I got.

"What the hell did you say, you’re fucking nasty." she yelled at me again

"No, give me five minutes with you and I can show you how nasty I can be." I say sound like a major pervert.

(Victoria) asshole, guys like you are always talking but you can do shit.

(Ias) "Maybe other asshole but this asshole can backup any thing he said. As for doing shit; I don't do shit, but I want to do you. I bet I can have you wake up in the morning feel like another girl."

That was the end of that fight and I think I won it. Victoria walked away and I didn't hear any thing from her for the rest of the day. Every time she past me in the halls she would give me this badass looked but who care about her. Noticed that Des was alone and there was a chance that I could spend some time with her but god hated me. As I went to check on Des the two little bad asses went in the room and started to play hide and seek with Des. I lost my chance there but I was still sleepy so I head to my room. I got to my room and started to fall asleep. The only thing that was on my mind was how hot Des, Maria, and Victoria were that day... I fell asleep... than I woke up...

I was hot all over and I had never felt so energetic in my entire life. I don't know why but I found out what was the source of this power when I saw who was in my bed, naked (remain you of anyone). She picked her head up off my chest and looked at me with sleepy eyes. She wanted to know what time it was and I told her it was two in the morning. I asked what she was doing in my bed and she said "it's time to prove what you said" in the most childish but funny voice. She perked up and smirked at me before grabbing my penis through my bed shorts.

Her touch was like lighten striking, the feeling brought back memories for me. Her hand felt great but her mouth felt 10 times better. She could fit more for of my cock in her mouth then any girl before her and I loved the way that she stop every few moments to just look at my cock. The only things I could hear were the sounds of my own moans as she engulfed me time and time again. Each time she would take my cock into her mouth I could feel the back of her throat tightening around me and here hotdog bun lips were the things that were making me feel so great. Every time her soft lips rested on the tip of my cock it would be so sensitive that is felt like a sharp pain but it was a pain to good to stop. Now I was going to cum soon and I told Victoria.
My throbbing cock felt like it expanded every time it hit the back of her throat and and it became even more sensitive as the moment approached. She grabbed my ball and started to play with them using a free hand. She stop sucking for a moment and using her other hand she rubbed my dick causing the immense pleasure I begun to feel. She would lick the tip and use her tongue to play around with the most sensitive parts of my cock. The build up in my cock finally released itself like a bullet and land on her tongue that she stuck out in wait for this moment. We sat there as my hard-on started to loses it size but she quickly fixed that by rubbing the head of my cock with her thumb until its steel like form returned.

Than she jumped up and her breast started jiggling up and down like water balloons. She said that I didn't prove my point yet and she still fekt like the same girl. So I got a bright idea and told her "why not sit on it and tell me who you feel like." Than she positioned her pussy over my cock and she backed it up a little and through her weight on it. She though she hurt me and asked if I was alright. I told her "it’s alright babe you can do what you want to just make sure you have fun." Her body was just as hot as mine but her curves felt so damn great. I could feel how wet she really was immediately after I enter her and that let me know how good this felt to her.
The movement she made from: the arch she made in her back to the way her tits jumped as she bounced were amazing. I loved the faces she made while riding me but at some point her hair cover it from my view. Her noises were even louder now and I should have been worried about it. I didn't care who heard us; in fact I want anyone to just open the door and see us together. Her pussy looked like it was just swallowing my cock and see thought this to because she told me she wasn't stopping until she didn't see it any more.
"Uhh... Ias please fuck me" Victoria said as she dropped her soaked pussy back down my rod. She grabbed my hands and placed each of them on one of her breast. I used my index and middle fingers to squeeze her rock hard nipples. She lower her face down to me and kiss me hard letting her tongue roam freely exploring my mouth. She broke away from the kiss and I grabbed her breast in my mouth as she continued to ride me. I played around with her nipples in my mouth with my tongue, flicking them back and forth and the pleasure she felt made here move her hips harder and faster. Her wet pussy fell like rain as small drops hit my pelvis over and over again and her muscles started to tighten around my cock as she started to cum.

After awhile I told her I was about cum and she asked me she to cover her breast with it. I was happy to do what she said now that she was asking me for it and not just talking to me like I was nobody and right now I couldn't find the power to tell Victoria no. I pulled out of her and stood up in front of the bed. She got off the bed and got on her knee in front of me as I finished rubbing the last of my juices out. My milky white juices cover her breasts and it actually made her breast look like the snow cover mountains tops they were. I was sitting on the end of the bed feeling like I was in Paris but when it was all over it ended just as quickly as it started. Victoria got up clean herself with a nearby cloth and just left like nothing happen. I think that old attitude that she had came back but I had to say something stupid before she left. I did; I said to her "Hey, do you plan on sleeping on your stomach tonight." She turned and said "what." I finished it off by asking her "can I?"

She kept walking and didn't say anything about the joke I had made. The only thing that she left there was a wet spot on my sheet where she sat. It was about 2:45 in the morning and my sleep was pretty much ruined. The only thing I could think of was Victoria but some how Victoria left my mind when Des enter the my bedroom that late in the night. Now I was happy as a mother fucker and she had this look on her faces that turn me now in a more than intense way. I said it before, but god must hate me because she heard that I was awake from Victoria second earlier. Come to find out Victoria told her I was awake and told her to go tell me all about how amazing Max was. I remember think "that bitch Victoria" as Des finished talking to me...

The next morning I showered got dress and when to the kitchen to get something to eat. Standing there making some strange shit I never seen before and my origin target, Victoria's sister Maria was there cooking it. Then that voice came into my head again and I just started to do what I was told. I walked over to her and told her

(Ias) Yo, the voices in my head to told me to come over here and talk to you
Maria laughed and said, "What"
(Ias) that was lame but it did get you to laugh. So what are you making here?
(Maria) Don’t worry about that just sit down and get ready to eat.
(Ias) well you think I could have a little taste.
(Maria) “The food? No, you can wait.”
(Ias) No, I can wait for the food but I want a taste of you.
(Maria) ha... stop your nasty. My sister told me you’re a freak. Go take a shower and calm down.
(Ias) yeah your right lets go take a shower together, you kind of smell
(Maria) uhh... no you’re to nasty
(Ias) well I'm a freak you shouldn't say things like that.
At the time I could only hope that I did sound like a creep to her but I felt good because she laugh at most of the thing I said. The only thing that I was worried about that day was the evil looks Maria had gave me the rest of the day and that kind of mess with my head. Even when we got to the theater to go and see the new comedy with Jimmy Nell in it, she kept given me looks but I started to like them after a while. That gave me all the reason I needed to go and talk to her again, that, and the fact that RED was nowhere to be found a again. I walked over near her and stared talking to her again.
(Ias) "Sooo... you want me to save you a sit in there."
(Maria) "No I'm sure I can find one"
(Ias) "Yeah but I have a special sit for you."
(Maria) ...
(Ias) "My face"
(Maria) ahhh
(Ias) "Well just let me see it. Let me touch it. Let me feel it "
(Maria) "I'll think about it."
Yes, I didn't care what she really said I just knew that was a victory in my book, and she didn't say no. Anyway she still when in went in with RED and I lost interest when me, Des, and Max went in. The movie was boring and I fell asleep after the first 17 minutes but I woke up when I got a message on my phone from Maria. She wanted me to meet her in the girls bathroom outside in 5 minutes and I notice her leaving the out the movie. I waited the entire 5 minutes on the edge of my sit but when time was up I run to that bathroom. I got to the girl's bathroom and it was empty with the expectation of Maria sitting on one of the bathroom sinks and she was calling me over. Needless to say, I ran over there and grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. She pushed me off and told me to follow her to the stall. In the stall she told me that she was going to makes sure that I backed up everything I said.
Next thing I know, she started jiggling out her pants and wouldn't you know it, no underwear. She was already as wet as humanly possible and she sat down on the toilet. She called me over and said "did you want a taste." I knew exactly what she wanted me to do and she knew exactly what I wanted to do. I started off just looking at how beautiful it was but I couldn't help but rush into tasting her.I scooted back some and got between her legs, lifting them up a little and spreading them. She tasted sweet but not sweet like candy; more like a green apple and she smell like a cold sweat mix with the finest wines.
I licked her pussy up and down before I suck my index finger in there. She let out a huge moan and this let me know how she must enjoy one finger. I continued licking and started to use my middle finger on her wet little hole. She was so wet that she reminded of me of an ocean wave and her clit was the little man in the boat. Her legs made there way around my neck and she just started to pull me deeper into her heaven.
Her clit look like a big red button that I had to push, and the way she moved made her clit appear to be beckoning me. I started to lick her clit and she started to react by jerking around harder and harder. She was telling me not to stop but something in my head told me I felt like play around a bit. I stopped, and this made her start to beg, "OOhhh god, please, please, don't stop... uuhhh... please do it again!" She just cried childishly as she started using her legs to pull my head back in place. "We need to get back to the movie before any one get wise to what's going on." I started to to take her shirt off and look at her bare breasts. I put an arm around her and gently pulled her to me, leaning in and kiss her soft lips.

"We got to go" I cried, breaking away and she slides to her knees and I started to leave. C'mon Ias, I need this" she said.

"Oh no, you're gonna to have to wait a bit. I don't want any one catching-on to what we're doing. "
"Quit it! That’s mean! Are you done play with me yet?" She asked as I try to leave the bathroom but once again I had to say that god hate me. I open the bathroom door and standing there was Victoria. I knew this was bad but she didn't say a thing to me. I left out the bathroom as quick as possible and when to the front of the theater to think about what had happen. Victoria catching me leaving worried me but I wasn't think about Victoria. I was thinking about what in the world would make me leave Maria when we both were feeling so good and how I wanted her ever since I got out the van that day. Sill I'm glad Victoria didn't catch me and her sister in the act, but what was I going to do about just leaving Maria there.
When the movie was over my friends met me outside the theater and we drove back to Terrin's house. Maria, Victoria, and RED were all sitting together and I was sitting with Des again. Des was mad at Max and she want to get away from him and talk to me again. I wasn't mad, if any thing I just love talking to her but I thought it was fucked up that she only came to me to talk about Max. The only thing that could get mad at Des for is her being so dense when it came to me and my attempt to flirting with her. When we got back to Terrin's house, Victor, and Verine suggested that we all go for a late night swim but Des was going staying outside to talk things over with Max, so I was like "fuck you guys, it's late, the new episode of smallville was about to start and I wanted something else to eat other than Maria." I didn't say that of course' but that the way I felt.
I went inside, ate a couple of sandwiches for dinner, and watch TV. While I was sitting in the room, it almost scared the shit out of me when Maria and Victoria came into my room. My heart dropped to my ass when they both stood in front of my bed and dropped this big ass box on my bed. My rushing heart kind of slow down when they told me that the box contained the things they had gotten on the trip and they wanted to show me. They started to open the box but I want to play with them a little more.
"Now what is a man suppose to do when two beautiful women come into his room." Verine tackled me on to the bed and Maria opens the box. The box was filled with the nastyest, weirdest looking dildos I had ever seen and they wanted me to use those toys on them. Once again something told me this was the perfect time to play around again.
"I don't know how you would have much fun using those" I said, smiling coyly.

“Huh? How so” Victoria asked, confused but with her hand under my shirt. Her touch felt like tiny firecracker under my skin but she stood up all of a sudden. She stood next to her sister and they started to take each other shirts off. There breast jigged so delightfully and they started to take there pants and panties off.
I answer "well I don't know how to use those things" and there grins reminded me of female lion about to pounce on there prey."Then we'll have to teach you”; Maria said.That was the answer I want to hear.
Maria gave me one of the toys and her and her sister lied on the middle of the bed together. I lied down between them and started to kiss Maria's soft lips. I let my free hand slide between Verine's breast, rubbing her breast and than her flat stomach. I begun to gently squeeze and lick Verine's nipples. I replace my lips with with the dildo that Maria had given me and she started sucking it with no residence what so ever.
Verine pulled off my pant and discard my underwear to see my already hard 9 inches louyville slugger stand tall. Verine lick and suck me faster and harder as the seconds past and I jamed the per-wet dildo into Maria hot pussy. Her jerking rocked the bed and the noise the bed made the house echo with the sounds of the sisters’ spirits. Even with all the pleasure she was feeling she still found the power to make a joke in my ear. Verine whisper in my ear "Is that sit you save for me still available"
I said "sure" and laugh but my laugh turned into a moan because Verine started sucking on my balls. I was amazed how she was able to fit them both in to her mouth but after a while she stop all together. I wasn't worried because Maria was sitting on my face and moving herself back and forth on the full length of my tongue. I angled my face so that I sucked on her bead that stuck out at me. I sucked her clit harder and harder, finally a tiny spurt of clear liquid shot out of her and onto my chin and it tasted wonderful. I stuck my tongue back out and cleaned the mess I had just made.
Maria tried to lift herself up but I wasn't finish with her. I use that dildo she had givem me and jamed into her ass. At first there was a little resistance but after a few pushes I was able to get the full length into her. As soon as I got the whole thing in she started shaking and trembling but I remember tell myself not to stop. As soon as that thought clear my mind I could feel Verine rubbing some gel like liquid on my penis and than crawling her way on top of me. I felt my cock enter her hot pussy and heard her low cries become a low, guttural moan. Each time Verine rose she dropped down with twice as much force as the time before and I could feel her wet pussy suck my dick deeper and deeper inside her.
Maria groaned as a few more spurts of her juices hit my mouth and I reached up to grab her breast. Verine was turning, twisting and dipping herself around and she jumped, hopped, and bounced on my cock.
"UUhhh, stop... please" Maria groaned and lifted herself off my face and put the dildo out. Verine started to cum and her body gave a few more violent shakes. "Oh Ias! I'm ghunna blow" she yelled as she madly cried, while slamming her pelvis into mine one last time. There was an flood now leaking from her pussy and she climbed off while letting out a huge moan. She sat up straight,her head back, mouth wide, as her eyes rolledback and she collapsed on the bed.
Maria grabbed my cock and licked the tip before she engulfed it in her mouth. Her mouth was warm and her tongue was more than amazing. She got her self in the right position, with my cock still completely embedded in her mouth and moved her head. Forward and back, left and right she continued to do this until I told her I was here I was about to cum. She pulled my dick out of her mouth exposing my throbbing dick to the air. Rubbed and rubbed and finally my load hit her face. It covered ever thing including her hair and she wiped and licked every last drop.
After dealing with Maria and Victoria all my energy was just sucked right out of me and I when to sleep right there. As for the sister I think they clean up and left without a word. The rest of the trip Maria didn't really talk to me other than a hey or bye here there, but Victoria and I started talking an a lot more. Victoria and I didn't hook up but we did have sex again and it was as go as ever. The only thing that's still reminded on my mind is Des. When we got back after the movies she was talking to Max outside but after that did she go inside are go swin with the others. If she didn't go swimming with the other than did she hears the noise the sisters and I were making...
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