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In this short story you get to know Tim, a very horny boy, fucking away the summer holidays.
This story contains sexual acts between men, and sexual acts with animals. Don't like that? then don't read it!

Tim woke up with the nice warm first sunrays of the day on his naked body. He slowly opened his eyes and looked out of the open balcony door of his hotel room. It was going to be another beautiful sunny day, this holiday wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Tim got out of bed and walked onto the balcony, still stark naked. His big prick and balls softly dangling in the morning breeze. He was very well endowed for a lad his age, uncut and 10 inches in erect condition with a light curve near the head, his large sack was covered in soft blonde hairs and his left ball hung a little below the right.

The balcony looked out over a small square, the little caf?would be brimming with tourists in a matter of hours, but for now there was only one person to be seen in the entire square. A young waitress was busy preparing the chairs and tables for breakfast. Suddenly she looked up and saw Tim standing there, her eyes going up and down his lovely, trim body and stopping to stare at his limp cock. She hiked up her uniform and started to stroke herself. A dark wet spot in her white underwear was beginning to show. Her other hand unbuttoned her shirt and pulled a breast from its confinement. Tim’s cock had not been idle, growing to its full size in a matter of seconds. The waitress pulled down her underwear revealing a nice tight pussy. The soft pink slit soon began to ooze, vaginal juices running down the inside of her thighs. At the sight of such hornyness Tim began to stroke his big cock and the exposed dickhead began dripping pre-cum. The waitress was seated on one of the chairs, legs wide three of her fingers inside her and massaging her clit, her exposed breasts and nipples pointing up as she arced her back. Being in a public square was so fucking hot. Tim was the first to cum, his semen flying through the bars of the balconies railing, large spurts spattering square below. With his dick in hand last of his cum dripped between his feet onto the terracotta tiles of the balcony. Seeing the fountain of cum spraying from Tim’s cock had caused the waitress to cum as well, pounding slick wet fingers into het cunt and moaning deeply. She buttoned up her shirt again and pulled down the skirt, she picked up the underwear but instead of putting it on she threw it up at Tim and then she went inside the caf?

After smelling the still wet underwear, Tim had a shower and got dressed. He put on a light silk shirt and a pair of old cut-off jeans. He liked how the rough fabric felt against his cock so he never wore underwear. Today he would go horseback riding on the beach so he walked to the riding school and booked a group ride to the beach. The receptionist sent him to the stables, “ask for Elise, she’ll be your guide today”. Elise was a beautiful woman, about 28 years old, large breasts and a nicely filled pair of riding pants. Her long leather riding boots, a perfect complement to her long legs. She introduced him to Lars and Mika? two brothers from Sweden who would be riding with us today. Tim got assigned to a light brown mare, the brothers got two dark mares. But the most impressive was the red brown stallion that was reserved for Elise. Tim could hardly keep his eyes of of the huge cock that was dangling underneath the horse like a fifth leg. Elise noticed him staring, then she smiled and said “Don’t mind him, this stallion is a true sex maniac, if it where up to him he’d be fucking all day long”.

The ride through the sand dunes was magnificent, they were just about halfway now and Elise led them to a secluded spot to have a little break. They bound the horses to a small picket and sat together a few yards away. Tim noticed the stallion sniffing out the rear end of the mares, and he saw the tip of the huge horsecock emerge yet again. Elise walked up to the horse and after smiling naughtily over her shoulder to the three men, she shamelessly began to massage the horse’s cock. The shaft grew to enormous proportions and small drops of pre-cum began to flow from the peephole. Elise didn’t hesitate to go to her knees and take the huge cockhead in her mouth. Tim moved behind her and stroked her hard nipples through the fabric of her t-shirt. Then she stopped sucking the horse for a moment and asked “would you like a taste too?”. Tim was startled at first but he couldn’t resist the temptation. Leaning over her shoulder he took the dickhead in his mouth, it tasted a bit like her saliva but more overpoweringly like horse and like salty pre-cum .

Lars and Mika?had undressed in the mean time and apparently helped each other get hard, both of their enormous cocks were glistening with saliva, dripping down their shaven balls. They helped Eliza get out of her tight clothes and maneuvered her to a position on hands and knees. Lars began fucking her mouth and Mika?licked and sucked her pussy and her asshole. He soon began to put fingers in her bottom, first one, then two and in no-time her ass was being stretched by two fingers from each hand. Mika?sucked a load of juices from her pussy and opened her hole with his fingers to spit it inside her. Elise would probably have screamed with pleasure if not for the huge cock pounding in her throat.

Tim kept sucking the horse, stopping just long enough to get undressed himself. The horse seemed to enjoy it just as much as he did, since it suddenly made a few snorting noises and after a shocking tremble through its hindquarters, it began to cum, a huge jet of hot white sperm blasted into Tim’s throat. The horse came so violently the cockhead slipped from Tim’s mouth and sprayed his face and chest with its sticky cum. Tim wished he could have caught more of the tasty juice in his mouth but he left the horse for a while to join Mika? who, by now, was fucking Elize’s cunt while still fingering her ass with both hands. He was all too happy to suck Tim’s rock hard cock, slobbering it down greedily, only stopping once in a while to breathe or to lick some of the delicious horse cum dripping of his chest and down his legs and balls. Moving his tongue from the inside of the thighs to his balls up the cockshaft and piercing into the pisshole to lick up Tim’s pre-cum oozing out. Mika?bit Tim’s cockhead as he ejaculated deep inside Elize’s pussy, just as Lars pulled his cock from her throat and blasted several hot streams of cum in her face and mouth. It looked like there was almost as much cum as the horse had spent, spurt after spurt covered her, and dripped from her face onto her nice firm tits.

Mika?lay down on the sand and Tim positioned his asshole above the huge cock, he lowered down to let the cockhead that was covered in pussyfluids and cum slide inside him. But even before he had it inside him halfway, Elize grabbed his own dick put it in her hot cunt and dropped her whole weight on him. Instantly sliding Tim’s cock inside her and ramming Mika? shaft in his ass. The sudden shock of this huge piece of meat inside him made him cum like crazy inside Elize’s hot slit. The huge amount of cum filling her up and dripping out of her cunt. With each thrust of his still rock hard cock he mixed her cunt juices with his own and Mika?s sperm, lubricating her tight pussy.

In the meantime Lars had sucked on the horse’s cock to make it hard again, and now he took the animals reins and led it towards the fucking trio. Elize knew what was coming and moaned, “Oh, Yes! Put that horsecock up my ass…”. The experienced horse needed only two tries to penetrate her behind, and soon about 12” of enormous stallion was inside her. Tim could feel it pounding in her and as it came inside her ass, he felt the stream of horse semen leak from her, dripping over his balls. A few strokes later Mika?filled his ass with cum just as Tim loosed his second load in Elize’s pussy.

Before returning to the stables, they went swimming in the sea to wash all the cum away, and they exchanged phone numbers and email adresses....

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2012-10-29 21:11:30
poor ignorant girl I can take much more.than 12 inches and as for the positions.. hehe try two cocks in your ass while getting a blowjob... and giving your girl the eating of her life.

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2010-05-15 08:48:27
this is an awesome story n please make a equal on of the best story's i have read

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