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i hope i got better
My Asian Domination pt.3: a change in my life

section 1: long hard road

domestic violence is now the base of my life. but this isn't the life i deserve. so much has gone wrong. blood is dripping down my leg from yet another rape. i can't take it anymore i have to leave him. my face is fragile, bruised from the countless hits, and my eyes are swollen with tears. i started out to be a perfect beauty, but every beauty has painful secrets. the floor creeks as i limp across the bedroom. he's lying there sleeping, without a care in life. i grab the bag i prepared a few nights before and head down the stairs.

I'm afraid he'll wake from the loud creeks the wooden floors make. something i used to love about this house is now something i fear. it doesn't feel right. i get to the door but my feet won't move. the click of the lock on the door seems louder than it ever has. " Tiffany!" i hear him yell behind me. before i could run out the door he grabs my hair and throws me to the stairs. " what the fuck do you think your doing? are you leaving me? the man who has put up with your shit for years? you are a bitch just like your mom!" he began to yell in my face.

" i wasn't leaving you! i was going to the hospital!"
" for what to tell them your boyfriend beats you?"
" nooo just to get a check up I'm bleeding and I'm in pain all the time" i start to cry harder. he hasn't loosened his grip on my hair. his other hand slides up my night gown and he starts to touch me. " you like it don't you? your a slut just like your mother. all you'll ever want is dick isn't it? do you want it now?" he whispered in my ear. tired of hearing his words i lift my leg and hit him right where he's caused me so much pain. he falls to the ground holding his members like the child he is. as fast as i can i grab the bag and run out the door.

when i finally reach the hospital it seems everyone's situation is worse than mine. car accidents, fires, gun shot wounds, and even near death heart attacks. it took about four hours for me to see a doctor. he told me i was three weeks pregnant but i had a failed pregnancy. i couldn't help but cry. all the pain i went through and i didn't even notice someone else was going through the same thing. i blame myself completely.

with no where to go i walk the streets looking for somewhere to sleep. i walk down an alley that seems to be too familiar. but i don't think anything of it i just keep walking. " Tiffany? oh my god come here!" i heard a women's voice call behind me. when i turn and see Chris' wife i begin to panic. she invites me in for something to drink. it's the same house. " what are you doing out this late?"

" i left Sky"
" oh my god, i can't believe what he did to you"
" it's worse" i said moving over my hair to show her my face.
" he did that to you? i don't know what i would do if Christian ever hit me like that"
" yeah, i guess only a few of us are lucky"
" well do you have anywhere to go? you can stay here if you like"
" i can go to my mothers"
" ok honey I'll have Christian drive you" i closed my eyes and imagines she didn't say his name. Chris is the last person i need to see like this.

when i heard his foot steps coming down towards me i began to panic again. he touched my shoulder and i jumped. his wife slapped his arm and told him not to touch me. i couldn't help but laugh at the shocked expression on his face. she helped me out to the car. the one i still remember. " by the way, you can call me Erin" she said with a smile.
i don't know how to thank her.

it seemed too quiet in the car. Chris is usually a man of little words but in this situation it seemed to be too little. " so where did you live before?"

" why do you ask?"
"just curios"
" i used to live with sky. after a wile i moved in with him. maybe it was too soon"
" maybe" with that the conversation ended. he got out to walk me to my mothers door. on the stairs in became strange again. " good-" before i could finish he hugged me. i think he was crying. when he stopped i was surprised he'd even care. he kissed me right before my mom opened the door. " thank you for taking me home" i said hinting that he should leave. he said good night and went on his way.

it took some persuasion for her to let me in. i never knew why my mother hated me. even so i was staying there and i needed to be respectful. i went up to my old room. everything was the same. boring white walls, purple and green bed set, lams to match, my computer, and even my closet was the same. i laid on my bed thinking of the times when me and sky actually used to be in love. i know i shouldn't be but i couldn't help it. my mother and her boyfriend are arguing. i hear a loud thump so i go to the room. she's laying on the floor holding her eye and crying miserably. " get up and fight back"

" i can't"
" I'm not going to help you. so, help yourself" i can't believe what i was saying to my own mother. she looks so helpless and i didn't even save her. Ryan her boyfriend is looking at me.

" little bitch! why don't you just lay in a ditch and die"
" hmm why don't you do it first so you can show me how it's done"
" you think your smart don't you?"
" obviously I'm smarter than you"
" your not smart! your a whore just like your mother! you'll always be a whore!"
" the both of you are stupid. your a coward to put your hands on a women and you! what kind of mother are you?! I'm leaving fend for yourselves" and with that i grabbed my bag and left.

i walked for what seemed like miles. it was so cold i could see my breath. the streets were dark and empty. i reached Erin and Chris's house. with no where else to go i rang the doorbell. Erin opened the door. she was wearing a house robe, slippers, her hair was a mess, and she looked half dead. i can imagine anyone would look like that at four in the morning. " does that offer still stand?"

section 2

it's been about a month since i started staying with Chris and his family. Chris and i have put everything in the past and became friends. late nights of movie watching. I'd make him paint my toe nails even though i know he hates it. " i love when you paint my nails. but i know you hate it"

" i love painting your nails. why would i hate it?"
" i don't know you just don't seem like the type"
" well what is my type?"
" manly " we began to laugh. all the memories of Sky have left my mind completely. i haven't seen him in a long time and I'm beginning to enjoy my freedom. " thanks for being such a friend Chris"

" it's my pleasure. really"
" I'll only stay for a little while longer"
" no, stay as long as you need to" for some reason he seemed different. more friendly and understanding. Erin is really lucky to have a man like Chris. " wanna see my new dance" he said. i was shocked to know he listened when i said i liked guys who can dance. when he stood up he looked serious. too serious. but then he smile brightly and did the cheesiest dance i have ever seen. i couldn't stop laughing. it's been a wile since I've laughed that hard. he made me get up and do it with him. it was alot of fun. we were like best friends.

the next morning me and Chris walked the kids to school while Erin went to work. we talked so much. i really felt like I've connected with him. we decided to stop for coffee. the season changed to fall right before my eyes and i haven't noticed. was wearing a skirt and a sweater and Chris was wearing his suite. we sat there talking until i heard a familiar voice. " Tiffany?" a man said. when i looked over i seen it was Sky. i grabbed Chris and we headed for the door. a hand reaches out and grabs my arm. the squeezing grip he has on me is causing pain. " what are you doing here with Chris?"

" what does it matter? we're over"
" over! we'll never be over! i still love you Tiffany!"
" you love you?! a man that beats a women is showing love?!" Chris cut in bawling up his fists.
" just let us go Sky!"
" oh, i see. better make sure no one finds out about it. Chris I'm disappointed in you."
" the disappointment should be pointed at you" he said as we left the coffee shop. Chris told me i should just stay at the office just in case anything happened.

already I've been sitting on this small couch in his office for about two hours. " I'm bored" i say to break the silence. he just smiles. i guess it's his way of saying me too. everything here is black and silver. makes you feel small in a way. powerless even. the smell of coffee fill the halls and rooms of the entire building. i don't know what he does but it must be important. " come here" Chris says. finally he says something.

" yeah?"
" sit on my lap so we can talk"
" ok. what's up?"
" were you scared today? at the coffee shop?"
" was it that noticeable?"
" yes, i guess it was. you don't have to be scared Tiff. I'm right here and so is this" he says grabbing my hand and putting it to his chest. Chris loves me. i can hear my own heart pounding in my chest. " i love you Tiffany" he whispers. i tried so desperately to say it back but fear wouldn't let the words come out. he kissed me knowing i feel the same. it was such a deep passionate kiss. he lifts me up so that i straddle his lap. i unbutton his shirt and belt. not one removing his mouth from mine he removes his shirt completely. his hands slide up my skirt. at the same time i reach in his pants he rips both sides of my panties. I've never felt so desired. the lights are dim in his office just a small light in the corner. the heat from his breath is giving me chills. i can hear his heart and he can hear mine.

he kisses my neck and whispers things in my ear. i can feel the want in our bodies. he reaches under me and starts to rub my pussy. i can barely catch my breath. the romance is heating up the room. he lifts me and slides me down onto his cock. it feels deeper than ever. he fills me completely. i start to rotate my hips and grind as i squeeze my pussy muscles tight. he grabs my hips and moves me gently up and down. it's slow, wet, hot, chest to chest, mouth to mouth, and it's love. i never want it to end. our souls are connected. i feel him in me sliding in and out moving around. making me feel his love. we cum at the same time. he kisses me deeply once more and looks into my eyes. " i love you" he says. my only reply " i love you too".

the walk home was tiring so he carried me half way. we made sure not to let anyone see how we were feeling. as i open the door the house i notice Erin is home earlier than usual. " hey Erin, Chris showed me around his office today"

" wow, i bet you had fun. did you pick anything up for dinner?"
" no but i can run out and get something"
" no it's fine. your mother called and i think you should call her back." with that the conversation ended. i walked upstairs and used the phone. but after i hung up with my mother i heard yelling down stairs. Erin and Chris were arguing. " she put our children in danger! Sky is crazy he's been hanging around here all day! i want her gone!" Erin said.

" we can't just kick her out she has no where to go!"
" you love her don't you? i see how you look at her!"
" we're just friends! have you been drinking?" after he said that i heard a loud noice. i think she hit him. Chris stormed out of the house. she just stared at me. " is anything going on between you?"

" no" i had to lie. if i didn't both of our lives would be ruined.
" Chris!" she ran out the house. when i go out there. I'm upset to see the man i love in the arms of another women. " if you want me out I'll leave" i said. i ran upstairs and grabbed my things. nothing i do seems right. I'm going to live my own life.

sorry for any errors

expect part 4

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pretty nice, cant wait 2 c how this story ends up

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