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My mother left me sexy notes.
Fbailey story number 448

The Notes

When I was thirteen going on fourteen my parents separated. They said that it was just because they fell out of love with one another but that they both loved me. I knew that it was because Dad had gotten his girlfriend pregnant.

Anyway soon after that I started masturbating constantly. It didn’t have anything to do with my parents splitting up it was strictly sexual.

I used to get Mom’s used panties from the dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom. After her shower at night they were always on top. I would stand in there, smell of them, and then jerk off into them so as not to make a mess on the floor. Those were the best jerk-offs of the day.

Then one night I found a note pinned to the waistband saying, “I can put my used panties on your pillow at night. All you have to asked me to do so.”

Each night for a week I got the same note. Finally I handed Mom the note and said, “Please.” She smiled and said, “Of course honey, anything for you.”

So for another week Mom would place her freshly used panties on my pillow. She would place them very neatly too.

About that time I started to look through her panty drawer and placing a really nice pair on top. The next day they would be on my pillow.

Then one day I looked in her drawer and found another note, “If you ask I’ll let you see me wearing them.”

I didn’t hesitate to show her the note and say, “Please.”

Mom immediately removed her skirt to model her panties for me. She turned around slowly twice, she turned her back to me and bent over to touch her toes, and then she stood up on the arms of her chair and squatted down before me. Mom gave me such a problem that I ran off to my room to jerk off.

As I jerked off I imagined that could still see my mother in her panties modeling them for me. They were white with tiny red spots on them, they were cotton to absorb her odor better, and they were thongs. Mom’s ass cheeks had separated far enough for me to get a really good look at her brown puckered asshole. The material in the front had slipped up into her pussy lips giving me a great view of her neatly trimmed pussy hair. I cum a lot thinking about her posing like that for me.

For a week or more Mom would lift her skirt and show me her panties like that and then lower her skirt as she lowered her panties handing them to me. I would run to my room with those panties up to my nose.

One night when I was sent up to take a bath I found another note on the mirror that read, “I don’t have to keep my skirts on when I remove my panties for you, just ask.” This note was written on the mirror so I couldn’t just show it to Mom and say please.

I rushed downstairs and in a normal but sort of loud and clear voice I said, “Mom I would appreciate it if you would remove your shirts before removing your panties for me.” I had misspoken and started to turn red. I could feel my face flushing.

Mom replied, “Okay. Is there anything else that you would like me to remove before I remove my panties for you?”

I cleared my throat and said, “Yes, I would like you to remove your shirts, pants, or shorts first.” Mom smiled at me and then I added, “Your bra too, please.”

It was Mom’s turn to blush as she said, “It would be my pleasure.” She paused for a moment and then added, “Should I begin right now?”

I couldn’t speak so I just nodded my head. Mom smiled at me and then she stood up and removed her shirt first as I had requested, followed by her skirt, and then her bra. I was so impressed with her tits that I hardly noticed that she had removed her panties and was holding them out for me to take from her. Mom just kept smiling and let me stare at her tits. I watched them heave as she breathed in and out. I watched her nipples as they hardened soon after her bra came off. I even watched them glisten as Mom sweat just a little under my gaze. I had no idea that Mom had jumped way ahead of herself and that standing naked in front of me was not something that she had been prepared to do yet. My cock stiffened in my pants.

Finally Mom said, “Why don’t you just pull it out and stroke it while you look at me?”

I was so mesmerized that I did as I was told or was it asked, no matter what I was stroking my cock while still staring at Mom’s tits. It felt so good. Then when I cum, it felt even better. Afterwards I could feel the slimy cum on my hand and looked down. I saw my hand and I saw my cum on Mom’s foot and then I saw Mom’s pussy. She had been standing before me and I had never noticed her pussy until then. She shaved most of her hair off leaving just a cute heart shape of pubic hair on her mound over her slit. Her slit was wet, her outer pussy lips were puffy, and her finger was inside the top of her slit stroking her clit. Mom had been masturbating with me. I could see where her cum was dripping from her left pussy lip onto the floor between her feet mixing with one of my shots that must have missed her foot.

Mom too looked down and saw herself masturbating. Then Mom said, “Wow! That was certainly intense.”

I replied, “Yes it was. Can we do it again later at bedtime. I think it will help put me to sleep.”

Mom said, “I think you’re right. It might make me fall asleep quicker too.”

I then took the panties from her hand. She had forgotten that they were even there.

I told her, “I might want to smell them as I fall asleep.”

Mom said, “If you sleep with me you can smell the real thing.”

Pretending that it was one of Mom’s many notes, I said, “May I sleep with you and possibly smell your pussy all night?”

Mom smiled and said, “You want to sleep on my pussy, I guess that’s possible, if I turn the heat up we won’t need a sheet or any blankets.”

I then asked, “Can we go to bed early?”

Mom laughed and asked, “Shall we go up now. Perhaps you would like to watch me take a bath or maybe take a shower with me.”

Hesitantly I asked, “Can I watch you pee? Can I wash your body? Can I look inside your pussy? Can I…”

Mom cut me off and said, “Yes, yes, and yes to all of your questions. You can look, touch, kiss, and poke my entire body until you tire of me.”

I promised, “I could never tire of you, Mom.”

She smiled and said, “Your father did.”

I asked, “Can I pretend to be your husband? Can I have sex with you? Can I…”

Again Mom cut me off and said, “Yes, yes, and yes to all of your questions. How many times do I have to tell you? I am yours to do with as you wish and yes we can have sex, just as often as you can get that pecker of yours up enough to poke it into me.”

I looked down and I was hard. I took Mom’s hand and took her right to her bed. I didn’t exactly know what I was doing so I said, “Mom help me make love to you.”

She got on her bed and pulled me between her legs. She pulled on my cock and opened up her pussy lips until we were joined. I would always remember loosing my virginity to my mother. I pushed my cock into her and pulled it out of her over and over. The feeling of her slick inner pussy was much better than jerking off and obviously she thought so too, because she fucked me as much as I fucked her. Thanks to cumming not too long before, I lasted a few minutes before cumming in her. Mom cried out when she felt my cum splashing around in her pussy and had her own orgasm with me.

I cried out too but it was, “Oh Mom you are the best fuck in the world.” Then I realized what I had said and tried to apologize.

Mom said, “No need to apologize, your father said worse to me in the heat of the moment.”

I asked, “Like what?”

Mom replied, “He said certain words a lot, like fuck, cunt, slut, and cock. When I had my period he would fuck my mouth or my asshole. He was a cruel man in a way but I miss him and I want you to do all of those things to me. I want you to take your father’s place as my husband, my sex partner, and my tormentor.”

I said, “But I love you.”

She replied, “So did your father and I loved him too, that’s why I put up with it and looked forward to anal sex every twenty-eight days. I hope you carry on his tradition.”

I said, “I’ll do whatever you want, just tell me.”

Mom replied, “I’ll do whatever you want, just tell me.”

I smiled and said, “Suck my cock clean and then let me sleep on your pussy.”

She did and I did.

Mom and I had a very loving relationship for many years even after I got married. The notes never stopped and our relationship deepened.

The End
The Notes
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