I got cleaned up and dressed casual in some sneakers a Ralph Lauren polo shirt and Wrangler jeans, looked pretty decent. I hadn't been eating much so I had lost weight and doing regular press ups had gotten me back into some semblance of shape. My biceps had grown, in fact, colleagues at work thought I was on steroids! I jumped into my Mitsubishi Pajero and headed out from Fronter mine in Congo to Mufulira, 35 kms away, referring to the map on the back of the invitation for direction. As a Firstly Quantity employee, exclusive invitations like these were received regularly, but duty precluded attendance. The only disadvantage was, very often, I was the only black person in attendance! The plant was running exceptional well, so I felt free…..…Alisago, had she been in the country, would have invited me to Luanshya to participate in some rough ass fucking!!!

When I arrived, there was a Zambian attendant at the gate; he took my invitation, marked something in a book, told me where to park, and how to get into the clubhouse. As I was driving in I could see by the fading sunlight that this place was pretty extensive, and exclusive, Golf course, Tennis, Racquetball, Swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, and the works. The whites created nice recreational clubs in order to make their lives bearable in the African jungle. I went into the clubhouse and made my way to the lounge. I frowned when I noticed the majority of the people were ten years my junior, and all white, they pretty much ignored me. I saw a couple of guys I worked with, they were already bird-dogging the hottest looking chicks in the place, "the little head thinking for the big one". I thought to myself. The girls seemed annoyed and pretty much ignored these guys. I chuckled to myself. If these Afrikaners learned how to treat a lady and acted half disinterested, the women would flock to them. I wandered around and was relatively bored. I took in the Billiards room; they even had a small casino with slot machines, which were illegal, but nobody seemed to pay any attention to that fact. Someone was lining the pockets of local law enforcement that much was obvious. There was even an Internet room where a few people were mindlessly surfing the web; some surfing Porn sites, also illegal in Zambia….... Mostly young guys. One butch looking girl was on a lesbian site.. …Figures, I thought to myself. Probably hoping another Lezzie would see what she was doing and hit on her. I laughed when I saw the name of the site, "Dykes of Hazzard" "Danger, curves ahead." There was a Banner graphic of 2 butch women in an Orange Dodge Charger with a brown triangle on the roof. She had a picture of two Indian girls in a very suggestive compromising position, my cock had a slight jolt, looking at it and remembering my early days with Shyamali, an Indian to whom I had an arranged marriage ….. of convenience? She had lesbian tendencies. I knew of some of her lovers such as Sharon, VJ and the Philippino nurse Miss Coscoluela. There might have been others, but my preoccupation with work precluded me from investigating.

Shyamali often complained to her friends, male and female, how I never showed any interest in her body, always criticizing it. On the other hand, black men praised her saying that her body had the appearance of a 25 year old woman…she was 51!!!

I decided to tease the butch lesbian so I switched the Bluetooth signal on my camera phone to activate, and requested she sends me a copy of that lessie picture on the screen. There was an instant smile on her face, probably thinking that it was another lesbian. She accepted and transferred the picture. I then moved to the bar, observing her every mood. She turned around many times, trying to find the person she had sent the picture to. After about five minutes, the anger on her face was palpable.

I was almost through with my first drink, a blended Margarita, so I decided to head back to the bar for one more. I was figuring this was a bust; I'd have another drink and then head home. I sat at the bar and turned in my glass for a fresh drink, I turned and surveyed the area, mostly young professionals discussing how much they supposedly made, and some were discussing their new cars or an upcoming trip abroad. I myself preferred to leave work at work and home at home. I was starting to loosen up as the alcohol relaxed me. I realized "All work and no play, makes Kevin a Dull Boy" Hmm, I guess I must be pretty dull. I was trying to rebuild my life after the divorce from Bethany. I had been taking care of the basics, but I was beginning to realize I was very lonely. I had buried myself in my work... I decided to stick around for a little while, if, for nothing else, to just observe the crowd. I had smiled at a few women and they gave a mild reaction, probably more out of courtesy than anything else. At age 55 what do you expect?

My eyes were scanning the room when they locked onto a pair of lovely eyes staring right at me. I must have acted startled, the eyes crinkled a little as this very lovely, very well endowed female, smiled at me. I looked down and then back at her. She was looking at me still.... OK I thought, "Let’s see if this is a game". I looked back into those eyes, but they had changed. Now they were looking warm and dreamy, relaxed, like they had found what they were looking for. I looked more intently and she gave me a look that spoke volumes, this was a very complex, interesting woman. I picked up my drink and walked her way. She was wearing a glamorous Yves Saint Laurent evening dress with a pink fishnet top that was hugging her ample curves, the younger guys had stared at her full breasts and she just ignored them. I approached her and held out my hand, she smiled and extended hers, smiling. I said "Hi, I'm Kevin" she smiled and said, "I'm Piqualine C. DuBois," she said, “but call me Courtney.” I readily agreed. We made small talk and decided to walk around and discuss our careers, education, and photography. The sun had set and the blazing temperature had dropped to about 10 degrees, it was pleasant, so we walked out onto the terrace. We looked over the club; the trees had been adorned with thousands of white lights, giving it a warm, pleasant appearance.

I was beginning to enjoy myself and was glad that I hadn't gone home earlier, when I had initially intended to. We were close in age and the talk seemed to flow naturally. Courtney suggested a walk to a nearby wooded area bordering the golf course and listen to the croaking frogs, I agreed so we walked and talked more... The effects of the drinks and the interaction with a warm, friendly woman were having their effect. As we walked into the area, I glanced quickly at her breasts. Her nipples were prominently displayed, hmmmm I thought, and she didn't stand out like that inside the club house.

There were some uneven areas in the asphalt path where the tree roots had grown under it, Courtney stumbled. (On purpose?) I offered my hand to steady her and she gratefully accepted. Once past the rough walkway she didn't let go of my hand, her skin was soft and cool. It felt so nice to touch a white woman after a so many years.

I leaned against a tree and we were talking, the conversation lagged and I was looking into her eyes again, they were glassy with lust, she moved close to me and I embraced her, our lips met and parted, our tongues slowly exploring each other. There was no big rush, it was relaxed and warm. I pulled her to me and she placed a hand on the back of my head and held me there for long time. I tested the waters by allowing my hand to slide down her back, and cup her buttocks as I kissed her. It met no resistance. She slid her hand boldly between my legs as we were kissing and fondled my growing erection. "Oh my, we are a big boy aren't we," she said and smiled. Her willingness and aggressive manner pleased me. It was refreshing after having been in a marriage where my ex wife considered sex a chore to be gotten over with as soon as possible.

"We need to take care of each other," she said, "my pussy is in meltdown." "I'm not wearing any panties and my juices are running down the insides of my legs." I suggested we go back to her place. "I can't," she said, frowning, "you might as well know... Technically, I am still married, and we are living under the same roof until our divorce is final." I suggested going back to my place but it was over an hour away. Hmm... she considered walking out further into the trees, but there were other couples walking about. "I have an Idea," I said, remembering the fenced-in pool area. We made our way over and quietly released the latch; the poolside courtyard was dark as no one was swimming this time of night. We made our way back into a corner, which was darker yet. There were lounger chairs with nicely padded cushions on them. We began to kiss again and I placed a hand on her right breast, the nipple grew even harder and she placed her hand over mine and pulled it tightly against her... "God," she said, "I'm about to cum already," I suggested she hike up her dress and lie down on the lounge so I could dine on her hot, steaming pussy. "Nope," she smiled, "Ladies first." I want to meet that large, rigid member of yours. She unzipped my Wrangler and pulled my cock out of my underwear, "Damn," she said. "This fucker is huge," "oops, sorry about the pun," she giggled. She slowly engulfed it into her mouth until her nose was in my pubic hair, then she began to withdraw and deftly run her tongue under the head, right on the sensitive nerve. I moaned and I could tell she was pleased with herself; she began using her hand and her mouth in unison. She was making loud slurping noises, I was glad the sounds of the crowd milling about on the other side of the fence a few feet away drowned her out. I grabbed my Nokia camera phone and set it to enhanced night vision, to make the lighting look like daylight with the limited light, and get some pictures to remember this unique experience. I was hoping the end result of the images would give the viewers the impression of the sex taking place in daylight, and add to the intrigue………….. So much for photography!!! There was more pressing business in hand, her hand!

The fact that we were so close to people and were locked in a passionate session of oral sex seemed to inflame her. Her mouth was sucking hard on my shaft and her tongue would rake the underside. She was beginning to get to me. More and more precum was dribbling, as she tasted it, she knew her liquid reward was close at hand. I put my hand on her head to steady myself, not forcing her, but just going with the motion. She increased her pace, she was holding onto my legs and her mouth was a blur on my cock, my hips were beginning to thrust involuntarily and my balls began to tighten. All at one my cock lurched and sent a huge, gushing stream of white hot cum into her eager mouth, she was moaning and had a hand on her clit as I continued to unload. I had to force her to stop, as the head of my cock was so sensitive to the touch that it was almost painful. She looked up at me and smiled. A rivulet of cum drooling down her chin, she caught it and sucked it off of her finger, looking quite pleased with herself. "How was that Mr. B??" she inquired, smiling wickedly. "Best head I have ever had," I said honestly. "Uh huh," she smiled. "You probably get this kind of treatment all of the time," I assured her it had been 8 months since I had such primitive sex; it was with Mwinsa at Miputu, a real primitive woman. She seemed pleased by that fact.

My knees were beginning to get steady again. I had her lie down; I pulled the straps down on her dress exposing her large, firm breasts. The prominent nipples were begging for attention, I sucked them as she ran her fingers on my bald head spreading the sweat…... I grabbed a towel from a nearby cart and folded it and kneeled down on it. I pulled her close to me and draped her shapely legs over my shoulders. I kissed inside of her legs up and down, purposely avoiding her steamy pussy. Finally I dove in and began flicking her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue. She moaned loudly and pulled my face tighter into her crotch. I had my lips wrapped around her clit, sucking it into my mouth and was rapidly flicking her clit with the very tip of my tongue, occasionally biting it. She had one quick

Jolting orgasm and continued to moan. I inserted a finger into her tight, hot channel and rotated it upwards, quickly finding and stroking her G-spot. I began to believe no one had ever touched her there before by the way she gasped and started thrusting he hips into my face. I slowed down a few times just as she was about to cum, and then would pick back up just to tease her; this was driving her crazy. She finally came with a huge rolling orgasm that caused the lounge chair legs to lift off of the ground a few times. She had my head locked between her legs and had they clamped around me. I was laughing and struggling to breathe. She released me and moaned "Oh shit, where did you ever learn to eat pussy like that?" I just chuckled and said, "I learned at an early age in Ghana how to properly please a woman. I found that if I gave it my all and did a bang up job, I got so much more in return.” "Those guys inside would do well to learn that," she commented. "That's why I'm with you and not with them," As her breathing returned to normal, she sat up and totally removed her dress. She was now clad only in a garter belt and stockings and looked sexy as hell. I had dispensed with my clothes and shoes early on. She got on her hands and knees, and looked over her shoulder, "Ok big boy, its high time that you fuck me now," she said brazenly. She was right, as my cock had once again grown to its full length and was thick and rigid as a steel pole. I walked up to her and she reached under herself and guided my cock to her love portal. It was tight and wet and hot. I took the head of my cock and rubbed it up and down her wet slit, allowing the velvety hardness to bump her clit three or four times. She hissed and moaned and I popped the head into her lush tunnel. It slid in slowly and before long had hit bottom and was stretching her even more. "Damn you're huge!!!, do not push in so far!!!" she moaned. She began to sway to and fro and my cock was sliding in and out of her and was beginning to feel really good. She had a finger on her swollen clit and was rubbing delicious little circles on the tingling bud. “Mmmm, God, I'm cumming again," she moaned, "fuck me harder!!!!" I was slamming into her and getting close myself. All of a sudden she stopped, clamped her pussy down hard on my cock and ordered me to hold still. "You've been such a good fuck," she said. I want to finish this in my favorite way. I didn't know what she meant at first; she was fumbling in her little Gucci clutch purse and came up with a squeeze tube of lip balm. It was warm and oozy from being in the warm air. She squeezed a huge dollop of it onto her fingers and rubbed it around her ass. "Oh my god," I thought to myself, "she's going to let me fuck her in the ass; these white women know how to have fun." My cock, which was still firmly implanted in her pussy, grew even harder. My ex-wife, Bethany, would not even begin to entertain the thought of anal sex, I had to beg Brenda for it, but she complied and Alisen very often volunteered to give me ass when she was in the mood, and this white bitch was asking for it, damn!

She pulled my slick, rigid cock from her pussy and placed it against her ass. As it pressed against the ring of muscle, it gradually began to slowly slip in. Once the head had "Popped" in, she moaned and asked me to stand still. As she began to relax, she pressed back into me. My cock was soon all the way in and my balls were resting against her gooey pussy. "Give me a moment," she asked. Once I felt the tightness subside slightly, she began to moan. "I haven't had a cock this big in my ass for years." "Go ahead, start fucking my ass," she said in a low erotic tone, "God, I love being butt-fucked!!!!" she cried. She and I began to pick up the pace. Her ass was hot and tight and it felt delightful, after having gone this long without sex and then having a session like this, I was almost light headed. We began fucking faster and faster, until my hips were a blur. I noticed she had a finger on her clit again; I cried out and filled her tight ass with a huge gushing load of steamy hot cum. She clamped down on my ass as she came and moaned loudly.

As I began to straighten up I noticed a timer had turned the underwater lights on in the pool. The corner we were in had not been in the dark for several minutes. We glanced back and the clubhouse had a picture window lined up with people smiling at us. "Oh shit!!!!" I though as I quickly began getting dressed, she slipped her dress back on and got into her shoes. There was a commotion inside as the club manager made his way to see what all the interest was about. He bolted for the side door as we ran out the gate and to my car. We jumped in and sped off. Luckily she had a lift to the club, so she had no car to worry about. We roared out the gate, past the surprised attendant and onto the country road, laughing hysterically and feeling very satisfied that we had found one another and had enjoyed some of the best sex either of us had ever had.

Shyamali, my Indian w***e in Mumbai, was happy in her own way, being ass fucked by young poor African students there, and did not intend to change. In retrospect I blame myself for her penchant for virile, young African boys because when I learnt about her lesbian activities; I did not intervene…so I assume she felt neglected. Therefore fucking poor African students were probably therapeutic for her!!!

After encouraging them to partake in recreational drugs, she usually has unprotected sex with them, very often in groups. She has been known to boast that the only way to enjoy a well endowed African is to feel the raw flesh of his cock!!!!

Shyamali’s recreational drugs, directly ordered from Afghanistan, and which she offered to African students…to stimulate them to have unprotected sex with a much older woman

It makes me wonder how many innocent African students she has infected with the HIV virus. These kids were sent to India to get a good education so that they can get a better paying job on their return to their home countries and endeavour to extricate their families from poverty. Very often, the entire village pooled their resources to send a bright student to India for his education; they saw it as an investment.

Shyamali was such an expert at fucking Africans. She once explained to her friend Girloria that after being fucked by a well endowed Niggar up the ass, she often hallucinated, seeing stars, like a dark rural Indian night sky. However as the numbness of the ass recedes, the stars start to move, leaving streaks of like, similar to that of a moving car’s headlight.

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Under-age school girls will always be exploited by foreign men. This is fuelled by poverty and weak currency. The situation is rife in Zambia, DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Botswana

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Please visit "Little Bombay" in Chingola in Zambia, you will discover wife swapping taking place every weekend. Being compounded behind security fencing, the rest of the country is not aware of this.

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