Jean Adams was a successful lawyer in Luanshya; she was half of the legal practice of Adams & Adams Advocates. Her husband Herman was also a successful Lawyer with offices in Luanshya, Ndola and Lusaka. Herman had gone to South Africa for medical treatment, prostate cancer; he had been gone for 4 weeks. The frustration of no sex was visible on Jean’s face, and by the way she shouted at the Black market sellers in the market. The black women were very clever and they spoke in Bemba, that she needed sex, that was shy she was so bitter.

I knew her house servant, Kabuswe. He said every time he cleaned her bedroom he found odd fruits and vegetables in it. He found a banana, carrot, cucumber, massive eggplant…all in one week. I surmised that she was fucking herself with those…..they were not the same as human flesh though!

I met Jean at Shoprite supermarket and immediately noticed the frustration on her face. I remarked, “Jean Babe, your hormones seem to be in imbalance.” She replied that it could be because she had been short tempered recently. I told her that I had the right solution. She replied, “K***, keep your recipe to yourself….you and your Muntu (Black) men!” She knew I took Black men into the bush to fuck me up my ass on a regular basis!!! I said, “What have you got to lose?” To which she replied, “I don’t know?” That was all I needed, I sensed that she was beginning to think twice. I replied, “My men are primitive and poor, there is no attachment, you give them some cash and they are happy, the whole incident will be forgotten, and never spoken of!” She hesitantly replied, “OK then.” I said I’ll send a friend to see her on Monday morning; he was a poor peasant farmer who was being evicted from his land without compensation. Jean agreed to help. From the shop, I immediately drove to Charles’s farm 15 kms into the bush. Charles was my fuck mate in 2004, but since then I found Zgambo, a nigger with a much bigger cock, 3 inches bigger. We still remained friends, for old time sake. I told Charles that Jean would help him for free, but she needed sex, she had never fucked a black guy before. I advised him to shower before going to Jeans office. Charles, anxious for free help, was at Jean’s office at 8:30am. Only the secretary was there, Jean did not report for work until 9am. When she came at 9, the secretary introduced her to Charles, saying he was K***’s friend, the guy he spoke about in Shoprite. She replied in a loud voice, “Oh my God, yes, I was thinking about your visit all weekend!” Her eyes lit up. She instructed the secretary, “Susan, please hold all phone calls or visitors for the next two hours, I need to concentrate on Charles’s difficult case, tell them I’m indisposed!!” She invited Charles to join her in her office. As he entered she offered him a chair then walked to the door and bolted it shut. She immediately asked Charles how old he was, he said 28. She asked about his wife and children. Charles said he had a primitive, dirty, uneducated wife and five children. She sensed his virility, and immediately grasped his hand from the other side if the table.

Idle talk continued, as they got to know each other better. Charles had always been mannerly and courteous. At first, I thought because he was fucking me and I was paying him well, he behaved like that towards me. But even after our relationship ended and he heard of Zgambo, he was still courteous. I assumed that he was turning on that charm on Jean. She fell for it, next thing; she was scaling the desk to get closer to Charles.

They continued to talk, but I assumed that it had nothing to do with legal issue.
Jean was beginning to like Charles, his manners, his respect, and his general soft seductive voice. Instinctively she was moving closer to him. She never knew that Black Men were capable of showing women, white women, such respect. She told Charles that she liked him very much, and instinctively planted a passionate kiss on his lips. Charles was the first Black Man she kissed, the feeling was electrifying!!
Jean admitted to her friend VJ that evening at dinner that the feeling of being locked up in an office with a virile, poor, primitive Black Man was so enthralling and relaxing….a feeling she never witnessed in her 54 years of sheltered white upper class life. She even encouraged VJ to try it. VJ replied that K*** had promised to bring a Black Man for her, but it never materialized. She concluded that it was down to jealousy. K*** couldn’t bear the thought of her being fucked by a Muntu Man with a massive cock!!

Jean and Charles were heating up. Their hormones were beginning to flow. The office was feeling hot. Janet turned down the air conditioner to 18oC.

Jean could not contain her excitement. She invited Charles to suck her sagging breasts. Charles immediately stood up and complied with his mistress’ request.

Charles was dumbfounded, although I had briefed him before, he did not expect Jean’s forceful approach to him. He was slightly nervous, but sucked Jean’s nipples intensely, with great gusto.

Jean reached down and touched Charles’s cock. She realised that it had hardened; indicating that he liked what he was receiving.

Trying to reciprocate with politeness, Jean told Charles that she sensed that he liked what he was receiving and asked if she could make him more comfortable. Charles, unable to speak, nodded his head in approval. She immediately started to undress him.

Seeing Charles’s taught, well formed body with a massive cock, a cock she only saw in pictures. She lost all inhibitions and became mad. She licked his muscles, kissed his lips, massaged his firm buttocks, then dived for his erect cock and sucked.

Jean’s pussy was in meltdown and itching like mad. She needed that 9 inch cock inside her to quench her raging fire. She bent over the office desk and commanded Charles to fuck her deep.

Having reached her menopause, her pussy felt a bit dry, added to that Charles’s cock was the biggest she had ever accommodated. She was feeling pain, a sweet primordial type of pain. To make the act of copulating more comfortable she spoke, “Sweeeeet honey, please let me lie on my back so that you fuck me deep, all the way to my throat.” Charles replied, “Pretty young madam, it is my duty to please you, whichever way you demand!”

Jean then leaned back on the edge of the desk so that Charles can penetrate to maximum depth.

This position was conducive for fucking. Jean felt less pain. Her pussy felt tighter and was milking Charles’s cock. After 25 minutes, he spoke, “Oh sweet mamma. You are the first white woman I’ve fucked. It feels like heaven.” To which she replied. “My sweeet primitive Nigger, you know exactly how to please a woman. I hope this relationship will last until I die!” Charles replied. “M’aam, your kind words are making me come.” She replied, “Give it to me sweeet Daddy, I can take all of your sperm, fill my pussy to the brim!” At that point, they simultaneously had orgasms.

As Charles extricated his wet cock from Jean’s pussy, she got up and licked it dry. Looking at the clock, she realised that it was 11:10am. She had an after lunch appearance in court, so she had to go home and shower to get rid of the smell of primitive sex. They both dressed up in record time.

Jean unbolted the door, kissed Charles on the lips, and asked him to visit her at home at 55 Ngwee Avenue, at any time of the night, for a repeat performance. He nodded approval.

As Charles was leaving the reception area, Jean spoke to Susan, “Susan, please give this kind gentleman 100 pin in Kwacha.” Charles said, “Thanks generous madam, have a good day, bye, bye!”

Another story will follow as I get more details of their other adulterous liaisons,…watch this space!!!!

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