I always thought my mom Rosie was a pretty good looking woman, although very plump, just comparing her to her friends like Auntie Rampat and Auntie Irene, and other women from Palmyra village, that I knew, but I never thought about her in a sexual way. What we did when I was a kid I saw as training for manhood. That was until an incidence that happened in February 1979, in Linden where I was working as a process Engineer in Guyana. Mommy came to visit me for a week. Since 1971, she used to strip naked and asked me to photograph her in the nude; I can only assume she wanted the images to give to her young Negro boy friends, to arouse them for sex with her. Being a true photographic professional, I never thought of any other reason and just got on with the job of recording her corpulent, naked black body on celluloid! Her favourite pose was with the ass closest to camera,…….. being buggered as a young girl, aged 12, by adult Black men I guessed, it appeared therapeutic for her!!!!

Jamsey, my house mate and my mother’s favourite Negro, had gone to Georgetown to visit his mother at Burnham’s Farm for the Republic Day holiday. Mommy was visibly agitated by Jamsey’s absence, so I tried hard to console her. The gin and brandy helped in a small way, but I sensed that she was looking for something much more substantial!!!

I was hoping that the Mashramani celebrations will give her a chance to mix with African men lewdly and that would pacify her, as it did with Auntie Betlin the previous year, Indian women used Mashramani celebrations to let their hair down and revel with Black men, knowing that their husbands would approve! Obviously she had a shopping list of men she wanted to touch base with; I deciphered this because the names she called were some of her old shagging mates like Stuarty, Smithy and that womanizer, Bob Wharton. I pretended that I was busy and had not seen them in a long time……….Innate jealousy I assumed?

I was out on a date on Friday night, with my girlfriend Janet, a thick Coolie (East Indian) bitch, she worked as an air conditioning technician with Sprostons. We'd been going out for a while but it seemed to me that she was about to dump me, rumor had it that she was becoming friendly with Gordon, a huge Nigger with a mouth full of gold teeth, but in the meantime I was going to make the best of it. We'd gone out to a movie that night at Wismar and came back to my house in Fairs’ Rust for a while.

We were sitting out on the veranda, on the swing, just rocking back and forth and talking, while enjoying the evening breeze coming from the Amazon forest. Janet seemed to be in a pretty good mood for a change, all the Banks beer we'd taken into the movies probably had something to do with it. My intellectual talk about the wind direction caused by the topography of the land was boring her.

As we sat there, I put my arm around her, and I was slowly moving my hand down her arm, inching ever so close to her breasts. She never had any real sex with me, she always fantasized about Black boys, but a couple of times she'd let me stick my hand down her dress and feel her up, and one time she'd even played with my cock through my pants. That was as far as we ever went! But I was contented.

That night Janet was leaning real close, with her hand lying on my thigh, maybe it was my imagination but I thought her hand was creeping up my leg. If it was my imagination, I was sure enjoying it. I slid my hand down around Janet's waist and started to stroke her side and pull her closer and closer. I was a little drunk myself, because I felt myself getting bolder than I would've imagined.

I brought my hand up and quickly filled it with her more than ample breast. I pulled her close and laid the most passionate kiss I could manage on her. I whispered in her ear, “Pretty mamma, I desperately want to fuck you tonight, right here on this veranda,” all the while squeezing her breast and fondling her nipple through her clothes. She pretended she did not hear.

She looked at me kind of quizzically at first, and then she grabbed my head and pulled me close for a passionate kiss of her own. Her tongue found her way into my mouth and I remember wondering if that meant she'd said “YES”. I consoled myself with the fact that she will let action do the talking.

I threw all caution to the wind after that, I brought my other hand up between her legs and started to push it against her unshaven pussy. She was wearing jeans and a bright red pullover on top of her imported Calvin Klein shirt, which her brother Basil had sent from New York, so I ran my hands up the back of her shirt, under the pull over, and loosened her bra; it came off and was quickly deposited on the swing next to her. Now I fondled and squeezed her bare breasts under her shirt. She had awesome tits and her nipples were getting very big and very hard.

Our house had a lot of big trees in the front yard covering the view so I wasn't very concerned about being seen from the street. You practically had to get right up on the steps to see anything, especially in the dark. So I immediately threw myself into the situation, determined to finally get into Janet's pants for real, and not with just my hand.

I pulled up her shirt to expose her breasts and they were even more impressive than I had thought. My tongue quickly found a rock hard nipple as I teased her, biting it and sucking it wetly into my mouth. Janet pulled me against her and in a rough whisper begged, “Oh Ken, please fondle my pussy.” I’m on heat!

Well who was I to disregard such a beautiful girl's request. But I tried a different tact than I probably normally would have. I pulled her hard nipple from my mouth and told her to unbutton her pants for me. I wanted her to show me her pussy; I was going to make her work a little for what she wanted.

Shockingly, it worked. Her hands eagerly undid the button on her pink Bison jeans. I told her to lower her panties around her ankles so I could get a good look at her, and her pants quickly joined her bra on the swing beside her. I reached down with one hand and moved one hand slowly up her inner thigh; I could feel the heat coming from her pussy as I drew closer and closer. I came into contact with her silky panties and I cupped the cleavage between her legs with my hand, just like I'd done before, but this time there were no jeans between me and her pussy.

I moved her panties to the side and my finger found her slit, it was wet and hot and I couldn't believe how turned-on she was. Slowly I ran my finger up and down the swelling lips of her pussy, teasing her, slipping my finger a little deeper every time I moved it up and down. She begged me to stick it in and finger fuck her. Who was I to argue with a request like that? Thinking, how many other men she had asked to do the same.

My finger sank into her wet pussy slow and deep. Janet gave off a deep, growly moan and pulled me closer. I started to move my finger in and out of her stretched cunt. I moved my lips back down to her breasts and continued to bite and lick her nipples while my fingers slid into her moist cavernous pussy. I was really enjoying myself but I suddenly decided that I wanted more. After all, this might not ever happen again with Janet, and I definitely wanted to get my tongue on her hot pussy while I still had the chance.

I pulled my finger from her cunt and she quickly begged to keep finger fucking her that she was almost ready to cum. So I dropped to my knees and leaned close between her legs, the smell of her turned on pussy was overwhelming, it drew me into it like a magnet. I leaned closer, pulled her panties back to the side and then my tongue was running up and down her lips where my fingers had been only moments ago. I couldn't believe how turned on Janet was, her pussy was practically dripping wetness down her thighs, and in only a few minutes of eating her cunt, my face was completely soaked with her primordial juice. I pressed my face tighter against pussy lips, licking and nibbling her clit. I'd seen enough Penthouse magazines to know about a women's clit, in fact most of what I knew I learnt as a kid, with older women, but just used Penthouse magazine for refinement and details! I was determined for a little field manoeuvers to test my theoretical knowledge.

My theoretical knowledge seemed to be holding up so far. Janet had her hands on the back of my head now and was pressing my face against her hot pussy as I licked and sucked her. She started to thrust her hips back and forth and I realized that she was cumming. I pushed my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could press against her clit and she bucked against me on the swing. All this time she did not speak a word, as if she was mute.

She held me tight and then finally, she relaxed back into the swing released her grip on my head. I moved up and sat down next to her, caressing her breasts and stroking her hair. She leaned against me, completely limp; her heavy breathing was about the only movement she made. I realised that she was satiated.

She suddenly looked up and gave me kiss on the cheek and said that that had really felt great. I was still feeling bold so I took her hand and brought it down and pressed it against the bulge in the front of my pants. Then I told her it was her turn to make me feel good as I ground my crotch into her hand.

She gave me a curious look as if she was trying to decide what to do, then she slowly reached up and slid down the zipper to my jeans. I closed my eyes as her hand snaked into my pants and came to rest on my hard, throbbing cock, still trapped inside my jockey shorts. I gave a little grunt as her hand squeezed my hard cock, and then she pulled it quickly out of my pants and out into the open.

She leaned over and looked at it closer, cooing and giggling at how hard it was. Of course it was hard! She was the first girl who had ever played with my cock much less seen it hard and out in the open. Her hand slowly moved up and down the shaft as she whispered in my ear about how hard it was and how she didn't realize how big my cock was.

My cock wasn't that big, her telling me how big my cock was mere diplomacy, considering the Black boys she had fucked with! I knew what I wanted, so I put my hand on the back of her head and slowly pushed her down towards my cock. She hesitated for a bit, maybe she thought I'd settle for a hand-job, but my cock had felt my own hand too many times to ignore a situation like this.

So I told her I'd gotten too hot licking her pussy and now I needed a little relief of my own. She was leaning over now, just inches from my cock, so I lifted my hips off of the swing and slowly pushed the head of my cock between her lips.

Apparently she only needed a little encouragement because she quickly sucked the rest of my hard rod into her mouth. Eating her cunt already turned me but her slurping, smacking noises on my cock were really getting me hot and I knew it would only take a few minutes before I shot my load down her throat.

Now Janet was bobbing her head up and down on my cock, sucking me into her mouth and running her tongue over my shaft. My cock was really throbbing now as Janet leaned over my lap and sucked my cock. I leaned back into the porch swing and enjoyed the sensation she was giving me. I felt my balls start to tighten and I knew I was going to cum. I told Janet I was going to cum and she squeeze my balls roughly and held my cock deep into her mouth. My cock twitched and my first load of cum landed in Janet's mouth. She jerked her beautiful head back as the first spurts of sperm went into her mouth. And in doing so, received several shots of cum on the front of her shirt, before taking my cock back into her mouth, and licking up my remaining spurts of sperm. Wow!!!!!

Now it was my turn to collapse against the swing. After a few minutes my head cleared and I sat back up to compose myself. But suddenly I got a real shock.... I saw my mother's face silhouetted in the dark front room window. I don't know how long she'd been there, but there was no way she could miss my cum covered cock hanging out in the open, with Janet sitting next to me in her panties, her hand still playing with my cock.

I sneaked another look toward the dark window and she was gone.…….. I was sure I'd seen her there; I quickly tucked my cock back into my pants and helped Janet back into her pants. She only lived a couple of houses away, in Fairs’ Rust, so she said goodnight and headed off down the street in a trot, as if nothing had happened!

Hesitantly I walked into the house, but everything was quiet. I sneaked upstairs and looked into my mother's room but it was dark there also, she seemed to be sound asleep. It didn't take too long to convince myself I was seeing things and I quickly forgot about the incident the next day. Not Janet mind you, I couldn't forget my first blowjob, with a girl of my own age, and I was determined to repeat our performance of the previous night, as soon as possible.

Janet went to Courantyne with her parents that weekend so I didn't see her again till Monday. She agreed to go out with me and we went to the movies again. But this time we didn't take any beer along with us. After the movie things progressed as I wanted and we ended up on my veranda swing again.

But when I reached over to stroke Janet's breasts, she moved my hand away. I pulled her hand over to my cock, which was nice and hard in my pants in preparation for what I thought was to come. Janet pulled her hand away and said she didn't want to do that again, she said, “Ken, what I did two weeks ago was wrong, I had too much beer to drink, you should have stopped me. We shouldn't have done what we did, it was so wrong!!!” She jumped up and disappeared down the street, leaving me with a throbbing hard-on and empty hands. I was surprised at her behaviour, because of our previous encounter!

So I dejectedly walked into my house and headed upstairs. My mother had already gone to bed so it was quiet. I quickly jumped into bed and tried to sleep, but my still hard cock was going to make things very hard for me to sleep.

I don't know how long it took me but eventually I drifted off to sleep. Sometime later in the night I stirred in bed. I thought I was having an erotic dream, dreaming about Janet going down on my cock again; I started to move my hips back and forth, driving my cock into her warm mouth again and again. But I suddenly realized that I wasn't dreaming, I was awake and someone actually was sucking on my cock!

I felt in the darkness and realized again that the body that was leaning over my bed, the mouth that was stroking up and down on my cock, could only belong to one person, and that person was my mother. Her huge, soft, protruding, bloated belly pressing against my body convinced me that it was her. Boyhood memories were instantly evoked, making the erection even harder!

I started to get up but my mom only pushed me back hard down on the bed again, I bounced up and down on the spring of the Seaman’s bed. Then she moved up to sit beside me and kept her mouth moving on my cock. Her enormous weight made a huge depression in the mattress. My cock was like solid rock, the thought of my mother giving me head had jarred something in me and I let loose a tremendous load of come into her mouth, the feeling was electric. I thrust my hips up and buried my cock all the way between her lips until my stomach was pressing against her chin and emptied the rest of my cum down her throat. I said, “Suck you Nigger loving bitch, now show me how you please your Black men?” She was not offended as I expected, in fact, she became aroused at the thought and gripped me passionately.

It was all I could do to stay conscious; I slumped back on the bed and practically collapsed. Then my mom moved up and lay down beside me and pulled me close. She told me about how she had heard me and Janet on the veranda last Friday evening, she didn't mean to snoop on us but when she saw Janet sucking and licking my cock she couldn't take her eyes off of us. In fact she had seen almost the whole incident and she admitted to me that she had played with her pussy the whole time she was watching me get my cock sucked. She wished Jamsey was at home, she would have seduced him. Well, her fucking Jamsey can make up five stories on their own. That you will have to wait for another time. But in short, Jamsey was her lover for 8 years, and extended for 5 years after I had left the mines, and Guyana. Her affair with Jamsey only ended when daddy’s leg got broken in the road accident, even then, as they were winding down, he still visited Palmyra every month end and they met in Nanee’s house. Dadoo said, daddy sat by the window and stared at the house for the six hours they were locked inside doing their stuff!!! How depressed the man must have felt? Jamsey and his friends Bob Wharton, Smithy and Stuarty shared her every time she visited the mine. They took her to Kara Kara mine and had open air sex with her there. They took her to bars in Christianburgh and rented her out to Black men in the back of the long wheel base Land Rover while they watched and shouted encouragement to the client etc etc, yet she loved Jamsey immensely, and worshipped him like a God.

Jamsey once mounted her from behind for one hour as she was on her knees wiping the dust off the sitting room floor, she kept on working during this ordeal accommodating his massive manhood with relish while daddy and I and were downstairs assembling the motorcycle. She once told Auntie Rampat that Jamsey’s 12 inch cock was sweeeeet, out of this world. She caught cramp every time he fucked her up her ass, all week she kept on wishing for more deep anal penetration from him…a form of addiction I guess!!

She said that she knew this was wrong, but that she couldn't think of anything else since that moment. She took my hand and moved it between her legs and I could see that she was as wet and hot as Janet had been the other night. Then my mother told me how horny she had been lately and that she couldn't help herself that night. She'd waited downstairs again and she'd seen Janet run off leaving me and my hard cock waiting on the veranda. So she had quickly run upstairs and jumped into bed so I wouldn't find out she'd been spying on me.

She still had my hand and was running it up and down her pussy. She was really wet and her pussy lips were really big and meaty, and the hole was caaaaavernous…all those years of fucking huge Black men I thought to myself!!!. Then my mom leaned over and kissed me and asked me, “Kenny boy, I saw how you sucked Janet’s pokey (pussy) that night, can you give me a sample?”

I didn't have to think very long to decide what to do. I think my cock had a mind of its own so I moved down to the end of the bed and slid between my mom's legs. She spread her knees wide and I had complete access to her hot, wet pussy. The light from the pole in the back yard was casting shadows throughout my room so I could see pretty well. I leaned down and ran my tongue up the inside of my mom's thighs, teasing the skin with little bites and making her squirm. Her skin was silky and smooth and I continued my track up her leg and towards her wet pussy. I kept my tongue running up her slit and then I sucked her clit into my mouth.

She let out a groan and pushed her hips off of the bed and pressed her pussy further into my face. I pressed her down again and started a wet, slippery assault on her sopping cunt. I sucked each of her cunt lips into my mouth and nibbled on them one at a time. Her hips continue to bounce back and forth under me and I started to drive my tongue deep into her pussy as far as I could go, my head pressing hard against her distended belly in order to penetrate deeper.

I was really enjoying eating my mom's pussy but I wanted to try something a little different. I pulled her up, as she started to protest, but I quickly lay on my back and pulled her over me. I told her I wanted to her ride my face, so she moved her hips over me and then I felt her pussy sliding over my chin. As her cunt passed over my mouth I stuck out my tongue and parted her cream covered lips.

When she came she practically smothered me, pressing her body down on my face as I forced my tongue as far into hot pussy as I could. I felt her body spasm again and again as she came, my tongue still deep in her sweet humid cunt.

She finally stopped cumming and then fell back on my body with her legs spread around my head. Her pussy was still lewdly close to my face and I could only think of how good she had tasted. Mom rolled off of me, with her face close to my cock she lay in the dark, breathing heavily and playing with my hardening cock.

She moved her hands up my body and then turned around till she was lying next to me, my arms quickly took her in and we kissed with a passion I didn't know could be found. She looked at me and told me she wanted me to fuck her. She begged me to stick my cock into her ass and fill with cum, as I did numerous times when I was younger.

Her lewd talk had spurred my cock to complete hardness and I pulled her on top of me. I asked her to reach down and put my cock into her pussy for me. I felt her hand move down my body and quickly grip my cock, rubbing it against her body as she moved her hips over it. Then I closed my eyes and felt her pussy pressing against the head of my cock. I groaned as her loose cunt slipped over my cock and pressed downward until I was completely encompassed
by her silky pussy.

Then my mother started to move her hips back and forth, not really moving up and down, but rather back and forth in a way that caused my cock to slide slowly in and out of her cunt. I could feel her muscles gripping my cock tightly as she moved over me. Her movements increased slowly, until she was lifting her hips off of me and driving my cock into her pussy every time she thrust against me, and whispering in my ear how big my cock felt and how much it filled her pussy….just like the sweet nigger, Norman Lord, she remarked. She begged me to fuck her, to fill her with sperm.

I didn't realize my mother could be like this and it really turned me on. Keeping her impaled on my hard cock, I rolled her over beneath me and said that it was time for me to fuck her. She begged for my cock again and I pulled out until just my cock head was trapped between the now tight lips of her cunt. Then I slid it deep into her as she let out a breathy moan as my cock filled her tight pussy completely. I felt sweet revenge for all the beatings I endured from her in my youth.

Now I was really turned on and I started to fuck her with abandon, driving my cock into her with deep hard strokes while she hung on with her arms around my neck, urging me on. I could feel her start to cum as she gripped my body and hung on to me tightly as ripple after ripple shook her body. As she clung to me in the last spasm of her orgasm I felt my cock surge and my balls contracted I could hold back no more. I thrust deep into her and the cum erupted from my balls with an excitement never realized before. Again and again strings of cum shot from my cock as I filled her cunt with a full load of juice. I silently thought of daddy, what he will do if he found out what I was doing with his wife. On the other hand, I knew he was liberal. I saw the freedom Black men such as Mr Johnson, Bowen, Mr Barclay, James Grenville and Tyler had in his house when he was not at home!!!

I collapsed on top of her this time, completely exhausted. After a few minutes I rolled over on my back and we both lay in bed, breathing heavily, unable to get enough breath to even speak. She remarked, “Next time, I want to feel that sweeeet cock in my ass!!! But remember; never tell your brothers and sister what took place here today.” She paused, then continued, “I deliberately kept quiet tonight, trying to relive the last session you had with Janet, for the first time in my life, I saw a man and woman enjoying sex…...without talking much, I normally like to give commentary. We just did it, it was sublime!” I replied, “Mummy fucking you and squeezing your fat belly was like having sex with a 9 month pregnant woman, it was out of this world, you are very, very special, thanks. I love you very much, and will always do!”

As I was drifting off into slumber, I can recall her reminiscing. “Boy you are just like Mr Eze. He had stamina and was passionate. He satisfied his women in a rough, primitive way. I’m convinced that you are carrying his genes. If we had only gone to Nigeria, I would have been a prosperous business woman today. You could have been running your fathers sugar plantation in the Niger Delta. But I never got the letter on time. Uncle Baboo died before he could deliver the letter to meeee. By then your faaaatheeer had……” I think her extramarital behaviour was her rebellion at disappointment for not going to Nigeria immediately after I was born, as Eze had promised her.

I guess he was too busy getting his father’s sugar plantation set up in the Niger Delta to communicate by letter, so when the Guyanese Paan Boilers returned with his message, she had lost all hope and went into depression. Baboo brought the letter with travel details but fell sick and was hospitalized at St Joseph’s Mercy Hospital in Georgetown for nine months before his death. It was only after his death that the letter surfaced. The name he used was coded, so Baboo’s relatives could not locate the real person, until a year after his death.

It makes sense, for when I was a student at Cambo School of Mines in the UK; it was the Nigerian students I bonded mostly with, although there were students from Ghana, Sierra Leone, Zambia and Guyanese like Mike Harris and Jamsey. Yes, the same Jamsey!

We both fell asleep that way, completely spent and wrapped in each other's arm. My last thought as I drifted off to sleep was how lucky I was to be living with such a sexy, wonderful woman. I thought I’m able to provide the satisfaction my father Eze Amanna was supposed to furnish, so I felt accomplished and showed no remorse. We talked and joked about this many times in the ensuing years.

I guess mothers were good for something else besides laundry and making dinner.

I sure know differently now!

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