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My sister found out that a fuck is not always just a fuck.
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A Fuck Is Just A Fuck

I was listening at my sixteen-year-old sister’s door, it was partially open, and Heather was on the phone with one of her girlfriends.

She said, “Yes, I let Dave fuck me. No, he wasn’t very good but like I always say, a fuck is just a fuck.”

“Oh my God Jennie you really want to fuck my brother. That little pervert is always jerking off in my panties and leaving them crusty. Mom is always questioning me about how many guys I let fuck me when I go out.”

“You can’t be serious. Why should I do a threesome with you and my brother? No way. You really did incest. No, not your brother. He’s like really old isn’t he? Well, thirty-nine is old to me, my father is that old for Pete’s sake.”

“Okay I will consider it. But you will have to get me drunk first and then dare me to fuck him.”

“I know, a fuck is just a fuck.”

Heather came out of her room unexpectedly and saw me standing there. She asked, “How long have you been standing there you little pervert?”

I replied, “Long enough.”

She said, “Don’t get any ideas. I just told her that I’d fuck you to get her off my back. They don’t make enough alcohol for me to fuck you.”

I asked, “Then what about me fucking Jennie?”

Heather said, “Oh, she just wants to put another notch in her headboard. She’d let a one-eyed pirate with a parrot on his shoulder fuck her with his peg leg.”

I started laughing, she pushed me aside, and stormed downstairs.

Soon Mom was shouting, “Get down here young man.”

That was not a good sign but I rushed down anyway prepared for the worst. All Mom wanted was for me to take out the garbage that I was supposed to take out that morning.

When I came back inside Heather said, “Drop your pants and show me your cock.”

I was shocked and replied, “Not here in the kitchen, Mom might come in.”

Heather said, “Okay, then come up to my bedroom and show me.”

I asked, “Why?”

Heather said, “So I can tell Jennie what to expect.”

That sounded logical to me. Then as I had when I was a child, I said, “If I show you mine then you have to show me yours.”

Heather replied, “No. If you want to fuck Jennie then you better show me what you’ve got. Just for giving me shit, I want you totally naked now.”

I really wanted to fuck Jennie, hell I wanted to fuck any girl, and unlike my sister I had not been sexually active. So I replied, “Okay, but in your room with the door locked.”

I followed her up and we passed Mom on her way down. Mom said, “Dinner will be ready in about an hour.”

Heather said, “Okay, we’ll be there.”

I followed Heather into her bedroom and watched as she locked the door. She sat on her bed and waited. I took a deep breath and started undressing. As she insisted I got naked. I even took off my wristwatch.

Heather smiled and said, “Stroke it. Make it hard.”

I did as she requested. I stroked my cock while my sexy sister watched.

When I was fully hard Heather said, “Hey, that’s not bad for a fifteen-year-old boy. Hell, that isn’t bad for an eighteen-year-old boy. I should know, I’ve had my share.”

I asked, “Now will you show me yours?”

Heather smiled and said, “Only if I can take a few pictures and send them to Jennie first.”

I took a deep breath and said, “Okay.”

As Heather took nude pictures of me I was wondering how I could take nude pictures of her. She had me hold it up against a ruler. It was six and one half inches long and it was two inches across. My circumcised head was a nice mushroom shape. She seemed to like its pink head and the pre-cum that glistened at the tiny slit.

Heather called Jennie and told her that my pictures were coming. Apparently Jennie loved them. Jennie sent Heather a few pictures of her pussy for me to have. Her pussy had a full bush of hair that had been cut short. Then she was holding her lips open with one hand and her lips were glistening with pre-cum too.

Heather smiled and hung up the phone telling me, “She’s coming over for dinner. I better tell Mom. Stay right here and stay naked.”

In a few minutes she returned and said that she was going to take a few more pictures of me. When she transferred them to her computer and pulled them up Mom was standing in the open doorway behind me smiling. She had told Mom what she was doing and she hadn’t locked the door the second time. I was mortified.

Heather then said, “Mom said that I had to show you mine. She said that I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you. She also said that you should get to take as many pictures of me as I took of you.”

It was my turn to smile. I watched my sister undress until she was standing before me naked. I took a few pictures of her standing, then I had her lay back on her bed and open her pussy like Jennie had, and then I stopped.

Heather thought that I was done until I said, “I still have two more pictures to go, but I need Mom to stand in the doorway behind you.”

Heather went to the top of the stairs and called down for Mom to come up. She then explained that I wanted Mom behind her for two pictures. Mom smiled and stood there as I had Heather face me full on and then turn about forty-five degrees to one side giving me a really nice breast shot.

When I finished Mom said, “I never knew how nice you cock was. Heather if I were you, I’d be fucking that. He has to be better than what you have been fucking. You don’t want Jennie getting all of that do you?” Then she said, “You have about twenty minutes. I’ll have Jennie help me in the kitchen until you two are done.”

I could not believe my ears. Not only did Mom tell Heather to fuck me, she knew about Jennie wanting to fuck me too, plus she herself wanted to fuck me. Holy shit I couldn’t believe it. Then it really struck me…Mom was okay with me fucking Heather and Jennie.

Heather said, “Well you heard her, bring yourself over here and get it over with. Fuck that, Mom said that I had twenty minutes and I knew from years of practice that I could cum in less than five minutes. So I had plenty of time to fool around.

I got between her outstretched legs and pressed her down to the bed. I grabbed a hold of her tits and started kneading them like bread dough. I flicked her nipple with my thumbs until they both hardened nicely. Then I leaned in and sucked one into my mouth. She cooed softly, enjoying what I was doing to her. I used me lips, my tongue, and I sucked some of her tit into my mouth. My tongue fought with her nipple but eventually her nipple won so I went to her other nipple. They proved to be strong opponents. Finally, I backed off in defeat. It was better to live to fight another day.

I let my hands take over and kneaded her tits again as I inched down to her belly. It was flat and taunt and her belly button was pierced. I licked her silver unicorn, giving it a tongue bath, and causing her to giggle.

I slipped down further rubbing my nose in that tiny tuff of hair that she left on her love mound. She had a strong womanly odor coming from her moist slit. I ran my tongue up it, touching her clit, and making her cry out in pleasure. That made me want to please her even more. I managed to please her all the way to an orgasm using just my tongue and teeth.

Finally Heather said, “Fuck me. Please fuck me. Put that beautiful cock of yours in me.”

I did just that but I did it just as slowly as I possibly could. I wanted to enjoy my fist fuck and I really wanted to enjoy fucking my sister for the first time. I kissed her clit with the head of my cock. I let my piss slit kiss her piss hole that was just inside her opening along the top. Then I shoved it all the way in as I lifted her knees to her chest and let my cock kiss her uterus. It was absolutely the best feeling I had ever felt. The walls of her love tunnel were slick from her juices and I felt them coat my shaft as it entered her. I felt the walls of her pussy hold my cock tightly. Then I felt the incredible warmth of her insides on my cool cock shaft. As I started pulling my cock out of her and shoving it back in, I felt the slight friction build. After about a hundred strokes that friction was too much for me and I exploded inside her. I was pumping and pumping cum into her. I was sure that I had never cum that much before. I collapsed on her breasts and rested for a minute before rolling off to her side.

Mom called up so we got dressed and went down to dinner. Jennie was sitting at the table smiling at us.

Mom asked, “So Heather, how as he?”

Heather replied, “Mom he was best. No one ever gave me an orgasm from oral sex. Lord knows that I gave plenty of guys a climax from oral sex, but never the other way around. Then his cock filled my pussy perfectly. He even knew how to use that thing too.”

Jennie said, “I’m next.”

Mom said, “And I’ll take you after her.”

I looked at Mom and she added, “Hey, I have my needs too you know. I have masturbated almost as much as you have. Almost. Every time your sister comes home with cum in her pussy, mine gets jealous and it wants some serious attention. I keep buying batteries for my vibrators but there is nothing like a good cock and a good fuck.”

Heather said, “I guess a fuck isn’t always just a fuck.”

Mom added, “No. A really good fuck is very special and hard to find.”

Jennie asked, “Can we eat now so that I can have my turn?”

I just smiled knowing that I had three girls almost fighting over my cock. I also knew that I would never have to jerk off again.

The End
A Fuck Is Just A Fuck
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