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The shower was running and the bathroom door was slightly open. Steam poured onto the hallway from underneath and around the jarred door. Flipping the hall light on, I saw the noticeable damp film on the door’s enamel white paint. My parent’s room was on the other side of the house with its own bathroom so I knew it was either my dumb sister or our house guest.
I turned the light back off, grabbed my box of baseball cards out of my room, kicked off my flip flops, and sat outside my door on the hall carpet.
My room was the first in line of three bedrooms running down the hall so I could sit right outside and not bring too much attention to myself. If it was Sis showering, I’d at least chance a peek at her 16 year old velvety white skin.
Sis was a total Emo-phite with her dark black spiky hair, the usual white powdery makeup and black eyeliner, but out of the shower, her body was a milky smoothness that was very pleasing to the eye. I’ve, on a number of occasions, snuck peeks at her dressing in her room and or changing her clothes in the laundry room, and once did see her drying her smooth, naked body through an open bathroom door.
Our rooms were right next to each other with the bathroom directly in front of hers so often times we’ve walked by with the bathroom door open and the other inside.
Sis was around 5’ 7’’ and weighed about 120 pounds with very good size 34D breasts and matching round hips.
I remembered once seeing Sis facing away from me just inside the opened bathroom, bent over drying her legs and catching a view of her dark haired pussy and parted ass cheeks exposing a pink luscious asshole that seemed to be winking right at me. Her breasts hanging firmly, bouncing up and down as she leisurely stroked her legs of all moisture. I watched for what seemed like minutes (more than likely she knew I was there all along and allowed me to get as much of an eyeful as I wanted). I finally casually turned and ran to the other bathroom in the house and spanked my raging hard on, armed with visions of her awesome ass bouncing up and down. I’m pretty sure I dented the enamel of the toilet that day with my load of semen, launched with rocket force from my throbbing cock. I can honestly say, I’ve looked at Sis a lot differently since then, but who I really wanted to see come out of the bathroom was Gisela.
Since the most recent time I saw her, walking through the arrival gate at the airport, that long, blonde hair held back by a baseball cap. Those sparkling, bright, hazel eyes and that inquisitive grin she gave me, I knew eventually a physical encounter of some kind was bound to happen between us.
Gisela was a transfer student from Mexico City staying with us for the school year. Actually, she was family more than anything. She and her parents would visit often throughout the years so our two families became really close and I got to see this goddess grow before my very eyes into the sensual creature she is now. Her Dad, a transplanted German executive working in a VW manufacturing plant, had lived in Mexico with his family for the past 10 years. My father had struck up a friendship by way of a work related correspondence that began with an email and later evolving into life long family bond. A tie that still holds true today.
Gisela was here to practice up on her English and to play against better competition. As an accomplished high-level junior tennis player, she was on track to be offered multiple scholarships from a number of southern California universities if not go straight into the pro ranks.
She came out of the shower and walked directly out of the bathroom, made a quick right heading down the hall toward her room, looking without a care in the world, dripping wet, barely taking the time to cover up.
(My prayers were answered! Thank you Lord! I was now in the presence of one of your greatest creations exactly how she was meant to be seen…completely naked and moist from the steaming hot shower she had just stepped out of.)
The towel she carried was slowly being used to soak up the wettest parts of her glistening form. She was a teen in years but her body rivaled that of a creature far more mature. Her athletic physique was a gift by way of her parent’s healthy European ancestry. She stood at least 5’10’’ and had curves a Swedish playmate would envy.
Her room was the 3rd and last bedroom at the end of the hall. She made no attempt to see if anyone was around or to show any type of modesty whatsoever as she slowly continued to dry herself and casually stroll down to her room. She planned on no one being around since I usually didn’t get home until much later in the day.
Sis must have also been away somewhere, most likely causing havoc on some unsuspecting boy. Since baseball practice was canceled due to the weather, I knew I had to get home as quickly as possible for this exact scenario to play out. This time though, it wouldn’t play out in my mind but instead in reality.
I was sitting just outside my room leaning against the wall, sorting through my baseball cards, when I looked up, soaking in (pun intended) the vision before me.
As she made it to the end of the hall, she stopped, facing the wall, she flipped her hair back and forth, bending over with her round ass sticking straight up in the air, soaking up her wet mane of curly golden blonde hair.
I can pin point seeing my sister’s fine ass in the bathroom that one day as the moment in time I became infatuated with the female ass. My fetish for awesome butts grew more and more throughout the years thanks to that one brilliant flash in time. And, what I was about to experience this day.
Gisela had the most ideal, big, round, ass I had ever seen. As she patted her curly locks with her towel, her upper body rocked up and down like a teeter totter with her head on one end and her rear on the other. Her legs were locked at the knees and spread just enough to make me dizzy from the view I was being blessed with. Her arched back further accentuated the fleshy heaven before me.
The hall was in shadows but she had reached the doorway to her room which was opened and illuminated, highlighting her in all the right places. I vividly remember her ass bouncing up and down, water dripping from between her ass cheeks and down her beautiful hair covered crevasse, down the inside of her thighs. My mouth agape, I caught myself licking my lips and wiping my now dripping mouth with the back of my hand.
It was at this moment she slowly stood up, spun around, casually leaned against the wall, and looked directly my way. I was still in a daze from the view I had so graciously been given, that when I finally looked up to meet her eyes, she was staring right at me with that same twinkle I remembered from that day at the airport. She knew I was sitting there all along and purposely put on a show with that gyrating, dancing, moist back side.
Her eyes never left mine and with a slightly innocent smile, she slowly maneuvered her towel down her taunt muscular arms and around her flat defined stomach. Making no attempt to cover up, she looked down for a quick second to handle her lively, full breasts, proportioned perfectly for her ample frame. They hung and gently jiggled as she dried underneath and around her luscious mounds. She slowly rubbed and wiped over her fully erect nipples and around her rather large and puffy engorged areolas.
(Everything about Gisela was perfect. The obviously perfect bodily form she possessed, her sexy accent when she spoke English, German, or Spanish, plus a knowing confidence that intrigued and lured me to her.)
She finally wrapped her hair in the towel and walked into her room never taking her eyes off of me.
My entire body was tingling all over as I slowly got up, threw my cards aside, and made my way slowly down the hall. I was still wearing my baseball pants, complete with jock strap. I slipped my hand down the front of my pants inside my jock to help position my now inflated and still growing penis. (Actually, if I wasn’t wearing the thing, I would probably be pitching a tent big enough to house a whole troupe of campers!)
I was confident, walking as quiet and assured as possible, Gisela would be waiting for me just inside her room.
As I got to the end of the hall, my heart started pounding harder as I came to her opened door. Inside her room, I found her lying on her stomach, on her bed, with her arms underneath her pillow. She still had her hair wrapped in the towel with nothing else on.
Her bed faced towards the door so again I had a great view of her sexy, luscious ass. Her legs spread, bent at the knees, she playfully flexed her legs back and forth, now innocently toying with me. I could see her engorged pussy lips covered in light colored wisps of curly blonde hair. Her lips were moist and slightly spread apart.
I walked slowly besides her, taking in all her features; the toned tan legs, awesome, vivacious ass (she was lying on her belly, yet her ass still stuck out with such purpose). Seeing her so close now, the outline of her figure amazed me and not surprisingly, excited me even more.
As I reached the head of her bed she looked up and gestured for me to come closer. By then, my erection was in full force but was held back by my jock strap. She looked at me with those piercing hazel eyes and said “You might want to take off those pants…it looks like something’s struggling to get out.” She was looking and pointing at my crotch, eyeing the big bulge trapped in my now tight fitting baseball pants. I slipped them off quickly but kept the jock strap on, her eyes intently targeted on my bulging friend. I then slowly maneuvered the straps of my jock down my thighs, little by little exposing the full length of my now rock hard cock.
(For a 15 year old high school freshman, I already had a giant growth spurt the year before so my now gangly 6’ tall body was gifted with out of proportion features like big hands and very big feet and you know what that means right? Correct! I wear some pretty big gloves and big shoes! Sorry, I couldn’t resist…But, seriously, I guess I was pretty close to the front of the line when peckers were being handed out so I made out with a man size 8’’ long and very thick penis when fully erect.)
Due to the increased blood flow to my member and the lack there of in my brain, I was dazed and light headed as Gisela reached up and grabbed hold of my dick with her right hand and slowly stroked the full shaft with her soft hand. Her fingers were just barely able to wrap around my meat as she slowly worked my cock to its most existed state it had ever been.
I guess she had just rubbed some lotion on herself because her hand was still moist and cool from hand cream and the just taken shower.
As she slowly worked my shaft, I leaned over and ran my left hand down her back to the insides of her fine ass and slowly rubbed down until I reached her asshole.
The fact that I hadn’t shot my entire wad into her face by now truly amazed me. I couldn’t believe I was touching the vision of all my dreams, or should I say wet dreams. I took full advantage of where my hand was as I slowly massaged her ass crack until she said, “Here, use some of this…” and she squirted some hand lotion onto my hand and her own as well.
She spread it all around my engorged cock and went to work on it like a real trooper. I proceeded to work my now cream filled hand all around her awesome, juicy ass and took pleasure in positioning my middle finger directly over her asshole, slowly caressing the lotion into her hole. I began to slowly slip my finger in and out or her moist asshole, each stroke going deeper and deeper until I was knuckle deep in her ass. Her hips were bucking gently, welcoming each thrust of my finger.
We were both unhurriedly stroking in unison as we lustfully looked into each others eyes. Then, I replaced my finger and positioned my thumb into her ass and my middle finger onto her now dripping pussy. She moaned and squirmed as I now had my thumb deep in her ass while my middle and index fingers worked her juicy love tunnel and inflamed clit.
We were now officially in a race to see who would come first. She gyrated up and down as I worked her holes vigorously. But, I knew I would be the loser in this race (oh well) as my nuts begin to tighten.
She had positioned herself on her side now and was holding my pulsating member with both hands squirming and squishing the lotion up and down my full shaft. She sensed what was imminent and positioned her month over the purple head of my throbbing cock.
As she held my shaft with her hands, her warm soft lips and mouth began sucking my cock with eager force. I began moving my hips back and forth into her face and in no time I shot streams of hot cum down her throat which she gladly slurped up and swallowed. While still fingering her lovely holes, my knees flinched and swayed as she expertly sucked me dry. Her warm mouth engulfed my now spent cock as she kissed and caressed the tip with her warm juices.
Gisela looked up at me and said, “Now it’s your turn Buddy…I need you to make me come just as hard!” I laughed and with a smile from ear to ear, I placed her on her belly again and climbed on top of her and positioned myself with my face directly over her ass.
She moaned as I spread her cheeks and inserted my tongue fully up inside her warm asshole. She let out a soft sigh and looked back with a sly, satisfied expression on her face and said, “You really like to lick my asshole don’t you?” My wanting eyes told her all she needed to know as she pushed her ass back into my face, rocking back and forth on her knees. Biting on her top lip, she was enjoying every second of it.
I was simultaneously working her precious clit with my hand and licking up and down her ass crack. She was bracing herself for what looked like would be an explosive orgasm.
Her whole body started convulsing and she was bucking like a rodeo cowgirl with my face being used as her saddle.
She squirted her love juices all over my hand and hungry face. I was in heaven as I continued to eat her out, slowly working her clit with my tongue until she was fully spent. Her body finally relaxed, she fell on her bed lightly twitching from the experience.
After we caught our collective breathe, I pulled myself up on top of her. While still on her belly, I spread her legs out a bit and positioned my now fully erect cock between her warm ass checks. Lowering myself on her wet, humid back, I pulled my arms directly underneath hers holding onto her shoulders.
The heat from her warm eager pussy totally engulfed the head of my dick as I slowly pulled myself up against her. She gasped as every inch of my stiff, thick cock rammed her juicy pussy. Pressing and pushing deeper with each thrust, my sweaty chest and abs rubbed up against her succulent, soaked ass as we rocked in unison until I could hold out no more.
I remembered to pull out because she had mentioned previously she was not on the pill, but I didn’t care because I got to insert my penis between her ass cheeks and again squirt my hot load, this time all over her beautiful rear and back.
I fell on top of her and lay there totally relaxed with my arms under hers, holding her in a firm embrace. I didn’t want this moment to end and it felt so right to have our naked bodies pressed against each other in all of our spent juices.
“So, I guess its back to the shower for me…huh?” Gisela said. “You wouldn’t want to join me…would you?” She got her response as my dick twitched back to life and pressed up against her crack once more.
I smiled and thought to myself, “Life is pretty good right now for this high school freshman.” I also wondered if Gisela was going to tell Sis about this…

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2011-10-29 23:21:01
Hot damn, looking pretty usfuel buddy.

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2010-05-04 01:18:33
that rocked. it was funny,
i enjoyed the little sidebars.


2009-11-20 20:00:07
what's up with this pregnancy fetish?


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Unfortunately, getting pregnant would interfer w/Gisela's budding pro tennis career. ;-) Look for more sexual activity in the next installment...Maybe Sis will be involved???

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