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The affair moves outside for the night
As Kelly and I worked on dinner, we were in near constant contact with each other. Whether brushing against each other as we walked by, an extended touch while handing something to the other, or more direct contact as we flirted with each other, we did everything we could to be physically connected to each other. After the seriousness of our afternoon discussion, it felt good to just work and play, together. We threw together a quick and easy supper, and decided to watch t.v. while we ate.

Years of friendship and weeks of sexual adventure led to an easy familiarity as we sat together. We joked with and teased each other, we complimented each other, and we loved each other. Most of all, we acknowledged the gift we had been given. Our spouses fully understood us and went to extraordinary lengths to meet our needs. Neither of us wanted to waste a single moment of our time together, and we made the most of it.

After dinner, Kelly cleaned up while I went into the backyard to get a fire going. After getting it lit, I threw a good supply of wood on top, and went in to grab some other things. I took the blanket we had used for our lunch "picnic," a second to use in case we needed to cover up, and found yet another bottle of wine. (Really, there was no surprise about the wine, as I had been the one to stock the wine rack prior to the weekend)

Kelly finished in the kitchen and suggested we head outside. As she walked ahead of me, I continued our grab-ass games by, well, grabbing her ass. Blushing, she stopped, looked back, and stuck her tongue out at me.

"You know the rules," I said, "Don't stick it out unless you're going to use it."

"Oh, I'm going to use it, alright," she replied. "I just haven't decided how. Or where."

"Ooh, you naughty, little girl. Don't let your parents know you talk like that."

"Too late. Mom's long gone, and dad already knows I talk like that. In fact, he's a part of the reason why. How many times did you use that line on your sister?"

"I didn't have to tell her that. If she stuck her tongue out, it was to put it in my mouth." Aroused by the talk, my dick started to push against the jeans I was wearing. I moved past Kelly, took her by the hand, and walked toward the fire pit. Putting the blanket and wine down, I pulled her toward me and hugged her into my body. My mouth went to her neck and shoulders and I started to suck at her neck. The sexual energy drove me to latch onto her as tightly as I could. My hands wandered across her body, one resting on a titty and the other moving to her crotch. Pushing hard, I massaged her pussy through the material of her jeans.

I continued to suck at her neck, shifting to the other side, and pulled back to realize I had left a hickey on each side. "Oops, it looks like I'm marking my territory." I reached up to unbutton her shirt, then moved my mouth lower, saying, "Perhaps I should leave marks where they aren't so visible to the public."

"Sure," said Kelly, "Keep the hickeys out of the eyes of the public, while you undress me in the yard."

Of course, she had already reacted to my touch, and my zipper was all the way down. Kelly was working on the belt and button, and she quickly released the last items holding my pants up. As my jeans dropped to the ground, I suggested we throw a bit more wood on the fire and crawl under the blankets.

As I grabbed wood for the fire, Kelly was grabbing wood of her own. Well, my own. Despite her stated concern about the neighbors, she pulled my underwear down and slid them off my legs. I quickly stoked the fire and dove for the blankets. Kelly started to follow me, but I stopped her before she could.

"Excuse me, where's your ticket, young lady. While we might overlook the absence of a parent or guardian, we still need a ticket."

Kelly wasted no time getting into the game. "I'm sorry mister, I don't seem to have a ticket."

"You silly girl, check your pockets."

Kelly pulled both pockets out, and no ticket.

"Perhaps it's inside your pants. Let me check for you."

Kelly stepped toward me and I unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down. "Nope, don't see it there. Let's check inside the actual pants." With that, I slid her pants down over her ass and off her legs. Turning them inside out, I checked every inch of the pants as Kelly stood there in her panties.

"Nope, no ticket there, either. Let's keep looking." I reached up and pulled Kelly's panties off, baring her ass and pussy for the world to see, or at least the neighbors. I took the panties and pretended to search them, as well.

"Wait, I think I've found the ticket," I said as I felt the dampness of the crotch of her panties. Bringing them to my mouth and nose, I smelled and tasted the crotch, then looked up at her. "Yes, I believe we have the ticket. Let me just confirm that."

I knelt in front of her and put my mouth to her naked pussy, licking at her slit and flicking my tongue across her clit. Her body started to shake, though I couldn't tell if it was from the pleasure, a chill, or the fact that she was in her backyard, naked, with her lover's tongue in her pussy.

"Okay, young lady, you can come in, now."

Kelly joined me under the blanket, kneeling next to me. My mouth returned to her chest as I kissed at her neck and the top of her breasts. I slid one hand down her body until it came to rest on her crotch. I gently caressed her pussy lips, then eased fingers, one at a time, into her cunt. Kelly responded by taking my swollen shaft into her hands, rubbing up and down the entire length. As she worked her hands over the head of my cock, my pre-cum lubricated her hands, and her slippery hands felt just like a tight pussy.

While sliding my fingers in and out of her wet pussy, I continued to suck on her shoulders and tits, leaving little hickeys all over her body. At times, the excitement was so great that they were much more than "little" hickeys, and I knew she would wear more than one scarlet "A" for days to come. Like an animal, I marked her as my own.

As things got hotter under the blanket, I had Kelly lay down with her knees in the air. Forcing her into a spread eagle position, I straddled her in a 69 position, and buried my face in her pussy. As I shoved my tongue past her lips and deep into her pussy, I felt her take my cock into her mouth. I lapped at her juices, ran my tongue across her clit, then sucked it into my mouth. As Kelly took my shaft further and further into her mouth, I worked my tongue back down her slit and toward her brown asshole. Using her cum and my saliva as lubrication, I forced my tongue into her tight hole. Kelly responded by taking my cock completely into her mouth. She moved her hand from the shaft and started to gently fondle my balls as my tongue continued to probe her ass and pussy.

Pulling her mouth off my cock, Kelly breathlessly told me to fuck her. Still working on her pussy with my tongue, I pointed out that we had forgotten to bring condoms out.

"I don't care, turn around and fuck me, now. If nothing else, you can fuck me in the ass. I'm sure you've got that lubricated enough, by now."

I rolled off Kelly and she rolled and got on her hands and knees, ass pointing at me. I knelt behind her, and buried my face in her crack, again. Working my tongue over both her pussy and anus, I got her even more worked up. "Tom, you need to stop that and fuck me, now."

Pushing the blanket off of us, I knelt behind Kelly and rubbed my already slippery cock across her pussy lips. Then, in one quick motion, I buried myself in her cunt. Kelly let out a gasp of pleasure as she realized where I had shoved my cock. Rather than freak out, she responded by starting to push herself back and forth, sliding her lips across my shaft.

"Yes, Tom, fuck me with your bare cock. I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel you shoot your load into my pussy."

Pulling out, to Kelly's dismay, I asked her to roll back onto her back. I then positioned myself between her legs and eased myself back inside her. As I got into a rhythm, I leaned down and started to kiss Kelly forcefully. The intensity of the night showed in those kisses as I frantically shoved my tongue into her mouth. She responded hungrily, and we put all our energy into the lovemaking.

Kelly wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deeper into her hole. As I kissed my way from her mouth to her ear, I felt Kelly start to quiver in anticipation. I started to kiss, lick, and suck at her ear as a massive orgasm shook Kelly's body. I continued to ram my cock into her cunt, which was contracting from the climax. Kelly squeezed her legs even harder as I felt the familiar tightening of my nuts.

Unable to hold back any longer, I had my own orgasm. This time, my seed flooded into Kelly's womb, and she climaxed a second time feeling the hot cum burst into her cunt.

With my cock still insider her, I rolled Kelly so we could lay down next to each other. Her vagina continued to contract with the effects of the massive orgasm, squeezing every bit of cum out of me. We didn't move for several minutes, until my cock relaxed and slid out of her hole, which was slippery from our combined cum.

Taking Kelly's face in my hands, I kissed her, again, more gently, this time. "Do you realize what we just did?"

She responded by hugging me tightly into her. "I don't care. I've probably been back on the pill long enough. And if not, I don't care, anyway. I would love to have your baby inside me. We can deal with the consequences."

Jokingly, I sat up, leaned into her abdomen, and said, "Did you hear that, little sperms and egg, you have Kelly's permission to get busy."

Laughing, she pulled me back into her arms. "I didn't say I necessarily WANT to get pregnant, just that I would be okay with it. Now, are we going to sleep out here, all night, or move back to the bed, where we'll be more comfortable?"

"If by 'more comfortable' you mean 'able to fuck, again,' I vote that I take you to bed."

Leaving everything where it was, we headed into the house, Kelly leading the way with her ass enticing me to follow. And follow I did. There was still the rest of the night and the next morning before our amazing weekend would come to an end. Or should that be "cum" to an end?

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2012-02-11 19:49:07
VpGvXf I am getting married on the 15th of November. Congratulate me! Then will be here rarely!...


2009-11-19 23:11:44
In order, A Simple Irony is actually another series. There just might be a pregnancy, but I'm not sure. I'm going with what I "feel." If there is something you believe should be tried, let me know. I might use it, might not. Considering there's been W/S, anal, and fisting, I'm trying. I'll keep it in mind, as you're right. It is supposed to be wild.

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2009-11-19 16:44:58
It's a good series but, didn't this series start with 2 people who were so much kinkier than their spouses? It's starting to get quite tame. Where's all the nastiness gone?

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2009-11-18 23:37:06
Great. Let's hope she is pregnant with the first of many babies.

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2009-11-18 20:45:47
For those interested in this series check out "A simple irony" by 'hot4fam'. although why the name change I am sure I don't know.

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