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My best friend's wife and I have an interesting weekend.
Ever since that first night when Janet and I had surrendered to the sexual attraction between us, we had struggled to find time to be together. We both had our own lives, spouses, kids, and agendas to keep us busy. Most painful were the times we were together with our families. The simple flirting that would have been easily handled in the past became torture as we both realized it was no longer innocent. It was, in fact, a true reflection of our feelings.

We had managed to get together a couple times for quick, raw encounters. But we both yearned for a chance to spend enough time for more than "quickie" sex. Fortunately for us, both our spouses have positions that occassionally require them to be out of town. The opportunity we wanted, a weekend where BOTH spouses were traveling, came about several months after Janet and I first consumated our relationship. Her husband was scheduled to be out of town beginning Thursday, not returning until late Sunday. My wife had to travel Friday until Sunday, and I took a day off to take care of the kids.

With both of our older kids in school, Janet and I used Friday to plan our weekend. We started by spending the morning doing everything we could to tire the younger kids out. We wanted to make sure they would both go down for a nap after lunch. Our plan worked as both girls crashed while watching t.v. as they ate.

We carried them upstairs and put them into beds. Then Janet headed downstairs, leading me by the hand. I was a bit confused, as I figured Janet would certainly head to her bedroom. I went along, though, knowing Janet excited about the day's possibilities. As we came off the stairs, Janet headed into their game room and flipped on the television. Pulling some Wii controllers out, she asked if I wanted to play "Guitar Hero."

"That isn't quite what I had in mind, no." Still confused, I wondered what Janet had in mind. "Can Wii possibly be more interesting than you and me going upstairs to the bedroom?"

"No," she responded, "Not the way you and Gary play. That wouldn't be near as exciting, and nowhere near as pleasurable."

She continued setting up the game, and handed me one of the guitar controllers, and continued with her answer. "But I can think of at least a half dozen ways to make this WAY more fun when it's you and me playing with each other. And I mean 'playing with each other' literally."

I didn't really understand what she was saying, but the 'playing with each other' caught my attention, so I was willing to go along for the ride.

Janet finished setting up, and shared her thoughts with me. "Okay," she started, "there are two ways we can go about this. One is to play head-to-head against each other. The other is to use one guitar, and do things the way you and Gary do when the kids want to play. One of us will do the 'strumming,' and the other will do the key buttons."

"Either way," she continued, "We're playing 'Strip Guitar Hero.'"

Now THAT caught my attention. And she was right. That was sure to be way more exciting than playing the pseudo guitar against my best friend.

Since it was Janet's idea, I told her she could decide how she wanted to play. I figured that, either way, I had the distinct advantage. Though Janet owns the game and has more opportunity to practice, I'm far better at games in general. I was already deciding what to have Janet remove first. And determining how many songs it would take to get her naked.

"Okay," she said, "We'll go head-to-head. Whoever wins the song gets to pick an item of clothing for the other to remove. Once we're both down to underwear, we'll switch to one guitar. Each time, the loser gets to pick the next song. Since I'm a girl and I'll make you let me, anyway, I get to pick first."

I was fine with that. Any song she picked that was easy enough for her to do well on would be easy enough for me to do better. Janet ran through the screens, picked her first song, and we started playing.

The one challenge I faced was that I was only used to playing individually. I had only done a level challenge one time prior, and lost horribly. Janet, however, was not a "level master," and I won the first song quite handily.

"Pants," I told Janet, who obediently removed her jeans, allowing me to see the barely-there thong panties she was wearing. Knowing that on any given "normal" day she would be wearing more "sensible" bikini or brief type panties, I knew she had planned this all along. I didn't complain, though, as the thong barely covered anything, and I could see the camel toe from the material pulling into her pussy lips.

Janet picked the next song, and surprised me by winning. She laughed quietly, saying, "I've been practicing, so you just might find yourself naked, first. Shirt."

I took my t-shirt off, then picked a considerably more challenging song. Janet jokingly complained, "No fair, that's a way harder song. You know I haven't mastered those, yet."

She couldn't complain too long, though, as the song started. She did better than I might have expected, but lost, nonetheless. Walking over to her, I said, "Here, let me hold your guitar while you take that shirt off."

Janet slid out her top, and I saw her bra matched the thong panties. She looked yummy standing there with barely anything covering her boobs or pussy, and I was having a harder time focusing on the game. She used that to her advantage, and shook her ass and chest more than might have been needed during the next song.

With so much of my attention on her rather than the song, she actually beat me, and told me to take off my pants. As I did that, she said, "Now, it's time to mix things up. We're going down to one guitar, and we'll play it, together. If we make it through the song, we get to take more clothes off. If we don't, then we have to keep going."

I liked her way of thinking, and moved to stand behind her. Pulling her hips into me, I felt my cock nestle into the crack of her ass. I cupped her titties, and asked who would do what.

"Since you're already behind me, how about you handle the buttons, and I'll strum. Of course, we'll each have a hand free, and who knows what might happen." Saying that, she slid her free hand between our bodies and grabbed my cock through my underwear. As she rubbed her hand up and down the shaft, I reached around the other side, taking her right tit in my hand, rubbing her rapidly hardening nipple through the fabric of the bra.

Janet took a moment to pick a song, and waited for the music to start. Early on, she played "fair," just strumming the guitar as I focused on hitting the right buttons. Eventually, though, Janet started to rock her hips from side to side while pushing her ass back toward my crotch. The motion effectively trapped my solid cock in the crease of her ass, and she started to dry hump me while we played the game.

It became much more difficult to hit the right notes on the game, though Janet and I were striking a wonderful chord on our own. We lost a lot of ground, but managed to finish the song. By then, Janet had her hand in my underwear jerking me off, and I had freed her tit from the cup of her bra. As the song finished, Janet said she would take something off since she had one extra piece of clothing. When she allowed me to pick, I knelt in front of her, took the string of the thong, and slowly worked it down her legs. Slipping the panties off her feet, I worked my hands back up her legs until they were at her tight little ass. Pulling her hips toward me, I buried my face in her pussy, licking gently at her lips, which were already damp from her own juices.

Standing up, I took the guitar and told her we had to switch places. Janet took her place behind me, and I was thankful we are pretty close in height. She was still able to see, and I picked our next song. As it started, I placed my free hand on her leg and slowly slid it up. Janet rapidly missed several notes, so I stopped my hand where it was. As she regained her focus, she started hitting notes properly, again. At that point, I resumed my progress up her leg until my hand came to her inner thigh then brushed against her pussy.

Cupping her nearly bald cunt in my hand, I slid two fingers inside her. She missed a big string of notes, and seemed unable to recover. I was also having a hard time getting the strumming right, though things improved after I matched the rhythm of my finger going in and out of her pussy with the rhythm of the song. Somehow, though, Janet managed to get through the song, and we agreed to flip a coin to see who had to remove the next article of clothing. Janet, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, slowly removed her bra when I won the coin toss.

"Have fun on the next song, Tom. I imagine you'll have no problem pushing the right buttons. Neither will I."

Janet selected a song, and before it even started, her hand was inside my underwear and wrapped around my throbbing cock. At almost the same time, I put one hand around her waist and slid my fingers back into her pussy. As I started to kiss at her neck and ears, my other hand went to her left boob, roughly massaging the nipple.

Breathing heavily, Janet said, "We're going to lose."

"No," I said, "I don't think so. I think you're going to win, and I hope to share in that with you." I then returned to her neck, shoulders, and ears. Burning with desire, Janet abandoned the game, unhooked and dropped the guitar, and turned around, pushing my underwear down and off. Standing up, she came at me like a woman possessed. She attacked my mouth with hers, and we tumbled to the floor kissing.

As our hands wandered in sexual exploration, Janet started moving toward the couch. She had me get up and lay down there, and she sat down over me, her legs straddling my hips. Rubbing her wet pussy across my cock, she asked if I was ready to see what it means to be a real hero.

"Of course, but what about protection."

Janet shifted slightly and dropped herself down, impaling herself on my cock. "I've got that covered. We don't need the condoms, anymore."

Saying that, Janet started to bounce up and down on my shaft, sending me into another world. Her velvety pussy lips wrapped around my shaft like a glove, and the heat of her hole felt glorious. Janet leaned down and started to kiss me, again, more gently, this time. She matched the kiss to the rhythm of her sliding up and down my cock.

Without the condom to dull sensations, I found myself ready to climax all too quickly. "Janet, I'm going to cum. Are you sure you're ready."

"Yes, Tom, I want you to cum inside me." Just saying that was enough to push both of us over the edge, and we hit our orgasms at the exact same time. As I dumped my seed into her cunt, Janet collapsed into me, rocking her hips back and forth. She was moaning contentedly, slowly recovering from the effects of the climax that rocked her body.

Still straddling me, still holding my cock in her cunt, Janet pushed up, gave me a quick kiss, and said, "That was a good start, but we have the rest of the weekend to plan. We also have kids to pick up. And we have to get dressed before either of the little ones comes downstairs."

"I think I should grab a quick shower, first. Especially if we're going to leave the house."

"Good idea," Janet agreed. "Mind if I join you?" Janet climbed off my cock, grabbed her clothes, and headed up the stairs for the master bathroom. I followed her, watching her ass sway in front of me, and relished the thought of spending the rest of the weekend with her in my arms.

We showered quickly and dressed before the kids got up from their nap. We used the last bit of time alone to plan the weekend. We decided to let the kids have a sleepover weekend. Tonight, we would stay at Janet's house, and the kids would have pizza and watch shows. That would give her and I time to snuggle while watching our own show. Saturday, we would take them all to a kids' movie showing at the budget theater, and then have a second sleepover at my house.

"After all," said Janet, "We fucked in my bed. It's time to break in your's."

With our plan laid out, we headed upstairs to wake the toddlers up from their nap before going to pick up the other kids from school.


2010-04-18 17:39:09
Great story yet again. As to the pregnancy question, when I am with my sister or simply fantasizing about her, I often have us, whilst in the throes of passion, talking about getting her pregnant - it is a major turn-on. We both realize, to understate the matter, that the reality would likely not live up to the ideal. Still, It makes for a GREAT fantasy!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-28 01:22:14
great story except it took me 10 minutes to realize it was a sequal to the weekend dream one.


2009-11-19 23:13:28
It's amazing how many comments I see calling for people to get pregnant. Just wondering if it's one person, or if the desire to see the women in stories wind up pregnant.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-18 23:54:17
Good story. Now get Janet pregnant. I think that if you are both so hot for each other you should have a child or two to call your own. I did when I started fucking my mother's two best feriends. Mary Jane had two children and Regina one.

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