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My best friend's wife and I have an interesting weekend.
Janet and I took her car to pick up the older kids, since it could easily hold all four kids, plus us, comfortably. The kids were so excited about the weekend sleepover idea that they were oblivious to the fact that it meant Janet and I would be part of the sleepover, too. We stopped by a local "Take and Bake" pizza place to pick up dinner, and made a second stop to get popcorn for whatever the kids decided was a "movie" for the night.

Once back at the house, anybody walking in would have been unable to identify anything out of the ordinary. Two parents were working in the kitchen while their four kids played together. Though Janet and I were careful to make sure the kids didn't see anything, we played the part of mom and dad, flirting and messing with each other, lacing most of our conversation with sexual innuendo, and sharing the occassional dirty talk when the kids were out of earshot. For the kids, there was nothing odd, as they all know how close "Uncle Tom" and "Aunt Janet" are.

We baked the pizzas, and settled the kids down for dinner. Janet and I were kept busy trying to keep the plates and cups of four young children filled, and the kids had a wonderful time eating together. As they filled up on pizza, Janet and I prepared bedrooms. The plan was to put the two older kids on one room and the two younger kids in the other. That would leave the master bedroom for Janet and me. Janet dug out spare pajamas that would work for my kids, and we laid those out in the appropriate rooms. After a bit of "us" time, Janet and I headed back downstairs, her a bit red from the attention I had shown.

The kids were wrapping up dinner, and we sent them into the living room while Janet and I cleaned up after them. Janet set up the movie system with the show they picked (Meet the Robinsons) and her and I grabbed some dinner for ourselves. We sat in our usual positions at their table, with her on one end and me next to her on a side, but we sat much closer than normal, and EXTREMELY close for two people. That closeness allowed us to share intimate contact while we ate, confident any child headed our way would make enough noise to warn us of their approach.

We finished up all too quickly, then headed into the living room with the kids. Grabbing the popcorn and several bowls along the way, Janet handed out some to each of the kids. I helped out, getting a juice box ready for each of them. Snacks in hand, the kids settled back for the rest of the show.

The kids were so focused on the show that Janet and I were able to sit next to each other, under a blanket, on the couch. Janet rested one hand on my leg, and I took that hand in both of mine. Slowly, I shifted one hand from my lap to hers, and started to massage her leg. Rubbing her leg softly, barely moving at all, I made small circles with my fingers, caressing her just above the knee. Every short while, I would slip my hand up slightly, and soon my fingers were on Janet's inner thigh, nearly brushing against her crotch.

Janet looked at me, smiling, and took her hand out of mine. I felt her hands go to the button of her jeans. She undid the button, slid the zipper down, then took my hand and moved it to her abdomen, just above the waistband of her panties. Locking my gaze with hers, she nodded slightly as she shifted to spread her legs, pushing my hand into her panties with hers. With our kids on the floor not five feet away, Janet was encouraging me to finger her pussy. Not wanting to deny her anything, I eased my hand further into her panties until I reached her wet crotch.

I gently massaged her lips as Janet closed her eyes and fought to control her breathing. She opened her legs a bit more, giving me room to slide two fingers inside her and work them back and forth. Fucking her with two fingers, I rubbed her clitoris with a third. I struggled to show some restraint, so Janet wouldn't lose control of herself and her breathing. Any time the kids moved, my hand would freeze inside Janet's pussy. When that happened, I could feel her working the muscles of her vagina, grabbing at my fingers with the walls of her cunt.

In time, I started to slide my fingers faster and faster, then pushed a third finger inside Janet. Her breathing was becoming more ragged, though she was doing a good job of keeping the noise to a minimum. Janet obviously had experience making out in front of parents or friends.

As my fingering became more energetic, Janet neared the edge of another orgasm. I shifted one finger from her cunt back to her clit and gave her just the push she needed. She held her breath, clamped her legs tight around my hand, and whispered for me to stop. Her body shook as she attempted to control the climax ripping through her cunt and not raise the suspicions of the kids.

She needn't have worried, as they were totally enthralled by the movie. A scream might have distracted them, but they were completely unaware that Janet had just experienced a massive orgasm as a result of my finger fucking. With the kids attention directed at the t.v., I took the opportunity to slide my hands out of Janet's pants, and bring my fingers to my mouth, licking her juices off each finger that had been inside her. I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss, whispering, "A taste of what's to come."

Janet responded with a mock-evil glare saying, "You're evil and must be punished."

"What," said one of the kids.

"Nothing, Tom and I are just playing with each other. You watch the movie."

Janet and I settled in and watch the rest of the movie without too much heavy petting. Janet was wiped from her most recent orgasm, and I was afraid of what might happen if she pushed the limits with me. Besides, I was far more interested in fucking her than getting a handjob.

By the time the movie was over, Janet had her jeans back in order, and we started herding kids toward bed. After pushing four kids through changing to pajamas, washing hands, brushing teeth, stories and going to sleep, we were both ready for a break. Sure all four kids were actually asleep, we went back downstairs to spend some time relaxing.

"This is the point where Gary has usually been asleep for an hour or two," noted Janet.

"Wow," I replied, "The kids won't let Allison put them to bed if I'm home. So I'm always up until the kids are asleep."

"What? Are you up, now? Don't let that change just because the kids are in bed!"

Grabbing and tickling her, I said, "You know what I mean you naughty girl." Pulling her toward the couch, I said, "Now, what about our movie?"

"Really, Tom? Is there any sense in putting a movie on? How much will we watch?"

"Well, that depends. Are we going to head up to bed, or stay down here for a bit? We already broke in your bed and the couch in the other room. I don't recall fucking you on this couch, though."

"And now who's naughty? Didn't you just finger me to orgasm, there? Doesn't that count?"

"No, not really. Two things come to mind. First, my fingers and my dick are two different things. Second, I believe you were the only one to climax."

Pushing me onto the couch, Janet replied, "Is that all? Let's see if I can't fix that."

Once I was on the couch, she quickly unbuttoned my jeans, undid the zipper, and yanked my pants off. Throwing them to the side, she grabbed my underwear and pulled them off, as well. Now free, my cock sprang up, ready for some attention. Janet, ready to give that attention, knelt on the floor in front of the couch and leaned down, taking my shaft into her open mouth.

As my cock slid into her mouth, Janet slid her tongue along its length, lubricating it with her saliva. Each time her mouth slid up, she would play with the tip of my dick with her tongue. Pre-cum, combined with her saliva, worked to quickly turn my cock into a slippery pole for her tongue and mouth to dance on. As she continued to suck and lick, Janet grabbed my shaft with her hand, jacking me off to the rhythm of her slobbering tongue. Without the kids to worry about, I was breathing heavily, moaning lustily. The site of my cock sliding in and out of her mouth was a major turn on, and my hands worked to free her from her clothes.

I sat up to better position myself, and Janet shifted her position to do the same. I pulled her shirt up and off, forcing her to slip my cock out of her mouth momentarily. As soon as her shirt was off, Janet dove back onto my cock, sucking hard, working the shaft with her tongue. Reaching behind her, I unhooked Janet's bra and slid it off her arms. Leaning back, I watched my best friend's wife, half naked, suck my cock all the way into her mouth. The site was too much and I got ready to shoot my cum into Janet's mouth.

She felt me start to tense up, and increased her tempo along with the pressure she exerted with her sucking. One last lick was all it took and I experienced my second climax of the day, this time into Janet's mouth. She continued sucking until there was no more cum, then slid my cock out of her mouth.

"There. No YOU had an orgasm."

"Sure," I answered. "But that doesn't address the difference between my fingers and my cock."

Janet, knowing how spent I must be, said, "I'm not sure we're going to be able to do anything about that, right now."

"Not for a bit, anyway. But we can still lay here, watch some t.v. and perhaps have a drink."

Still naked, Janet got up and ran into the kitchen. She came back with a couple of beers and handed one to me. I sat there staring at her body, amazed that it was mine to fuck all weekend. Janet sat down on the couch next to me, and started to kiss me between sips of beer. Taking her in my arms, we laid down on the couch, with Janet in front of me. Reaching around her, I pulled Janet into my body, cupping her breasts in my hands. She wiggled her ass, rubbing my cock with her butt cheeks. Lifting Janet's black hair, I started to kiss her neck and shoulders. We rested back, cuddling on the couch, and I pulled a blanket off the back to cover ourselves.

We watched some t.v. while we snuggled, occassionally caressing each others bodies. Eventually, Janet reached back and started to stroke my limp cock. With her hand on my shaft, it quickly went from limp to solid. As Janet jerked my meat, I started to fondle her titties, rubbing her nipples until they were standing straight out.

"Well, I'd say you might be ready to go, Tom."

"Maybe, but there's something I want to do, first." Rolling off the couch, I took Janet's hand and pulled her down into my arms. "Why don't you turn around and straddle me. I want to return the favor you did for me."

Janet got onto her knees, face my feet, and put one leg on each side of my head. She lowered herself down until her pussy was touching my face. As she did, I said, "And no turning this into a 69. You just take what I give."

With that, I pulled her down and ran my tongue along her wet slit. Forcing the lips apart, I probed until I found her clit, which I started to suck into my mouth. Janet started to quiver in anticipation as my tongue flicked over her button. Then, I worked my tongue back to her cunt and shoved it as far as possible into her pussy. As Janet started to gently rock her hips, I began to quickly tongue-fuck her. Pulling her down more tightly, I flicked her lips more forcefully, then started to suck at her lips with my mouth. Janet responded by bucking her hips harder until she was bouncing on my face. I shoved my tongue back into her cunt, causing Janet to start to scream in ecstasy. With my tongue buried deep inside her, I reached up with one hand to finger her clitoris. The combined effect caused Janet's pussy to start quivering as an orgasm started building. Feeling her body tense in expectation, I started to flick my tongue across her pussy and clit more with more force. Finally, Janet could take no more. The tongue lashing pushed her over the edge and she started to cum as the orgasm hit her.

Lapping at her juices, I continued to suck on Janet's pussy. Janet's body was shaking from the orgasm, and she had to roll off my face to stop the contractions.

As she rolled onto the ground, I rolled and knelt between her legs. Before she could totally recover from the climax, I leaned into her and shoved my cock where my tongue had so recently been. Janet screamed out as I drove myself inside her, and a second massive orgasm hit her body. She pulled me into her, and I pumped my cock into her like a piston. The contractions of her pussy quickly drove me to my own climax. As Janet continued to whimper and moan, I shot my second load of cum into her cunt.

Pulling me into her, Janet continued to moan. My cock slid out of her pussy, causing her to shiver with the thrill of our lovemaking. "God, Tom, that was incredible. I haven't been fucked like that in a long time. I hope it's only a sign of what's to come the rest of the weekend."

"It was incredible for me, too. Why don't we work our way to bed. We can see what the morning holds, and dream about tomorrow night."

Janet stood up, took me by the hand, and led me to her bed. Our bed.

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2009-11-25 18:26:34
What's with the constant pregnancy requests? I'm a new father, and I promise you it does nothing for the sex life.
Also not to be a grammar nazi but, hot4fam, 'site' is a place, a view is a 'sight' . Sorry but you seem to be consistently getting that mixed up so it's an error rather than mistake and it's easily corrected. There, I am a grammar nazi. But I love the stories


2009-11-19 23:16:19
As posted on "The Opportunity," this is a different series. Note the different names, the different situations, etc. Different fantasies. Sorry if it gets confusing. I actually have several different themes going. I guess I'll hold off on a couple of the other ideas until I can sort of wrap these up. "A Simple Irony" will be a shorter series. "The Opportunity" has quite a few things in the works. Thanks for the positive feedback.

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2009-11-19 00:05:37
Good story. Pregnancy and the patter of little feet is next.

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2009-11-18 20:42:45
Great story. I just don't know why you had to change the name mid-stream.

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