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There are three men who every weekend go fishing. They've been doing it since they were kids--same fishing hole. One weekend one of them decides to go off and get married, so the other two go fishing. A little while later the third one comes walking down the path with his fishing pole.his buddy looks up and says, "I thought you got married today?"
He replies, "Yup I did."
"Well how come you're not home consummating your marriage?"
"Can't do it,," he says, "she's got gonorrhea."
"Well why don't you bend her over and come in from behind?"
"Nope she's got diarrhea."
"Well," he says, "what about oral sex?"
"Can't do it! She's got pyorrhea."
His other buddy says, "Why did you marry this girl anyway?"
"Well," he says, "she's got worms too and you know how I like to go fishing!"
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