A few months passed. We played with each others body everytime we got a chance but rarely did something new. Until one day when I returned from school (in a shirt and a knee length skirt). I found Shane lying on the couch watching television. I just went and sat near his legs on the couch. He told me that I should change my clothes and have lunch before I sit (a rule set by my mother). I refused and said I am too tired for that. He just nodded his head in agreement. We watched a silly movie for some while before I felt Shane legs against my thighs. He continued to move his legs up my thighs touching my inner thighs with his toe and spreading my legs apart. His toe then reached my pussy. He started rubbing it, we were both aware what was going on. I was enjoying the feel of his cold toes and the way he was struggling to get his toe inside my panty. Once his toe was inside my panty he rubbed on and around my pussy, I was really enjoying it and so was he.
Shane-“If you don’t want to change at least take off you panty.”
I knew it didn’t make any sense but that was also what I wanted. I took off my panty and sat back the way I was sitting. Shane continued to work with his legs. Seeing Shane I felt compelled to return his favor so I starting rubbing his penis over his jeans.
After a while he stood up and asked me to follow him to the kitchen so that I can have something to eat. I went for my panties but he stopped me and said I didn’t need them as no one else was there. I didn’t disagree, how could I, I always wanted to roam around in house with nothing on. In the kitchen he made me sit on the table and went to heat up something for me. I sat so that he would have a full view of my preteen pussy. He gave me my food and continued with some of the chores. After a few while he came close to me with an ice cube in his hand. He gave me a tight hug and during the hug put that ice cube against my pussy. I never knew something so cold can also feel like burning. He rubbed it on my cunt and vagina. I stopped resisting and starting enjoying it. It made me want to pee. Soon the ice cube was all water and my skirt a little wet. Shane loosened the hold on me and left me with a sly smile.
Shane laid dominant till I finished my meal, he then asked me to if I wanted him to help me change. I said yes.
He then took me to my room unbuttoned my blouse and took it off, he then went on to take off my sports bra off followed by my skirt. I was completely naked by now. He studied my naked body, a sign of bumbs on the chest and hairless perfect pussy. A pussy which was never penetrated into, Shane had tried but never forced his finger inside my pussy. He then went to my wardrobe and asked me what I wanted to wear. I pointed out panty, sports bra and top and jeans to him. He gave me a silly look and said that he will select my dress today. He took out a short skirt and a tight top. He said that I wont be needing the inner wears for a while so this is all I needed to wear. I was more than satisfied with his decision. He went on to dress me and then asked me to do my shoulder length hair into two pony tails.
After we were done dressing me up he asked me to accompany him to his room. There he sat in front of his computer and asked me to sit on his lap. He asked me if I wanted to see someone naked. I got excited as I really wanted to and said yes
Shane said-“Well I will show you those photos and videos, meanwhile you should play with my penis.”
Saying that he took off his shorts let his penis free and asked me to sit on his lap with my legs spread and his penis between them. I did so, and his penis was hidden beneath my skirt and was touching my pussy.
Shane- “Now put one of your hand inside your skirt and rub my penis against your pussy.”
I followed his orders while he did something on the computer. After a few seconds I saw the monitor and saw a young girl 16 17 taking a bath. She was completely naked and was rubbing her body parts while making noises. Shane then quickly changed the video and showed me a video of sex. The video was really a close view of pussy so I could clearly see the penis inserting the pussy. I wondered if I could ever to that. Not that I have never tried but I have never been brave enough to force my finger inside my pussy.
After that I saw 4 5 more small clips of sex, meanwhile I could feel Shane’s penis getting all loaded up. After the end of the 7th video Shane got up and took me to bed. He made me lie down, I could feel that for some reason Shane was behaving strangely, now I know he was too much horny then. He asked me to give him a blow, I usually resisted when it came to blow jobs but that day Shane didn’t take no for an answer, he insisted and I had to take his penis into my mouth. With sucked and licked his penis, I ran my tongue on its tip and while holding it hard with my lips gave him a blow job. With a shot he cum inside my mouth. It was the first time he cummed inside my mouth. I spit the whole thing, but he was happy with it.


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I'd be happy to help, animal. I'll PM him, shall I?

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come on, thats awesome!


2012-10-24 15:53:49
ashweta69 - What you need is an editor who speaks the English Language and can correct mistakes like your.

Those who are SO critical of his English must be experts so why don't you guys volunteer to fix his stories?

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Was he circumsized and did you swallow his cum?

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Really shitty story , no real base line , bad language errors and absolutely no detail .....

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