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Erika spends the rent money her mom left her and becomes a sex slave
KEY: M+/f, teen, slave, rough, blowjob, anal, sex slave, humil, DP, cum,
swallowing, facial

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The next morning (day 3), I walk into the kitchen and find Erika making
breakfast. She is in a black bra and lace thong. I walk in the kitchen
and slap her ass, hard. I pull down her thong and spread her legs. I
unzip my pants and grab her hair. I shove my cock right in her tight ass
and spin her around, away from the counter. I push her down a little, and
use both my hands to hold onto her hair as I pound her in the ass. She
starts moaning and screaming with great pleasure.

"Put your hands behind your back bitch," I command.

"Ahhhhhh, yes Masttteeerrrrrr....AHHHhhhh, ooOOOOOOOOhhhHHHH!!" she
screams as she clasps her hands behind her back. I grab her wrists with
one hand, while the other hand pulls on her hair hard.

"Bark!!" I exclaim.

"BARK BARK WOOF BARK," she yelps.

"LOUDER!!," I scream and I slap her ass hard.


I take my cock out of her ass and shove it in her cunt. I pound her
hard as her bubble-butt bounces off me. When I get ready to cum, without
warming, I ooze a thick wad inside her cunt. I yank the cock out and let
go of her, instantly she slobbers over my cock and swallows the remaining
cum off my shaft. She then starts fingering herself and takes the cum out
of her cunt and licks her fingers clean.

"Thank You Master."

"Thank you for what bitch?"

"Thank you for this hot cum of yours. I love it Master. I want more."

I shove her aside and yell her to bring me my breakfast. I go into the
dining room and sit down. In a few minutes Erika walks in with a plate of
eggs and coffee. She places it front of me and waits while I eat. A short
while the doorbell rings. I tell Erika to get it. It was only 6:30 AM and
I wondered who it would be at the door at this time. Erika opened the door
and it was Joe Alpine, my neighbor from a block away. He looked at Erika
in her bra and thong and double-checked the adddress.

"Is, uhhh, Robert home?" Joe asks no sure if he was interupting anything
and should leave.

She let Joe in and says,"Master you have a visitor."

Joe sees me eating breakfast and says,"Master? Did I just walk into the
Twilight Zone?"

"Hey Joe, come on in. You hungry?"

"Depends on what you mean by hungry,"Joe says and laughs at his own lame
joke. He walks in and sits at the chair next to me. Erika is back next to
me with her hands behind her back. Joe keeps staring at her and then
finally says,"so you gonna tell me what the fuck is going on what?"

"Tell him what you are and what's going on here," I tell Erika not
looking at her. My eyes stay on Joe. I want to see his reaction when
Erika tells him.

"I am his whore, a stupid whore who just needs to be fucked. My Master
is kind enought to plug all my holes," Erika says lookig at Joe.

Joe sits back, looks at Erika then at me, and back at Erika. "Dude,
really, wtf is going on here? You want me to come back later?"

"Haha, no Joe, I'm serious. Well, she's serious. I own this stupid
bitch for some time. Call it payment for her dumbass actions. She does
what I say, when I say, and above all, she obeys like a well trained dog. And, if she doesn't I punish her like a bad dog. Watch this, take off your
bra and thong, and sit on Joe's lap," I command.

Erika removes the bra and slides her index fingers into the thong
strings and pulls it down. She steps out of them and walks over to Joe who
is speechless and his jaw open. Erika sits on his lap and puts her right
arm around his shoulder. Her left tit is pressed against his chest. he
automatically rests his left arm on her lap and lets the fingers go up

"Dude, how the fuck did you manage this??"

"That, my friend, is none of your business. Just enjoy the show. Feel
her tits, she has amazing tits."

Joe lifts his hands off her lap and grabds Erika's tit and squeezes
them. He pinches her nipple hard. "Veery nice tits. But this ain't right.
I'm married!"

"hahaha, I don't see Janet here do you?"

"No, but what if she," pointing at Erika, "says something to Janet?"

"Dude don't be stupid. I own this dumb bitch. She doesn't speak if I
don't tell her to. Tell him," I said.

"My Master is right. I only open my mouth when asked to talk or to suck
on a cock," Erika says.


Joe eyes me, then shrugs and continues to grope Erika's tit. He
squeezes it hard and lifts it, and places his tongue on her nipple and
licks it. He then puts the whole tit in his mouth and sucks on it. He
clamps down on her her nipple hard causing her to jump on his lap.

"Taste good too," Jow says.

"HA! Dude let the bitch clean the table and get ready for school" I
said. And, with that, Erika is gone.

Joe just watches as Erika leaves the room.

"You are a bad friend man. Tempting me like this," Joe.

"Admit it, you enjoyed every bit of it."

"Yeah, I enjoyed it. Who the fuck wouldn't?"

After about twenty minutes, I hear Erika open the side door, when I yell
her name. She comes running into the dining room and says,"Yes Master?"

Joe sees the school girl uniform and smiles wide. I look at Erika and
say,"Remove your thong."

Erika lifts up her skirt and slides her thong off. She picks it up and
puts it in my extended hand. I throw the thong on the table and tell her
she can now go to school. She says bye and walks out the door. I look at
Joe and say, "Shoulda told her to remove the bra too."

Joe just stares at the thong and nods approvingly. Joe is a 49 y/o man,
but could pass for 30 easily. His wife Janet, who is a toal MILF lives a
block away with their 2 sons. Even though Joe and I are about 20 years
apart, we joke around like old college pals. Truth be told Joe is not a
pompous ass who thinks he knows it all. He's a cool guy that makes joking
around fun.

"So what the fuck you doing here at this time anyways?"

"Well, the kids have Monday off for some state hoilday. And Janet
wanted to go visit her parents, ya know, cause her mom is sick and all. So
I just dropped them off at the airport. We called last night, but no
answer. Annnnnd, now I know why," Joe says.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah? When they coming back? Haha, you called last night,
man we were out," I said.

"Yeah well, I came by to see if you wanted to chill tonight. Ya know,
no wife and no kids makes Joe wanna have fun.....buuuutttt now that I know
what you have at home, I understand if you tell me to get lost," Joe says.

"Dude, why don't you come here tonight. We can have loads of fun here.
Erika will cater to each of our whims,"I said.

"Man, I can't. I can't cheat on my wife," Joe says, not convincgly

"Dude, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is never, ever,
ever going to happen again. She can do things Janet would never do, or
things you'd never wanna do to Janet. Besides, you don't even have to fuck
her. Just have some fun with her."

"Looked like fun this morning. I'll come by, if i'm up to it. No
promises, ok?"

"OK! See you at 7 then." I know for a fact that he will come. No way a
straight man, after seeing Erika naked and feeling her up, would miss this

The rest of the day goes blah-blah. I do some work, make some calls and
cater to some of my clients. As soon as 4PM hits, I hear Erika unlocking
the side door and she steps in. She walks into the kitchen, strips, puts
on the dog collar with the leash, and comes into the computer room. Little
does she know, that I have a client in the room. As soon as Erika walks in
and see the man, she stops short. Unsure of what to do, she just stands
there. My client sees her and stops talking. right in front of her was a
sexy teenage girl with just a bra and a dog collar with a leash. I tell
Erika that i'm in the middle of something and tell her to get on her knees
and wait. She does as she's told. My client while trying hard to
concentrate keeps eyeing Erika.

"She's lovely isn't she?" I say.

"Mhmmm," was Ross could muster. Ross was a 40-ish year old man. He was
tall and skinny and thick beard. He stroked his beard and eyed Erika

"Erika come over here," I said.

Erika stand and walks over to me, passing Ross. She stands in front of
me, and I grab the leash and pull it down. The force of the tug cuasing
Erika to fall on her bubble butt on the carpet. I lean behind her, and
unclasp the bra. I throw the bra away and tell Erika to go sit on Ross'
lap, facing him. Erika walk over, and sits on Ross' lap. She lifts one
leg up and puts it down and slowly lowers her ass on his thigh. She wraps
her hands behind his back and puts her head on his shoulder. Ross
immediately grabs onto Erika's ass.

"So Ross, what were we saying? The issue with the invoice?"

"What? Invoice? What issue? I'll make sure my secratery pays the bill
tomorrow," Ross says as he uses both his hands and grabs Eriak's ass hard.

"I'm glad there's no issue. I need to make a phone call so i'll be
right back. Erika, look after Ross. I want no complaints from him, got
it?" I said as I got up and walked out the room.

"Yes Master," was all I heard. Outside the door, I peaked into the room
to see what would happen next.

Ross kept feeling Erika's ass and then he tugged on the leash. Her head
jerked backwards hard. He pulled it hard and her body started leaning
backwards. Using his other free hand, he sqeezed Erika's tit and pinched
her nipples. He put it in his mouth and started sucking on it. Erika
started moaning. He licked her nipples and then bit into her tit like it
was an ice-cream cone. She let out a soft yell. He let go of the leash
and told her to get off him. As Erika did, Ross grabbed the leash so Erika
couldn't move too back. He started massageing her pussy. He put on finger
in and then two. Ross started finger fucking Erika, and Erika started
moaning and biting her lower lip.

"You like don't you?"

"YEEESSSss!!!!" she said.

Ross started finger-fucking her harder and harder. Soon he had in four
fingers and went at it rather roughly.

"AAAAAAAhhhhhhhh, OOOohhhhhhhhhhh, Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh," Erika
started moaning.

Ross then slid his fingers out, unzipped his pants and got up. He
lifted Erika off the floor and wrapped her around his waist. As soon as
her legs were wrapped around his waist, he guided his stiff cock into
Erika's cunt and started bouncing her up and down.

"AUUUGGGHHHHHH YYYEAAAHHHHHH," Ross yelled, "Fuck YEAH! What a fucking
whore!! Say you're a whore!"

"I'm a whore! A white trash fuck whore!" Erika yelled.

Ross keeps bouncing her up and down and up down, then all of a sudden he
let go and throws her on the floor. As she landed on her ass, Ross squirts
her with his cum. His continuous stream of cum hits her in the face, hair
and chest. He then tops it all off by spitting in her face and ramms his
cock in her mouth.

"Suck it clean whore!"

Erika wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked it dry. She licked
his balls and cock and even his hands. Ross grabbed her hair and pushed
her aside. He lifted his pants, and before leaving he spit in her face
again,"Stupid dumb fuck. Because of you I gotta pay the over-priced

As he walked out the room, he bumps into me and smiles.

"We good?" I ask.

"Yes we are. I'll have that invoice paid tomorrow." Ross said and left
the house.

Inside, Erika stood up and faced me as I walked in the room. She was
covered in cum and spit. Her hair was all tousled and fell across her
face. Drops of spit and cum fell off her chin and onto her tits. What a
lovely site. I quickly take out my camera phone and snap a few pics.

"Go clean up bitch," I said. And, Erika left the room.

About 30 minutes later, she came back down all clean and smelling like
irish spring. Of course, she was naked, she didn't want to make the same
mistake as last time. her hair was damp and fell over her shoulders. She
came into the living room, and I yanked on the leash pulling her to the
ground. I ran my hands through the wet hair and slapped her.

"You left cum on the carpet!"

"I'm sorry Master," She replied.

I slapped her again. "You are one worthless dumb fuck, you know

"Yes, I do Master. I am worthless. Only good for fucking and nothing
more," she replies.

I let go of her and tell to put the green dress I left for her on her
bed. I gave her 30 seconds to come back up. It was only 6PM, and I wanted
to have fun with her. The green dress Erika wore was the same dress she
wore a few months back. The dress was short and clung onto all her curves
very well. When she wore it a few months back she had pranced around it
around me all day long. Constantly stretching and bending over. She even
sat down parting her legs and giving me a glimpse of her white satin
panties. I never forgot that image. Today, I wanted others to see her in
this dress, minus the panties. As we walked out the house, I picked up her
vibrator and cell phone. We got in car and drove towards her school. In
the football field there were only about 3 or 4 guys there. From a
distance they looked like players just relzing, but as we got closer, I saw
they were from the marching band. Their instruments were placed on the
bleachers under their backpacks and jackets. I instructed Erika what she
had to do, and I sat down out of vieew and watched the show.

Erika walked over to them, when they saw her they stopped and started
staring at her. No doubt they recognized her from school. Hard to miss a
stunning beauty as Erika. She kept walking past them and sat on the
bleachers a few away. She leaned back, resting her elbows on the seats in
the second row. She spread her legs a little just as a gust of wind blew.
The wind lifted her skirt up above her waist, clearly showcasing her tight
shaved cunt. The guys stopped talking and just started at her. She smiled
at them, and lifted an instrument she was carrying. She turned it on and a
soft vibrating sound eminated. She moved her instrument between the legs
and stared massageing her pussy. She insterted it in and started digging
it in deeper and deeper. Erika started moaning and rubbing her tits with
the other hand. The guys stood there bewildered and awe-struken. They
looked at each and then at her. Sone of the guys started rubbing their
cocks. Erika, meanwhile, kept at it. The vibrator started making sounds
but her moans over powered it. She rubbed her tits and pulled on her
nipples. She started at the guys directly and bit her lower lip. The
vibrator went in deeper and her moans got louder. She went at it for a few
minutes until she reached climax. Her moans and screams got louder and
louder and she spread her legs even farther apart. When she had her
orgasm, she slid the vibrator out which was covered in her pussy juice.
She looked at the guys dead-on, and licked the vibrator clean. She pushed
the vibrator in her mouth as much as she can and started pretending she was
doing a blowjob. She shoved the vibrator in as far back as she can then
pulled it out. She got up and walked over to the guys. She brushed her
hands over their cocks and smiled and walked away. The guys just stood
there staring at each other and thinking the same thing: WTF was that?????

Back in the car, I slap her lap hard and said it was a good show. Much
better then last time, BUT none of the guys made a move. I told her she
wasn't convincing enough and we'll try this again tomorrow. All she said
was yes master.

As we drive away from the school, I look at my watch and it was almost
7PM. my neighbor Joe Alpine would be almost home. By the time I got home,
Joe was sitting in his car in the drive way. When he saw my car pull up,
he smiled and got out of the car.

"I was about to leave," he says and Erika and I get out of the car.

"Bullshit. You woulda stayed here till 10!" I quip back.

Joe looks at Erika and says,"Maybe".

As we enter the house, Erika enters the kitchen and strips out of the
dress. She puts on the dog collar and leash and comes into the livingroom
with two beers, naked. Joe reaches out for the can, but his eyes were
clearly on her tits. He leans back, opens the can and takes a sip.

"So what's the plan for tonight?"

"Anything. We get order some food, go out, play with her..." I said and
took a long sip.

Joe gets up, walks over to Erika and palms one of her tits while chugs
another sip with his other hand. "I'll hand it to you man. She is one
fucking hot slut."

"You already grabbed her tits, finger her. She is TIGHT!" I said.

Joe started moving his hands down her stomach and between her legs. He
slid in on finger and then two. "Whhhoooaaa. Only a teen can be this
fucking tight. As you get older it gets less and less tight." He continues
to finger her and Erika starts to moan.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I yell at Erika, "Dumb bitch loves to moan and

Joe fingers her harder and now with three fingers and Erika bites her
lower lip being very careful not to make a sound. Joe starts going in and
out faster and faster and Erika starts trembling. Her knees get a little
weak and she almost falls, but Joe keeps her standing. Joe takes out his
fingers which are covered in pussy juice and sticks one finger after
another in Erika's mouth. She licks it clean.

"How does it taste?" Joe asks.

"Not as good as cum," she replies.

"HAHA, good slut," Joe says and sits back down.

I pick up the phone and call Domino's. I place my order. About 30
minutes later the doorbell rings, and I tell Erika to get the food. She
walks over to the door and opens it. The pizza guy takes on look at her
and drops the soda bottle on the floor. He scrambles to pick it up.

"Whoa, ummm, 19.99," the delivery guy says.

Erika takes the pizza and the soda and walks back into the livingroom.
The pizza guy walks into. His eyes are glued on Erika's ass.

"How much is it?" I ask.

He looks at me and Joe and gets a little disappointed. I think he was
hoping it would only be Erika home alone. He quotes me price, and I laugh.

"Listen man. I don't the money. Buuuuttttt tell you what. I'll let
you throat fuck her if you give us the pizza for free."

"Hells yeah," the pizza guy says. He quickly unbuckles his pants and
walks over to Erika. Erika, who is already on her knees, pulsl down his
pants and goes to work. By now she must have sucked almost 10 cocks and it
was only day 3! The pizza guys, clearly having had his cocks sucked
before, wraps one hand around her head, and the other one places it over
her throat.

"Stick the tongue out bitch," the pizza guy orders.

Erika sticks out the tongue.

"Look at me. That's it. Look at me while I shove my cock in further."

Erika tries to keep her eyes open as the pizza guy slides his cock in
deeper and deeper into the throat. His cock is stiff hard and as it goes
in half way, he can't shove it in more. But he still tries. She makes a
gagging sound and he pulls out. He tries this again. He removes his hands
from her throat and uses both hands to grab her hair. he gets directly in
center of her and starts pounding her. She makes those awesome gagging
sounds and sucking sound. Joe and I sit there and cheer on our new friend
while we have some pizza. Joe, not wanting to be left out, gets up and
walks over to Erika and the pizza guy. He undoes his pants and shoves the
pizza guys aside. Joe then shoves his cock in Erika's throat and rams it
in much harder. Almost instanly Erika gags. He slaps her with his cock in
her mouth and tells her to shut up. The pizza guy gets behind Erika, and
puts his hands between her legs and starts massaging her wet cunt. He uses
his other hand and slaps her tits. He slaps her tits again and again and
again. Her right titty starts bouncing in the air. It jiggles on every
contact with his hand. She tries to scream but Joe's cock is in deep in
her throat. The pizza guy pulls in the leash, but her head doesn't jerk
back as Joe is still holding onto the back of he head. The pizza guys
keeps pulling on the leash and twisting her nipples. They take turns
throat fucking my sex slave. While one has his cock in her mouth the other
one is fingering her or slapping her tits. The pizza guys lets out a thick
wad of cum in Erika's mouth and before she can swallow. I order to her not
to. I tell her to keep it in her mouth, and walk over and jerk off in her
mouth. I also cum in her mouth and tell Joe to do the same. Joe, always a
showoff, not only cums in her mouth but also hits in her eyes. When Joe
empties his load in her mouth, I tell Erika to gargle the cum but to
swallow. I walk over the pizza and grab a slice. I walk over and tell her
to spit the cum onto the slice. When she does, I tell her to user her
tongue and spread the cum all over the slice. After she finishes, we all
sit down and watch Erika gobble down the cum topping slice with great

"Now that's a good whore," I said.

"Man I wish all my deliveries were like this," said the delivery guy.
He got up, and walked over to Erika and slapped her tits one more time and
headed out the door.

"Now what?!?" asked Joe excited like a little kid in a candy store.

"I dunno man. What you feel like doing?"

Joe calls Erika over. When she walks over, he grabs the leash and yanks
on it hard. Erika falls into his lap, and he cups her tits. She sits back
and says, "Can we go out and have fun with her?"

I laugh and said,"You read my mind!"

I order Erika to go clean up and come back down. While she went to
clean up, I went through her closet and pulled our a yellow skirt and white
top from her closet. The skirt was one size too small on her and everytime
she sat it rode up. She wore that a few months back and teased the hell
outta me. Now, it was payback time! About 30 minutes later, she came back
down. I threw the clothes at her and told her to dress. Joe sat
motionless in the couch watching Erika slide the skirt on and fasten the
button on the side. Then watched her put the shirt on, and button each
button one by one. When she finished she looked up and said, "I'm ready

I grab the leash and walk out, it was 10PM, the night was young.


"Where we going?" asked Joe. Erika was sitting on his lap in the
back-seat. His hands were clasped over the tits and he was pinching her

"Dunno, I feel hungry. wanna get some food?" I asked.

"Sure. I know of a nice place. Take a left on Union and Pine," Joe

I followed Joe's direction, and pulled into the parking lot of a
Chinese-Indian restaurant, Ming Masala. I get out of the driver's seat,
and from the back seat Erika steps out, followed by Joe. I grab the leash
and we walk into the restaurant.

"I know the owner, we can get a nice booth in the rear. Just like how
she likes it huh?" Joe says.

We walk in, and the place is semi-crowded. We see two tables in the
corner with men drinking and laughing out loud. The flat-panel TV is
turned onto a basketball game, Knicks vs Lakers. A man walks over, sees
Erika on the leash and shifts his eyes over at me. I just smile and tug on
the leash a little. Joe tells the guy he wants to see the owner. A few
seconds later, a burly man in his late fifties walks over.

"Joe! You fucking rascal! Long time no see."

"Ahh c'mon, Wei! Where else can I get over-priced crappy food that's
burnt half the times?"

Wei looks over at Erika, sees the leash and then looks at me, "Who're
your friends?"

Joe introduces me and Erika and asks for a nice booth in the rear. Wei
escorts us over to the booth, we walk past the drinking guys when one of
them sees Erika and the leash. "If she misbehaves, lemme know!" And, all
his buddies laugh.

I turn around and say, "Will do!"

We sit, and order out food. Erika stands next to me with her hands
behind he back. I tug on the leash from time to time just for fun.

"Holy shit! I knew I recognized you! You're the guy from the mall.
Remember me? I helped pick out a lingerie for your girl?" said a guy.

I look up, and tried to put a name to the face but couldn't.

"I'm guessing you forgot. I'm Tom. I helped pick out a lingerie piece
for your girl. Remember? The guy that said the underwear was clashing?"

"Ahh, now I remember!! Tom, how's it going man?"

"Not bad. Just a bunch of the guys hanging out here," replied Tom. He
looked over at Erika and the leash and smiled, "Hey, remember me?"

Erika nodded. I pulled the leash hard and said,"Tom is asking you a
question. Answer him with respect!"

"Yes, I remember you," Erika said.

"Why don't you and your fiends join us," I said.

"Don't mind if we do," Tom said and walked over to the guys. The guys
looked up and saw Erika, and all at once they jumped outta their chairs and
walked over. There were eight guys. They all looked like in their
late-thirties or early-forties. We all introduced ourselves.

Tom sat across from me and said,"So how'd she like the lingerie?"

"She hasn't worn it yet", I said.

"Tis a shame. Her body was made of clothes like that," Tom said. He
then told his buddies Erika was the girl from the mall. They all looked at
Erika from head to toe and smiled, laughed and howled, "there fuckers
thought I was making this shit up, haha."

"Nah guys, Tom here really helped pick out a nice lacey number for her.
She loves it. Just she hasn't gotten around to wearing it," I said.

"She has the most amazing pair of tits I've ever seen on a chick. So
soft and ample," Tom said,"I'll be honest, I wanted to reach over and just
slap them!"

"Most guys wanna," said Joe. He chugged down a glass of Bud.

"Tom is complementing you so much, don't you wanna thank him?" I said to

"Yes Master." She walks over and sat on Tom's lap. Tom wraps his left
arm around Erika and reaches for her tit with his right hand and squeezes

"Very fucking soft," he says and takes a swift of his beer,"get whatever
you guys want. It's on me." He then gropes Erika again.

"Well we know she has amazing tits, does she have an ass?" says one of
Tom's buddies.

"Hell fucking yeah. Like a fucking bubble butt," Tom says.

"Maybe the guys would rather see it," chimes in Joe.

"Well it's up to Erika. If she wants to," I said and take a sip of my

"Yes Master! I want to show them my amazing ass. Can I please?
Please????" Erika begs.

"If you want to..." I trailed off.

Erika gets off Tom's lap and slides the skirt off. As her pussy was
exposed the guys started hollering and hooting. She then goes on to remove
the shirt too. When she is fully undressed she turns arounds and bends
over. The guys all holler and hoot. Tom reaches for the leash and pulls
it hard and Erika falls over backwards. Her head lands on the guy sitting
next to Tom, and her ass plops into Tom's lap. Tom's buddy, whose lap
Erika's head is on, reaches over and squeezes Erika's tits.

"Fuck yeah their amazing!"

"I gotta feel this," Said another guy and he reaches over and gropes
Erika. He pinches the nipple hard and slaps her tit too.

One by one all the guys squeeze her tits and slap them. By the end,
Erika's tits are bring red.

"Now he ass!" One of the guys yells.

They then take turns slapping her ass, a few of guys stick their fingers
in her ass and cunt. While Tom's friends are exploring, Tom says to me,
"Is she a good fuck?"

"She's OK for now. I'm still training her to be a better cock-toy."

"I'm willing to help with that," Tom says and all the other guys
volunteered also.

"What do you think Erika? All these guys wanna help train you be a
better cock pleaser," I said.

"I would be honored if they did Master. I would love to satisfy you
just like the way you want," Erika said as one of the guys was slapping her
tits, and another guys stuck his finger in her ass.

"Well, then. That settles it! Let's get outta here and somewhere
else," I said.

"My crib is empty," said one of Tom's friends.

"Joe grab her clothes", I said. I grab Erika and walk her out the
restaurant naked. The guys follow Erika's ass and Tiom pays the bill.

I follow Tom to his buddies house. Erika is in the backseat, on Joe's

About ten minutes later we pull into a driveway. I walk Erika into the
living room.

"Mi casa and es casa," said Tom's friend.

Tom takes Erika and kisses her had on the mouth, he spreads her legs and
starts fingering her.

"Been wanting to do this to her the day I saw this cunt in the mall,"
Tom says and he slaps her tit with his free hand.

I sat on the couch, a beer in one hand and watched the show.

All the guys surrounded her. They force Erika on her knees, and one of
the guys sticks his cock in her mouth, and another one plants his in her
hands. They all take turns shoving their dicks in her mouth. Some guys
grab the back of her head and thrust their cocks in and out fast, sometimes
almost gagging her. Erika makes gurgling sounds as their pre-cum and her
spit mix in her mouth and throat. One guy goes behind Erika and spreads
her legs wide, he lifts her ass cheeks apart and thrusts his cock inside
her asshole. He grabs her ass and starts ramming her hard. The guy slaps
her ass so hard that with every "slap" his hand-prints leave a mark. After
a few smacks her ass is bright red. No sooner does he yank his cock out of
her ass when another guy shoves his in hard. Erika is now on all fours:
one guy shoves his prick in her ass while another shoves it down her
throat. A few guys pinch her tits and some start wacking their cocks on her
back and shoulders. All while they hoot and curse.

"Fuck yeah! Suck my cock bicth."

"AHhhhhh, man this slut is tight."

"Fucking tits are amazing."

Finally, the guys get tired to throat-fucking and ass-ramming her. They
lift Erika off the ground, and taking the leash Tom drags Erika to the
couch. He sits on the couch and Erika gets on top of him. Her wet cunt
slides inside his hard thick cock. Tom grabs the leash with one hand, and
a chunk of Erika's hair with the other and starts pounding her pussy. The
guys surround Erika, and one of the starts slapping her tits, while another
shoves his cock in her mouth. When Tom finishes with Erika, he yells NEXT,
and one of his buddies pulls Erika off Tom, and throws Erika on the counch,
face first. He grabs her legs, spreads them apart and start fucking her
doggie-style. Erika screams out loud. The guy rams her harder and harder,
faster and faster. When he finishes, he lets go of Erika and walks away.
Another guy takes his place. One by one all eight guys have their way with
Erika. When the last guy finishes pounding her, Tom takes Erika by the
leash and yanks her to the middle of the room, he shoves her on her knees
and without any warning, he explodes a load of thick cum all over her face.
The thick stream startles Erika who flinches a little. Tom, who still has
the leash in his hands, yanks it hard so Erika is still in the line of
fire. He keeps spewing cum all over her face. No sooner is Tom finished
when another guy unloads his wad on her cheek. His stream is much
thicker. As he's unloading, a third guy comes up and releases his load. The
fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh guys all come up to her one by one unloading
their jizz all over her. Before the last guy comes up, Erika is a
disgusting mess. Her face and hair is completely covered in cum. Rivers
of jizz slide down her face and chin and drip down her neck and tits. She
takes her hands and wipes the cum off her eyes so she can see.

"Man that's a fucking amazing sight," Said Tom.

"She looks like someone just dumped a gallon of milk all over her face
and tits," said Joe.

"Now it's my turn,"said the last and eighth guy. He walks up to Erika,
grabs the leash and says, "Open wide and say 'AHHHH'."

Erika obeys and he unloads a mountain of hot thick cum in her mouth.
The force of his stream is strong and thick that she chokes on it a little.
She spits out some of the cum as its coming at a faster rate. He takes his
cock and starts moving it left-to-right, like he's watering his backyard on
a hot summer day. The stream keeps on coming. He soaks her hair and face
even more. When he finally empties he says, "Now kiss my cock."

Erika kisses it.

All the guys are on the couch now, watching in amazement at their work
is plastered all over this naked hot teen slut.

Tom has his phone out and recored the last guys giving Erika a cum bath.
He played it back for us.

"You guys wanna see her lick all that cum off her body?" I asked.

All the guys said yes. Tom started recording on his phone again, as I
instructed Erika to lick the cum clean. Erika uses her hands to wipe the
cum from her forehead down to her chin. All the cum is in palm of her
hands, and she sips it down. She licks her fingers clean. Erika then
scoops up the cum off her tits and hair and sucks the cum off her

"Oh fucking shit, this bitch is amazing!" said Tom. as zooms in on her
and tits.

"Don't I know it. You think she can use the shower to clean up? I
don't want the whore getting my car dirty?" I ask.

Tom's friend said of course and told her it was the 1st room up the
stairs on the left. Erika gets up, and walks towards the stairs.

10 minutes later, one of the guys gets up and says, "Think I'll go in
the shower and make sure she don't need any help."

"Can't get enough?" Tom asks and his friend is going up the stairs.

"Fuck no! Gonna have a private one-on-one with that slut now."

Some of the guys turn on the TV and start watching a game on TV, few of
the others are watching the video clip of Erika getting a cum bath.

Tom gives me a beer and says,"Dude that bitch was tight! What's the
deal with you and her?"

"Nothing much. She does what I want, doesn't complain and obeys like a
well-trained puppy. What more does anyone need?"

"These guys are never gonna forget this night. Think we can do this

I laugh, and a take a sip of the beer,"I dunno."

"I'll make it worth your while."

"Oh yeah? I'm listening," I said.

"I know some guys who would pay good money to do what we just did to
her," Tom says.

"Define 'good money'", I said.

"I know some guys at work that would pay $300-$400 per person," Tom

"Is that right."

"Think about it. I get 4 extra guys, they pay $400 for the pleasure.
You could get $1600 for just sitting here."

"Sounds tempting. And I guess all these guys would be fucking for

"Haha, well, after tonight, I know they'd fork over $400 bucks too."

"Something to think about."

By this time Tom's friend comes back down and says,"Bitch is good for
one-on-one too!"

"My turn," says another guy and goes upstairs. One by one, all 8 guys
go upstairs for a one-on-one fuck session with Erika. 5 hours later Erika
comes downstairs. I look at my watch and it was 4 AM.

"Aiight guys, we gotta go," I said. I walk over to Erika to grab the
leash but it wasn't there,"Where the fucking leash?"

Erika feels her neck and says,"Sorry master. I took it off in the
shower and I forg---", Erika starts.

I slap her hard, and grab her hair and say,"DID I TELL YOU TO REMOVE THE

"No master."

I slap her a couple more times, hard. "Go upstairs, get the fuckin

Erika hurries upstairs and comes back down. This time with the leash
around her neck. I yank the leash hard and said,"Don't you ever embarrass
me in front of the guys!"

"Sorry master. I will never embarrass you again. I am a fucking nasty
filthy whore. A stupid fucking whore."

"Don't forget that! Now, thank each of these guys for letting you taste
their cum."

Erika walk over to each guy and thanks them. She gets on her knees,
folds her hands and thanks them for letting her be their cum dispatch.

I yank the leash and Erika gets on her feet.

"Tom here wants to invite you again. What do you think?" I ask Erika.

"I would be honored to be back here Master. I would do anything to
please my Master," Erika says.

"Well, Tom. There ya go. We'll be here Sunday night. Get ALL the guys
here around 8 o'clock," I said.

Tom nods, and smiles.

Joe and I leave, dragging Erika behind me.

Sunday night would be fun. Collecting $400 from each of these guys so
they can fuck Erika would be awesome. Things just got more interesting.


The next day, Saturday, was somewhat dull. Joe spent all day
fucking Erika. He knew he had one more day before his wife and
kids came home so he wanted to fuck this teen whore as much as he
can. On Sunday, Joe left around 5 o'clock to get his wife and
kids from the airport. Before he left he asked if I was taking
Erika to meet the guys, and I said hells yeah. I thought about
the offer Tom had and it was too good to pass up. I had actually
spoke to Tom early in the day and he said he had 12 guys all
lined up (same 8 guys from the other night, and 4 new guys). Tom
showed them the vid of Erika getting a cum bath and the 4 new
guys begged to be involved in the festivities. Tom had the price
all worked out: $400 per person, all 12 guys. $4800, cash.
After Tom left, I grabbed Erika by the leash and dragged her to
her bedroom in the basement. I went through the closet and found
a red dress, and I threw it at her and told her to put it on. I
took Erika by leash and walked to the car.

"We're going to go see Tom," is all I said.

"Yes Master," Erika replied.

We got to Tom's house about 30 minutes later. I rang the
doorbell with one had, all with holding the leash with the other
hand. Tom opened the door and smiled. Right away he kissed Erika
hard on the lips and took the leash from me and paraded Erika
into the living room. The 8 guys from Friday night were there
and when they saw Erika they hooted and yelled at her.

"Yo Bitch, back for more cock?"

"Nah, nigga, the whore is here for some more cum."

"We got plenty of both for this cum shore."

Tom walked her to the middle of the room and introduced the
new 4 guys. They were glued on Erika and smiled.

"Guys this is tonight's entertainment. We had fun two nights
ago, and, well, the slut loved it so much she begged to be here
again" Tom started. He turned on the TV and played back the clip
of Erika's cum bath on the 46" plasma TV. All the guys sat on
the couch or the chairs, facing the TV. Erika stood at an angle,
facing both the TV and the guys. On the plasma screen, Erika was
naked and on her knees. Already covered in so much cum it looked
a gallon of milk had exploded all over her. Then came the last
guy of the night. We all hear the last guy tell Erika to Open
wide and say 'AHHHH', and we heard Erika obey. The last guy let
out his cum sprinkler all over Erika and drench her even more.
When the cum shower was finished, Erika scooped up all the cum
and licked it clean off her fingers. As all the guys hooted and
whistled at the image of Erika on the plasma screen, I observed
Erika. She was smiling. It looked like she was enjoying
watching herself on TV getting a cum bath. All the guys were now
feeling their bulges and couldn't wait to start fucking Erika.
From the look on Erika's face, I had a feeling she wanted these
guys to get on her more. Tom walks over to Erika, and grabs the
leash and yanks it hard. When Erika is in the middle of the
room, right in front of the 12 man gangbang, Tom unzips her dress
and the red dress falls to the floor fast. Erika steps out of
the dress and stands naked in fromt of the guys.

Tom grabs her by the hair and kisses her hard on the mouth,
He moves his free hands over her tits and pinches them hard. She
squirms as Tom twists the nipples. Tom lets go of her, and looks
at the eager group of men all waiting to pounce Erika. "Derrik, I
believe your first."

Tom moved away and pointed his video camera at Erika. "Now
smile and tell everyone you can't wait to fuck all these cocks"

"I can't wait to fuck all these cocks. I want them in all my
holes. I'm a fucking cock-sucking filthy whore," Erika said
smiling right into the camera.

Derrik was a big black man. He got off the couch, and dropped
his pants to expose his monster cock. Erika saw the size of his
cock and her eyes widened. It looked like it was almost 12
inches long and 3 inches thick. He smiled and walked over to
Erika, stroking his cock along the way. Derrik circled around
Erika. He slapped her ass with such force the sound vibrated
around the room, Erika jumped a little. He reached around and
squeezed one of her tits, while he pinched the nipple of the
other one.

"On your knees bitch," Derrik commanded, and like a nice
trained slut, Erika obeyed.

Derrik placed his hands around Erika's head and slid his
monster cock into her mouth. He forced it in hard, Erika started
to gag, Derrik, pulled her head back and spit in her mouth and
then shoved his cock right back in. He shoved it in as far as he
could without making her puke. Erika's gag reflex had gotten
much better (after this was about her 30th cock she was sucking
for the time she became my slave. By the time all this was done
and over with, she's gonna suck close to a 100 cocks!) Derrik
start face fucking Erika a little harder and harder. Then a
Russian guy got off the couch and walked around Erika. Without
any warning, he spread Erika's ass and stuck his thick cock in
her ass so hard and fast that she bit down on Derrik's cock a
little. Derrik let out a little yell. He yanked his cock out of
her mouth and slapped her. He wrapped his hands around her hair
and slapped her again, all the while the Russian guy kept forcing
his cock in and out of Erika's ass.

"Do that again bitch, and i'mma gonna fuck you up!" Derrik
said, and shoved his cock in her mouth even harder. He let go of
Erika's hair and grabbed her ears and started face-fucking her
hard. The Russian dude held onto Erika's waist hard and didn't
let go. While Derrik bobbed her head with great force, the
Russian penetrated her ass from the other end, also with great
force. Then they switched positions. A few minutes later,
another two team went up and used Erika. Then the third team,
the fourth team and the fifth, and finally the sixth. After all
12 men had a two-on-one action, they all got up and surrounded

"Warm up is over!" Derrik said, as he picked up Erika and
tossed her over his shoulders and walked over to the couch. He
sat down and planted Erika on top. He took his monster cock and
pushed it into her tight cunt. As Erika started bouncing on him,
another guy, a white guy walked up behind her, pushed her down
and shoved his cock in her ass. Another guy walked around the
couch, and pulled her hair up, forcing her head upwards. He then
took his cock in shoved it into Erika's mouth. All of her holes
were being used. When the white guy finished, another black guy
took his place and rammed his thick cock in her ass. All the
guys rotated fucking her ass, while she was still riding Derrik
like a cowgirl. When the last guy fucked her ass, Derrik pushed
Erika off him, and she landed on the floor, on her ass. The
Russian guy picked her up right away. He bent her over the
couch, spread her legs and stuck his cock in her pussy,

"Time to fuck the bitch like a dog!" He snarled. Erika
grabbed the couch, pressing her fingernails into the fabric. The
Russian guy slammed into her with much force that you can hear
his balls slapping into her thighs. When he was done, another
black guy took his place, following by an Asian and another black
guy. Derrik went around the couch, grabbed her hair and placed
his monster cock in her mouth. He shoved it in deep.

"Stick your tongue out and lick my balls bitch!"

Erika stuck her tongue out as far as she could and licked his

After all twelve guys took their turn, Tom took Erika by the
hair and stood her in front of the room. Tom placed a 64 ounce
container on the floor and told all the guys to unload their jizz
in the container. One by one all the guys got up and shot their
load in the container. Most of all the guys had a huge thick wad
streaming out. By the time Derrik got up, the container was
about 58 ounces filled with cum. Derrik shot his load until the
container was filled to the rim. He then aimed the remainder of
his cum right on Erika, catching her off guard. His shot was
perfect: bullseye right in the middle of the forehead. When he
was finished, he told Erika to suck his cock clean. Erika, who
by now was a professional cock cleaner, sucked it dry.

"Come Erika, show the guys how thirsty you are," Tom said as
he pointed the camera on Erika and the cum-filled container. All
the guys took out their cell phones and started snapping pics or
recording a clip for themselves (no doubt this is going to end up
on some internet porn site by tomorrow). Erika carefully picked
up the container, put it to her lips and started drinking the
cum. She drank the entire 64 ounce container. When it was empty
she used her fingers to wipe down the container and licked her
fingers clean.

"All gone," was all she said. Smiling into the camera(s).

"Holy fucking shit! This is one nasty ass bitch."

"This bitch loves cum."

"I wanna fuck her all over again."

"Filthy dirty whore."

"White trash ain't gonna get any better then this!"

Tom shut off the camera, walked up to Erika and said, "The
ride is closed!"

"How did I do Master?" Erika asked me.

All the guy looked at me, and I said,"I dunno. Guys was she
worth your cum?"

"Fuck yeah."

"Hell fucking yeah."

"The best white bitch I ever had!"

"Go shower and clean up," was all I said. Erika nodded and
walked up the stairs. Ten minutes later, Derrik grabbed Tom's
camera and went up the stairs. No doubt for a one-on-one
session. The rest of the guys were either eating and drinking or
watching TV. Tom sat down next to me and handed me an envelope.

"It's all there man. Count it."

I counted it. It was all there.

"See told ya."

By this time Derrik was back downstairs and said, "TOm man
where'd you find this bitch? She's even better one-on-one.
Bitch loves to slapped around. I think I left my handprints on
her ass just now, HA!"

"Now my turn," The Russian guy said and he raced up the
stairs. One by one all the guys went up for a private fuck

"So we gonna do this again?" Tom asked.

"You know it. Next time 15 guys. $600 per person."

"15?? Think she can handle that many at once?"

"I think she'll be fine," was all I said. I had no doubt that
she could handle 15 guys. In fact, based on what I witnessed
tonight, if Tom brought 30 guys, Erika would be ready and
willing. She was getting a kick out of this. All this attention
from guys, seeing herself on camera and being doused in cum. A
few minutes after the last black guy came down, Erika walked down
the stairs. Hair all wet, tits and ass somewhat red from all the
slapping and pinching. She stood in the middle of the room, and
looked at me. I let her stand there while I drank some beer
slowly. Finally, I got up, walked over to her, grabbed the leash
and started walking towards the door.

"Master, my dress," Erika said, and I stopped.

I looked at the dress on the floor, and picked it up. I
looked at Erika and the dress and the room full of guys still
watching. "Anyone want this as a reminder?"

All the guys raised their hands, and I threw it on the couch.
I yanked on the leash and walked Erika out of the house.

As we were driving Erika said, "Did I please you master?"

I didn't say a word. Finally after a few minutes I asked,"You
ever fucked a black guy before?"

"No Master."

"How'd you like having a black cock ramming you?"

"I loved it Master. I loved his black cum too."

"You liked the black cock?"

"Yes, Master, I loved it."

I picked up my phoned and dialed Tom. After a third ring, Tom
picked up. "Hey, it's me...yeah, still Erika loved
fucking the black guys...yeah she loved it a lot, in fact, the
next batch, make it a few more black guys...yeah, what can I say,
she is a fucking nasty ass whore...aiight, cya." About twenty
minutes later, we pulled into my driveway. we got out, and I
looked around the neighborhood, somewhat disappointed. I was
kinda hoping having some of the neighborhood guys (or their dad's)
outside so they can see Erika climb out the car naked in a leash.
I knew for a fact that Erika had teased just about every
hormonal guy in the neighborhood for the last two years. I
caught her bending over in the front-yard in a miniskirt as
Mr.Nichols from across the street was mowing the lawn. Poor guy
clipped his dog's tail cause he was distracted. I'm going to
have to work these guy into the mix somehow. As soon as we
entered the house, I told Erika to wash all her holes real clean
and meet me in bed.

An hour later Erika walked into the bedroom, wet hair and
naked (as usual). I was in bed also naked, when I saw Erika
enter, I started stroking my cock. She climbed into bed, kissed
me hard on the mouth and started stroking my cock. Her hands
went from the tip of my prick down to my balls, where she
massaged them gently. She kissed me down my chest and placed her
soft moist lips on my cock and started sucking. I put my hands
behind my head and closed me eyes. She was truly a great cock

She used her lips and tongues all over my shaft and balls,
biting and gritting her teeth in all the right places. Finally,
I grabbed her hair and threw her face down on the bed. I spread
her legs and pressed my cock against her ass, and rammed it in
extra hard. I placed my hands firmly on her ass cheeks, pressing
my fingernails into her skin. She bit down on the quilt and
screamed and moaned as I shoved my cock in deeper and deeper. I
reached over and grabbed her hair, forcing her head to tilt
upwards. Her screams of job filled the bedroom. I then get on
my back, and Erika got on top, and started bouncing, her tits
flapping around and wet hair getting all tousled. With each
bounce, I slapped her tit. bounce, slap...bounce, slap...bounce,

When I felt the pressure building in my balls and knew I was
about to explode, I threw Erika off me and atomically she
crawled up to me, took my cock and put it in her mouth just as
the cum exploded. She swallowed each drop, and licked my shaft
for escaped cum. When she was done, I pushed her away and went
to clean up.

Time to for bed.

*** *** ***

The next day, I threw a white top and a skirt at Erika's feet
and we went to the mall. We parked in the usual parking space
and walked inside the mall. We were walking down the first isle
when we heard someone call out Erika's name.

"Hello Erika."

We turned around and saw a man in his late forties, with gray
hair and glasses. He smiled and Erika and when he saw me his
smile subsided a little.

"Hi Mr.Novus,"Erika said.

"How are you?"

"I'm fine, and you?"

"Going good. Looking forward to vacation. You know you have
that paper due by Friday, right?"

"Yes, Mr.Novus. I remember."

"Good. Well, see you in school tomorrow."

As Mr.Novus was walking away, I looked at Erika who said,
"He's my English teacher."

"You have a paper due?"

"Yes Master."

"You passing his class?"

"Barely. I need a B+ on the paper to get a C in class."

"Come with me," and I dragged Erika into the store Mr.Novus
walked into. I looked around and saw three other people there.
Two were employees in the back yakking away and not paying
attention to anyone, and the third person was on her way out the
store. I spotted Mr.Novus in the men's jeans area, and I gave
Erika clear instructions on what I wanted her to do. She nodded
and went into the missus section. A few seconds later she walked
over to Mr.Novus with two halter tops in her hands.

"Mr.Novus," Erika said.

Her teacher looked at her and smiled again.

"Can you help me? I need a man's opinion on something," she

"Uhh sure. But where's you male friend?"

"Oh, he, had, to make a call. I dunno something about work or
other. So, can you help me?"

"I'll try."

"OK, so which top do you think looks better on me?" She raised
both halter tops, one red and one green.

"I don't know, they both look nice," Mr.Novus said.

"Hmmm, maybe if you saw me in them," Erika said. Before
Mr.Novus could reply, Erika, threw the tops at him and lifted her
white top over head. She was very quick in exposing her tits,
but once the top was covering her head she went into slow-motion
and took her sweet time to lift the top over her head. Mr.Novus'
jaw dropped at the sight of his student's ripe young ample tits
exposed in a public area. He looked around, and saw no one and
he quickly went back to staring at her tits and licked his lips.
When Erika removed her top, she threw it on the floor and asked
Mr.Novus for a red top. He fumbled and finally handed her the
top. Erika slowly pulled the top of her head. When finished she
asked how it looked and if it was too tight.

"No, not tight at all," Mr.Novus replied.

Erika ran her hands over her tits and said,"can you see my
nipples through this?"

Mr.Novus stared at her chest and finally said, "Nope."

"OK," Erika said and quickly removed the top and asked for the
other one. Mr.Novus handed the second top and Erika asked the
same questions. Erika removed the green top and handed it to
Mr.Novus. Erika leaned forwards and slipped on her white top she
threw on the floor, and feel right into Mr.Novus' arm. Her tits
firmly pressed against his right arm. Mr.Novus used his left
hand to catch her to prevent her from falling. His arms brushed
against Erika's left side tit. Erika stood up and smiled.

"I'm so clumsy. I'm so sorry Mr.Novus."

"Don't be silly. It's quite alright."

Erika bent down and picked up her top and slid it on. She
took the tops from her teacher and gave him a big hug. Pressing
her tits against his chest real hard. "Thanks for helping me.
See you in school tomorrow!" And, she left in a hurry.
Mr.Novus, still shell-shocked, had his back to Erika leaving. I
took that as my cue and left the store. Erika waited for me on
the bench three stores down.

"How did I do Master?"

"So-so. I was hoping he'd lean forwards and grab your tits or
try to kiss you."

"I'm sorry for disappointing you Master."

"It's OK. You're disappoint anyways. Let's go," was all I
said and walked away, and Erika followed me like a poodle. We
walked around the mall for a while. I made Erika ask more men
for their opinion on clothes, getting her to strip naked in front
of them. One of the guys even help adjust her top while pressing
his palms firmly on her tits. An hour later, I got bored and we
left the mall. When I pulled into my driveway, and saw
Mr.Nichols across the street sitting on his lawn. I waved at him
and entered the house, Erika following me. About an hour later,
the doorbell rang and Erika opened the door. It was Joe.

"I see you still have her walking around naked," Joe said as
he walked inside the house. The moment the door closed, he
slapped Erika hard on the ass.

"What can I say? She loves being naked." I replied.

Joe sat on the couch and ordered Erika to get him something
cold to drink. When she returned, he took the coke in one hand,
and with the other hand grabbed Erika's wrist and planted her on
his lap. "So what happened last night? Did she perform well?"

"Last night was good. I'll let Erika answer," was all I said.

"Last night was fun. I had lots of fun. I never had so many
cocks inside me. I never had so many hands grabbing me all over
and using me before," Erika said.

"Were you covered in cum like last time?"

"No, this time, I drank all their cum. Tom put a 64 ounce
container on the floor, and all the guys cummed in that. When
they finished, I drank it all."

"You drank 64 ounce of cum?!? Man, you have no limits to how
nasty you can get, do you?"

"No. My Master wants me to be this nasty. I am here to obey
his every command. I will do anything my Master tells me do."

"Did Tom take a video of this?"

"Yes, he did."

"Dude, get me a copy. I wanna see this," Joe said to me.

"I'll tell him."

"Hey, uhh, listen. I have about an hour before I can go home.
You mid if I take her for a test drive?"

"Man, you don't need to ask. Go downstairs, use her mom's
bedroom. Somebody should get some cock in that bedroom, might as
well be the daughter."

With that Joe got up, took Erika by the leash and went to the
basement. An hour later, Joe cam back up smiling. He said bye
and left. Erika came back up 10 minutes later, her face and ass
all red. I looked at her, and told her to clean herself up. As
soon as Erika went upstairs, the phone rang. It was Tom.

"Dude, made all the plans for the next get-together."

"Oh yeah? This quick?"

"YOu kidding? All the guys spread the word and I have guys
calling me now! I didn't even have to show the video. I did,
cause it's so fucking hot to see it. Got 15 guys. 8 are big
black guys. The rest are all mixtures. They all agreed to pay
$600. How's Friday night?"

"Friday works. Nine o'clock. See you then."

I hung up the phone. I heard Erika in the shower upstairs,
and my dick started to move. I closed the TV and walked upstairs
towards the shower.

anonymous readerReport

2010-12-31 12:41:04
reallly wish there were more chapters. so fucking hot i came and came and came readling them.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-08-01 01:08:50
She should have more sex with her master.....the sex in publics okay but she should serve her master, she should crawl at all times unless told not to, or she sleeps on the floor beside the Masters bed every night etc. etc.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-03-25 11:02:49
interesting story line. way too much public nudity and public sex. that shit doesn't happen in real life.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-24 13:06:57
I only wish i had met someone like you when i was her age. it would be such a pleasure to serve you and your friends.


2009-11-21 20:50:02
Make Erika have more sex with her master. Stop making her wear the leash too. I think you should stop making Erika fuck people in public, too.

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