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Joe relives his early attic experience wondering if the view from the attic or his own actions might have set his wayward behavior in motion. Or, was it simply a curse of biblical proportion released in earlier generations. Will his reflection time with Cindy set him free or plunge him into a darker pit of sexual exploits?
Please Note:
Warning! If you're just looking for a quick sex story, this is not it! This is chapter fourteen and even if you happen to enjoy the sex scene, you will have to spend a lot of time reading the story line. I don't want to waste any of your time, that is why I'm warning you.

I did do a bit of recapping, but there is still a lot of depth to the characters that will be missing for you if you are starting on this story here. If you don't care, I'd suggest you at least read the end of thirteen so you know what is going on here.

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My Neighbor's Incest Part XIV

The heat in the attic was minimal compared to the sweltering heat I had experienced during the summer, yet I was sweating profusely. My cousin Cindy stood with me in my attic, as I wondered how I could be excited about seeing Susan's father possibly about to do something that could destroy her hopes of a normal family life.

I glanced at the outline of my cousin's panties through her long night shirt. I hated the thought I had at the sight of Cindy's perfectly curved ass as much as I should have hated the day I cursed my life by entering this attic.

I had no choice that hot June day almost six months ago. My mother had sent me up here looking for a box. My obligation had ended with the box, but I took liberty at the vent openings. I could have retrieved the box and continued on with my normal teenage life. Instead, I peered out through the attic vent holes at my neighbor's backyard, watching a naked Mrs. Davis sun tanning. I jacked myself off until my penis hurt, imagining unthinkable things for a then thirteen year old boy. I'm sure, "don't covet thy neighbor's wife," was for adults who had a chance of anything happening, but there must have been a clause for what I did when I spotted their twelve year old daughter, Susan. I got even more excited at the sight of her hairless slit and beat off with reckless abandon until my mother insisted I hurry.

Maybe, if I had never made those next voluntary trips into the attic, to intentionally spy, I might still be free. That's when I saw Mrs. Davis' gorgeous teenage daughter allowing her dog to service her beautiful body. Was it Jasmin's revolting act of bestiality that was the triggering mechanism in my brain that turned me this way. Maybe, the act of luring Susan up here to be a part of my plot to seduce Jasmin was my tipping point. It had all just been a sneaky fantasy until then. That day I held Susan's virgin pussy in my hand while she convulsed with orgasm. I had pushed her into a world of lust she wasn't old enough to handle. I drew her love to me, and then made her watch me fuck her sister. Maybe, it was dragging her down with me that reaped me this harvest of uncontrolled sexual deviance?

I remembered how nervous I had been that day with Susan. I was terrified as I slipped my hurting cock from my shorts while Jasmin was being plowed by her horny dog. Susan was totally unaware as I secretly stroked my cock. But, then my dick suddenly erupted onto Susan's unsuspecting body. Now six months later I could actually picture myself extracting my throbbing cock and stroking it until it sprayed all over my own cousin's ass, without regard for the incestuous nature of it. That realization hurt my soul like a tormented beast. I knew right from wrong and love from hate. I just didn't know how to make myself choose the right path anymore.

"Joe, is she going to do what I think she is?" Cindy's words woke me from my internal moral battles and reminded me that we were spying on Susan's father and her cousin, Jesselyn.

I wanted to spill my guts to my old friend and cousin, Cindy. I wanted to tell her everything from Susan and Jasmin, all the way to having sex twice with their mother. I wanted someone outside my madness to know about it. Maybe she could help me, I thought. Then I realized that any second the attic could open Pandora's box for her also. "Cindy, maybe we, you shouldn't see this? Let's get out of here!"

"Are you kidding me! I can't believe Susan's sister is about to blow a man her father's age. I can't tell you how many times I have thought about doing that." Cindy's eyes were locked to the binoculars as she sputtered through her words.

My brain went tilt as it swirled her words around in the sea of my ongoing thoughts. Blow a man, I have thought of doing that, her father's age! I looked quickly outside to help my brain get caught up with the actual world I was standing in.

Jesselyn squatted in front of Mr. Davis with her arms stretched straight up and her hands clutching at his stomach. His hands held her wrists as he looked down at the top of her head. The scene seemed unnatural in someway. I wished I had seen if he forced her down there, or if she was forcing herself on him. I wanted to ask Cindy how it had happened, but I also want to throw her from this extension of hell. I wanted to save her from my world of love, lust and conflict. The truth was I didn't even trust myself anymore.

"Cindy! You can't see this. I mean, jeez you're only thirteen." I knew right from wrong and letting my cousin watch Mr. Davis doing whatever, he was going to do to his niece was wrong. Even if Cindy didn't know who he was, she was my little cousin. If he forced his huge tool into Jesselyn's body that might scar Cindy's mind for life.

"Joe, shut up! I'm not going to miss this for anything. You know how many times I've listened outside the door while Julie moaned and groaned under one of her boyfriends, without being able to see anything? Or, watched my mom and dad through a crack in the door? Watching through these things is like being right there. Sorry, I can't share them with you." I knew what Cindy meant about the binoculars, but I had to allow time for everything else she said to penetrate my mind.

She likes to watch, too. My thoughts lead me to believe she had the same curse I had without my attic. I wondered if all her watching had led her to any unsavory acts. Maybe she had even blackmailed her sister into something? Then, my mind wondered how many boys were piling on my cousin, Julie? Maybe my family isn't everything I thought it was?

Returning my eyes to the small opening, I scolded myself for trying to find some justification for anything I had done, or might want to do. Mr. Davis was in the process of yanking Jesselyn by her extended arms to her feet. Woe, is he rejecting her offer? For a second my hope soared that there was a chance for Susan's normal life? Then, Mr. Davis' hands gripped each side of Jesselyn's ass, and he lifted her as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Cindy's heavy breathing confirmed what my limited vision suspected, their kissing was very passionate. I wanted to envy his hands as they groped at Jesselyn, but instead I felt sorry for Susan. Really, for all of them and myself.

As soon as Mr. Davis let Jesselyn's feet touch the ground he took hold of her head and pushed her to her knees. I couldn't tell if he guided or forced her down, but there didn't seem to be anything except pleasure written on Jesselyn's face, so I imagined she was guided to her lewd position. She sat back on her heels with her legs open wide.

Jesselyn gazed up at Mr. Davis like a puppy waiting for a treat after following a command. I held my breath as he pushed the front of his shorts down. His flesh pole dropped towards Jesselyn's head. It looked like a club that might have knocked her unconscious if it struck her skull.

I let my breath out all at once as her dainty fingers gripped the man's cock. One hand above the other, wrapped around his throbbing flesh. I roughly tugged at my own pained dick through my shorts. My balls quickly freed themselves of their excessive pressure. I could feel my hot slime covering my hard shaft, but I didn't dare look down for fear I might draw attention to what was most likely an obvious wet spot.

Jesselyn's mouth opened wide, and the impossible happened, his dick head vanished. "Wow, I can see Susan's talent runs in her family." Cindy seemed less excited than I was, but I couldn't see what was happening under her long shirt.

"Can I see those for a few seconds? I have never seen Susan do that from this perspective." I was hoping my voyeuristic cousin would share. I wanted to get a good look at Jesselyn, doing what Susan did so well.

Reluctantly, Cindy dropped her eyes from the binoculars and turned to give them to me. "Here, but just for a minute. My, what happened there? Now that's more embarrassing than yesterday!" Without even looking at her, I knew without a doubt what my giggling cousin was looking at.

"Shit." I mumbled under my breath trying to pretend Cindy wasn't looking at yet another premature nut burst.

I had a way with the tools of my perversion, and within seconds, I focused the binoculars, with pinpoint accuracy. I could almost taste Jesselyn's mouth watering pussy. Her well trimmed red pubic hair set her apart from Susan, but I suspected Susan's might one day change to match her cousin. Of course, she'd have to actually grow a bush first.

The noon day sun had dried the pool water from Jesselyn's skin, but I was sure I could see moisture between her legs. Squatting, with her legs apart left her lips opened just enough for me to see the pink flesh normally hidden by her smooth flaps. Everything was so neat and perfectly packed that it seemed like her vagina was sculpted by an artist out of flesh clay.

The sight of her internal fluid slipping down her parted flesh made my tongue lick my lips searching for the taste of Susan or Jasmin. My mind remembered what my taste buds found missing, and I wondered if Jesselyn tasted like her cousins. Really, did anybody taste like them? I had tasted so few, I wondered if they all were the same like a coke, or were they like snow flakes? My mouth salivated and my mind longed for the feel of legs clamping down on my head.

Slowly, I inched up her body. Tight unblemished skin was stretched smoothly across her frame. Even her belly button made my heart race as I moved the tightly focused binoculars over her stomach. Her arm blocked one tit, but the other slopped down slightly from her chest and then curved curiously upward. The soft plump underside defied gravity as it hung in space. I followed the contour up until I found her swollen nipple staring up towards the sky. The nipples that seemed to have been placed too high on her breasts gave her tits an advantage on time and gravity.

When I finally scanned past her perky chest, I followed her muscular neck up to her tilted back head. Mr. Davis' large balls were draped across her face. One huge nut filled each eye sock as the teenager squatted under her uncle. She moved her face so they slid over her cheeks and then she took one into her sucking lips. I inadvertently groaned as she sucked hard enough to pull both balls into her sweet mouth. I could see her tongue darting out to lick anything it could reach beyond his balls. I wanted to touch myself as my balls sympathized with the pleasure so intense it caused them pain.

His long flesh log rested on her forehead while her mouth pleasured his underside. Suddenly, his nuts popped free and his hands moved her face back in front of his torturous prick. I moved back to her neck and found it bulging like a Pelican swallowing a fish. I zoomed out and took a full view of her mouth being impaled by what seemed too big for her pretty face. The same slobber dripped from her chin as had dripped from Susan's chin. Jesselyn's eyes were wide open and her lips were stretched around popping veins. Mr. Davis was using her ears as handles to hold her head in position as he shoved more than half of his tremendous tool down her throat.

The faster his hips jerked towards her head the shorter his strokes became, but still larger amounts of mouth juice dripped off the perfect chin of Jesselyn. I felt my own cock throbbing again in my shorts as my hips helplessly moved in unison with Mr. Davis' hips. I hoped my cousin wasn't watching me, but I didn't dare look away to find out. It wasn't like I could embarrass myself anymore.

From the frantic jerking in and out of Jesselyn's mouth I could tell it wasn't going to be long before her face was filled with a river from his balls. I imagined the day I had seen him spray a flood over Mrs. Davis' and Susan's face. I couldn't help hope he pulled back and let me see his dick blast Jesselyn's face.

Mr. Davis' hips froze and his grip on Jesselyn's head seemed to intensify. With one erratic jerk, the seal Jesselyn's lips had around the pole in her mouth burst and cum spurted from the corners of her stretched mouth. Her eyes closed and she jerked back. The throbbing cock jerked upward and launched a gob of white fluid on top of her head. Then on her forehead as his cock dropped down against her face. He worked his fist up from the base and milked the end of his dick slit into Jesselyn's waiting mouth.

"Wow, jeez, phew look at the size of that thing." I was hoping I had spoken to myself as I adjusted the focus for the best close up of her splattered face.

"Give me those and I will." Once again, I had imagined I spoke my words only in my head, but my hasty cousin's hands took the spy glasses from me.

Before returning my eyes to the outside, I snuck a peek at Cindy's butt again. She was hunched forward with her face to the view holes and her rump pushed back. I reminded myself, thinking it is okay as long as I don't act on it. Then, I imagined lifting her shirt past her full ass. I'd see her large ass trench as it spread for my probing tongue. I'd find her fat pussy shell and break it open with my finger before cramming my hard dick inside her tight hole. My thoughts became so vivid they startled me, and I quickly looked away. I took a deep breath to settle down and when I did, I was sure I could smell my cousin's pussy. It was at that moment I realize if she was human like me, she was probably as excited as I was. I knew what had happened in my shorts, I wondered what was happening in her panties.

"What is he doing? Wow!" Cindy's excited voice broke up my very unethical fantasy.

I looked outside and Jesselyn was laying back on the table just like she had two days earlier. Mr. Davis had his face between her legs, and I imagined with the binoculars zoomed in, Cindy was seeing him digging at her juicy hole with his tongue. What I wouldn't give for another pair of spy glasses. My mouth juices flowed freely again as I tried to figure out if it was a rhetorical question Cindy had asked. Other than knowing my cousin knew what a blow job was, and she had seen her parents fuck through a crack in the door, I had no idea what she knew about sex. Or, if she had ever done anything. She was a dirty peeping tom like me, but what else?

"He is going to make her scream in pleasure, what else?" My question was meant to be rhetorical, if it needed to be. But, if she indeed didn't know, it would make her have to ask.

"Well, I wish these things provided sound, because I'd like to hear that. I've never even heard of a man doing that! Wow, I bet that is better than my finger." Cindy's voice trailed off like she wasn't actually expecting me to hear all of her thoughts.

I couldn't help think back to the nervous excitement on Susan's face when she told me how her sister had taught her the very thing my cousin was now seeing for the first time. Susan let me eat her pussy that day, and I learned the great joy and power that went with making a girl cum with my tongue. Maybe Susan can teach Cindy? I quickly stopped fantasizing about anything involving a family member and I forced myself to stop undressing Cindy with my eyes.

Silently, I stood next to Cindy watching Jesselyn hold her legs up in the air as her body rocked against Mr. Davis' firmly planted face. The only sounds were the exasperated panting breaths of my thirteen year old cousin. I wasn't sure which was harder for me to believe; that the girl standing next to me was my scrawny cousin, who might as well have been a boy last time I saw her, or that I could be looking at her in this strange way. Every fiber of my soul knew it was wrong, but the tiny part of me that didn't care had become the monster that dictated my life.

Once again, I forced my attention away from Cindy and back to something that I had fought with for almost six months. I had gone back and forth between wanting to see Mr. Davis break Jasmin in two with his massive fuck tool and being sick at the thought of it. More the latter lately, but that had come with my hidden feelings about Jasmin. I think my feelings had been hidden from myself as much as anyone.

Now, I was going to watch what would be the equivalent of seeing Susan and Mr. Davis in five years, doing what my core being told me wasn't right. If it's not right, why am I so excited? My own question when unanswered as I watched Mr. Davis pull Jesselyn to her feet. He kissed her roughly on her mouth then spun her around like a rag doll. When she reached a hundred and eighty degrees, he pushed her over onto the table. My excitement surged at the sight, but then I felt guilty. If it had been Jasmin or Susan, I would have been very upset seeing them so forcefully shoved. I hated my conscious. I wondered why I couldn't be all in, or all out. It sucked on the fence with my guilt. But, one more step to the dark side and I'd fuck my own cousin without a seconds regret.

I moaned slightly as I stepped further into the nether world. Mr. Davis was aiming his long, fat dick at Jesselyn bent over body. Her face was the only part of her body above her waist not pressed against the table. With one hand on her back and one on his cock he steered it to her backside. It took a few short jerks of his hips before he finally shoved forward.

The whole table moved and Cindy gasped for air, pulling back from the binoculars and looking at me."Shit, do you think she cried? I can't imagine that fitting inside me." Cindy's face was red as a fire truck and beads of sweat glistened on her cheeks and neck.

"I" My words were cut short by my own brain as it diverted all energy to my eye receptors. Cindy's tits must have been as over heated as my balls. Her sweat moistened the front of her shirt just enough to make her large dark nipples visible. My heart raced out of control as my lust tried to slay my self-control. I jerked my head back to the brutal fucking taking place outside. Mr. Davis was holding both hips, and he was slamming his long rod into Jesselyn. Every time he hit bottom her whole body shook.

I jerked back to my stunned cousin, trying not to look at her chest. "Cindy, you really shouldn't worry about that. You, know. I mean you'd never do that, right?" My words sounded as stupid to me as I'm sure they did to Cindy. She surprised me when she ignored me and went back to the binoculars.

I shamelessly watched her large chest swing against the damp fabric. A large circle lifted on top, but the immediate center of that crown stiffened and poked up to a point. My disdain for my own thoughts meant nothing as I could almost feel the hard nub rolling in my lips. Her back curved as she leaned forward and her round ass jetted out into the room like a spiritual force. I could picture my hands spreading her thick meat and slipping my thrusting dick inside her wet hole. She might even scream, but in my lustful state, I wasn't sure it would make me stop.

Cindy's slight movement was enough to break me from my frightful imagination. I knew I was capable of considering unnatural things in fantasy world, but I had always known there was a separation from thought and reality. Watching Cindy, I wasn't sure I knew the difference anymore.

My stomach turned, and I looked back outside. The pornographic action in my neighbor's backyard was still going. Mr. Davis' powerful cock was still plowing through Jesselyn's body. Her face was looking up from the table, but it lacked emotion. Kind of like the blank stare she wore while Jeremy fucked her on that same table. Although, that day she looked like there was pleasure, today I wasn't sure.

After Mr. Davis stood Jesselyn up, her back was against the front of his body. His one hand held her chest and his other held her pubic mound. He kissed her neck as she pushed her head backwards onto his shoulder. She was reaching back behind her head and working her fingers through his hair. Even without a close up view, I could tell passion was now raging between them. His mouth worked at her ear, neck and mouth as she strained to turn her head to meet his kissing. I wasn't sure, but I imagined his cock was still inside her. There truly wasn't anything more powerful than sex, except sex and love together.

Mr. Davis kissed Jesselyn after he turned her to face him. Then he lifted her long sexy body and her legs circled his waist. She reached behind her with one hand, and fumbled to position his dick. Then, he guided her down onto his pussy skew. His strong muscles shined with sweat as his arms moved her body up and down. He turned around and rested his ass on the edge of the table. Jesselyn's arms tightly circled his neck and her legs circled his back. I could see her face buried in his neck while her body was bounced gentle on his cock.

She clung to her lover as he increased the speed and height of her bouncing body. I could see his arms working hard at his sides, with the girl's body in his hands. It was like he was jerking himself off with her body. He stroked her ass up and down his long rod. The more he increased the speed, the more her head flailed side to side. I wondered if her teeth would find his flesh like Jasmin's had found mine.

Jesselyn's hands grabbed Mr. Davis' neck as she leaned back and faced the sky. In her ecstasy her legs rode high on his back, her arms stretched to full length and her back arched. Mr. Davis held her stiff body just above her hips as she leaned as far back as she could, forcing every bit of his dick inside her body. I was sure her stiff legs were trembling.

I wished I had the close up Cindy was enjoying. I was sure she was going to witness a flood pouring from the juicy girl's hole when he removed his cock. I had been an eye witness to that the other day, when Jeremy removed his dick from Jesselyn. Mr. Davis' red flesh slumped down as it came out of her body.

"Oh, my god! I thought I came a lot!" Cindy's words confirmed what I expected with a bit more information than I needed or wanted.

The fact that Cindy never stopped looking or even acknowledged I was there made me wonder if she even knew she spoke out loud. The thought of her flowing pussy juice was nothing I wanted to entertain. I felt relieved, for the moment, that I had returned to a state of subdued lust. I just wanted to get out of the attic, and search for my lost soul.

Mr. Davis and Jesselyn walked arm in arm towards the house, holding their clothes. The images that my mind tried to summon about what they would do next exhausted me. I turned to Cindy with a sigh. Her face was still bright red, except now her sweat was running down it. I looked down and instantly wished she had worn a bra. When she followed my eyes, I think she got embarrassed at the reality of her now see through shirt. But, I wasn't sure, because there was no way she could blush more.

"Cindy, let's get out of here!" Cindy fluffed her shirt in an effort to make her dark nipples less visible.

"Yes, please. I, um, I, oh never mind. Let's go before I over heat." Cindy's twisted face indicated she'd rather not have tried to speak.

I walked behind Cindy and could see where her sweat had made a trail down the center of her back and then spread out at the top of her protruding ass cheeks. I couldn't help notice how her cheeks bounced as she walked. Her butt was very sexy, but in a very different way from Susan's and Jasmin's. It was rounder, giggled a little and there was a wonderful cleavage between her cheeks.

I stood at the opening next to Cindy and we both looked down to the floor. I thought maybe I should just through myself out head first and end all my sickening thoughts. "I'll get down there to help you."

As simple as a squat and a hand on each side of the opening, I swung out and jumped to the chair. Then I deliberated how best to help Cindy without either of us getting hurt. I pushed the chair away after considering the challenge of trying to help her land on that small area, with me already there.

"Yes, I'm sure. Sit on the edge, then turn around and hang out the way you went in. I'll get your feet and ease you down." It sounded great, and it had worked very well with Susan. Cindy was about the same height, but also about thirty pounds heavier.

I looked up at her dangling legs, promising myself I wasn't going to look at anything in a bad way. Certainly, as a gentleman I am capable of helping a family member, without sneaking a peek at her crotch.

As Cindy inched her body over the edge, it became clear I wasn't going to have to sneak anything. Her shirt went up her body with every inch she came down. I was positioned so I would be in front of her, facing her as I lowered her down. Her legs wiggled around and I could see her panties were soaked. Completely wet between her legs, like she had peed herself.

By the time I could reach her feet, her shirt was up to her stomach, and nothing but underwear and waving legs hung out of the attic. I took a foot in each hand and looked straight up at her exaggerated pussy mound. As she slowly moved down, I accepted that there wasn't going to be a pretty way to do it.

"Go ahead, let go! I promise I'll catch you." My voice was confident, but my body was trembling. Not so much because I wasn't sure I was going to be able to slow her down, which I wasn't. But, rather because I was terrified that her soft body might press against my boner.

When she let go, I felt the additional weight, but I was shocked to find that I was holding her in the air. Unfortunately, that was worse than dropping her. I was leaning back, her knees were against my chest, my hands somewhere around the top of her thighs, and my face somewhere between her knees and her crotch. I had turned my head sideways and closed my eyes, but my nose told me I was way too close. The smell made me dizzy, and I was horrified that when I let her down there was not going to be anyway to avoid direct contact with sopping wet panties. I had no desire to embarrass my favorite cousin more than she was already going to be, so I let go. Cindy quickly slid down my body. Wet material touched my ear, then soft belly flesh. I inhaled the passing fragrance of my cousin's over heated vagina and planned to grab her above her ass to stop her just before she hit the floor.

After the sudden impact with the floor, I took a second to try and figure out what happened. Not only was one of my hands lodged in the leg hole of Cindy's panties, but my face was smack between her tits, jammed under her shirt. Her shirt had gone over my head, and all of her weight yanked me forward. Blinded and defenseless with my hand trapped, we toppled over. We had fallen sideways into the den, luckily not through the wall.

I scrambled in a terrified panic to get all of my body parts outside of my cousin's clothing. "Phew, I'm so sorry! I can't believe that happened." I nervously tugged at my cousin's shirt trying to cover her while trying to determine if she was hurt at the same time.

Cindy swatted at my hand and started cracking up. "I'm fine and I know how to fix my clothes, you know." She jumped to her feet still giggling, and shifted her shirt to cover her ass. Then, she extracted the crotch of her underwear from deep in her crack.

"Are you sure you're okay? I never expected anything like that to happen." We stood face to face, her smile eased my painful humiliation.

"I, um, I got to go to the bathroom. I'll be back in a little while." Cindy turned and headed to the bathroom. I closed the attic door and put the chair back.

Five minutes after Cindy left, the scent of her womanhood was still fresh in my nose. I imagined what she was doing in the bathroom as I remembered the feel of her breasts on my face. Even though neither the touch of her tits on my face nor my hand on her padded ass had been for more than a few seconds, the feelings lingered. As my brain replayed what happened, my nerve endings remembered how soft Cindy was. Her tits moved unlike Susan's or Jasmin's and her butt had a squishy feel to it. I knew my fingers would sink in deep if I gripped her bulbous ass.

I shook off the feelings and took a deep breath. It had been a troubling holiday weekend, to say the least. But, today had taken everything to a new low. I was very upset knowing about Jesselyn and Mr. Davis. Really, more about how it might affect Susan's life. My own moral standard had plunged to a new low, with evil thoughts about my cousin. And my heart ached for a simple love, like when I was young.

My brain played out all the different possibilities while my heart examined all the sensations it could grapple with. I totally lost track of time as I pondered things too deep for someone so shallow.

I heard the bathroom door open and a few seconds later, Cindy appeared without making a sound. I could smell a strawberry fragrance trailing behind her freshly showered body. The towel wrapped around her chest only made it a few inches past her crotch. Her head was also wrapped in a towel, but when she got over by her travel bag, she removed it and rubbed it vigorously against her head. Then she leaned over and roughed up her hanging black hair with both hands. After that, she stood up quickly and flipped her hair over her head. Even though I wasn't seeking it, I got a quick peek of the black mound of hair between her legs anyway.

She smiled innocently and grabbed a pair of sweatpants from her bag. I expected her to take some clothes back to the bathroom with her, but instead she stepped into the right leg hole and then the left. She hoisted her pants to mid thigh, wiggled and yanked them up past her womanly hips. Even at full speed, my eyes still witnessed her unruly bush, again. She seemed so comfortable with her body, even in front of me.

I watched her closely, almost staring just to make her aware that I was there and could see her. It was obvious she knew, but I wanted to know if she was really that okay with me seeing her. She grabbed a shirt and pulled it down over her towel, then let the towel fall out from under her shirt. She got a brush and pushed it through her long silky hair. I was fascinated to see a girl performing her after shower activities. And, Cindy made me feel comfortable watching her as she stroked the brush over and over through her damp hair. Part of her mane draped her back and the rest lay over each breast. A faint wet spot had formed where her moist pubic hair touched the inside of her sweatpants. It was at that moment that I remembered she hadn't bothered to put on panties.

After a few minutes of silently being absorbed in her grooming process, with a loud exhale, she flopped on the couch next to me. A friendly smile greeted me as she shifted her butt forward. She had taken on the same slumped, legs open, guy posture I had assumed. At that moment, a warm peaceful feeling comforted my troubled mind. Without warning large tears pooled in my eyes. I quickly closed my eyes in an effort to divert them, but it was too late, they rolled down my cheeks.

Cindy's cavalier tom boy pose next to me transported me back in time. Everything pleasant and simple about my childhood suddenly contrasted my current state. More tears reminded me how immature I really was, and tipped off the girl next to me, who had seen me cry fifty times over the likes of a scraped knee or black eye. "Joe, what's wrong? Are you upset about what happened before?"

Until Cindy's concerned voice penetrated my ear drums, I hadn't realized how close we really were as kids. We had practically grown up together. We knew everything about each other, until five years ago, that is. I wanted to go back in time and not have all these horrible feelings in me. I wanted to be a boy again.

"Cindy, I'm sorry I dropped you, I didn't mean to, you know." I took a breath to consider what I was doing.

"Jeez Joe, that's nothing to cry about. Remember that time you pushed me out of the tree, and I broke my arm?" Cindy held out her left arm to indicate the damaged goods. Her movement brought my attention to her large unconfined chest. Unlike Jasmin's tits that mocked gravity like the Joker mocking Batman, Cindy's breasts drooped to the sides of her body.

I shook off the momentary distraction and considered spilling my guts. The truth was, Cindy was probably the first girl I was in love with. And, my best friend for years. I had never told her that, of course, but it was true.

"Cindy, I have really missed you. I can't believe how much things have changed since we were kids. I can't even begin to tell you how confused I am, about so many things." I looked into Cindy's eyes and her deep concern drew my words out of me.

I placed my hand on hers, "Cindy, this has got to stay between you and me. What we saw today, it goes beyond anything you can imagine."

After two hours of talking, I released Cindy from the bear hug we had just shared. She kissed my check and told me it was all going to be fine. I could hardly believe her, but my soul felt at peace knowing my old friend knew everything I was going through. It wasn't until I unloaded on her that I realized everything I had been going through, I had been doing it alone. I couldn't tell Susan about Jasmin, and I couldn't tell either of them about their mom. I couldn't talk to anyone about their parents being brother and sister. Now, I had this huge weight about their dad on top of all of that.

Cindy had listened and taken everything in stride. She had been shocked some, but didn't seem disgusted during any part of my story. If she had been, she did a great job of hiding it. I told her everything from start to finish, and she understood why I was a mess. I of course left out the part about lusting after her. But, even the part about have sex with Susan's mom hadn't caused her to slap me and say, "no way!" She did say, "really, you did it with Susan's mother? Was it good?" I hadn't answer her, and I also held back the part about Mrs. Davis being pregnant. But, that was only because I wasn't considering it could be my baby anymore. At least that's what I told myself.

"Joe, I'm starving! Let's eat some, hum, maybe turkey!" Cindy headed for the kitchen like everything between us was just like it always was. It really amazed me how mature she had become.

"You make a mean turkey sandwich cuz. Are you sure you're not going to be freaked out if you see Susan again, knowing about her parents?" I bit into the awesome sandwich crafted by the hands of my cousin. I was sure that even though she hadn't total flipped, she must have been freaked out. Who wouldn't be, finding out a husband and a wife had the same dad?

"Joe, haven't you ever heard of those people out in Utah? The men have a bunch of wives and they all live together, the kids share parents." Cindy chomped on her sandwich in the most unladylike manner. I smiled knowing that everything I loved about her was actually still intact under all those layers of fine.

"Yes, I have, but that's not what we were taught. It's wrong, you know, a sin or something."

"Well, so is fornicating, burning for your neighbor's wife and surely screwing your girlfriend's sister. So, you better be careful. Judge not, lest you be judged by the same measure." Cindy's one sentence summary of my evil laundry list ruffled my insides. I knew she was right, who was I to cast a stone. Really, who was I at all. What kind of a person am I? My thoughts were interrupted by what seemed like a sudden subject change.

"Joe, do you remember when I had a crush on you?" Cindy's half full mouth shot a crooked smile my way.

"Yes, you used to kiss me all the time, and I would say, 'I'm going to puke on your bed if you do that again.' Then your mom told us it wasn't right for blood relatives to be boyfriend and girlfriend." It was funny that I had remembered my crush on Cindy, earlier, but I had forgotten it had gone both ways. The difference was I wouldn't ever admit it or show it, and she was always goo goo eyes over me. I wasn't sure exactly what her point was.

We ate and strolled down memory lane until we both flopped back on the couch to watch TV.

When I woke up my aunt and uncle were standing in front of me. "Look at you two, just like old times." A flash went off, and I rubbed my blinded eyes. Cindy was leaning against me doing the same thing. "That's going to make a good one for the picture album." My aunt smiled from the joy of seeing our rekindled friendship and having captured it for her picture collection. I imagined she had hundreds of pictures of us kids.

"Remember when she put that frog in your shorts?" Uncle Jim's loud chuckle made me smile as I hit my cousin again for what she had done eight years ago.

"Who wants turkey?" My mother's voice yelled from the kitchen, and Cindy and I shared a loud groan.

We decided to go straight for dessert while everyone else ate leftovers for dinner. As we started out for the kitchen, Cindy took hold of my arm. She looked meaningfully into my eyes. "Joe, I missed you too. Remember you can't separate your head from your heart." I could tell from Cindy's intense look that her words came from her heart, and they had an intended purpose.

"What I mean is, you'll never be happy doing what your head tells you. You have got to follow your heart, because eventually it's going to win. You have to figure out who you love and then do what's right." Cindy finished her counseling session by kissing me like she always did when we were kids.

I didn't know if she had expected my nine year old self to show up and fight her off, or not. But, the kiss went unchallenged for a few second and when it was over, a blank stare sat on both of our faces. Not knowing how to break the uncomfortable moment, I hugged her. "Cindy, thanks for everything. Let's eat pie!"

I shoved Cindy and took off ahead of her to avoid the weirdness of my feelings. We ate and listened to the adults talk, but neither Cindy nor I spoke for a long time. When our eyes met, I felt a special bond, yet there was something else I didn't understand. I assumed it was knowing she knew everything, and she was the only who did.

After two hours, I began to wonder why I hadn't heard from Susan. I looked three times and every time I looked, I could see they were home from shopping. Cindy perceived my concern the forth time I looked out the window and then at the clock. "Just call her already."

"Well, I guess I could after yesterday, but I'm worried about her mother. She might answer and assume I want Jasmin, then when I end up on with Susan, she might put two and two together." I sighed.

"Joe, be honest. You're afraid to call." Cindy's look said, "you know I'm right."

She was right. I couldn't stop thinking about what we had seen from the attic and imagining the worst possible outcome. Susan's dad had broken his promise in almost the worst way possible. He had a promise with Mrs. Davis, Susan and Jasmin. The only thing worse would be if he had done it with one of his daughters. What if they came home and caught Jesselyn and him! My greatest fear created a great conflict for me. I should be there for Susan if something bad happened, yet I don't want to pick up the phone.

I practically flew across the room when the phone rang. "Hello!"

Five minutes later, Cindy laughed as I held the phone away from my ear. Susan was still rambling on about all the stuff she saw, got and knew she'd get for Christmas.

Finally, "so, how was your day alone, what did you do?"

"Well, other than thinking of fifty ways that I can hurt you without leaving marks, I didn't do anything. By the way, you're dead when I see you. That was not funny, or nice telling Cindy to ask me about, well you know." I glanced to see if anyone other than my very curious cousin were listening in on me.

"No, I didn't take her up there!" Cindy looked at me like she was going to start yelling liar liar pants on fire.

"No, I can't come over now. It was a miracle my mother let me yesterday. She gave me the talk again when I was trying to get her to buy me this great short skirt. Then she reminded me that just because she let me be with your family for Thanksgiving, that it wasn't a green light for us. Joe, I swear, my mother has lost her mind to that baby she's having. If I didn't know any better, I'd think she had some dirt on you." Susan stopped for air, but then continued on like she was sure her mother didn't. My stomach suddenly left sick.

"Okay, okay, take it easy." Susan was fussing with someone then she told me I had to talk to Jasmin.

"Hey, Stud! So did you and Susie have a nice Thanksgiving? I'm sure you did because she will not tell me anything about it. Ouch." Susan had obviously hit Jasmin for using her childhood name, or for implying something.

After about five minutes of listening to Jasmin, I knew I loved her and Susan. Maybe not the same, but as much. I suspected if things had developed differently, Jasmin would probably be my girlfriend, not Susan. My cousin's words filtered back through my brain as I said good night to Jasmin and then Susan.

When I sat down next to Cindy, she rubbed my arm tenderly to console me, without asking any questions. I imagine she didn't have to, everything was spelled out on my face.

Things wrapped up for the night earlier than the night before, because everyone was wiped out from shopping. "No, that's fine, I'll take the foldout death bed again." Cindy's huge smile indicated she really didn't mind.

I knew one thing for sure, I wasn't going to sleep sitting up with my clothes on again. I changed into boxers and a tee shirt and laid flat with my head propped up for the TV. After Cindy got the boys tucked in and set up the "wall of protection," for them, she warned them about getting up and getting on the bed with her. She promised the kiss of death. I wondered if that was the kiss I had received earlier. At the moment it seemed like a pleasant way to die.

Cindy took a handful of stuff from her bag and headed for the bathroom. What seemed like a few seconds later, turned out to be a half hour when Cindy came back and sat on the couch with me. Really, on me. "Stop complaining, just turn sideways, and I'll lean against you. I don't want to watch this scary show by myself." Cindy shoved her butt back against my stomach to motivate me to make more room. I complied and then drifted off.

The smell of strawberry was floating through my dream world when my bladder woke me up. Cindy's black hair was against my face and the rest of her body was against mine. We were on our sides, my arm was draped over her with my hand tucked in between the couch and her stomach. My other arm, that I was laying on, was dead. Completely numb and not working.

Cindy was on top of my blanket wearing another long shirt. Her warmth radiated through the blanket and made me feel good. Her smell and soft breathing welcomed my heart and I didn't feel at all uncomfortable, even with the inappropriate placement of my hand. I squeezed her against my body to either wake her up or express my feelings. She didn't stir.

I was completely trapped under the blanket that she was laying on top of. Plus my only arm that had a chance of pushing me up was paralyzed. I bent my arm and moved my hand up the front of her body until it rested just above her breast. I pulled the top of her body back towards my face. Her breasts touched my arm as it lay between them.

After I pulled her back as close as I could get her, I moved my face over to look down at her face. Even with my arm touching her tits, my hand pressing against her chest, and my breath in her ear, she still didn't even blink. I scanned down her body, over the curve of her hip and down her exposed legs. Then, back to her face. She looked like an angel sleeping, and I had a powerful urge to kiss her.

Using her upper body to pull myself forward, I rested my lips on her cheek. I just left them there touching her soft skin while my eyes absorbed her beauty. Then I moved towards her ear, using my face to move her hair aside. I planned to whisper into her ear, but found myself kissing it instead. I turned her head gently with my hand on her chin. Looking down onto her sleeping face made my heart flutter like never before. My lips pressed against hers ever so softly. Her lips responded and kissed mine, but her eyes still remained closed.

Not able to comprehend my feelings or my actions, I continued to kiss her lethargic lips. The comfortable peace of Cindy's presence washed over me and caused two large tear drops to splash onto Cindy's face. At the same time, a sharp burning pain entered my crushed arm as blood started to find its way inside. I pulled my face back and watched my salt water cascade down her smooth skin. I shook her and whispered in her ear, "Cindy, sweetheart it's time for school."

The word school must have been as repulsive to her as it was to me, because her eyes popped open. She looked startled at first looking into my face, but then a calm settled in. A dazed smile crossed her face, "oh you woke me from a wonderful dream, why?"

Without thinking, I kissed her check. "Cindy, I have got to go to the bathroom, but I'm trapped. Can you let me up?"

"Well, I don't want to, but I guess." Cindy reluctantly moved her legs over the side of the couch and pushed herself to a sitting position. I used her to pull myself up and sat next to her with my stinging arm.

After a long whiz, I returned to find my cousin laying exactly where I had been, under my blanket. A sad feeling came over me that I had given up such a pleasant experience. I glance at the death bed and prepared to suffer. "Joe, no, come back over here."

I could hardly see, but Cindy was holding the covers up and welcoming me to lay with her on the couch. I glanced at the VCR clock, 12:23AM.

The blanket dropped over me and Cindy's arm rested over my side. I felt her warm body pressed to my back and her leg over mine. I felt like I had been transported back to a safe place in life as her soft breath tickled my neck. My eyes closed and everything that should have been wrong felt right.

In my dream, I was having sex with Jesselyn, Jasmin and Susan all at the same time, while Mr. and Mrs. Davis watched. Except, they weren't three different people, they were all the same person. They just changed from one to the other constantly.

When my eyes jerked open, lips were touching my ear. A soft wisp of air sent a shiver all the way down my spine to my dick. "Joe, are you alright? It sounded like you were having a bad dream. I'm sorry, I should have gone to the bathroom before, cause I got to go now."

Cindy's moist lips kissed my ear and then my cheek. Before I could move to let her up, her leg crossed my body and her foot made its way to the floor. As she rolled over me, she paused halfway, and I could feel the burning heat and bristly hair of her crotch on my bare side. She stayed that way looking down at me for what seemed like a life time. Then she finished sliding out from under the covers and headed for the bathroom.

I glanced at the clock again, 12:54AM. What had seemed like a two hour nightmare wasn't even an hour. I slid back on the couch, hoping that Cindy would not only return to continue comforting my troubled soul, but also that she would take the front.

I opened my eyes and jumped when I saw Cindy's nose right in front of my face. She was sitting on the floor next to the couch. "Do you want me to go over there?" I didn't speak, I just lifted the blanket.

Cindy slithered under the covers in front of me. My right arm was under her side, and she took my captive hand between her two hands and cuddled with it under her chin. I placed my left hand on her hip and found her flesh. Surprised by the lack of material covering her lower body, I innocently move my hand up her body trying to find her shirt. I had planned to pull it down, but when I realized it was raised as high as her tits, I knew it wasn't going to be easy to pull down.

Her naked ass didn't feel any different to my boxer shorts, but knowing what was touching me, made my dick stir. I wasn't horny or lustful like I normally would have been with Susan or Jasmin, but I couldn't ignore the special feelings I felt. My heart raced as my hand traced Cindy's side from her thigh to her ribcage. I found her belly and drew a circle around her bellybutton. Cindy sighed and kissed the hand she was holding.

It didn't feel in any way dirty or wrong as my hand pressed between her beasts and my lips kissed her cheek. My nerves tingled as her head turn and her lips searched for mine. I squeezed her tight as our lips rested together. We held that position with our eyes sealed shut for thirty seconds before my tongue met hers in the middle. Their tips touched together and a hot breath escaped both of our mouths.

My hardon was pressed in the gap between her ass cheeks as our lips and tongues explored. I wished it wasn't concealed in my shorts, but it still felt nice. When I kissed the back of Cindy's neck she rolled forward and lifted her hair. I continued to kiss and bite her neck and shoulders as she inhaled and exhaled with passion.

When it got too intense, Cindy rolled back and shifted until she was flat on her back looking up at me. Our heat had caused us to shove the covers to the floor and her large chest greeted me. I kissed her lips for the first time with our eyes opened. We shared a warm peaceful smile that made everything seem like it was okay.

I moved over and laid on top of Cindy as she opened her legs for me. For a long moment, I supported myself on my elbows looking down into the eyes of my real first love. A true love she had been, but the love we had shared was never allowed to develop. It was never supposed to be expressed like this. I couldn't find one reason to not love my cousin and make her feel loved. I kissed her mouth and felt the heat on my cock as it pressed against her crotch.

I fondled Cindy's soft tits in both hands. I kissed them and sucked her large nipples. My tongue made circles around the dark flesh causing it to grow stiff. With a tight grip between my lips, I flicked at the hard nubs until they couldn't grow anymore.

When my cock ground against my cousin's mound her legs instinctively opened wider and her hips rotated to best satisfy her clit. I bit her lower lips as my eyes asked permission to enter her body. "Joe, you're making me feel so good, but I can't. Not now, I'm still a virgin, Joe."

I was fine with not making love to Cindy, I just didn't want our special moment to end. I kissed her and kissed my way down her body. When I got to her thick mat of black hair I stood next to the couch, picked up her legs and tugged them towards me. Cindy followed my hint and worked her body around to a slumped sitting position. Still holding a leg at each side, I looked down into her pussy. I gently placed her feet on the floor and knelt between her legs. My smile was telling of what I was about to do to her.

While looking up at her nervous face, I kissed her just above her pubic hair. Filling my nose with her scent, I moved down between her legs. Not only did her hair set her apart from Jasmin and Susan, but her thick meaty pussy lips also set her apart. They plumped out like two buns, perfect for putting a hot dog between.

I pushed her legs up slightly and kissed the very top of her leg, where her ass cheek started. My soft love bite caused Cindy to moan lightly. I worked my way up and around her legs until I was kissing her groin right next to her pussy lip. Cindy's groans seemed more demanding as her hips lifted. With my nose right at the top of her slit, I inhaled deeply. My brain processed the strong aroma and filed the memory in my forever file. I'd always remember what Cindy smelled like.

My tongue parted her dense flesh, and it was instantly covered with the juice it held back. A rush of hot fluid covered my lips as they covered her opening. Her slot was so deep it surprised me as my tongue separated the two flaps on its way to the top of her channel. I was surprised again when I passed over her gorged bud. It was so large I wasn't sure I had found what I was looking for. I flicked it again and Cindy's legs jumped with a moan from her clenched lips.

Our eyes met as my lips held the large clitoris between them. I flicked it with the tip of my tongue and watched pleasure cover her face. I slapped it twice and watched her eyes glaze over. Then I sucked it into my mouth and batted the giant sensory glad until Cindy was about to screech. I pulled back and plunged my mouth into the deep lower part of her pussy. Spreading her flesh wide and shoving my tongue as deep as it would go in her tiny opening. Her fluid spilled into my open mouth, and I memorize the strong taste. They are like snow flakes.

I was shocked how small her hole was in comparison to the depth of her groove and the thickness of her meaty cunt. My tongue rammed in and out of the tight hole as my mouth smeared her wetness all over. Cindy's hands were under her butt and her fingers were gripping her ass. When I got back to her bulbous clit she groaned through her clenched teeth. I wanted to make it last, but I got so excited about feeling her get off, that I went crazy sucking and licking her pleasure spot.

Cindy's hips jerked, forcing her body repeatedly against my tongue. I knew what was coming, and I didn't hold back anything. My tongue sped around and over her bud, until she finally arched her back and forced her ass high off the couch. My eyes spotted a sudden gush of fluid escaping from between her lips and dripping down her full cheeks.

When her body dropped back to the couch all the air in her lungs blew out at once. My head rested sideways on her mound. I could feel her tough hair against my ear as I listened to her heavy breathing and enjoyed the rise and fall of her stomach. I played it over in my head and realized the leg vise on my head never occurred. Yet, Cindy seemed very satisfied anyway.

Cindy licked her lips after I kissed her and seemed to enjoy her sweet taste, as I had. I was kneeling between her legs, and they were wrapped around my waist like Jesselyn's around Mr. Davis.

"No, I'm fine. You don't have to do anything. Let's get some sleep." I felt completely content to curl up with my satisfied cousin. Even in light of what should have been considered a horrible sin, I felt more at peace than I had for months. I felt more in love too.

2:10AM read on the clock when I squeezed Cindy and kissed her cheek for the last time. We slept soundly huddled together on the couch.

When my eyes cracked open, the bright morning sun blinded me, until my aunt stepped in front of it. Groggy as I was I didn't even consider that my cousin was still laying in front of me. I didn't move or speak until I was sure I knew what was going on. My hand was happily tucked between Cindy's large tits, on the inside of her shirt.

"Gross!" I yelled and shoved Cindy off onto the floor while extracting my hand. Cindy landed with the blanket over her, so nobody knew if she was indecent or not. I glanced down at my own body to make sure I hadn't exposed anything.

Cindy took longer than I did to figure out what was going on, even though she had been dropped to the floor. I gave her a look hoping she knew to follow alone. "What on earth were you doing on my couch? That's disgusting!"

Cindy looked around and quickly assessed the situation. "I'm sorry, I got scared during that movie, and you said it was okay if I sat with you to watch it. Well, maybe you were sleepy, but you still said okay. Then I was comfortable, so I just went to sleep."

"I'm sure I must have been asleep. If I would have woken up, I might have barfed on you." I gave Cindy my best little boy smile.

"Well, I got another good picture for the photo album. This one will be a good candidate for blackmail." My aunt gave my uncle a funny look then went to get the boys up.

Three hours later, Uncle Jim was trying to round everything up, so they could hit the road. I was sad that my friend was going to have to go. I stood in front of her, out of view, "Cindy, I'm going to miss you. Thank you for listening and trying to help me through all this mess I'm in."

Cindy kissed me on the lips then nervously looked around. When she didn't see anyone she did it again letting her tongue glide across my bottom lip. "Joe, are you really going to come and stay with us for part of your Christmas break?" A hopeful smile beamed from her face.

"Yes, I will." I walked Cindy to get her stuff and helped her carry it to the car.

The hugs were abundant as everyone said goodbye, and I received several extra from Cindy. "I love you." I whispered into her ear as she entered the car. The expression on her face let me know she felt the same, and that we had restored our deep childhood bond.

I watched their car shrink out of view, and felt a strange separation anxiety as it disappeared. Instantly, I longed for our next reunion.


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