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amy and her 21 year old neighbour
This is my first ever story. All comments welcome.

I was sat having a cup of coffee and a chat with Sandra, my next door neighbour, when in walked this tall hansom young lad. “OH MY GOD” Sandra shouted. You weren’t meant to be home till next week she said as she ran up to greet him with a hug.

“I thought I’d surprise you and come home early”

“oh that’s wonderful“. Amy you remember my son Andy don’t you?” “yeah of course I do“. Although the last time I seen him he was 16 and a tall skinny geeky lad who kept to himself. Now its his 21st next week and it looks like Sandra has a completely new son. He is tall with muscular arms and chiselled looks, he has obviously been working out in the 4 years he’s been away.

During the week I’d see Andy going for a run on mornings and he’d always wink and give me a smile, I’d just smile back. I thought he was a bit arrogant and cocky, not the 16 year old Andy I knew. It was Saturday and the 3 of us had been invited to Sandra and Phil’s house for Andy’s 21st party. The 3 of us included me, my husband Tony who I’ve been married to since I was 20, I’m now 42. And my 17 year old daughter Katie who still lived with us.

It was Saturday and I was over Sandra’s helping get stuff ready for the night. I’d nipped up stairs to use the bathroom, as I walked in the toilet I got a shock as Andy was stood there naked, just got out the shower. My eyes instantly fixed on his cock, it must have been at least 6 inches and very thick, he wasn’t even aroused. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. My Tony’s is 5 inches when erect. I hadn’t seen any bigger than Tony’s till before now. “I….I’m sorry I didn’t” Was all I could manage to get out before he calmly said “don’t worry about it” I quickly closed the door and went down stairs.

During the party Andy had a few girls around him including Katie, all laughing and hanging on to his every word. I was sat with Tony when I found myself looking at Andy’s crotch when I looked up he was looking straight at me, he just smiled knowing what I was looking at. I went into the kitchen to get a drink when someone walked up behind me and rubbed my arse. I jumped as I turned around and Andy was stood there. “what do u think you are doing” I snapped. “don’t worry no one is in here” came his reply. “ you liked what you saw earlier didn’t you” I didn’t reply. “I think its only fair I see yours”. I don’t think so, I’m married and your only 21 I said. “but I like older women and you are a very sexy one” he said with a bit of arrogance in his voice. I just turned round and walked off.

I couldn’t get it out of my mind what Andy had said or what he had in his pants and for the rest of the night we kept glancing at each other and smiling, every now and again he would slightly thrust his hips up and make me smile even more.

Me and Tony were stood in the kitchen having a kiss and a cuddle when Andy walked in. as we were kissing I didn’t take my eyes off Andy as he just stood and watched slightly rubbing his crotch area. It seemed to turn me on as I kissed Tony harder.

Just before the party finished I nipped to the bathroom when Andy walked in as I was sat down, “I was hoping to get you on your own again” “you’re a bit late I’m going home just now” I said with a smile. He walked over to me and put his hand down my top and started playing with my tits. I was shocked but I didn’t say anything, I just unbuttoned his jeans and put my hand on his cock, it started to grow immediately. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but I was in awe as his cock had grown to about 9 inches and I couldn’t get my hand round the full thickness of it. Mmmm I moaned has his fingers played with my nipples. We were stiring into each others eyes as I rubbed his magnificent cock.

Suddenly there was a knock on the bathroom door, we were both in shock as Tony announced from the other side that he was off home. “ok honey I’ll stay back and help clean up, I wont be long”
I said while continuing to stroke his cock. After I few seconds we looked at each other and laughed. Still looking into his eyes I lent forward just a bit, opened my mouth and he took a step towards me and filled my mouth completely

As he started to moan I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Here I was sat on the toilet with my thong around my knees, sucking my neighbours 21 year old sons cock who I thought was arrogant and full of himself. But I was loving it, loving been naughty for the first time in my life and the fact I was nearly caught out made me love it even more.

“oh my fucked god that is nice”

I was now rubbing his bear arse cheeks as he fucked my face with pace. This was the first time I’d been face fucked and his fat 9 inch cock was jabbing the back of my throat, making me gag. His cock was glistening with my spit. My nipples were poking out so much from his soft hands playing with them in a rough but pleasurable way. We continued like this for a couple of minutes.

“oh god yes, yes ugh ughhh”

His hips bucked forward then my mouth was filled with his hot sticky cum. After I swallowed the lot. I pulled his throbbing cock out my mouth and licked the tip making sure I got every last drop.

“that was fucking fantastic Amy”

Then suddenly it hit me what I had just done. “I cant believe what just happened, I’m sorry this cant happen again. I‘ve got to go”

I said my goodbyes to Sandra and Phil then left. I walked in the house full of guilt and worry in case Tony or Katie realised what I had done. Tony was already in bed waiting for me. Slightly nervous I got into bed and his hands were quickly all over my body and tits. “is someone horny babes” I asked.

“I have been all night” he said. He got on top of me and started pumping his 5 inch cock into me. As he was fucking me I lay there and my only thought was on a certain bigger cock.

To be continued

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2014-09-14 01:02:20
My boyfriend just showed me this site,,,,, oh my god..loved your story! I am going to write too. He talked me into sucking his two best friends!!! Now I can't get enough of there 9" and 7" cocks!!! I too love big fat cocks!!! He always told me I would love being a dirty slut!! He wanted me to become one,,,, now if a guy comes on to me I will suck him!!! In the bar bathroom,,, and last week , two in a casino elevator!
He wants a slut,,,,, he's got s big one now!!!!

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2009-11-22 13:57:33
OMG - more!!!!!!!!!

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2009-11-22 13:07:31
I'll bet you can't wait to have that big cock fill every inch of your pussy. I can hardly wait to hear about it. I love big cocks too.


2009-11-21 22:53:40
next have some bestiality. i was cummiing all over my computer to this

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