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The final day of our weekend of adulterous fun
After another incredible night of sex, Kelly and I slept in late on Sunday. Though our weekend was winding down, she knew the kids would stay with their grandparents until just before dinner, and Jason wasn't due home until late. That allowed us to stay in bed lavishing each other with attention. Kelly made a simple breakfast which we ate in the bedroom while we watched the t.v. we had failed to truly see all weekend. After eating, Kelly laid back in my arms, allowing me to tease her by tickling her neck with my mouth and tongue.

Late in the morning, Kelly told me she wanted to end this weekend the same way we started our first night together. My heart started to race and I got flush because I had to assume that meant another adventure in the shower. To be sure I asked, "Which part?"

"Let's just say I don't want you getting up to use the bathroom before we shower for the day."

Her words gave me an immediate hard-on. Kelly noticed the tent in my pajama bottoms and said, "Whoa, Nelly. We still have to clean up the dishes and put some things away. Put that weapon away for just a short while." Rubbing my cock briefly, she continued, "But don't lose it. And make sure you finish that second glass of juice. I got them for obvious reasons."

I downed the rest of the juice in one shot, and poured a bit more for good measure. As Kelly hid away some of our toys and papers, I grabbed the dishes and took them to the kitchen. Kelly joined me in the cleaning, and we quickly had everything back in its proper place. Even the cleaning was fun as Kelly wore one of her negligees that left very little to the imagination. She had obviously mastered the art of encouraging help around the house.

Once everything was cleared, Kelly stepped out the front door to grab the paper. She walked back in and I pointed out that the neighborhood was sure to have appreciated the show. Posing for me, she responded, "You had me naked in the backyard, last night. This is nothing compared to that. And if I recall right, not only were we naked, but you had your tongue and cock buried inside me for all to see."

"Well, it WAS dark, then. Of course, we could go outside for a repeat performance. I know where they blankets are at."

"No," replied Kelly. "There will be a repeat performance, but not of last night. We spent the whole weekend without me seeing you pee a single time. And I've been anxious to try another shower with you."

Kelly's talk caused my dick to spring back to life. She saw the erection, again, and said that now was a more appropriate time. She walked over to me, grabbed hold of my cock, and started toward the bathroom. "Come with me," she said, leading me by my swollen shaft. I had little choice but to follow her, which was fine, as that is what I wanted, anyway.

As we walked into the bathroom, I realized Kelly had set up shaving supplies, as well as a beard trimmer. She told me that she wanted me to shave her again, and that she wanted to trim me up, as well. I was intrigued by the thought, and said we could do that, within reason.

"No," Kelly said. "I get to determine what is 'within reason,' not you. Since you have me shaved like a little girl, I think I want to shave you like a little boy."

I was a bit concerned about that idea, as it might cause some uncomfortable situations at the gym, but Kelly was insistent. I had my "little girl pussy," she wanted her "little boy penis." In the end, I agreed to let her start trimming my pubic hair, and that we would discuss things as she did that. Agreeing that was fair, Kelly stripped down and said she would go first.

She ran some warm water into the tub and sat down with her legs spread, giving me access to again shave her bald. I lathered her with shaving cream and grabbed the razor. For the second time I cautiously ran the razor across her pelvis, around her pussy lips, and toward her ass. I carefully shaved directly around her pussy lips, attempting to ensure I found every area with hair.

When I was confident her pussy was once again completely bald, I rinsed the remaining shaving cream off her body and leaned in to give her a kiss.

"That will be $10.50 for the shave, please."

"$10.50," she squawked. "With prices like that I hope you don't expect a tip."

"Of course not," I replied. "In fact, if you're good, you'll get the tip from me."

Kelly stood up and stepped out of the tub, then allowed me to dry her lower body off, patting her freshly shaven pussy with the towel. Once she was dry, she grabbed the beard trimmer and said, "Now, it's your turn."

I was still a bit nervous as Kelly helped me take my clothes off. She threw a towel on the floor and had me stand on it. Using the trimmer like a hair clipper, she disregarded the plan and started by basically shearing my pubic hair. She quickly trimmed the hair from everywhere around my dick. She removed everything on the abdomen, working her way toward my actual dick. When everything above my crotch was trimmed, she had me sit down on the toilet and lean back with my legs spread, the same position I had her in on our first night together.

Still using the trimmer, Kelly carefully trimmed the hair off my scrotum and continued down toward my ass. Everything went. She left nothing from hip to hip, bellybutton to ass. She was determined to get her wish and shave my cock as bald as her pussy.

After trimming everything down to nothing, Kelly had me move into the tub, where she ran some hot water to warm up what was already there. I sat down and Kelly grabbed the can of shaving cream. My cock immediately sprang to attention as Kelly started to rub the shaving cream over my entire private area. Setting the can down, Kelly grabbed the razor and turned toward me in the tub.

Starting at top of my abdomen, Kelly started shaving the larger areas of my pubic hair. She quickly removed the stubble from those regions, then shifted her focus to the more challenging areas. First, she carefully shaved the area between my scrotum and ass. Then, she gently pulled on my sack and started to shave the scrotum. Moving slowly, so as to avoid any undesired nicks, Kelly cautiously ran the razor across my balls, working her way from side to side, moving up toward my still hard cock. Eventually, she had all the hair removed from my scrotum, and she turned her attention to my actual dick. With the same care, Kelly softly shaved my rod, ensuring every bit of pubic hair was gone. Once satisfied, she scooped water over my body, washing away the remaining shaving cream.

Kelly helped me stand, and had me step out of the tub. As I had with her, Kelly dried me off. Then, she knelt in front of me, inspecting her work. With great care, she touched up a few areas with the razor, then stepped back to admire her handiwork.

"Not bad," she said. "Perhaps next time, we take care of the rest of that hair. It's hard to visualize 'little boy' with all that hair on your chest and legs."

"Well, we can see how this works out, then consider other things."

We drained the water out of the tub, and after turning the shower on, we climbed in together. Kelly's hands were all over my cock as she reveled in the baby smooth feel of my freshly shaved pubic area. I had to admit that the lack of hair radically changed the way it felt to have her hands on me. Following her lead, my own hands wandered down her body and started to work on her bald pussy, spreading the lips and sliding across the opening to her cunt.

Kelly cut of the water, turned to me, and said, "Let's provide our own shower for a bit."

Kneeling in front of me, Kelly took my cock into her hands and pointed it at her face, stroking up and down the shaft. I'd been holding my bladder for quite some time, so relaxed and showered Kelly in the golden flow she wanted. With my cock so close to her face, my pee quickly flooded her mouth, running down her face and onto her tits. Thanks to all the juice with breakfast, I had lots to offer. Still peeing, I knelt down with Kelly and started to pee right on her bald pussy. Kelly opened her legs and spread her pussy apart with her fingers, allowing my spray to hit her right on her clit and cunt.

As I emptied my bladder, I leaned into Kelly, shoved my tongue into her mouth, and started to rub at her pussy, shoving a finger deep into her cunt. Sensitive and slippery from my piss, Kelly started to moan into my mouth as my fingers slid in and out of her hole.

Completely aroused, Kelly forced me back in the tub until I was laying on the floor. Facing my feet, she squatted over my face and dropped her pussy onto my mouth. As I shoved my tongue into her cunt, she released her own golden spray. Cupping my mouth over her lips, I drank her spray as quickly as I could. The warm, salty nectar flooded my mouth, running down my throat.

As she continued to piss into my eager mouth, Kelly leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. Unable to swallow any faster, I began to flick my tongue across her clit, through the spray of pee. As soon as her golden flow slowed, I shoved my tongue back into her cunt, then replaced it with my fingers.

Kelly stood up, turned, and knelt back down, impaling herself on my cock. The tight fit of the tub allowed little room to move, and Kelly fucked me by bucking her hips back and forth on my shaft. At the same time, she leaned down and her tongue found its way back to my mouth. We found ourselves, once again, savoring the taste of our piss in our lover's mouth.

Despite a weekend of orgasms and ejaculations, the incredible feelings associated with this latest encounter pushed us both toward another climax. In a final push, my hands wandered over Kelly's incredible ass, my fingers working their way toward her ass. As she continued to buck her hips, I eased two fingers inside her anus, creating the sensation of double penetration.

Kelly dropped her head onto my chest, her breathing coming in ragged gasps and moans. The bucking of her hips controlled the speed at which my fingers slid in and out of her ass. Surrendering to the pleasure, she started to buck even faster. Soon, she was practically bouncing on my cock, and her wild motions buried my fingers all the way in her rear.

We both hit the wall at the same time, and I shot my final load of the weekend into her cunt. At the same time, her pussy grabbed onto my shaft as the contractions of one more orgasm tore through her body. Both our bodies went rigid as we felt the climax from our heads to our toes.

As the sensations passed, we both collapsed, spent. I slipped my fingers out of Kelly's rear as she rocked ever so slightly on my dick. With one final kiss, Kelly stood up as my cock slipped out of her cunt.

Without a word, Kelly turned on the shower and we started to wash each other off. Several times we found ourselves locked in a tight embrace, kissing deeply and passionately. Knowing the weekend was almost over, we shared every last bit of ourselves, and relished in the touch of our lover. I don't know how long we stayed there, but the mirrors, windows, and walls were all sweating from the steam when we finished.

We stepped out, dried each other off, and went into the bedroom to get dressed. As we finished, Kelly said, "I guess it's time to go back to our 'normal' lives. The kids will be home, soon."

"If 'normal' means that we get to plan on other weekends like this, I'll be able to live with it. We'll just have to be patient and see what opportunities come our way."

Kelly, grinning, stepped into my embrace, kissed me one last time, and said, "Oh, don't worry, I'm already working on the next stage of our relationship. I'm sure you'll like it. In fact, I bet you'll rate it a 12 on a scale of 10."

I wanted to know more, but Kelly told me I would just have to wait. Not too long, but a while.

Just after that, her in-laws showed up with the girls, and we went back to "friend" mode, listening to everything the girls had to say about their weekend. Completely unaware of just how great our weekend had been, they dragged Kelly and I into the living room to share their stories.

And like any good parents, we followed. And in the back of our minds, we savored the weekend we'd had together, and considered the future.

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