This story came to pass in our village of Palmyra in the county of Berbice in Guyana. It includes me and my 65 years old grandmother Jane, her real name was Ramdularie, but the Black Men she fucked in the 1950’s called her Jane. She was an adventurous partner. She also was my neighbor at that time in that particular village.
I've always lived in my village next to Jane's house. She appeared to have a gorgeous body, about 1.90 tall, ever since I had known her. She also had wide hips and, of course, a tremendous, gorgeous ass, like globes, impressive, the size of a foot ball. She was married to Ding who was never at home, always at the ranch looking after the cattle. By this time I was probably 25, and I don't recall having seen her with another man, or boy friend despite living alone in her big house.
I'm quite a mysterious guy, because there's something inexplicable in my penis, of a size too large. This was once a matter for curiosity among doctors when I was born and they registered that in my record. Doctors had to meet to discuss this rare case of such big penis in an 18yo boy. It was 35 cms. Long, 6.5 wide when got to its maximum.
Well, it's the moment now to get to the point. As I was returning from the doctor's office -I had an appointment to find a remedy to this calamity or catastrophe- my mom stopped to talk with granny and had a long chat with her. I wasn't interested in the conversation so I continued on my way home without my mother. As she got home too, I asked what would be the conversation topic up there, and she replied it was a typical conversation among women.
I laid down in my bed in the afternoon to rest, and after a while I got up and went out. There I ran into my grandmother who was cleaning the yard. She got closed to me as if to begin a conversation. She then made a comment about something that she needed. I'd have to perform some duties for her at her home, so she invited me in. Once I stepped in, she proposed me to give her a hand in the kitchen. She wished to have it cleaned and to dispose of some trash but I could take home some stuff which I found useful and she’d gave me to keep. My answer was for her to get down and help me also, which she did as a form of encouragement. Nothing there would call my attention, for there was nothing strange in the place, but as she turned on the lights I could see better and I couldn't help noticing a king size bed sheet, already folded, but tried to ignore it.
She started a chat about making a deal, if I did her a favor I'd get money to buy my own camera film. I refused to, for I was her grandson and I'd do it generously. Besides, my mother didn't agree if I charged for my services. But I wasn't aware what the deal was about. I asked what the deal was, to which she replied, “Show me your cock, and I’ll pay you to look at it!” My disorientation and puzzlement was big at that moment, I didn't get it and was confused. I needed film urgently so I obliged. I was dazed. The next thing I recalled was standing there in front of her splendorous body. Flesh everywhere.

She then spoke, “Fuck me please Kenny, I need a fuck badly, as it has been 17 long years since I had a cock in my pussy…or ass!” She paused then continued, “I’ll teach you all the tricks I learnt as a young girl.”
Needless to say I obeyed her immediately.

Despite her age, she moved quickly to get prepared, spreading the bed sheet on the floor and, in seconds, she began to align her pussy opening with my erect cock. I felt my dick having problems in sliding into her. It couldn't find the way through the beautiful hole but soon her love tunnel gave in to my massive cock and my dick poked completely inside her.
After the old woman moved around her ass to accommodate it better, then came a complete and successful entrance of my tool. Bingo!!
It's hard to figure out the woman's face, with her eyes twisted white. Her pleasure was so great that tears had begun to run down her cheeks with each time my dick went in and out grinding that hole. Perhaps she was feeling a tremendous stroke inside, for each time it plunged she screamed aloud like ever for a woman. Suddenly, I felt a pain in my testicles and noticed a thick grey liquid that had begun to spurt out. When she saw this, she made a comment, “Too much cum you young stud, gallons!!!!” She stayed there soaked by the semen repeating over and over: "What a wonderful cock you have here, baby, what a wooooonderfuuul cock."
It didn't last long before my massive dick began to rise again and she noticed this as well, but made this comment: "Things will change now. It's your turn to ride on top of me."
She was on all fours and parted her vagina lips with her fingers. Grabbed the massive cock and I slowly tried to slide it within her. She then said:
"You just plunge it with a single blow. I want you to tear me up. Split my ass in twp, pleeeeeease."
But she told me to avoid any revolting or disgusting feeling at all. I shouldn't see this as something sickening, nasty and try to get well prepared for my new job, it was something adults in this village did all the time. I stood ok in preparation while she grabbed my dick towards the hole’s entrance. It was then when I pushed strongly enough as to plunge it to the bottom with only one drive. Ninety percent was already inside her making her scream loudly, impressive screams of pleasure. I was now in the position for enjoying better the big tits and began to bang her stronger. She said aloud:
"Please, tear me apart!!" Rip it through! I felt my massive dick wet and going fully inside her while she began to say: "Stop, stop, now!!"
I obeyed immediately. I saw as she spread wide her big ass cheeks and asked me to suck the black hole. It looked like stupid to do this and didn't get the point until she said it was a big surprise for me. I began to suck the hole and I felt then the taste of shit and strange juices, unknown to me, while she was happy enjoying, I also felt happy. No doubt this woman had everything prepared and said: "Now, put it inside me Kenny boy!!"
I grabbed my dick firmly and tried to poke it into that asshole, but whatever effort was useless: it didn’t work for it simple couldn't go inside her while she handled this difficult situation with her fingers by keeping her ass cheeks separated. It was then as she screamed aloud: "Now, baby, do it now!!
The head went first. She was now screaming louder than the first time. I fucked her pussy, and she slumped exhausted to the bed, hooked by the massive dick. She looked like crawling on her four while screaming: "Go, go, go, don't stop, harder, come on! Go to the deep end Baby go!!"

I obeyed her and she began to bite her teeth, I could hear the grating sound. All was a mess, insane, for she began to swagger her hips until my sensations got back to my balls, so I was about to cum but she insisted begged me to hold it she turned around and said: "Put your damn cock between my tits and fuck them! Make me cum, boy!"

My cum load flooded her everywhere and this bitch swallowed it all. We stayed there lying on the sheet for a while, and then I got home. She made me promise another session for her and my answer was quick: another opportunity would come along the way. I had to keep the secret and shouldn't say anything about this or I'd spoil it. This was the deal. I still don't know why she had to rest in bed for two days, while I began to masturbate like never before.

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Here in Curepe, in South Trinidad, my grandfather had 2 Amazon parrots that could like humankind. One day, my grandmother took a Black schoolboy to the bedroom and had sex. This the parrots saw and remembered. When grandpa came home from the hardware store, the parrots started to talk, "No go, no go, black boy in de today!" One will say that sentence and the other will laugh. They will alternate. Granddaddy called grandma to the bedroom, tied her hands and feet with a chord, and beat her repeatedly with his leather belt. When finished, he took pepper sauce and rubbed it on the sore area.

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How about you have sex with me ?!?!?!?!?!

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I know this part of the world. Old whores like this usually go to Suriname for weeks at a time to have sex with the primitive Ndjuka, Bush Niggers. And the husbands are happy!!!!!!

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The old bitches love a stiff cock

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