My mom Rosie had me, when she was 16, and ultimately was kicked out of the house. Her sister's boyfriend, an African from Nigeria, had come over, and got my mother and my aunt Betlin drunk. After my aunt passed out, he decided to give my mom a good fuck which she remembered vividly, and often spoke about. Well a few months later she found out that she was pregnant, and everyone, including her sister ostracized her. Her father gave her the boot for fucking a Nigger, and we have been on our own ever since. Mom let me know who my father was as soon as I got curious enough to ask. Mommy had done very well for us through my seventeen years; she put herself through night school. Now she's an independent, successful business woman, but the stigma of becoming pregnant by a Black Man still hanged over her head.
Mom is more like a big sister to me, we like the same stuff, enjoy the same movies, and just being together….perfect chemistry. I have never been interested in sports, and didn't go out much. I felt out of place because of my mixed race, so found home a safe haven from taunting boys. Mommy asked me once if I was gay, and I laughed so hard I almost pissed. The truth was that by the age of sixteen I was totally enamored by my mother. I would have to do chores at home to make things easier for mom; my absolute favorite was doing the laundry. I relished in having to do my mother's unmentionables, as she called them. I would run my hands through her panty drawer, letting them slip over the silken fabrics. Mom was from the old school, where ladies dressed a certain way; she always dressed to the hilt. Lacy panties and matching bras, her skirts never too far above the knee, and blouses, just sheer enough to catch a man's fancy. But mom didn't play that way, with men I mean, her only goal in life was to raise me the best she could, and be the best at whatever she did….Proving to the public that having a mixed race child was not a crime!!
Her body had been the focus of my nightly masturbation sessions, though mainly it was my imagination of what her body looked like, and which hole I wanted to enter which aroused me. She was very careful not to give me an unexpected glimpse of her naked frame. She knew that it was hard being the only man in the house. She once offered to get some sketches of naked women to adorn the walls of my bedroom, when I declined, well that was when she asked about being gay. I kissed her on the lips and gave her tit a quick squeeze to prove that I wasn't. From her bra size I knew she had 36 DD tits, I had no idea if that was good or bad, but I sure liked them. Her legs seem quite firm and strong, and her ass, gets men looking every where she went. I love the way it wiggles when she walked in her highish heels.
Mom and I were recently transferred to, what I call the asshole of Berbice, Black Bush Polder. I don't know how anyone could mistake this place for heaven, from my perspective, it's nothing but rice, and rice fed women with ugly cracked feet. She was assistant manager at the Rice Marketing Board there. We had been here about a month, and mom had been met with resistance to any type of change, from the police chief who, for too long had bullied his subordinates. He was a huge Nigger and was intent on fucking her. People said he bragged openly about ass fucking Indian women, he had a long list of over 40 women, married and single. I was not going to give him the honour of adding Rosalind to that list!
This particular Friday, mom didn't get in till late, she'd had another shitty day at the market, purchases was poor. Mom reclined on the couch, trying to let go of the day. She seemed to be under a lot of stress lately, she was even having trouble sleeping. I suggested that she change into her nightgown and let me make her a drink. Mom's never been much of a drinker, but I make a killer rum and coke, so she readily agreed. I handed her a glass as she came back from changing. I watched as she took a long sip.

An example of the sketch mommy wanted to get for me,….to help me masturbate I assumed
"Would you like me to rub your feet mom? It might help you relax." I asked.
I knelt next to her, rubbing gently from her knee to her toes, from the age of five, I was fascinated by women’s feet, especially toes and hers were above average. One leg then the other, by the time I finished her second foot her glass was empty. I got her another, hoping this might help her unwind.
"Mom why don't you lie back and I'll keep going."
As she swung her legs up onto the couch I caught a flash of her pussy, verdant with untidy hair, Indian women in Guyana at the time did not shave their pussies, sending a thrill through my cock. I moved behind her by the arm of the sofa to run my fingers through her long black hair, giving her a scalp massage. I then took each of her arms, working the tension out, every stroke of her body causing my cock to grow. I sat next to her on the edge of the cushion, running my hands down the sides of her body. I was careful not to touch her inappropriately, avoiding her chest entirely. I next ran my hands over her then flat stomach, parting them at her navel, before continuing down her hips, to her thighs and on to her feet. Mom finished her second drink, and she handed me the glass asking for another.
I asked as I handed her the refill, "Would you like me to continue?"
"Oh would you, your hands feel great. I might actually fall asleep."
I started where I thought I left off, massaging her thighs, kneading them as I went. With each pass my hand would get higher between her legs. Soon, with each stroke of my hands, my fingers were feeling moms black untidy bush. I didn't want to linger for too long on one area, so I moved back to her torso. I ran my hands down from the neckline of mom's gown, over her breasts, and on down her body. Mom didn't react to my boyish attempt to cop a feel, and on my next pass, a soft moan escaped her lips. Emboldened I continued to exploit this to my advantage, getting to squeeze them ever so often.
Mom lay there breathing heavily, as I worked at relieving her stress. I again was drawn to the fact that she was panty less, and hoped to utilize this opportunity. I reached over her to work on her other thigh, pretending that it was quite a reach from my position. Mom flopped her leg over the edge of the cushion, giving me better access, and allowing me to see under her nightie. I allowed my hands to venture farther than they had before, now that I could see where they were heading. I could feel the warmth emanating from her excited mommy parts. I let my finger graze her pussy lips, now wet from arousal. Mom never even flinched as I continued on my quest.
I touched her at the apex of her thighs, agonizing at the thought of being pushed away. It got her attention though, as a short gasp slipped from her mouth. Her fluid vulva enticing my fingers to penetrate her, she moaned as one entered the folds of her love canal. I slid it into her slowly, letting it explore deeper into her. The silky smooth folds of her vagina surprised me, softer than anything I had ever felt. She was much tighter than I had expected, making it difficult to insert a second, despite fucking Black Men in the past.
"Baby;…….. We shouldn't be doing this." she whispered.
"Shhh, just relax mommy, I’m here to help."
I lifted the hem of her gown to gain a better vantage point. Mom raised her hips to assist me, allowing me to expose her vagina. She shifted her hips making it easier to get my second finger in her. Mom brought her hands down, placing them down to her pubic bone, pressing hard at the top of her bush. She whimpered as I removed my fingers, I took her hands and placed them above her head. When I returned my fingers to search deeper into her depths, her juices was dripping from her hole. I licked the fingers that had been inside her, savoring the salty flavours. I reinserted them, drawing a sharp gasp from their unexpected return. I rubbed mom's clit with my thumb, sending bolt of pleasure through her body. My fingers now drenched from mom's flowing juices, and the aroma that filled the air, driving me forward in this act of lust and love.
I lowered my tongue to taste the nectar of her loins, sipping them straight from its origin. As my tongue touched her clit, I felt mother shivering with excitement, anticipating a climax that was long overdue. I sank the tip of my tongue in the dripping orifice of her vagina, then running over the fold of her pussy lips. Mom placed her hands on my head, holding it tight as she ground her mound on my lips. I pulled away from her grasp.

"Shhhhh, lay here, I'll do everything you ask of me, just tell me what you want mommy dear."
At first she hesitated, not sure if she should allow me to continue to service her in this way. I buried my face between her thighs, pressing my lips tight to her clit, sucking it into my mouth, and licking frantically with my tongue. Mom fought the urge to hold my head to her cunt, I paid close attention to what I was doing, eager to please her, hoping this would not be the last time I'd get to do this. Mom's breathing increased, almost panting now, as I ferociously ate her cunt. "Honey we should stop." she said between bated breaths 'It's not right I'm your mother."
I placed my hand on her tit squeezing it fondling the mammary that nursed me. It must have been all mom needed, because as I pinched and pulled at her erect nipple, she began to rock her hips, humping her cunt into my mouth. I increased pressure on her clit, mashing it against her pubic bone. I reinserted two fingers, in search of the fabled G spot, that supposedly lay hidden in every woman. I hooked my fingers upwards, raking them towards the outside, gingerly searching out my mother's pleasure spot. As I searched deeper I discovered a tight little round object, I knew immediately I was too far, but as my fingers rubbed at her cervix waves of intense pleasure ran through mom's body. I drew my fingers out slightly, finding a tiny bump along my path. Mom's hips bucked in reaction to the contact from my touch. I massaged it lightly, running my fingers over it as I lapped at mother's hooded nub.
"Oh God! That's it baby, AHHHHHHH, Don't stop. Oh God. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
Mom's body spasmed at my touch, her hips humping wildly, as she lay writhing in ecstasy. My fingers slipped from her hole as she humped uncontrollably at my tongue. A spurt of liquid covered my hand, then another; mother was cumming hard, squirting maiden oil from her vagina. I licked it off of her, savoring the taste of her climax. Mommy locked her knees together hard, forcing my hand from between her legs. She then rolled facing the back of the sofa, her body convulsing in orgasm. I watched in awe of the pleasure she was experiencing, pleasure that I had given her. Within seconds she was snoring, exhausted from her orgasmic ordeal. I stood, covering her with the blanket, and clicked out the paraffin lamp, letting her sleep.
I went to bed fighting the urge to jack-off, in the hope that she would reciprocate for the pleasure that I had given her. I had the most intense dreams of fucking mother, all through the night, an unending stream of images flashed through my mind. I woke with an incredibly hard cock, the biggest it's ever been. I needed a release before it popped. I slipped into the living room to find mother still sleeping on the sofa. I stood over her stroking my cock cautiously; I didn't want to accidentally blow cum all over her face. The blanket that I had placed over her now lay on the floor. Mom's night gown, had ridden up as she slept, exposing her amazingly firm ass, I was enthralled by the sight of it. My cock drooling pre-cum out the tip, I had torrid thought of slipping my cock inside her as she slept, but knew it would shatter any sort of trust I had gained from her the previous night.
I knelt besides her taking in the view of her puffy pussy lips, nestled between her thighs, and ass cheeks. The idea of fucking her in every hole rampaging through my head, made my cock swell with anticipation. My hands had a mind of their moving to her pale flesh, even before I had any chance of stopping them. I sat on the edge of the sofa next to her, sliding my hand down her back softly, not wanting to alarm her. My hand cupped her ass cheek, feeling its firmness and squeezing it gently, then running my fingers over the rounded curve to where it met her thigh, brushing the lip of her vagina. I felt a wave of guilt flush through my body; was I taking advantage of her in her sleep? It got the better of me, so I touched her shoulder shaking her gently awake. When she came to her senses, she immediately adjusted her gown, covering her nakedness from my view.
"What time is it?" she asked sleepily "What happened last night? What was in those drinks?"
I sat quietly, waiting, for her to roll over and see the state that I was in. Mom rolled on the couch, reaching down in vain for the blanket on the floor; she opened her eyes to see where it was. The sight of my raging hard-on caught her eye first. A loud gasp of shock, echoed in the room, as mom pulled the blanket to cover herself.
"Oh you dirty little boy! What were you doing? Were you looking at mommy’s ass?" Mother sounded genuinely hurt and surprised at my actions.
"Last night, Um, Don't you remem……..." the words of my question fell off, as terror filled my heart. What had I done?

Mom saw my reaction to her cutting words. "Oh God honey that really happened? I thought I was dreaming it again. "
My mind struggled to comprehend what I just heard. Again? She said dreaming it again.
"Is that why you have been having trouble sleeping? Is it because you have dreams about me?" I tried to keep my voice from shaking.
"Mom this is because I dream about you!" I said pointing at my cock. "I wake up most mornings like this, from the dreams I have of us fucking, sucking, and licking each other into oblivion."
"Is that why you made last night happen?" She asked.
"God no mom, you've been under so much stress, I just wanted to help you, but when you laid, I just couldn't stop myself from pleasing you.” I paused, “You did enjoy every second of what I did.”
Mom looked down my body, till her eyes fell on my still throbbing cock. The sight of its size stole her breath away.
"Oh baby, how is it that you've grown so big?” She asked as she touched the tip.
Mom's fingers wrapped around my engorged juvenile shaft, stroking the entire length with love and affection, as more cock drool oozed out the tip. Mom lowered her lips, taking the tip between her lips, and licking my juices off with her tongue. Mom let her mouth slide lower onto my cock, sending a rush of sensations that I had never before experienced, through my shaft. Mother knelt between my legs squeezing my sack as her mouth sent thrills through my body. I could see her other hand was under the front of her mighty digging in her cunt. I grabbed mom's head in my hands, holding it still as I thrust my hips forward, forcing my cock against the back of her throat. Mom pulled her fingers from her cunt, dripping with her fragrant oils, bringing them to my lips and into my mouth.

Mom’s fingers wrapped round my engorged juvenile shaft, stroking the entire length with love and affection
Mom let my cock fall from her mouth, as she looked up at me, rising up into my lap. I saw, an unbridled, seething lust in them, her hunger for my cock evident as warm juices cover my cock tip. She rubbed her cunt over the tip of my cock, trying to get it to slide up inside her. Mother reached to take it in her hand guiding to the opening. Mom's breath quivered as she slowly sank onto my cock. Mom had not been with a man since I was born, and from my delving through her drawers I knew she didn't have any toys to please her. Mom was incredibly tight, and as my cock filled her, I could sense an urgency within her. With my cock now buried deep inside of my mother, I found the boldness to lift her gown, and expose her gorgeous body. Her erect nipples beckoning me to nibble and suckle them. Mom held the back of my head when I placed my lips to her breast, running her fingers through my hair, as my tongue flicked her pea sized nipples.
Mom lifted herself up on slightly before pumping her cunt back onto my cock. A pleasurable moan emanating from her, as she took a second stroke on my shaft. Mom's pleasure increased with every passing second, and each penetration of her vagina. I sucked at her nipples as though I were a starving child, careening mother to climax, as she ground her cunt on my cock. As the warm juices of mother's cunt flooded over my cock, I could hold back no more, filling her with my cum, cascading her into another powerful orgasm. Mother rode my cock until it shriveled inside her, then sat with it wedged between her cunt lips, her cunt twitching on my limp shaft.
THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF AN ADULT-LIKE HUSBAND AND WIFE RELATIONSHIP, GRADUATING TO SERIOUS ASS FUCKING AS TIME WENT ON. Mommy met a black woman called Cordelia who explained the merits of shaving her pussy; she then started shaving every day thereafter.

Being the adventurous youth I always was, I tried new things such as sucking her toes, licking her ass deep inside, finger fucking her ass as she washed the dishes etc. She could not believe that I discovered all of those experiences by myself and thought someone was coaching me. She would ask, “Boy Kenny, where did you learn to do these nasty things?” To which I’ll reply, “Mommy if you find them to be revolting and despicable, I can stop?” She would often reply with great emphasis in an approvingly tone, “Well then, if it makes you happy, you can continue, it helps us to strengthen our bond, after all, it is all we have!” At that point I’ll bury my head into her breasts and give a loving bite on the top of one, this way; she was able to decipher my profound feeling towards her. Being a mixed race child, I was lonely and had no friends, so all of my free time was spent on thinking up sexual fantasies that could make mommy happy…and boy, they worked. In fact, I even refined the finger fucking of her ass. I developed a way of rotating my middle finger while it was deep inside her by flicking my wrist to the right and left. This way, I was able to tighten her sphincter muscle, adding to the sweet sensation. She enjoyed it thoroughly, most times her legs became weak and she fell to the floor, burying her face deep into my crotch in the process and producing a sibilant noise, this was her way of saying thanks. I concluded that a middle finger soiled with intestinal waste matter was easy to wash with soap and water, whereas mommy’s convulsive orgasm was irreplaceable. Even after I migrated to Africa and got married, when I visited Guyana in 1987, we slept in the same bed every night for the three weeks I spent in her house. She was older, her belly had become bloated, but the love was just as strong and the image of fucking her ass while forming round circles on her spherical belly was mind blowing!!!!. She got an orgasm every night I was in her bed with her, as she got older, I noticed that she had developed an esoteric taste for anal sex, that she got. One day she even invited the sister, who had accepted mommy and me by now, because of my success in Africa, and the three of us spent the night in the same bed. I was determined to make sure they each had 3 orgasms of their own to remember for life. I started the night by vaginal penetration of each to full orgasm, then by oral stimulation to climax as I recovered my strength and the finally by rough deep ass fucking as morning approached…… god they really, really enjoyed, although mommy was 50 and her sister nearly 55, one got the impression they were teenagers!!! They were so exuberant, that one often helped the other to enjoy the sweetness of my cock, trying to outdo each other’s hospitality. Auntie Betlin suggested a fourth orgasm of the lesbian type, I quickly grabbed the remote control and set the video camera to record them in night vision for I knew they were in a jubilant mood. I then left and went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, so I do not know if it took place, but they remained in bed for a good 50 minutes after I had left the bedroom


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In such backward societies, the Coolie Man acts as a catalyst for his wife to fuck a Black Guy. When he drinks his rum and comes home drunk, he accuses the wife of fucking "Niggers"! So, the woman, knowing that she will be accused anyway, fucks the Black guy(s) freely, and enjoys the experience.

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the crowded conditions under which Indians lived on the sugar plantations led to such incestuous relationships...They were treated worst than the plantation animals, the mule were better housed. The niggers were freed and had their own homes, so, fucking a nigger was a status symbol...WHICH BECAME AN ADDICTION FOR MOST INDIAN WOMEN!

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This is fiction. How on earth would your mother allow you to touch her cunt without any protest in the first instance.

Stop fooling yourself

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The plantation system in Trinidad ans Guyana left Indian women with low self esteem. Black men dresses better, spoke better English, ate better food and were given government jobs because of these qualities which were combined with a better education. Indian men were left to do menial labouring jobs. THIS SUMS UP LIFE IN THOSE BRITISH COLONIES IN THE 1940's/50's/60's.....So the Indian women had little choice.

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most of the stories not true it is imagination

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