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Holly asked me to write a poem about her titled the Black Widow. She did not like it. But told me notto change it. She never seen the Epilog. I wrote it about a year latter
Black Widow

she's been known as the Black Widow since she was fifteen
ruthless, bold and mean
with vengeance she preys on man
building her a place to stand
where no man can ever reach her again
staying in control is the only way to win
she weaves her web of love, laced with hate
there you lie, waiting for your fate
she's beautiful, charming and catches every man's eyes
with a look that will paralyze
you into doing her bidding
and if you think you can out do her, your kidding
if you ever find yourself in her web of love
looking up at her high above
don't try to stand beside her
I know, I've been bitten by the Black Widow spider


I know I wasn't your intended prey
but I got caught in your web anyway
you tried to set me free
but you found you needed me
there is no other fate
when your the Black widow's mate
I've already been bitten
that's the way nature's law is written
Black Widows don't cry
just KISS me and say good-bye

copyright hippiepoet69 1982

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2013-12-30 08:01:24
You can only vote once regardless of how many posts

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2013-12-30 08:00:38
I think you're on the wrong website but good poem, so go find a site it belongs on


2009-11-30 07:23:59
) do have a poetic license. You posted the same comment two times. How many times did you vote? Please prople VOTE good or bad but only once. ( comments do not show right away)

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2009-11-25 16:45:57
thats the worst poem ever. you are allowed to use poetic license.

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2009-11-25 16:45:29
thats the worst poem ever. you are allowed to use poetic license.

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