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that was back in the. I went cold turkey and flushed 7 hits of purple haze
A Junkie is Born

I hit the road just me and my pack
everything I owned on my back
to see what I could find
and to leave my old world behind
I've seen this old world as I've never seen it before
I've done things I would never do' I swore
I met the junkie and the boozer
along with a few other of Life's losers
I smoke his grass, I drank his wine
I listened to his Life story and heard mine
I've shared his dreams, I've known his sorrow
I cursed today and prayed for no tomorrow

copyright 1973 hippiepoet69

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-26 19:34:15
Begun, the great internet eudcaiton has.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-05 00:50:23
maybe try a different pattern. i have never been a fan of a,a; b,b
maybe do a bit more complicated, like -a,b,a,c,-

Anonymous readerReport

2009-12-22 21:29:16
this is beautiful

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