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Chapter 7

“Morning Gwen,” Ben said, giving his naked cousin a quick kiss before he crawled over her and slid his bare feet down to the floor.

“What’s up Ben?” Gwen asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes before she rolled over to watch Ben pull his clothes on. “No morning fuck?”

“Sorry Gwen,” came Ben’s muffled response as he pulled his shirt on over his head, “we need to get an early start this morning, remember?”

“Right,” Gwen said slowly, “we’re suppose to meet Lt. Steel for breakfast.”

“And we have a hundred miles to go before then,” Grandpa Max said adjusting his louder than usual Hawaiian shirt. “I’d still like to know how Steel got my cell number.”

“Well he is a Federal agent with a high level security clearance,” Ben pointed out, “he probably has the authority to get just about anything he wants.”

“Including my secure and unlisted plumber cell number,” Max said with a derisive snort. “That must be some security clearance.”

“Well he is doing the same job as you,” Gwen pointed out, “it’s just that he’s based on Earth instead of space.”

“I guess you’re right,” Max said with a sigh. “Will you be alright with this Gwen? I know how horny you are first thing in the morning and how much you enjoy your morning fuck.”

“I’ll be fine,” Gwen said, “I have my favorite dildo and enough privacy to take care of myself. You two go ahead and I’ll see you when you get back.”

Once they stepped out of the rustbucket and made sure no one else was around Ben dialed up XLR8 on the Onmitrix and a few seconds later he and Grandpa Max were on their way. Following the directions Lt. Steel had given them Ben found the part of town Steel and his men had cordoned off with their armed vehicles.

“Not exactly trying to hide,” Max said when Ben set him down on his feet.

“Must be important if Lt. Steel is willing to be so public about it,” Ben hissed after he raised the visor of his helmet. “Give me a second to change and we can go see what’s so important.”

A couple minutes later the two of them walked up to the uniformed guard at the barrier’s makeshift gate and Max announced, “Max and Ben Tennyson to see Lt. Steel. He’s expecting us.”

The guard checked their names on his clipboard and then gestured for a nearby private. “This man will take you to the Lieutenant,” the guard said. “This whole area is under military jurisdiction, any attempt to leave your guard will get you shot, is that clear?”

“Of course,” Max said as Ben gave a nervous nod.

With the guards warning in mind Ben and his grandfather stayed as close as they could to their guide and breathed a sigh of relief when the private ushered them into the mobile headquarters where Lt. Steel was waiting for them.

“Ah, Max and Ben Tennyson,” Steel said, combing his hand through his grey brush cut, “I’m glad you could make it. Anything special you want for breakfast?”

“Whatever you have,” Max said with a forced grin, “as long as I don’t have to cook it.”

“So why did you want to see us lieutenant?” Ben asked as soon as the orderly left with their order.

“And how did you get my unlisted number?” Max added before Steel had a chance to open his mouth.

“First let me point out that this meeting is unofficial and no matter what I suspect,” Steel said with a warning glare, “I don’t have to report it as long as I don’t have proof or a confession. Clear?”

“As mud,” Ben muttered as his grandfather nodded his understanding.

“Since our last meeting I did some research,” Steel said. “It wasn’t easy, but once I found the right people I discovered that you had quite a reputation, one that my men and I don’t even come close to meeting. And it seems Ben here is following in your footsteps so I thought it would be a good idea to keep you informed on what’s going on here.”

“So inform us,” Max said.

“Two days ago one of our satellites detected a dimensional energy surge right here in the middle of town,” Steel started. “We arrived as soon as we could and found evidence that something came through with the dimensional surge but it was long gone before we arrived. From the eyewitness accounts we were able to get the description matches the merged alien that we dealt with last summer.”

“Kevin,” Ben murmured before he caught himself.

“It would seem so,” Steel agreed. “From the eyewitness reports we know he used one of the payphones and we were able to track the number he called.”

Before the lieutenant could give Max and Ben the number he had to pause when the orderly returned with their breakfast order. Once everything was set out and the private left them to their eggs and bacon Max encouraged Steel to continue.

“The number Kevin called belonged to his step parents in New York,” Steel explained.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Ben interrupted.

“Ben,” Grandpa Max warned.

“I mean it grandpa,” Ben said. “Remember, Kevin and I started out as friends before he got so obsessed with my powers that he tried to steal them.”

“Ben,” Grandpa Max hissed, “don’t say anything more in front of Lieutenant Steel.”

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” Steel asked, looking up from his breakfast. “I guess I was hungrier than I realized.”

“It was nothing,” Max said, giving Ben a warning glare before he nodded for his grandson to continue. He realized that the lieutenant was giving them a break this time, but he didn’t trust him to do it again.

“I knew Kevin for a while before he changed into that merged alien form,” Ben said carefully. “He was living on the streets, and he told me it was because his step father kicked him out because he considered him to be a freak. I don’t see Kevin calling someone like that right after he escapes the Null Void.”

“Maybe he didn’t call his step father,” Lt. Steel said with a knowing grin, “maybe he called his half sister.”

“Kevin has a sister?” Ben asked in surprise.

“A half sister,” Steel said. “The family dynamics are a bit confusing but here’s what I learned. Kevin’s father divorced his mother when Kevin was about six months old. Kevin’s father got sole custody of his son in the divorce and his mother disappeared shortly after. Two years later Kevin’s father remarried. He and his new wife had a daughter about six months after the wedding and from everything I have Kevin and his step sister were pretty close growing up. Then about five years ago Kevin’s father died in an industrial accident and he and his half sister were left with her mother. Kevin’s stepmother didn’t make a wise choice for her next husband, he was a man who’d spent more time in prison than out, and he didn’t change his life style much after the wedding.”

“I can guess what happens next,” Ben said bitterly, “Kevin’s stepfather tried to get him into the game and he refused to help him with his powers. I don’t know if the stepfather got abusive at that point or if Kevin ran away to get away from him, either way he was out on the street and using his powers to survive.”

“I’d say that’s a pretty good idea of what happened,” Steel said. “But Kevin’s sister was still left behind. Whatever was happening at home it seems to have reached a crisis when Karen turned twelve a couple weeks ago.”

“I can imagine what kind of crisis could arise with a girl turning twelve with a step father like that,” Ben muttered.

“So can I,” Lt. Steel said with barely suppressed anger, “that’s why my men and I haven’t tried that hard to catch up with our merged friend yet. So far we’ve managed to keep track of him through various reports and he seems to be making a direct run to New York. Apparently he can’t run as fast as the alien who calls himself XLR8, but he is making good time and should reach the city in a few more hours.”

“In that case we better get a move on,” Ben said as he started sliding his chair back from the breakfast table. “I mean, if we’re going to contact the good aliens so they can catch up with Kevin and maybe help his sister too.”

“Ben,” Grandpa Max said without looking up from his empty plate, “I think it would be best if you contacted your friends on your own.”

“But Grandpa,” Ben started, only to be interrupted when Max continued what he was saying.

“I wouldn’t be much help with you and your friends rushing across the country to catch Kevin. On the other hand, if I stay here I should be able to help Lt. Steel and his men isolate the energy signal Kevin used to escape from the Null Void. That way we can find out how he escaped and make sure that noone else manages to escape the same way. After all, it wouldn’t do for someone like Vilgax to escape, so we’ll work on sealing that escape route while you take care of Kevin and his sister.”

“I have to admit that we would appreciate your help on that little problem,” Lt. Steel said, “with your experience we should have the breach sealed and barred in no time.”

“In that case I’ll go ahead and contact my friends so we can deal with Kevin and his sister and step father as well.”

“Ben,” Max said before he grandson had a chance to leave the trailer, “I think it might be a good idea if you made sure that you contacted Lucky Girl for this case. If there is a problem with Kevin’s half sister she may be the best one to help her, better another girl instead of a strange alien if you know what I mean.”

“Good idea grandpa,” Ben agreed, “I’ll contact her first just to be sure she’s available.”

Gwen was enjoying the warm aftermath of her third orgasm when she heard the rush of wind that usually came with Ben’s arrival when he was XLR8. She put her dildo away reluctantly and turned to face the back door of the Rustbucket just as Ben opened it and stuck XLR8's reptilian face inside. “Gwen,” Ben called after he raised the visor of his helmet. “Hurry up and get dressed. We need to get to New York as fast as possible, and I may need your help as Lucky Girl.

While Gwen dressed in her costume Ben explained the situation to her, finishing as she tied her mask behind her head. “So do you have a plan?” Gwen asked, considering her belly and the obvious bulge of her pregnancy under her tight fitting shirt. With a quick spell she disguised the bulge, the only way someone would notice her belly now was if they actually touched it, and she’d make sure that didn’t happen.

“The best idea I have right now is to take you to New York and drop you off at the step parents place,” Ben said as he picked Gwen up in his arms for the run to the city. “You link up with Kevin’s half sister and get her out of the situation. I’m sure you can deal with one horny angry step father and get her to safety. In the meantime I’ll double back and deal with Kevin.”

“I think you have things the wrong way around,” Gwen said, turning her face into Ben’s chest so she could speak while the wind whipped around them. “I could deal with Kevin’s step father and get his half sister away from the house but so could you. The problem is that if you deal with Kevin it’ll turn into an extended battle. You know how much he hates you, he won’t be listening to anything you have to say, and the property damage from the fight could be extensive. I think a better plan would be for you to drop me off to deal with Kevin while you run on to New York and do whatever you can to help Kevin’s sister. Kevin and I may have had our differences but he won’t automatically attack me the way he will you, and I may be able to get him to slow down and listen to reason.”

“Sounds like a better plan than mine,” Ben admitted. “But be careful ok?”

“You too,” Gwen said, “we still don’t know the whole story about Kevin’s sister and step father.”

“I know,” Ben admitted, “but it must be something bad if Kevin’s more interested in getting to New York instead of hunting me down. Don’t worry, I’ll use an alien form that will keep me and Kevin’s sister safe. And you can tell him that when you meet him.”

Once she was on her own Gwen started flying around to see if she could spot Kevin. It was actually easier than she expected to spot Kevin from the path of damage he left in his wake. Gwen landed in front of Kevin and cast a spell to wrap him firmly in the debris he’d just created. “Hello Kevin,” Gwen said stepping up to the mound of earth, concrete, and steel she’d formed around the older boy’s grotesque mix of Ben’s aliens.

“Gwen Tennyson,” Kevin said with a grimace of his deformed face. “So where’s your cousin? Too scared to face me himself? Not that it matters, I don’t have time to deal with either of you, I need to get home right now.”

“No you don’t,” Gwen said, enforcing the spell holding Kevin as he struggled against it. “Ben is already on the way to help your sister, in fact he could be there by now.”

“I guess that could work,” Kevin said slowly. “I may hate your cousin’s guts for what he did to me, but he does help people so I guess I can trust him to help my sister. But in that case, why are you here?”

“I’m here to help you,” Gwen said.

“Don’t lie to me,” Kevin said, “I know you hate my guts. You blame me for what happened to Ben back in New York last year when we go caught breaking into that warehouse.”

“Yes I do blame you,” Gwen said, “you tricked Ben into entering that warehouse and you got angry enough to do something stupid, absorbing the power of the Omnitrix and turning yourself into this, this monstrosity that combines all of Ben’s aliens into one. Kevin, you only have yourself to blame for what happened to you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to help you.”

“And how are you going to help me?” Kevin asked bitterly. “I’ve been trying to turn myself back to human for months, can you help me with that.”

“Maybe,” Gwen said thoughtfully, “maybe I can help you. Tell me what you want more, to change back into your human form, or to get back at Ben?”

“Get back at Ben,” Kevin said without any hesitation.

“I think the problem is that you don’t have the right motivation for changing back,” Gwen said with a lewd grin. “And I think I know the kind of incentive you need.”

“And what’s that?” Kevin asked, stopping his struggles long enough to give Gwen a hard look.”

“This,” Gwen said, pulling her shirt up at the same time that she negated the spell hiding her swollen belly. She let Kevin get a good look at her bare tits before she continued. “Now the question is, do you want these more than you want to get back at Ben.”

This time Kevin had to think about his answer before he opened his mouth and Gwen stopped him before he was able to speak a word. “Just in case these babies aren’t enough incentive,” the red head said, zipping her pants down and pushing them down past her hips, “this can be yours too. If you can change back to your human form all this is yours Kevin.”

“Seriously?” Kevin asked, licking his mis-formed lips with his forked tongue and running his eyes along the Gwen’s bare skin.

“Oh yeah,” Gwen moaned. She didn’t take her eyes off Kevin’s grotesque form when she cupped her breasts and squeezed the swollen mounds hard enough to send a stream of milk from the nipples so the liquid landed just a few inches from the older boys mouth. “I haven’t had a cock in my pussy all morning, and I bet that once you change back your prick will be the perfect fit for my slit. And since I’m already pregnant you don’t even have to worry about wearing a condom or pulling out. You can fill my cunt with all your baby juice and you won’t have to worry about knocking me up. So, how is that for incentive to change back.”

“It just might be enough,” Kevin growled as he struggled against whatever force kept him in his mixed alien form. Gwen caught her breath and didn’t release it until she saw a familiar red glow surround Kevin’s body and she looked away to shield her eyes when the glow turned into a flash when Kevin shifted into his human form.

“You did it,” Gwen said as Kevin pulled his much smaller human form out of the debris that had held his alien form.

“I sure did,” Kevin said, brushing himself off before he turned to look at Gwen. “Now, do you really want me to fuck you?”

“I do,” Gwen said, running her fingers along her slit and showing Kevin how wet they were. “Just look at how wet I am, I’m so horny I can hardly wait for you to crawl out of there and crawl between my thighs and into my cunt.”

“You really are horny,” Kevin said without taking his eyes off Gwen’s red furred slit while he made his way toward her.

“I’ve never actually fucked a girl yet,” Kevin said as he reached out tentatively to touch Gwen’s drooling slit.

“You’re a virgin?” Gwen asked with a gasp when Kevin stroked her pussy lips. “I haven’t had a virgin since Ben and I popped each others cherries. Ben’s had plenty of virgins since then, but you’ll be my first since I lost my cherry.”

“You and Ben fuck?” Kevin asked in surprise.

“Sure,” Gwen said with a grin, “who do you think knocked me up? For the second time I might add.”

“This is your second baby?” Kevin said in surprise, “and Ben knocked you up both times?”

“That’s right,” Gwen said, “and I’m not the only one he’s knocked up, but even though he’s the father of my children that doesn’t mean that I don’t fuck other guys, it just means he beat the others to my fertile womb.”

“Wait a minute,” Kevin said, running his left hand across Gwen’s swollen belly while he ran the fingers of his right along her wet slit. “You’re telling me that Ben is sexually active, in fact he’s deflowered several virgins and knocked you and other girls up, right?”

“Right,” Gwen said with a purr of pleasure.

“And he’s rescuing my half sister?” Kevin asked, “what if he decides to make a move on Stephanie?”

“Kevin,” Gwen said with a slow sigh, “Ben isn’t going to do that. He wouldn’t make a move on a girl unless she was already interested. And what do you think would happen if Stephanie was interested and you tried to come between them?”

Kevin thought about it for a few seconds while he continued running his fingers along Gwen’s wet slit before he answered. “If I tried to come between Steph and something she wanted she’d punch me in the nose and find a way to get around me.”

“So Ben won’t do anything unless Steph wants it,” Gwen concluded, “and if Steph wants it you can’t stop her. Since you can’t do anything about your sister and Ben stop worrying about it and start worrying about the best way to please me and my pregnant pussy.”

“Point made,” Kevin said with a shake of his head, “I’ll stop thinking about Steph and just enjoy what I have here and now. So, how am I doing?”

“So far you’re doing great,” Gwen moaned, “you may be a virgin, but you’ve done this before haven’t you?”

“Steph and I use to play around,” Keven admitted, “but we never went all the way.”

“Well this time you are,” Gwen said, “in fact it looks like you’re ready to go right now,” she finished with a nod to Kevin’s already erect penis.

“I think we both are,” Kevin said, taking his fingers out of Gwen’s wet slit and licking them clean.

Gwen grinned encouragement as Kevin scuttled up her pregnant body and brought the head of his cock up to the red head’s drooling cunt lips. Kevin took a deep breath, looked deep in Gwen’s eyes and eased his cock into the younger girl’s juicy slit.

“Oh yeah,” Gwen groaned as Kevin’s cock filled her pussy. Kevin was a little longer and bigger around than Ben but smaller than any of the adults she’d fucked, but it was still her first cock of the day and it felt good to have it in her cunt. As Kevin shoved the last of his cock into her pussy with enough force to make his balls bounce off her ass Gwen looked up at the older boy and smiled before she spoke again. “You feel good inside my cunt,” she whispered in a husky voice, “how does my pussy feel around your cock?”

“Better than I ever imagined,” Kevin sighed. “I always knew it would feel great when I finally stuck my prick in a girl’s cunt, but I never thought it would feel anything like this.”

“It’s going to feel even better when you start moving that shaft in and out of my cunt,” Gwen pointed out as she gave Kevin’s shaft a quick squeeze with her pussy muscles, “or did you plan to spend the rest of the day like this?”

“Oh, I’m going to move,” Kevin hissed, trying not to cum when Gwen’s pussy tightened around his cock, “I just wanted to make sure you were ready for me to start.”

“You only have to worry about that when you pop a girl’s cherry,” Gwen giggled, “I’ve had enough cocks in my cunt that you don’t have to worry about me. You just slam that fucker in and out of my pregnant belly until I’m swimming in your cum.”

“I will,” Kevin promised, pulling most of his shaft out of Gwen’s slit until only the head was wedged between her pussy lips. With a grunt he slammed his hips forward hard enough for his balls to bounce off the red head’s ass.

“Oh God, this feels so fucking great,” Kevin groaned as he thrust his cock in and out of Gwen’s sucking pussy.

“I said you’d like it,” Gwen cried, wrapping her legs around Kevin and locking her ankles together behind his ass. “Now lean forward and suck my tits, I bet you’ll like my milk as much as Ben and our son do.”

“But your baby,” Kevin said, looking down at the swell of her pregnant belly, “if I put my weight on you . . .”

“I’ll be fine,” Gwen assured her lover, “I’m not that big yet. Besides, my tits are so full of milk right now that I could really use some relief, and I think you could use a treat. Now go ahead and suck on these babies until they’re empty.”

“Ok,” Kevin said, laying across Gwen’s swollen belly and easing his quivering lips toward the girl’s erect nipples. When Kevin wasn’t fast enough Gwen reached her arms around Kevin’s neck and pulled him closer so that his face smacked into the valley between her swollen breasts. Gwen released some of the pressure on Kevin’s neck so he could pull back far enough to reach her nipple and suck it in between his lips.

Gwen could feel the milk flowing out of her tit when Kevin sucked on her nipple and she let a soft moan escape from her lips. As the pressure from her overfilled tits dropped with every mouth full of milk Kevin drank from her breast Gwen realized that the pleasure from her pussy was mixing with the relief from her tits and it wouldn’t be long before her orgasm hit. “Oh Kevin,” she muttered in the older boy’s ear, “you’re such a good fucker that I’m about to cum already.” Gwen couldn’t understand Kevin’s reply because it was muffled by a mouth full of milk and nipple, but when she felt his prick expanding in her cunt she realized that he was going to cum right along with her. As Kevin shot his load deep in her quivering pussy Gwen screamed with her own orgasm, but in the back of her mind she cursed the fact that Kevin was such a new fucker that he didn’t have the stamina to hold on through two or more of her orgasms before he lost it.

“That was wonderful,” Kevin said with a soft burp when he finished draining the milk from Gwen’s second breast.

“And we’re not done yet,” Gwen said, ruffling Kevin’s black hair. “I can feel your cock starting to get hard in my pussy again, I bet you’ll be ready for a second round in just a few minutes. Especially if I give you a blow job while you eat my pussy. How does that sound?”

“Like a deal I can’t turn down,” Kevin said, pulling his cock out of Gwen’s hot wet pussy and shifting around so he could reach her slit and Gwen could reach his prick.

“Say Gwen,” Kevin said, the breath of his word’s making her pussy fur quiver.

“What,” Gwen said, licking her lips as she stroked Kevin’s semi-hard shaft with her hand.

“Do you think Ben and Steph are having as much fun as we are?” Gwen realized that there was no jealousy in his voice.

“I think that depends on Steph,” Gwen said with a grin, “if she’s interested, then I’m sure Ben is giving her a very good time.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At first Ben was upset when the Omnitrix timed out when he was still three blocks from the apartment but as he made his way through the pedestrian traffic he realized that he’d have just enough time for the Omnitrix to recharge when he reached the door. That would give him a chance to figure out the best alien to deal with whatever was happening when he reached Kevin’s sister.

After climbing three floors Ben had to pause to catch his breath before heading down the hall to the right apartment. Even though he wasn’t close to the apartment door he could hear the angry voices bouncing off the walls, ceiling, and floor. Ben couldn’t make out any of the words, but he thought it sounded like an older male and a young female voice.

When he reached the door belonging to Kevin’s family Ben could hear the two voices clearly through the hallway door. “Come out here you whore,” the male voice shouted with enough force to make the door vibrate. “You come out here now or I’m coming in there to get you.”

“And why should I make it easier for you to rape me you dirty old man,” the girl’s voice screamed back. “The only way you’re getting in here is over my dead body, you hear me?”

Ben decided it was time for him to interrupt before Kevin’s step father did something they’d all regret. Lifting the Omnitrix Ben dialed up the alien he thought would be the best one for the situation and slapped down the plunger to initiate the change. A second later Ben lifted his crystalline fist to knock on the door with enough force to make the jamb rattle. “Whoever it is leave now, this is a family matter.”

“I’m a friend of Kevin’s,” Ben’s deep voice replied, “and I think you’d rather deal with me instead of the police or family services.”

“Whose gonna call them in this neighborhood Kevin’s step father replied with a derisive snort. Besides, the police and family services don’t care what I do with this little whore of a step daughter, if they did they would have taken her away a long time ago. Now go away or you’ll get what I’m giving Stephanie.”

“I doubt that,” Ben said as he raised his crystalline fist and slammed it through the thin panel, knocking the door off it’s hinges as he stepped through into the untidy apartment. Kevin’s step father turned to face Ben as he stepped through the shattered remains of the hallway door. Ben almost laughed at the sight of the older man, his oversized bathrobe was open and Ben could see that he was naked under the robe. “Pardon me but I’m here to help your step daughter. Where is she?”

“Well I didn’t give you permission to come in here,” Kevin’s step father growled stepping up to Ben’s green crystal chest and trying to push him back out of the door.

With a shrug of his shoulders Ben pushed Kevin’s step father back against the living room wall and just to be sure followed the shove with a burst of crystals from his hand to pen the man’s bathrobe against the wall. From the smell of his breath Ben didn’t think he was sober enough to realize that he could slip out of the robe. Ben took a quick glance around the room and noticed a blond woman passed out on the couch with an empty bottle on the coffee table. Ignoring the angry threats of Kevin’s step father while he struggled against his robe Ben turned to the door the man had been yelling through when he smashed through the front door.

Ben gave the door a soft rap and called, “Hello?”

“I told you I’m not coming out,” the girl on the other side said. “I’m not going to help you rape me.”

“I’m not your step father,” Ben said. “My names Diamond Head and I use to be a friend of your brothers.”

“Use to be?” the girl said. “Let me guess, you started out as friends and then asked you to do something that you didn’t want to do. And then when you refused he did it anyway and blamed you when things went wrong.”

“You could say that,” Ben admitted.

“And you’ve taken care of my step father?” she asked.

“He’s out of the way,” Ben said, “you can leave anytime you want and I’ll help you get wherever you want to go. Including helping you to meet up with Kevin, if that’s what you want.”

Ben heard something being moved away from the door and watched the brunette open the door and give him a quick smile as she said, “I think I’d like that. Kevin may do stupid things and have a temper, but I’d rather be with him instead of my step father, especially right now.”

“By the way, my name’s Stephanie in case you haven’t heard yet,” Kevin’s twelve year old half sister said, running her eyes up and down Ben’s crystalline form. “Well, you’re bigger than I expected.”

“Not really,” Ben muttered, “but maybe I should explain that once we’re out of here. Grab whatever you need and lets go.”

“I’m ready to go now,” Stephanie said, patting the clothes she was wearing, “and I wouldn’t take this much if I didn’t have to wear something.”

“Then lets go,” Ben said stepping back from the door so Stephanie could walk past him.

“So what’s your real name?” Stephanie asked after they left the apartment building and made their way up the street. “I mean, I know you call yourself Diamond Head when you’re in this form, but I’m guessing you have another form and a real name.”

“Yeah I do,” Ben said, looking around to make sure no one was looking at them before he deactivated the watch and reverted to his human form. “My name’s Ben Tennyson.”

“You’re the Ben that Kevin is blaming for everything right now, right?”

“Yeah,” Ben said, “but I’d still like to help him if I could.”

“You’re a good kid Ben Tennyson,” Stephanie said, giving his human form a once over, “and a cute one too.”

“Thanks,” Ben said with a quick blush.

“Cute enough that I think I might like to give you what I wouldn’t give that self-centered bully of a step father.”

“But I thought,” Ben started and then stopped before he blurted out something he’d regret later.

“Either you thought I already lost my cherry,” Stephanie said, almost reading Ben’s thoughts, “or that I didn’t want to lose it. Well I didn’t lose my cherry yet, but there is no way I’m going to let my step father get it. He’s nothing but a horny bully and I’m not about to let him get it, but I may be willing to let you have it. If you’re interested that is.”

“If I’m interested?” Ben chuckled, “just talking about it has me so horny I’m ready to pull your skirt up and fuck you right here on the street.”

“Good, because I’m just as horny,” Stephanie said. “Fortunately you don’t have to do me here on the street, a friend of mine lives nearby and she and her family are out of town for the next couple weeks. She knew things were coming to a head with me and my parents so she gave me a key to her place, I don’t think she’ll mind if we make use of her bed for a while.”

“Sounds good,” Ben said, letting Steph guide him through the street, “but if you’re so anxious to lose your virginity why didn’t you let your step father do it?”

“That drunken pig?” Steph said with a snort, “all my step father cares about is getting into my pussy, and that’s one thing he’ll never get.”

“I guess I can understand that,” Ben said, following the horny brunette into another apartment building he waited until the elevator doors closed behind them before he spoke again. “There’s something you should know Steph. You won’t be my first, I’ve already fucked several girls.”

“Good,” Steph said, “I’d hate to lose my cherry to someone who didn’t know what he was doing. If you’re that experienced I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.”

“There’s something more,” Ben said when the doors opened up on an empty hallway. “Every girl I’ve fucked, I’ve knocked up. Usually with the first fuck.”

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Steph admitted, “I knew there was a chance I could get knocked up, but are you sure I’ll have your baby after this?”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Ben said, giving Stephanie a quick glance with his senses. “I can tell that you’re in the middle of your fertile period right now, and if we fuck you will be pregnant.”

“Good,” Steph said, grinning at the bewildered look on Ben’s face. “Can you think of a better way for me to rub my step father’s face in it? Not only am I letting someone else get my cherry, I’m letting him knock me up. That’s what my step father really wants, to put his slimy little bastard in my belly. Well he’ll never do it now.”

Stephanie finished speaking just as they reached her friend’s apartment and she unlocked the door so they could enter. “Karen’s room is this way,” the brunette preteen said, guiding Ben to the appropriate bedroom. By the time she reached the bed the girl had managed to remove every stitch of clothing and rolled onto the bed, coming to a stop in the center of the bedding, fondling her tits for an added incentive and Ben struggled to get his briefs down past his raging hard on.

“Hurry up lover boy,” Steph encouraged, “I’m already nice and wet for your cock.” To prove her point Stephanie rubbed her fingers along her slit and held them up to show Ben how wet they were before she licked them clean.

“And I’m just as ready as you are,” Ben said, finally getting out of his clothes and hoping into the bed between Stephanie’s thighs. The thin hair of Stephanie’s pussy hair was wet with her juices and Ben ran his shaft along her sparse brown bush before he brought the tip up against her drooling slit.

“Are you sure you want this?” Ben asked, hesitating before he shoved his cock into Steph’s quivering belly.

“I’ve wanted this for months,” Steph sighed, “but my step father’s been scaring off every boy who even looked at me, he wanted to make me so desperate for sex that I’d give in to him. I’m glad you came along when you did because I don’t know how much longer I could have held out against him.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about that any more,” Ben promised, sucking on the breast Steph offered him. Ben saw the way Steph gritted her teeth against the anticipated pain as she looked down between her breasts to watch as Ben’s cock slowly entered her virgin pussy.

Stephanie let her breath out in a hiss between her gritted teeth as Ben’s cockhead split her pussy lips and edged it’s way into her cunt. “Almost there,” Ben said, “just a little further and you can say goodbye to your cherry forever.”

“Do it,” Steph said, planting her feet on the mattress and pushing her hips up to meet Ben’s invading cock. “Rip through that cherry and fuck me full of your baby.”

With Steph’s encouraging words filling his ears Ben stabbed his cock forward into the blond’s wet pussy. He felt the resistance when his cockhead hit her hymen and he did his best to ignore her scream of pain as he pushed through the barrier. Once Steph’s cherry was gone Ben slid his cock into her wet pussy until his balls bounced off the girl’s jiggling ass cheeks. “Oh God that hurt,” Steph gasped in a ragged voice while Ben kissed the tears slipping down her cheeks. “I’m glad I’ll never have to do that again.”

“That’s what every girl tells me,” Ben chuckled, “but I bet I can have you screaming for more by the time I cum.”

“Just like every other girl you’ve fucked?” Stephanie giggled. “Don’t worry Ben, I knew what I was getting into when you said that you’d already fucked other girls. Now show me what you know about fucking, because I want at least two orgasms before you knock me up.”

“Let’s see if I can make it three orgasms,” Ben said, pulling his cock almost all of the way until only the head was wedged between her clasping pussy lips. He shifted the angle of his thrust so the top of his shaft slid along Steph’s erect clit. Stephanie let out a moan of pleasure and through her legs around Ben’s ass, pulling him tight between her thighs while he bent his head down to suck on her erect nipples.

Stephanie could tell that Ben was doing everything he could think to drive her to her first orgasm, stroking his shaft across her clit, sucking on her tits, and rotating his hips every time his cock was buried deep in her belly so that his pubic hair tickled her clit. Ben was putting so much effort into pushing her over the edge that it wasn’t long before the sexual energy in her body exploded with the pleasure of her first orgasm.

“That’s one,” Ben said through clenched teeth while Stephanie’s pussy tried to milk the baby juice out of his cock. “Two more and I win.”

“Two more and we both win,” Steph panted, “I never expected to get one orgasm for my first fuck so I already won.”

“But I haven’t,” Ben said, starting to fuck the brunette again as soon as her cunt relaxed enough for him to start slamming in and out of her wet pussy with all the energy he had.

Stephanie’s pussy was still quivering from her first orgasm when Ben started slamming his cock in and out of her body again and she could feel her second orgasm building in her belly with the first stroke. The pleasure was so intense that Stephanie lost all track of time as she focused on the sexual energy building up with every stroke of Ben’s cock across her clit. “That’s two,” Ben said through the sexual cloud surrounding her mind when her body reached it’s second explosion, “Now I just have to make one more to win.”

As Steph’s body came down from it’s second orgasm Ben concentrated on holding back his own orgasm as he did his best to push Stephanie to one more earth shattering explosion before he lost control. “I’m getting close Steph,” Ben panted, “but so are you. I just have to hold off until you’re ready to cum.”

“I think, I think, I think I’m ready to cum right now,” Steph grunted with every thrust of Ben’s cock in her quivering slit. “But I don’t know if I have the energy.”

“Sure you do,” Ben said, “just one more time and we can both relax.”

“Oh God, I’m cumming,” Stephanie screamed as Ben pushed her over the edge one more time.

“So am I,” Ben shouted when Steph’s pussy clamped down hard on his cock and he didn’t have the energy to stop his balls from clenching hard to shoot several wads of baby juice deep into Stephanie’s body.

“That was amazing Ben,” Steph groaned when Ben rolled weakly off her sweaty body. “Are you sure I’m pregnant?”

“I’m sure,” Ben said, lifting his head enough to look down Steph’s naked body. “Or you will be soon. I always know when I’ve knocked a girl up.”

Steph let out a soft sigh of pleasure and Ben reached for his pants when he noticed his cell phone ringing. “Hi Gwen,” Ben said when he flipped the phone open.

“Hi Ben, are you and Stephanie enjoying yourselves?”

“You could say that,” Ben admitted. “It’s going to take us a few minutes to recover and get out of here, where do you want to meet?”

“Well, after Kevin and I had our fun - I managed to turn him back to human by the way - I convinced him to turn himself over to Lieutenant Steel for observation, and he agreed as long as they’d agree to put Stephanie up as well. We’re already back at Steel’s mobile HQ and he’s agreed to Kevin’s terms so as soon as you get her here they can get things set up.”

“Ok, we’ll be there as soon as we catch our breaths and I change into XLR8 for a quick trip. See you in a few minutes. Oh and Gwen, do you think you could spare a couple hours to take Steph on a shopping trip? She ended up leaving everything behind except what she was wearing, and she could use a few extras for the changes she’ll be going through in the next nine months.”

“I thought that might be the case,” Gwen said with a sigh, “don’t worry, I’ll make sure she has everything she’ll need. You just get her here.”

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