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I apologize in advance that this story takes a bit of time to set up. Sometimes the truth is quick, and sometimes the truth takes a while to impart. Thank you for reading.

I experiencing my first kiss during my freshman year of high school. A year later, I touched my first breasts, and wholly another year later I finally got my fingers wet inside a girl. Although an attractive young man, and having lettered in two sports, girls around my age showed very little interest in me. I noticed older women watch me at the gym and when I ran shirtless as part of my daily exercise regimine, but girls my own age all mostly steered clear of me. All that started to change when I met Sarah.

Sarah was a year below me at my high school. When we met at the end of my junior year, she was 15 years old and and I was 17 years old. Sarah was by no means the prettiest girl in school, nor was she the most popular. Sarah hung out with the burners and rockers, and she was quite the party girl...not that she looked it in her preppy best. At five feet and six inches more, her height was quite average. Her curvy hips and 36C chest belied her tender age, as she had the body of a woman 10 years her senior. Her long, straight hair was the definition of strawberry blonde, and framed a very enchanting pair of ice-blue eyes.

Naturally enough, we met at a high school party. We hit it off immediately, and one date later we became an "item". Despite all her party girl behavior, the strutting around and acting badass, Sarah was really a daddy's girl at heart. She got excellent grades in mostly honors courses, volunteered her time for sick children and the elderly, and was a virgin not only to sex, but to all of manhood in general, save for a few kisses.
A couple weeks after we met, school wound down for the year and summer break began. I spent every day in the gym and she spent every day selling clothes at the local mall. Every evening I picked Sarah up from work and we would spend the evening together until her curfew tolled and she was due home. Over the course of the next month, our physical interactions had escalated from mere kissing to vigorous manual stimulation, and eventually oral sex. While I learned quickly how to give her an orgasm, she failed to extract so much as a drop of pre-cum from me.

Not much had changed by her sixteenth birthday, at the end of August. She was frustrated because I would never finish for her, and I was even more frustrated because we had agreed that I would quit masturbating until she could push me over the edge. Between you and me, she was doing everything right, I was just impeded by years and years of Catholic School guilt.

Sarah's father had taken a strong liking to me as soon as he met me. In fact, Sarah's curfew was extended from 11 PM to midnight, provided she was with me and not her other friends. Sarah's father invited me to attend Sarah's surprise birthday dinner, attended by only her family and only a few of her closest friends, including her best friend Becky. While the table was engrossed in various conversations, Sarah leaned in close to me and whispered, "I have to stay at Becky's house tonight after dinner, but if you go home after we're done here I'll call you tonight."

"OK," I responded, "But I was rather looking forward to...seeing you tonight."

"Me too," Sarah replied, "but Becky and I always spend our birthday nights together, ever since we were little."

"You cannot break traditions," I said ending the conversation.

At the end of dinner, a brand new convertable BMW was parked in front of the restaurant with a huge bow on the roof. I was in utter amazement because that car was nicer and more expensive than my mom's car and my dad's car combined. All the birthday guests lingered around the car seemingly forever, the men looking under the hood as if any of us knew the first thing about the inner-workings of the German beast, and Sarah repeating, "Oh my God, you guys shouldn't have!" over and over to her parents. Eventually the gathering dispursed, and Sarah's last words to me were, "Don't go out tonight, I really want to call you; I feel like we hardly talked tonight."

I was not home for twenty minutes before the phone rang; it was Sarah. "Walk outside," she said.

"Where are you?" I asked.

Sarah started laughing and let me know that her father had included a car phone in her birthday present, and that she was parked outside my parent's house. I walked outside, greeted Sarah and Becky, and noticed Becky's boyfriend Rob was in the back seat of the car. "What are you guys up to?" I inquired.

"Just because I spend every birthday night with Becky, but that doesn't mean you cannot come over for a while too, right?"

I liked her logic. I liked her logic even more when I found out Becky's parents were out of town. When we got to the Becky's house, Becky and Rob immediately disappeared to Becky's room. Sarah led me to the guest bedroom and tackled me onto the bed, pressing her soft, red lips to mine. Sarah broke off the kiss, rolled off of me and stood by the foot of the bed. When I tried to sit up on the edge of the bed, Sarah pushed me back down and waggled a finger toward me.

"LISTEN!" she hissed. "It is my birthday today, right?"

"Um, yeah?"

"So I can do whatever I want, have whatever I want, right?" she demanded.

"What? Um. Sure?" I stammered.

Sarah's eyes sparkled and she gave a crooked smile. "You are going to cum tonight for me. For my birthday. OK?" Without waiting for a reply she turned her back to me and simply said, "Unzip me."

My hand was shaking as I reached forward, took hold of her zipper and began to unzip the snug, black dress she was wearing.
As the back of the dress began fell open, I saw the black, lacy fabric of her bra. As I neared the end of the zipper's length, the fair skin of the small of her back led directly to the firm, smooth cheeks of her sweet sixteen ass. I gasped, and she turned slowly before pushing me back onto the bed.

Sarah moved her arms, and allowed the dress to slip over her breasts, past her ribs, and beyond her flat stomach and tiny belly button. She shifted her womanly hips a bit, and the black fabric collected by her feet on the floor. Gone were most of her locks of her womanhood, and only a landing strip of short hair, slightly darker red than that on her head, remained.
She reached behind her back, and in a moment the bra joined the dress on the floor. Sarah's pink, quarter sized nipples were hardly darker than the skin of her pale, perky breasts.

Sarah moved her hands to her hips, did a slow 360 degree turn, and then whispered, "Screw the car, the earrings and everything else I got for my birthday this year. There is only one thing I want, and you are the only one who can give it to me."

As Sarah worked on my belt and my jeans, I practically ripped my shirt getting it over my head. She pulled my jeans and underwear off in one movement, and started kissing from my knees up as she crawled onto the bed. I could tell she meant business tonight because as soon as she could reach, she had the whole of my seven inches in her mouth and throat. She started with long, slow, strokes. From the base she slip her mouth all the way up my lenth to the tip and down again very deliberately. Every so often she would take her mouth completely off of me and use her and leftover saliva to stroke me by hand while dancing her tongue around the head of my shaft or taking my testicles into her mouth for a good tonguing and sucking.

My Catholic guilt was winning. While everything Sarah ws doing felt fabulous, I was nowhere close to cumming for her. At about the one hour point of the best head Sarah had even given me, she completely dropped my cock and straddled my hips with hers. She pushed her wet pussy down on my hardness, leaned forward pushing her chest into mine and delicately ran her lips over the edge of my ear. She began to rock her hips, causing her slick pussy lips to massage my cock and cooed into my ear, "I was wrong. You are not going to cum tonight, you are going to cum twice tonight. As soon as you cum for me once, we're losing our virginity together."

Years of Catholic guilt was in a heartbeat replaced by animal aggression. I put my powerful hands on her shoulders and literally propelled her off my body. She almost fell off the bed and rejoined her dress on the floor, but I managed to catch her left wrist in my right hand and steadied her. I moved against Sarah as her feet found the floor, and stood above her with my cock in her face as she knelt on top of her dress. I scooped up most of her long hair in one hand and somewhat roughly pulled it so her head tilted back and exposed her mouth to me. The look on her young, innocent face was priceless.
I forced myself in her mouth and with the one hand still grasping her hair and the other on the back of her neck, I drove myself in and out of her mouth. Thick saliva was running down her chin and she was making the most unlady like grunting noises and slurping sounds as I fucked her face.

I looked down and their were tears rolling out of Sarah's eyes. "" I managed through my thrusts. Her answer was silent, but perfectly clear. She reached between my legs, almost to my asshole, and traced her fingernails to my testicles. Once she found them, she grasped the loose skin of my scrotum and gave a hard tug down. That was all I needed.

I lost control so quickly that I failed to realize I was all the way down her throat when I started shooting my cum. She struggled to get free and did so, coughing so hard that cum was erupting from her mouth as fast as it was still shooting out of me. I was ejaculating so hard that the hot load was not leaving me in spurts, but in a solid stream. Now free of her mouth, I shot four or five more contractions worth of semen on her face, in her hair, her chest and all over the floor, including the black dress she was kneeling on.

Sarah knelt where she was quiet and stunned. I do not think she knew what to say. Sarah pulled her dress out from beneath her knees and started wiping my cum off her face and chest with the look of both pride and surprise simultaneously on her face. With almost fear in her voice she looked at me and sincerely asked, "Does that happen every time?"

We laid down together, and after a time took each other's virginities gently. We enjoyed the rest of that summer together, and she was relieved to find that not all cumshots were so voluminous or forceful. We went our separate ways after high school, but still keep in touch today as friends. Even though she is married and has children now, and although she will not let me see it, she swears to me that she still has that black dress; and has never washed it.

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2009-11-24 19:20:07
good story, a good build up is very important for engaging the reader...saying that, you're posting on a sex site and you skipped all the sex!!!! if you hadn't rushed an ending into one paragraph this story could have been great, but as is, it's stuck on good

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2009-11-24 04:48:23
Nice story buddy! Would have been nicer if you would have described the full sex! Nice job.

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2009-11-23 10:32:21
Nope...another one like a bad porn flick...cum on her face...Gotta get that money shot even if it's words in a story....BORING!!!
Negative from me!


2009-11-23 04:24:50
this is a good story


2009-11-23 04:23:56
this is a good story

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