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Adam's journey is full of new experiences and lovers.
Adam Martin - The Pupil
By Christian G. Kay
Edited by Sherry

This is the first chapter of a 34 chapter novel.
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DISCLAIMER: This story is copyright © 2009 by Christian G. Kay. This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental. The characters, concepts, and plot are original, and are the property of the author. All rights reserved. Distribution for commercial gain, including, but not limited to, posting on sites or newsgroups, distribution as parts or in book form (either as a whole or part of a compilation) with or without a fee, or distribution on CD, DVD, or any other electronic media, with or without a fee, is expressly prohibited without the author’s written consent. All commercial use except by educational institutions and libraries requires the author’s written consent. The author may be contacted by email at Your comments are welcome.

"Adam Martin - The Pupil" is a erotic story, with some parts containing graphic sexual scenes. If erotica is illegal in your area by local, country, province, or national law, please stop reading now and go elsewhere.

Chapter 01 – The bus ride.

I looked out the back window of the bus as it began to pull away from the station. The sky was steel gray, overcast and dreary. I would always remember the shades of yellow, orange, amber, and brown autumn leaves falling from the trees as they surrounded the lone figure of my mother, who was now growing smaller in the distance as the bus picked up speed. She gave me one last wave. I waved back at her then turned to face forward in my seat. This would be my last glimpse of the place I grew up in.

There was a small lump in my throat as I began to reminisce about some of the good times I had in this place with her and my family and friends. Even though I felt a bit sad about leaving, I was more relieved and even happier to be able to leave the bad memories behind. Soon I would be able to forget this place I thought, as I laid my head against the window and watched the countryside speed past me in a dreary blur. This nightmare of my life would soon disappear. I hoped the monstrous images of my stepfather would be the first to fade. That loser would never be able to beat me into unconsciousness ever again. He was such a chicken shit, but clever enough to cover the tracks of his darker side to everyone but me. To the rest of the world he was a model spouse, an exemplary community leader and the perfect businessman. To me, he was my tormentor. There was nothing in the world that I hated more than that man, and he knew it. It had seemed like a personal goal of his to make my life a living hell.

I had confided all that he had done to me to my grandmother, of my dead father's side of the family.
She was my savior, my angel, and the one person I loved and respected above all else. She had arranged for me to attend the Royal Jarvis Conservatory, a private school, in the south. It was a reputable school that was well-known for its music program and curriculum. My dream was to be able to sing in perfect pitch, join a band and to be flawless on the guitar and piano. Music had always been a passion for me and she knew it could be my escape out of reality. Since there had been no current openings in the school dormatory, she had also arranged for me to stay at a local bed and breakfast until I could find more permanent accommodations. I was very shocked and surprised my mother and stepfather had permitted grandmother's set up but it was either this, or go to the police about the ongoing abuse. Neither my stepfather nor my mother wanted that, knowing how much it would taint their perfect image in the town if word got out, so reluctantly they agreed. They even bought me some new clothes, a guitar and had gathered a few of my closest friends together for a little going away party. Since it was also just past my eighteenth birthday we made a bigger event of it.

Lost in thought and watching passengers boarding and leaving the bus from town to town, I realized it was slowly filling up. In one town there were a bunch of people getting on the bus. Later, I found out that a group of them had just attended a wedding and now they were home bound. Hours later this routine kinda started to get old. Another town, another stop. I stretched and shifted around a bit, my ass starting to feel numb from sitting so long. Yawning and growing impatient I stopped noticing the new faces entering and leaving the bus long ago. I just wanted this long never-ending bus ride of boredom to end so I could get on with my life. While repositioning myself to get comfortable enough to take a nap, a saw a woman with long, wavy, reddish brown hair walking towards me.

I made eye contact with the woman. I don't know why but she had this look of sensuality about her. Even though she was older than me by at least 20 years, I found her face and her full figure very appealing. She looked right back at me with her sparkling dark green eyes.

“May I sit here young man?” She asked politely.

I just stared at her for a few seconds and finally my mouth started wording what my brain wanted to say.

“Yes d... do please do.” I stuttered back to her. I’m sure she thought I was a retard or something. Thinking about how drop dead gorgeous she was, I hadn't realized that I had begun to drool off the side of my mouth, which I quickly wiped off with the back of my hand. I looked at her again and bit at my lower lip as she took the seat beside me.

Not only was I feeling a bit, no not a bit, VERY awkward sitting next to this woman, but I was getting a hard-on. DAMNIT! I thought to myself, Please don’t let my track pants tent up! I don't want to have to adjust myself within this woman’s line of sight. Apparently I'm guessing God had other plans, or was busy answering other prayers because seconds later, my boner was making his bus ride debut, growing and growing till he was able to get his head up high enough to greet the world.

I tried to be as discreet as I could and moved my cock off to one side. Dear Lord, I could tell she’d seen me! I turned one hundred shades of red and just waited for her to grab her bag off the floor and get up to find another seat. Instead, she looked at me as I turned to glance at her and our eyes met again. Those seductive green eyes of hers sent tingles down my spine and my already excited member started to feel a hurtful prickling sensation.

“My name is Elizabeth but my friends call me Liza for short, what’s your name?” she asked in a sexy, mature, and self-assured kinda voice as she held out her hand towards me. I took her hand in mine. It was soft, but with a firm confidence. I was hypnotized. I quickly lost my train of thought, and my mind went totally blank ...Dear God no, not now! ..Come on, what was my name again?!
I tried to speak but no sound came from my lips. I blushed again, praying hard that I could remember my name. This woman had bewitched me. She wanted to make me into a hypnotized idiot so she could enslave me and she was succeeding at it...Hmm, that would be so hot I thought suddenly then quickly felt like a fool. I still had not told her my name. My brain was still acting like a primal ape trying to learn how to beat away the lion with a stick.

“A-Ad-Adam,” I finally managed to stutter as I lowered my head, trying to hide my embarrassment. My ears felt like they were on fire. I had no idea what shade of red my face was, but it felt like hell red as if I had stuck my head in an oven, trying to baste it like a Thanksgiving turkey. It wasn't until I felt a slight tug that I realized I was still holding her hand tight and she was trying to pull it away. While my brain was working on God knows what at this point, I looked at her and gave her a smile as sweet as I could make it and gently and hesitantly let go of her hand.

“Well, nice to meet you Adam.” She replied.

“Pleasure” I mumbled out idiotically.

She gave me another smile that could melt the ice caps faster than the green gas effect. Just looking at her sent shivers down my spine again and alerted every part of my being.

“So where are you going, if it’s okay to ask?”

“Um, I’m going to a little town called Jarvis, to the Royal Jarvis Conservatory,” I managed to say without acting like a total fool and stuttering this time.

She raised an eyebrow slightly and asked what I wanted to study. I told her and we started to chat about music. I could tell from what she said that she loved music and had a passion for it as well. She liked everything from classical to jazz to modern alternative. Slowly, I felt more comfortable talking with her as we chatted about various things to pass the time. All the while I couldn't help myself from occasionally stealing glances at her full breasts, slim waist and oh-so-long legs. She had the figure of a 50’s movie star. I tried real, real hard to forget about it and contain myself as we chatted away, but every time I looked at her, my excitement would swell and spring up again, making it a bit uncomfortable for me to sit still. I subtly adjusted it every time I thought she wasn't looking and shifted around a lot in my seat but nothing really worked. I couldn't wait till we stopped somewhere for dinner so I could jerk off in the bathroom. I needed relief badly...

At a little past 5pm, we stopped at the next major town. The majority of passengers seemed to unload here. I guessed this was either their hometown or they were in a hurry to catch their next bus. The driver announced that the next destination was about an hour away and that we would stop at a big road side travel plaza for those who needed to stretch, take a bathroom break, or eat dinner. The moment he said it, my stomach grumbled a little too loudly and Liza smiled at me. Up until now I had spilled most of the beans and had told her most of my life story. She was really easy to talk too. The kind of person that you could come clean and open up too. I bet if she had a job interrogating people, she would be really good at it since I bet not many people could resist her charms.

The gray, overcast and dreary sky from this morning seemed to have worsened and broken out in a hard, cold rain. Liza stood up and reached for a blanket from the overhead storage and placed it over her legs and motioned to me asking if I wanted to cover up with her. I nodded and smiled at her in reply. I was both thankful because it was getting a bit chilly, and now I could finally be able to put my cock in a more comfortable position, until I could relieve myself..

“I think I will try and take little nap,” Liza said looking at me as if to be polite and ask for my approval, not that she needed it from me.

“Good idea,” I said as I looked out the window at the pouring rain. Thunder struck nearby and a sudden flash of lightening had lit her face as if it were a camera flash and God had just taken a picture of her. This would be the first of my new memories of my journey that I would keep in my mind and heart for the rest of my life. Sitting perfectly quiet and still, I watched her closely as she seemed to fall softly into an angelic slumber. When I was sure that she was finally asleep, I decided to try to put my body more at ease. Very very slowly I started to move my hand from under the blanket, subtly testing to see if she was a light sleeper. So far so good...maybe sitting in the back of the bus with my body towards the window and concealed under a blanket I could help myself out a little before the rest stop. I wondered curiously, inching my hand towards my lap, slipping it through my waistband and boxers and finally gripping the little rascal that had been causing me so much discomfort. I moved him parallel with my leg, hoping it would make the ache die down until we got to the travel plaza. The warmth and pressure of my hand felt so good around my throbbing ache that I knew I could already satisfy myself in seconds if I tried... oh what the hell, I thought as I gave my cock a few tugs and that began to send warm feelings all over my body. I closed my eyes and tugged a few more times.

“Do you want me to help you with that?” I heard in a hoarse whisper in my ear. I quickly sat still, startled and embarrassed. I then felt her body heat creeping closer and closer to me from under the blanket until her breath was on my neck. Both dizziness and desire hit me like an erupting volcano.

I swallowed hard, not yet facing her, I wondered if my voice would crack like some pubescent boy if I dare attempt to answer her in my current condition. Was she even being serious with me? Unsure of myself, I gave her a brief but definite nod.

She leaned even closer and in a calm, seductive voice she whispered in my ear, “pull down your pants a bit Adam, so I have better access...”

Mercy me, had I fallen asleep without even realizing it? Or was I awake and letting my erotic fantasies run away with me? Did this older sexy goddess really ask me that just now?

Dream or reality, I was taking orders from her, not giving them. I lifted my ass from the chair, placed my thumbs in the waist of my pants and boxers and pulled them down in one fast sweep. All 7inches of my hard cock sprang up like a spring, full of tension. The cool damp atmosphere of fresh air made the ache feel much better... it no longer felt suffocated and restrained.

She placed her head on my shoulder and at the moment in time I truly felt that was why God had given me a shoulder. It was like it was made just for her. I smelled her soft hair as it lightly grazed against my neck. The smell of her took over my senses... clean and fresh with a hint of rose and lavender to it.

I saw her hand move toward me under the blanket, it looked like a Gerbil searching for a carrot. She placed her hand on my lower abdomen and with her manicured nails tickled me lightly as she slowly played with the trail of hair that traveled lower, making her way down my body. As she reached the base of my cock, she started a gentle rhythmic massage while still softly playing with my pubic hair, twirling it with her fingers as she continued downward. She was sending me over the edge fast. Working her way to my balls and cupping them in her palm, she began to move them around in a delicate massage.

I could feel the blood flow to my shaft and balls. Thoughts of ecstasy racing up to my brain screaming and begging for release. I gasped and moaned a little, as she suddenly grabbed my shaft and gave it a few pulls.

“Shh, we don’t want to attract so much attention, unless you’re into public display” she whispered.

“Sorry, it’s just that you make it feel so good, and it’s been such a long time since I've had sex.”

“I assume you're safe and clean, right?” she asked, looking into my eyes.

“I’ve only been with one girl before, no one after that,” I said feeling a bit embarrassed at my inexperience.

“Good, because I want to suck and swallow you dry.... Would you like that?”

I nodded like a dummy with a big wide grin on my face and said “Very much”

She pulled the blanket down and exposed my cock. She took a long look at it, then she used steady strokes sending shivers throughout my body. She casually adjusted herself and bent her head down to my lap and sensually started licking around the head of my penis. I could feel her hot breath and the silky warm texture of her tongue lick the piss-hole of my cock. Then she gently sucked the pre-cum that was oozing on the tip of my cock. She slowly pulled down the foreskin, exposing my big hard cock head. I gasped and wanted to squeal in delight, but I held back not wanting to draw attention to us. She licked her lips and slowly placed them at the tip of my cock. Parting her lips a bit, she pushed lower and my head entered her mouth again. Her mouth was smooth, wet and hot. It felt wonderful. She used her tongue to explore bits of my cock and as she slowly sucked me, bobbing her head in a steady pace and taking more and more of me in as she went. She placed one hand on the base of my cock, stroking it while continuing to suck and lick me, nice and slow. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer and about a split second after I thought about it, I was ready.

“I need to cum now,” I said in a low voice of urgency while doing my best to hold it in. She lifted her head from my rock hard, pulsating cock and I felt a surge of panic. I thought she might not want to swallow.

“Shoot when your ready baby,” She said returning to my cock with a renewed longing and taking me in again as if there had been no interruption.

That’s all I needed to hear. I relaxed a bit, and let myself go so I could cum in the hot, sweet mouth that was giving me so much pleasure. “I’m coming,” I whispered to her, as my hand went to the back of her neck, rubbing it and feeling her skin. It was warm and satin smooth. Just touching her sent the last tingle of excitement I could handle through my body. I came hard, my body tensed and started shaking as if I was having a seizure. Four to five shots of thick, hot semen came out of my cock in what seemed like forever. It was mind blowing! I had never felt like this before. I was still shaking and wanted to whimper like a puppy. Quickly, I placed my hand over my mouth so no sound could escape.

She continued sucking me and soon enough I became just as stiff as I had been before I came. What in the world?! How was this possible? Usually after I cum, my body relaxes and my cock goes limp. I was flaccid for less than 10 seconds and now I was raging hard again. She had already licked up all the cum, and was now cleaning my cock with her tongue. The pleasure I was feeling was so intense that I felt like this was the closest to heaven I had been so far in my life.

“Looks like you need a little more attention. How about we find a quiet spot in the travel plaza when the bus stops and have some more fun?” She whispered, looking up at me with a coy smile.

“Yes, thank you, I would love that!” I said enthusiastically, nodding my head up and down like a kid who just got offered a truck full of candy.

I placed my hand on her thigh as she sat back upright in the seat. Having the alpha male in me beam, I wanted to claim this woman, she was mine now. If anyone came near us at this moment I would chew their head off and spit it out like a grape seed. She looked at me and smiled, then took my hand and guided it under her skirt. She spread her legs open a bit and brought it towards her center just outside the boundary of fabric. I could feel the heat and wetness radiating from her, wanting to be touched. She placed it on the outer edge of her panties so that I could slip in. Carefully, I slid my hand in and felt my way down to the folds of her vulva. When my fingers found her core, it felt warm and wet. This woman was ready for me, and I now knew that she really wanted to have sex with me. I allowed my fingers to dig and explore a bit into her soft folds,gently massaging and proding as her hot juices began to trickle down my hand. With my fingers still inside wiggling about, I reached up with my thumb and found her clit and I slowly began to massage it in circular rotations. Curiously, I looked up at her. She had her head thrown back on the seat with her eyes shut tightly and her mouth forming an “O.” I just knew that if we were in a better place, I'd be hearing erotic moaning coming from her luscious lips. Encouraged and excited by this, I thrust my hand deeper into her when suddenly the bus driver announced we would be reaching the travel plaza in about 5 minutes. DAMNIT! I was just really getting into this, I thought to myself with a heavy sigh.

“Let’s straighten up, we can continue later,” she whispered to me in a low, breathless voice.

“Promise?” I mumbled, not wanting to take my hand away from her pussy.

“Yes, baby.” She said as she reached over and placed a quick, gentle kiss on my lips. I was still puckering my lips even after she had pulled away. I heard her giggle. I bet she thought I was a geek with my eyes closed and lips still puckering. Idiot! I thought to myself as I pulled away and rested my head on the back of the seat.

She took out a small compact mirror from her purse and started to straighten herself up. I was mesmerized as she applied her lip gloss to those wonderfully luscious lips of hers. The same lips that had given me so much pleasure not moments ago. I decided I would make a shrine for them because those lips I would never forget.

“You better pull your pants up tiger, we don‘t want you parading around with your pole at full mast,” she laughed jokingly.

I nodded and slowly lifted myself off the seat with a sigh and pulled up my pants. I stuck my hand down my pants and adjusted my cock, no longer caring if she caught me or not.

The bus started to slow down as we neared the travel plaza. The weather was getting worse. The rain was heavy and the lightening and thunder continued to clash and fight with each other.

When the bus arrived, the driver told us he would announce when we were to leave but he gave us warning that we might be stalled here for awhile due to extreme weather conditions. He wanted to see if the weather would let up a bit before we continued our journey because the roads were getting too slick and the windows hard to see out of.

Liza and I decided to make a run for it. I offered to use my sweater to cover our heads so we would not get so wet. We let everyone get off first since we were at the very back and then counting to three, we darted out. The downpour of the rain was so great that it soaked right through the fleece sweater we had covering our heads, and all of our clothing became soaking wet in a instant. I pulled the sweater down to my side and began to laugh, this is pointless I thought. She looked at me with a curious smirk and one eyebrow arched wondering why on Earth I was laughing. All I could do was shrug. She smiled and shook her head at me and then firmly grabbed my hand guiding us inside.

As we entered the plaza, the driver informed us where there were dryers for our clothing, and handed each of us a plastic poncho.

We quickly looked around for a private place and soon discovered private shower rooms that you could pay $2.00 for every 20 minutes. We inserted the coins and stepped inside...

End of Chapter 01 – The bus ride.
By Christian G. Kay
All rights reserved.

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Well, usually I like stories that have a little back up for the erotic sections, but this one got straight to the point. Enjoyable. Good Job


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Well, usually I like stories that have a little back up for the erotic sections, but this one got straight to the point. Enjoyable. Good Job

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