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My first story, based on real events
It was the week before Thanksgiving, cold and crappy, typical Minnesota winter weather, and I was headed out in it, going to see a blues band I’d heard of at a venue that I had not. I had been told that this little bar was a dark, weird kinda place, and to watch my back, so I was a little on edge when I walked in.

I’m a divorced guy, 50 (but people guess me at late 30’s/early 40’s), not bad looking, a little spare tire, but with a little extra swingin’, and I let it do just that, no underwear. I stood at the entrance for a few seconds, letting my eyes adjust to the low light, and listening to the music coming from the stage. There was a slight odor of weed in the room, which kinda surprised me, but I didn’t really mind. A nice buzz along with good music was always a good blend.

The band was doing a slow, stripped version of Fool For Your Stockings, and I made my way to the bar thru the crowded table area. It was very dark and the tables and chairs were all full and close together, so I had to slip sideways to get thru a lot of places. I was trying to slide thru between a table of businessmen and another of some very hot milfs, checking out the cleavage as I shuffled by, when one of the gals scooted her chair out to stand up, turned her head, and almost ran nose first into my cock. She stopped and pulled back, a little embarrassed, but didn’t take her eyes off my bulge, except to give me a big smile. From this angle I had a great view down her sweater at the valley between her nice, full tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and didn’t need to, they were standing out nicely. Her nipples were a little hard, too, just enough to see thru her sweater. I just stood there smiling at her while she checked me out checking her out, til she pulled her chair back in and I continued to the bar.

The area between the bar and the tables was also crowded with people standing up, waiting for a table or to dance or whatnot. The bar itself was packed, but I got a small space to call my own. While I was waiting for the bartender to notice me, I felt someone bump into my back, and this person had to be female, because the pressure was very soft and was only on my middle back. I turned to see who it was, and looked down into pair of very beautiful green eyes. It was the same gal who I had almost run into on the way thru, and she hadn’t backed off any when I turned around, keeping her nice tits against me, and it pulled the v of her sweater off center, almost but not quite exposing her nipple. I couldn’t decide which was nicer to look at, her eyes or her tits, so I just went back and forth. She was watching me with amusement, smiling hotly. The band was loud enough that conversation would have been impossible, so I pantomimed popping a beer, and she nodded. I smiled and turned back, only slightly so as to keep those tits in contact and in view, to see where the bartender was. He saw me and I got enough beers to cover everyone at her table, and walked back with her.

There were 3 very hot gals at the table, not counting Chris, the one I’d sorta met. She was about 5’ nothin’, blond, green eyes, and what I guessed to be about 36D tits, and painted on jeans covering her very nice ass. Vanessa, the gal seated next to her, was a black gal, beautiful full lips, smoky eyes, with a set of small, pert titties, the kind that the nips are always a little stiff. Vanessa was probably in her early thirties. Next to her was an Asian gal, around 25, who would have been very nice looking if she had been smiling, but she had evidently decided I was a bother and was letting me know it. Her name, I found out later, was Tia. She had her arms folded across her boobs, so it was hard to define them, but they were good sized. The last gal, Kayla, was probably about 40, short black hair, pretty face, and a nice shirt-full of boobage, and her nipples were plainly visible thru her shirt. They were all smiling and thanking me for the round, but as there was no place to sit at the very small table, and the view was so great, all I could do was stand there wedged in between Chris and Vanessa. I was smiling at them, sippin’ my beer, and listening to the band, and really enjoying the scenery around me. Chris and Vanessa, the two gals on either side of me, were stealing glances at my crotch, and giggling at each other a little, and Kayla across the table was almost staring. Having a table full of hotties eyeballing my junk was starting to have an impact, and Mr. Johnson was starting to chub up. It was dark enough that I wasn’t worried about anyone from another table seeing it, and I really enjoyed the looks I was getting from the table of hotties, so I just acted oblivious and watched the band, then glanced at one or the other, catching them staring.

Chris was just staring now, almost licking her lips as she watched my cock grow, pushing it’s way across my jeans toward her face. She looked up at me with those big green eyes, and grabbed the bottom of her sweater, pulling it down to show me her tits, almost uncovering her rock hard nipples, and went back to staring at my cock, which was almost full hard now. I couldn’t see Vanessa’s face because of the lack of light in the room, but she started stroking the inside of my right thigh, and her face was turned toward my bulge, so I knew she was into it. My mind was trying to wrap itself around 4 hotties eyeing up an old man, and I was really having a blast. Just then Tia stood up, glaring at the back of Vanessa’s head, and yelled something at her. She didn’t hear her, but the rest of us did, and the next thing I know, Chris is gone, and Tia sits down as if nothing happened and smiles at me.

I didn’t hear what was said, so I was trying to piece that together when I felt a hand on my cock. I took a look at Vanessa, but I saw both of her hands, and the other two couldn’t reach. As I figured out who was down there, I looked at Tia and she was sucking on her finger provocatively, with a wicked smile. I felt my buckle getting pulled apart and looked down, I could just make out Chris’ tits, sans sweater, rubbing on my pants, half inch nipples dragging across my legs, two hands reaching up to undo my zipper. I realize I’m about to have my cock whipped out above the table height, and then Vanessa pushed me down into the open chair and then slid under the table, also, and the other two got up and sat down on each side of me, and my pants were in a wad at my ankles, and there were 3 hands on my cock and one on my balls, and a beautiful woman on each arm, rubbing my chest and licking my neck. The hands on my cock started stroking, the other squeezing my sack, and both women under the table were spittin’ it up, making my purple-headed one-eyed monster slick, and Chris started licking the underside of the head, and put the head in her mouth. I couldn’t believe this was happening, I had actually been targeted and acquired by 4 horny milfs, and they’d obviously planned this out!

Vanessa was running her mouth and tongue up and down the underside of my shaft, sliding down to pay attention to the boys every cycle, and Chris was sucking on the head, then slurping her way down til my cock ran into the back of her throat, the she’d try to stuff it a little further in, but it wouldn’t fit. I was in heaven! My cock was harder than it had been in years, and I didn’t think I would last too much longer with this attention from these smokin’ milfs. Kayla and Tia were kissing and licking my neck and across my chest, and when they met they started kissing each other, Kayla’s hand sneaking into Tia’s shirt, popping it open a few more snaps, and tweaking her nipples. I got to see Tia’s knockers then, and they were gorgeous! Full, high, round, with dollar size areolas and nice hard nubs, which were really responding to Kayla’s ministrations.

The band finished their number, and I was afraid the sound of Chris slurping for all she was worth would be heard at the next table, but there was enough conversation and bar noise that nobody seemed to notice what was going on. The band started in on another song, and I was getting close to coming, no way was I holding this one back, 4 hotties all going apeshit on me, and Chris and Vanessa both knew it. Chris slowed way down, Vanessa stopped licking and gripped the base of my cock with both hands, and the feeling fell back a little, promising to return stronger.

Kayla said something to one of the gals under the table, and Kayla and Tia both started getting themselves back together. They stood up on either side of me, and Chris and Vanessa moved the table back and stood up so they were kind of surrounding me. It was still dark as hell. Kayla or Tia, or maybe both, it was hard to tell, held my arms against my sides, and I didn’t work too hard at getting away, I wanted to see what was gonna happen next! Someone put a blindfold over my eyes, pulled my pants up without buttoning them, and I was led away by my cock. I didn’t know if I was being shielded from the view of the other people in the bar, and I really didn’t care at that point, it could have been broad daylight in Times Square and I wouldn’t have given a shit. We went out of the bar, I could tell by the cold wind hittin’ Mr Johnson, but we just went straight to the curb and I was both pushed and pulled into the second row of what must have been a minivan. I heard the door slide shut, and then I felt someone’s mouth slide down on my cock again, my shirt got opened and another mouth and some hands started licking and stroking my chest. I still had the blindfold on, and had a woman on each side trapping my arms, but I wasn’t complaining, just enjoying the hell out of the situation and waiting to see what happened next. We drove for a few minutes, several turns, then I felt the van stop and it shut off. The cocksucking didn’t stop til the door slid open again, and was quickly replaced with 2 hands stroking and tugging, leading me out of the van and thru a door, then up a flight of stairs, all the while the women were giggling and whispering to each other, but not to me. We got to a door, I heard keys jingling, and then I was getting pushed and cock-pulled into a room. As soon as the door shut, my shirt got pulled off and my pants went to my ankles again, and the hands were replaced by hot, wet mouths, sucking on my sack and going up and down the sides of my rockhard boner. I heard clothes hitting the floor, and moans from the gals as they were really getting into this thing. I got walked to and set down in a sofa, ass pulled out to the front of it, and 2 of the gals went back to stroking, sucking and licking my throbbing cock from their knees on the floor, and the other two got on either side of me and started licking at my ears and down my neck to my chest. I reached a hand out each way and found their tits, tweaking and squeezing, then slid my hands down their stomachs to their pussies. These two were moving their hips and rubbing their hot, wet slits on my fingers, trying to get me to put ‘em inside, but I was having too much fun teasing them, spreading their outer lips and just barely brushing their clits, then teasing the opening, and sliding off to the swollen outer lips again and starting over. My fingers were sopping wet, these milfs were dripping wet, moaning and rubbing their hot cunts on my fingers and hands, and on my wrists as I teased them, all the while the two gals on the floor were feeding each other my cock, seeing who could go down on it the furthest, stroking my balls, and one of them had positioned a finger on my asshole, applying a slight pressure, just enough to make me a little nervous.

The gal on my left hand was pushing her pussy further up my hand, my fingers right at her taint, teasing the back edge of her pussy, and I slipped the first joint of my middle finger in her ass, up to the first knuckle, and then slipped my thumb in her pussy as far as it would go, rubbing the inside of her hot snatch between my thumb and middle finger. She ground down on it, forcing my finger further up her ass, and came violently, laying her head on my shoulder and convulsing, grinding her crotch on my hand against the sofa, and digging her fingernails into my chest. The pussy on my right hand must have gotten jealous, she grabbed my wrist and started jamming herself with my fingers like she was trying to get my whole hand in her hole. Someone pulled off my blindfold, turned out to be Chris, so could see what I was doing and what was being done to me. I was really getting close to cumming, and this time the gals on the floor didn’t try to stop me, Tia was stroking my cock fast from balls to Vanessa’s beautiful, hot mouth, which was sucking my cockhead, her tongue licking the sensitive underside, her hands pulling my balls, and when they started tightening up, Tia increased the pressure on her finger that had been rimming me and popped it in my ass. That was too much, and my cock started spurting like a firehose, filling Vanessa’s throat and running out of her mouth, Tia pointed my cock at her own face to get the next rope sprayed right across her lips, still pumping away, and the cum went all over Tia and Vanessa’s boobs which they had mashed together. Kayla and Chris were trying to force my whole arms up their snatches, moaning and cumming all over my hands and fingers. As Tia and Vanessa were cleaning off my cock and licking the cum from each other’s tits, I put my fingers up to Chris’ and Kayla’s mouths and they each tasted the other’s pussy, and seemed to like it a lot, and they started kissing each other right in my face, inviting me to join in. Tia and Vanessa were starting to pay more attention to each other than my cock, rubbing and licking the cum off of each other’s titties, and Chris took over stroking my cock, squeezing my nuts, coaxing Mr Johnson into another round, which he was up for almost immediately. As Tia and Vanessa rolled away from me on the floor into a 69, Chris threw her legs over mine, facing me, and stuck her beautiful melons in my face, and Kayla got on her knees in from of me and grabbed my cock, spitting and sucking on it, and then guided it in to Chris’ hot, waiting pussy. As soon as the head disappeared in that tight hole, Kayla would pull it sideways, stretching Chris’ twat til my cock popped out, then Kayla would stick it back in her mouth and then back in Chris’ now drenched pussy. Chris was trying hard to get shoved down on my cock before Kayla could take it away from her again, but Kayla had a finger in Chris’ ass and was controlling her with it, and Chris was really into it, jamming her tits in my face, feeding me her nipples, holding my head to her boobs, and trying to grind her slick twat down on my hard cock. Kayla let her have the whole thing, and she jammed her cunt down on my cock til my ballsack was starting to go in, too, then she set up til just the tip of my cockhead was in her hole, and then slowly slide down til it was buried all the way again. Kayla stuck her face in and started licking my sack and Chris’ taint, finger still in Chris’ ass, and Kayla had two of her fingers in her own wet gash, banging herself to keep up with us. Chris didn’t take long to cum, drenching my legs and balls, and as soon as she got off my cock Kayla was hovering over it, reverse cowgirl, pointing her little asshole at me while she stuffed my cock in her pussy. She put her feet up on my thighs and started smacking that pussy down on my cock, then back up til it was just out of her dripping hole, that slapping it down all the way as hard and fast as she could. Chris had her hand around the base of my cock, guiding it back in each time, and was rolling my balls around in her other hand. The girls on the floor were moaning and writhing, obviously enjoying each other’s attentions, and it was just so fucking hot watching them while this sex crazy milf impaled herself on my cock. I watched my cock disappear and reappear, stretching that wet pussy out and dragging her inner skin out, then shoving it back in, and noticed her asshole was being neglected, so I licked my thumb and started rubbing it on her little brown eye. That sent her into a frenzy, slapping her cunt down on my cock like she was drilling for oil, and she started cumming all over, juices leaking out of her snatch and running over my balls and thighs. Chris had her face in there now, licking my bag and Kayla’s clit, sliding her tongue up my shaft as it came out of Kayla’s red pussy, and her face was shiny from all the pussy juice. She started deepthroating me like she was doing at the bar, and I came in her mouth, surprising us both. She gagged a little, but Kayla was right there to keep her from spilling any on the floor.

Twice in a half hour! I thought my cock was gonna be done after that, but I didn’t know how resourceful these hotties were. They took me by the hands and led me to a bedroom, where there was a massage table set up. Tia went to the small ‘fridge in the corner and got us each a beer, and we lounged around on the bed and set on the table, drinking the beer and touching each other. It was obvious that these honeys weren’t done with me, and wanted to see if I was gonna be able to bring him back up or if they were gonna have to help. Vanessa, with those beautifully shaped lips, was gently sucking on my balls, licking around the base, while Tia was sucking on my cockhead again. I was getting a chub again, but not a full hardon, and evidentially he wasn’t responding fast enough for these gals, and after a few minutes they led me to the massage table, put me on my back, and then tied my hands and ankles to the table, stretching me out. Chris then went to a side table and opened the top drawer, and pulled out a cockring and a vacuum tube. Vanessa climbed up and planted her pussy on my face, and since I hadn’t seen a black cunt up close, I spent a lot of time exploring it with my tongue and chin, rubbing her clit with my nose while licking her opening with my tongue, slipping it back to her asshole overy once in a few, while the rest of the gals went about resuscitating my old cock. I hadn’t had my dick in a pump before, and the feeling was incredible, like being stretched out from the inside. The cockring was a tight one, with the loop to keep the boys close, and it didn’t take long before I had a raging hardon again. Tia claimed it next, climbing up on the massage table and straddling my cock, and started sliding that tight Asian pussy up and down my veiny shaft, leaving creamy trails of cum on it as she orgasmed over and over. She started screaming as she was coming, and then I saw that Kayla had 2 fingers in Tia’s ass! I asked her if she wanted the real thing in there, and she got this wicked look on her face and rose off my cock, grabbing it in her hand and guiding it right into her ass. I was on the bottom, so it was all up to her how fast she put it in, but to my surprise she just dropped it right in, to the hilt, and started that same slow rhythm, and then started picking it up as she started coming all over again. My ass was squeeking on the massage table it was so wet!

Vanessa then said it was her turn, and she wanted it on the floor, doggy, and in her ass, too. She said she’d never tried anal, but I seemed like a guy who would take his time with it, so they untied me and I got on the floor behind that beautiful black butt. I did my best, but after I got my cockhead popped in, the feeling of her asshole grabbing my cock was so fucking great that I grabbed her hips, and gave it to her in one thrust, to the nuts. She was so fuckin’ horny and wet that it just slid right in, with her pushing that black ass back on my cock. I started a long, slow bang in her ass that she was lovin’, meeting me thrust for thrust, engulfing my whole cock deep in her bung. She started getting off, and Kayla was on the floor under her, rubbing her clit and had 2 fingers in her pussy, making her come all the harder. She collapsed on top of Kayla, who still had a finger in her pussy, juice running down onto Kayla’s neck and tits.

I was still rock hard, thanks to the c-ring, and started swinging my cock around in front of these fine ladies. It didn’t take long for Chris and Kayla to jump after it, and I laid down on the floor as Chris climbed on my cock again and Kayla straddled my head, putting that wet, bare pussy inches from my face. I dug right in, slipping my nose up against her clit and using my tongue to explore her folds and tease her slit. Chris was riding my cock like a rodeo cowgirl, her boobs bouncing deliciously, and Tia and Vanessa came over to help her, and me, out, Tia furiously rubbing Chris’ clitty and her own, and Vanessa between our legs, squeezing my balls and tickling Chris’ asshole. Chris had started to come again right after Tia went to work on her, and she was soaking the floor with her come. Chris fell off sideways, and Vanessa jumped on my cock, saying she hadn’t had it in her pussy yet, and hers was the tightest cunt of the bunch. I could tell as she slid her sheath down my dagger that I was in trouble, this pussy was gonna work me over in short order. I lasted long enough for her to get off, but not by much, I filled her puss with my load just as she started cumming, making a huge mess on the floor, and not giving one single damn.

We all just lay on the bed, a tangle of sweaty arms, legs, and boobs, and fell asleep. Chris woke me up a few hours later and took me in to the shower, gave me an expert sponge bath that put the wood back in my pencil, and we went out on the 4 season porch. I laid her back on the little loveseat, and ate her out for 5 orgasms before sliding my sore, but happy, cock back into her juicy, hot pussy. She told me after a few minutes that she wanted me to put it in her ass, but gently, since it was also her first attempt at anal. I was sure proud to be the one to pop so many anal cherries in one night, and I took my position seriously. I slid my cock out of her gushing gash and put the head against her asshole, gently pushing on it, and slowly her rectum relaxed and the head started to disappear into her bung. She tensed up a little, and I just stayed still, letting her get the feel of it and relax a little more, and as her asshole stretched she started rocking her ass down on my cock, shoving more and more of it in, till she was taking it all and using her heels on my ass like spurs, trying to get more cock in her, and yelling for it! She was yelling that she was coming again, and she must have been pretty loud, cuz just a moment later Tia showed up and wanted to know if I still had some hard cock for her. Chris slid off, and grabbed my cock as if to say here it is, and Tia dove on it, deepthroating my cock over and over, and then climbed up and slid her tight little pussy back down on me and started riding it like a pogostick. We went at it for about 5 minutes, balls out, cock in and we both collapsed in sweet exhaustion. I was all done, and we all went back to the bedroom, and slept the sleep of the truly satisfied and exhausted.

I woke up in the minivan again, blindfolded, and they gently pushed me out in the parking lot of the bar and drove off. I’ve frequented that bar, looking for my bevy of horny milfs, but it’s like they just disappeared….or it was all just a great dream.

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