From 1977 to 1980 I worked as a Process Engineer in Linden, Guyana, a predominantly African town on the edge of the Amazon rain forest. Indian girls, much more so, Hindu girls were nonexistent, so I conditioned my mind to appreciate the beauty of the African woman. However, I think I overdid it. I hired a maid called Quolita Fredricks. She had the classical African thick lips, which never closed because of her protruding teeth as they were not in line. Her mouth never closed. Most of all, she had not had a boyfriend in 7 years, no wonder!!! She was a live-in maid, although I had a self contained servant’s quarter downstairs, she slept upstairs in the spare bedroom, in my quarters. My friends jeered that I was doing forward planning by allowing her to sleep there, I did not care, I just wanted a pussy to fuck, any pussy!!!

We soaked our dirty clothes overnight in the bathtub and washed after lunch to get the best drying effect of the afternoon sun and when the wind direction changed and blew the mine dust away from the house. In the mornings the wind blew dust from the Kara Kara mine towards the house.

Quolita was washing one sweltering hot day and got splashed in the process so she peeled off her T-shirt and shorts. She squatted in the tub. This made for easier access to the clothes, less pain on the back and prevented cramps in her slender legs. She stood up ever so often to stretch and bend backwards to ease the fatigue on her back.

This was the sight I took in when I opened the bathroom door that April day when I went home for lunch. There stood by pitch black maid with water and soap running all over her curvaceous body. I couldn’t help but smile as the water dripped effortlessly off her hard nipples and rivulets of soap and water slid down her rounded corpulent ass. The water tap was running so she couldn’t hear me come in.

She then turned on the hand shower to rinse and cool herself off. She was lost in her thoughts. The warm water poured over her body washing the soap and pearls of sweat off her. I couldn’t take any more. I stood there enthralled by her shiny wet ebony body. My cock began to pulsate. I quietly slid my Buffalo jeans down my short legs and pulled my PNC T-shirt over my head. As she rinsed her hair and closed her eyes, I stepped in the tub behind her. I ran my small rough hands up her body, cupping her breasts from behind. She pushed back into me. She knew I liked the way her ass felt against my hardened cock. She heard a moan escape my lips and she pushed back a little harder. I tightened my grip on her nipples pulling them to full erection. “Welcome home Baby,” she whispered.

She felt my humid breath on her neck. I began kissing her and gently biting at her neck drinking the droplets of sweet sweat in the process. I knew that actions like this made her so hot. I wanted her badly! There was an air of urgency about us since I had to go back to the plant after lunch to supervise a kiln reline, but we wanted to show care and love towards each other made time stood still. Her hands reached behind and pulled my ass in towards her in that characteristic way she liked to do. She liked the feel of my rigid member pressing hard into her.

She panted, “You know what I want, don’t you Sweet Pappa?” My lips and hot breath brushed passed her tiny black ear. “Yes.”

As if on cue, she reached for the large bar of pink Lux soap we had bought on one of our trips to Georgetown. We liked it so well that we chose it simultaneously based on scent and appearance. It was bought especially for an occasion like this. It was in a Black man’s shop in Kitty market. His grandson was a chef on cruise liners plying the Caribbean, so every time the boy came home, he brought items to sell in the shop. The little shop was filled with all kinds of decadent things. Quolita loved the way my cock felt and smelt when lathered in this special soap, she equated it to a delicious Brown Betty Ice cream.

She rubbed the soap liberally between her hands and passed it over to me. I covered my hands as well and placed it back in the soap holder. Her hands went direct to my erect penis. I reciprocated by placing mine on her ass. I eased my hands between her ample cheeks and gently massaged the tight little orifice. She arched her back a bit to give better access and spread the cheeks. I could sense that she was relaxing her pelvic muscles. All this in order to make entry easier. I worked my middle finger into her ass. She moaned, “God Ken, this feels so goood!” I knew her so well, having cohabited for 10 months. The only time she was separated from me was when Auntie Betlin or Mommy visited me. I just thought that the jealousy would have caused quarrels, so I sent her to Bartica to visit her parents there. The chemistry between us was perfect. We meshed very well from the first time we met, that was the day I travelled up to Linden to attend the job interview. I met her in the bar at Mackenzie Hotel and took her home to Cornell Darnley’s servant’s quarters where we spent the night. I lied to her how my father was the owner of a gold mine and he had sent me to the bauxite mine to learn some techniques for his imminent expansion. She knew me well and loved to please me. So when she saw me working at the mine she asked, “Hey Ken, what happened to the gold mine?” I replied that I had fallen out of favour with my father and we went our separate ways. I came to seek a job in Mackenzie because of the pleasure she provided the last time we met…she fell for it hook, line and sinker!!!

She could feel my cock pulsating in her hand. It felt like a steel rod. My shaft was ready for her. I worked her opening loose and had gotten it ready for penetration; three fingers were now gaining easy access into her black little round orifice. I leaned into her and pressed down hard into her back, this was something my Grandmother Jane, taught me, and she said that it opened the ass (sphincter) muscle in preparation for penetration. Mr. Moore, the black District Council overseer often used that technique on her. Our bodies melted together. I kissed her neck and bit her ears. She ran her hands up and down my back. She thrusted her ass hard into me and screamed, “Tek it all Boy Kenny, tek it all. It is for you and you alone. No other man will ever touch this ass!” That I knew.

I took a small step backwards. I looked at her wet backside up and down, savouring the view. She was delicious, and I knew it. I took my cock and ran it up and down her slit to tease her. She could not hold back her excitement when she said, “Ken I need that cock inside me so badly, and please do not frustrate me by teasing!”

With that I pressed the mushroomed head past her little pucker. As it slid passed her ring, she gripped me hard. I paused to enjoy the sensation. I then immersed it deep into her crevice; she took it all without any sign of pain or discomfort. I thought to myself, Bartica girls started doing ass fucking from an early age with the gold pork knockers (itinerant miners), this was testimony to that! She spasmodically jutted her hips back into me. This was her way of begging for more without actual words. I rammed the rest of my engorged member deep into her. My balls crashed against her cunt and they hurt.

My hands slid down her slender hips and I pulled her back into me. I pulled her, matching my strokes with her wriggling hips. I dug in my fingers deep. She was captive and could not do anything but enjoy the feeling of my filling her tight ass with my swelling cock. She reached down with her left hand and started to rub her swollen clitoris. It had begun to throb, feeling neglected and demanding attention. I loosened my grip on her and slid a hand round to her breast, her tits were hard. I grabbed one nipple and started pulling and twisting it. My hand slipped and dropped down and found hers. We rubbed her clit together. She relented and let my hand slide beneath hers. She was directing my hand to where and how she wanted it to perform.

I pushed into her with a steady rhythm. I bit her ears. Her muscles were fully relaxed so I was sliding effortlessly in and out of her ass by now; I even detected it secreting some lubricant, or was it my imagination? She gripped me hard and released me at every thrust, building our tensions in unison. My fingers penetrated deep into her dripping cunt. She continued to massage her clit as I buggered her until her ass was filled. My god did she feel full. My cock felt bigger than ever today, my head felt numb. Her pussy was wetter and warmer than previously. The sheer eroticism of this scene had heated us beyond all logic; we were isolated from the rest of the world. I forgot about the plant.

My pumping continued in both holes. She was building to one monster of an orgasm, I could tell from the stench emanating from her armpits, God it acted like an aphrodisiac!! She let her finger off her clit, as she wanted this sensation to last. She knew that if she got her orgasm, I was going to follow in sympathy, a form of symbiosis I guess, the result of 10 months of primitive copulation, I surmised? She reached under and started squeezing my testicles. She knew that this intensified my erection. She squeezed harder and felt the cock hardened in sympathy.

“I need to fill you up Quali baby; I need to give you all of my sperm!”

With those words, both of her hands went onto overdrive, one working her clit and the other squeezing my balls. I was in overdrive also thrusting deeper, faster and harder. Her pussy was on fire. She needed release as well as I did. I sent her into frenzy, fucking harder as she rubbed harder.

“Give it to me Baby, cum to me my little girl, cum to Daddy.” I called out. I pulled her short African curly hair harder. She rubbed her clit harder. My cock was rock hard and ready to explode.

“Fuck me you beast. Make me cum hard. Give it to me baby. Split my ass. You sweeet Nigga. I need your hot cum up my ass!” She begged.

We were at the peak because I felt her body started to tense. This propelled me to fuck the bitch with abandon. Each thrust drawing full lengths of my cock. Her hands twisted and pulled her clitoris as well as my balls. She started to explode. The evidence of this came as spasms as she squeezed my balls.

I pulled harder on her hair. I shoved my hand up her wet hole as far as it could reach. I thrusted deeply into her giving her the first hot blast of my load as her cunt succumbed to her pleasure, trembling with her climax. Her anal ring tightened like a vice around my cock. She milked the cock for all it was worth. She wanted it all. I buried the cock inside of her, releasing the last ropes of my load. Her hole had given me all I wanted.

We stood there motionless, as if petrified for what seemed like eternity. I supported her weight with my arms wrapped around her. She was weak. It felt as if I let go she would have collapsed right there. This was another sex session that was intense and passionate.

I pulled the cock out of her gently and watched the sperm oozed out of her wrinkled hole. I took the hand shower and rinsed us both off. I took her in my arm and carried her off to bed then left for the plant without lunch. On my return from work in the afternoon, Quolita was still asleep…..I felt as if I had fulfilled my manhood task.

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