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Sarah and Johnny continue to get to know each other
Life and Times of a Pain Whore - Chapter 2

I woke abruptly to Johnny kicking me. "Are you ready for training, whore?" He pushed and prodded me onto my hands and knees and I quickly understood what he wanted and crawled in front of him to the bathroom. He nodded and I lifted the seat of the toilet, then he pushed me with his foot, my head pressed against the rim of the toilet. He stood back looking down at me, "that's it little toilet whore." With his cock thick in his hand, he pointed it down and started to pee, I gagged a little at the hot acrid stench of it as it sprayed past my face to splash into the water below me, small droplets spurting back up onto my cheek. I flinched and he laughed, slowly raising his cock a little at a time until his piss was hitting now and then on the side of my face. I was angry and my face was blotchy and red in my humiliation. He finished and then went to the tub, I started to follow him and he turned, slapping me hard, "get the fuck back over there, toilet whore." I quickly returned, leaning my head against the rim of the toilet bowl. He followed me and kicked my legs apart, dropping to his knees behind me he rammed his cock into my ass, dry and unready, I screamed, my head hitting against the inside of the toilet bowl as he roughly fucked me, "nasty little bitch, I didn't tell you to move" he growled. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and slammed himself deep and I screamed again as I felt my ass tear and he groaned and came as blood streaked his cock. He pulled himself out of me and pulled me up by the hair, maneuvering me to straddle the toilet facing the wall. Hot globs of pink come dripped out of my ass into the toilet and my legs started to quiver and I began to cry and pee. He laughed at me and held me there, watching until I finished. He told me to stay where I was and then he showered. When he finished he told me to clean up and then left the apartment.

I heard the door close and slowly got off the toilet, I was angry and confused, I thought I knew so much, but Johnny was quickly showing me that I was just a stupid little girl. I was so embarrassed about what happened here this morning. I was also dripping wet and I leaned against the shower wall, frantically rubbing my hard little clit, crying and coming on my hard pressing fingers as the hot water poured down my body. I had learned from Uncle Dan that I loved pain, but I was just starting to learn these strange new pleasures of humiliation. There was so much to learn.

I spent the morning cleaning his apartment on the ground floor of the hotel, I knew he was out there inspecting the girls and giving assignments and instructions. He was a good businessman and had owned the hotel for almost 10 years, his girls were clean and discrete and he made a fortune. He was hotheaded though, with a hair-trigger temper, which had made it hard for him to keep girls around for long. There was always one or more girl with bruises that they tried covering with makeup. Part of me was very afraid, Uncle Dan had been such a nice man, soft spoken and calm with all of his sadism confined to the dark of night; Johnny on the other hand was volatile and unpredictable and I ached to feel his anger even while I feared it.

I heard him yelling and then as it got closer and the doorknob turned I dropped to my knees and waited. He opened the door and yelled back down the hall to Billy that he didn't want to be disturbed then he closed the door and faced me. He stood there staring down at me, naked, head lowered. "You think you look so pretty don't you?" he said as he walked toward me and slapped me, a ringing blow that would have knocked me all the way to the floor if I hadn't caught myself with an outstretched hand. I looked up at him in fear and surprise, this wasn't like the games I was used to, I licked the small trickle of blood from my lip and he smiled. Reaching down he grabbed a fistful of hair and jerked me back up to my knees, holding my hair he slapped me two more times and then reached down and cruelly pinched a nipple between two fingers, pulling and twisting. My ears were ringing and a hot burning pain was shooting from my nipple to the core of my stomach and I moaned and spread my legs.

He pulled and dragged me into the bedroom and pushed me to the mat next to his bed. He stood above me removing his clothes. "Open yourself to me, little bitch." He demanded as he kicked at my legs. I lay back on the mat and spread my legs, "I want to see inside you, open it." I wasn't really sure what he wanted and I spread my legs further slightly lifting them and again he kicked me and dropped to his knees between my legs. "Open it, cunt." He screamed at me and I reached down using my fingers to spread the lips of my pussy as wide as I could. He pushed two fingers into me and then three, slapping my thighs with one hand and fingering me with the other, roughly stretching me and pushing all four of his fingers into me. Pulling his hand out of me he leaned over and shoved it into my face, wiping his wet sticky fingers over my cheeks and mouth. "Dirty little whore, you love this shit, look how wet you are." He rammed his hard cock into my dripping pussy and pushed his fingers into my mouth.

I gagged at the strange mixture of tastes and textures, the chemical tang of aftershave and the salty sweet juice from my center that was creamy on his rough, dry hands. He held himself buried inside me deep as he pulled at my mouth, stretching my lips and jaws trying to fit his fisted hand inside. He stared down at my face, eyes bulging, tears streaming, I know it was red and blotchy and I struggled and squirmed against him, my pussy clenching around his cock as my airflow was cut off. He pulled his hand away from my mouth and wrapped it around my throat. Bucking his hips in short hard pops he growled into my face, "now you're pretty little whore, now that's fucking pretty." I twisted and clawed at him, loud ringing in my ears and black spots dancing in front of my eyes and had the hardest orgasm of my full young life. My hands dropped and I drifted in an intense storm. A few seconds later I returned to myself and he was lying on top of me, panting heavily and I could feel my pussy tingling, hot and full and then smiled as his cock shifted in its softening state and the white hot mixture of our come slid out around him pooling under my ass. My lips were split and my throat was raw, the skin of my neck plump and angry. I moaned lightly in pleasure as I rolled my head, feeling the aftereffects of his force. He pulled away from me and stood looking down at me and I fell in love with him in that moment, the confused look on his face was all I needed, he was mine and I would be everything he ever wanted.

After cleaning up Johnny ordered pizza for me and we spent the day talking, trading stories. As I sat at his feet he glossed over his childhood, telling me of his alcoholic truck driver father who beat him relentlessly anytime he was home and his mother, also an alcoholic, who supplemented their meager income on her back. He had really mostly raised himself and left home right after graduation, striking out for LA and spending the next 14 years on the streets and in gangs until he had saved enough money to buy this hotel in Phoenix where he had been for the last 10 years. He then, of course, wanted to know about my parents so I also gave him the condensed version, in my hoarse voice I told him how Daddy would make me bend over his lap while he stroked my bare bottom and himself, squeezing my thighs and cheeks moaning and jerking over me until he covered me with his warm thick come. Momma knew, he convinced her of the harmlessness of it, after all he wasn't really doing anything to me, "and sometimes," he told her, "she even seems to enjoy it." The older I got the more Momma hated me, spanking me at any infraction, using belts or a kitchen spoon or a spatula on my ass, legs and back. I would get Daddy's lap and then a beating from Momma and then Daddy would give me a bath and while drying me bend me back over his lap, pressing his fingers into the stripes and bruises as he masturbated over me a circle going on for years. He was a mechanic and when I was 10 he started bringing me to the garage with him, I spent many hours under cars with Daddy, sometimes watching him work and handing him tools, sometimes he would open his coveralls and pull my hand over to stroke him. The next summer Momma and Daddy were killed in a car accident and I was sent to live with Daddy's brother, Uncle Dan and his wife Aunt Karen.

We were still naked and as I talked I watched as his dick thickened and hardened. I licked my lips and his face changed instantly, from intensive listening to outrage. He grabbed my arm and twisted it cruelly behind my back, "Are you lying, are you just telling me this bullshit?" I was confused and thrilled by his instant violence.
"No," I yelled, wanting to tell him that it was all true, but again he twisted my arm and backhanded me across my already swollen and bruised lips.
He hit me again and again until I felt the skin just below my eye split, and then pulled me onto the couch and took me from behind, pressing my face into the cushions he pounded in and out of me in a hissing silence until he came in a grunt and pulled away.

I lay there for a while in the dark, then slowly pulled myself to my feet and quietly went to the bedroom. He lay sleeping peacefully on the bed and I smiled and tiptoed to my mat, stretching my sore body out in ecstasy.


2010-12-11 22:16:29
Her life is like a train wreck you can't help but watch.

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2009-12-05 06:27:45
This was absolutely addicting, i went from the first chapter immediately to the second so you obviously did good, I will look forward to future development!

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