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It seems like my whole life has been spent in huge, expansive warehouses. From the time I was in high school, working in a large floral warehouse at Easter time, to the present day, I have been surrounded by lots of young, fit men working with their backs and hands to move products of many types through one door and out the other.

A friend of mine had gotten a job through a friend of his families. He was helping to repackage Easter lillies to be delivered to stores by the Easter holiday. Weekdays after school and on the weekends, he was making good spending money. He had called me to let me know I could work there too, if I wanted some extra cash. I decided to go to the warehouse and check it out. I had never done that kind of work before. Most of my money was earned delivering newspapers.

Walking into the building, I was struck by the heat and humidity. The air outside was still cold as Spring was still cool. The flowers needed the heat and humidity to survive. Looking around, I could see a mostly male crew working at a very rapid pace. Repotting and wrapping flowers, loading pallets and moving everything into waiting trucks. There were several women in the mix, as well, but I hardly noticed them. Because of the humidity, all of the young men had their shirts off. Each of them gleamed with sweat. I could smell their musty scent as I walked through the facility. Ages ranged from 14 to well into 40 and 50 year old men. I had on some rather tight jeans and I had to move to a descreet area to relocate my stiffening cock so that it didn't look like I had a potato in my pocket.

I could see a man about 30 years old directing most of the men. He was about 6 feet tall and slim, with broad shoulders and a tiny waist. His tight round butt was nicely tucked into faded jeans and he was wearing some black work boots. His arms were well muscled and his stomach was rippled with muscles. Sweat glistened off his upper body and beads of sweat ran down his face as he helped to load flowers onto awaiting trucks.

As I approached, he turned and greeted me. "My name is Jack, can I help you?" His eyes were a silver gray and bright. He smiled and his full lips parted to display 2 rows of beautiful white teeth. I was a bit awe struck by his presence and I could smell the sweet sweat from him wafting past me. I must've been staring for some time because the next thing I noticed was his large hand waving in my face as he said, "anyone in there? Hello, can I help you with anything???"

Startled back to reality in time to hear several other young men laughing at my apparent comatose stare, I quickly introduced myself and repeated what my friend had said about a possible job. Jack seemed pleased with the prospect of another able body to help with the work and asked me to follow him to his office where I could fill out the proper paperwork.

As I followed Jack through the warehouse, I was focused on his strong, tanned back and his tight ass as he deftly moved around workers and pallets of flowers. I almost stumbled over some of the pallets in an effort to keep up, maintain Jacks rapid pace and continually stare at his luscious body. When he stopped at his office, a 10 by 10 room at the corner of the building, I was so engrossed that I actually bumped into him. He laughed and turned to face me. "You better be able to walk better than that, if I am going to put you to work here!"

Apologizing and certainly a bit blushed, I said, "Sorry about that. I was focusing on getting through all of the pallets and guess I wasn't looking where I was going.? To that, Jack said, "Oh, I thought you were checking out my tight ass!" Then he let out a great laugh and opened the door to his office as he motioned me to follow him.

I could feel my face getting even more red as I followed Jack into the office. Inside, there was a small desk with 2 small chairs facing it. One filing cabinet occupied a corner and on the other wall was a single bed. Pointing to it, Jack commented that he often had to spend the night in his office at the busiest time of the shipping season and that There were shower facilities available to employees off of the employee bathrooms that he would use to clean up after a long day. He added that after we had filled out all of the appropriate preemployment paperwork, he would take me on a complete tour of the warehouse so that I could get a better bearing on where everything was located and how best to navigate.

We sat down across from each other at the small desk and, as Jack went through all of the paperwork with me, we almost bumped heads as we leaned over to complete all of them. After filing everthing away, Jack asked a few pertinent questions revolving experience, etc., and then got a bit more personal.

"So, you haven't worked in this type of environment before. Do you think you will have any trouble working around the young women that are here, or don't you date yet?" I didn't hesitate to answer. "I don't date women right now. I haven't really felt the need."

"Oh, or you gay or are you just too shy to ask a girl out? I don't mind either way, guess I am just a bit curious. You are a very handsome young man and don't look like you should have any problems hooking up. I can assure you, the young women out there in the warehouse have already been checking you out."
Jacks eyes seemed to drill into me when he asked about my sexual preference. I had always kept my attraction to men to myself whenever I was in a public setting. i never really wanted to have to explain myself of open myself up to the ridicule that seemed to follow such honest conversation.

I sensed more interest than concern in Jacks question, so I was more open than usual. "I normally find the company of other men to be more satisfying. I don't like to be too blatant about my preferences because I have seen too many unfortunate things happen to men who choose a very overt lifestyle." I stared at Jack as I opened myself up to him, looking to see what he was thinking. I wondered if my feeling that he was interested in me was correct of if he was going to kick me out of his warehouse. To my pleasure, he smiled and shook his head in approval.

"Good! I like someone that knows what he likes and is willing to say it. I know it can be difficult for someone that isn't quite out yet." He raised his hand to his face and I noticed a gold band on his finger. "I am married to a wonderful women. She loves me to death and treats me like a king. Her dad owns this business and she has made sure that I make a good living working here. She also knows that I love to suck on a stiff cock from time to time and, while she isn't about to advertise the fact, has accepted it and has made it a non-issue in our relationship."

I was taken back. I didn't really know what to say. Finally, I looked at him and smiled. "It sounds like you have everything you could possibly want. It must be wonderful to be so secure in your relationship and be able to satisfy you desires as well."

"Here's the deal," Jack said, "I can use your help as soon as you can start. I have a lot on my plate right now. If you can come in first thing tomorrow morning, that would be great!"

"No problem, I will be in early tomorrow," I said as we both got up. Jack led me back out of the office and through the warehouse, where he shook my hand and said goodbye.

Being young and with just a little work experience, I had a very restless night with little sleep. I wanted to make a good impression and I was excited about the opportunity to make some holiday cash. In the back of my mind, I was also thinking about the possibility that I would be able to hook up with Jack and/or one of the other guys working in the warehouse. Jack's comments about his wife kept running through my head and I jacked off furiously, shooting a large load across my chest, as I pictured myself with my hands wrapped around his tight ass as I swallowed his stiff cock. I finally got out of bed and took a hot shower. I got some breakfast and headed into work early.

As I arrived at the warehouse, there were quite a few other employees milling around the entry. Several of them introduced themselves and welcomed me. I noticed several of the young men checking out my crotch. I was half hard still thinking about Jack. At least one of the women in the group was also giving me the once over. That would be something different, I thought as I smiled back. While I had been with a couple of girls, it really wasn't what got me off.

From behind me, I heard Jack saying good morning to everyone. He stopped next to me, wrapped his arm around my shoulder and introduced me to everyone. Ushering us all inside, he began handing out work assignments to everybody. He paired me up with a petite little brunette girl about 18 years old name Mira. She had a tight little figure and dark brown eyes. She smiled brightly as she introduced herself and led me off to our work area. Upon arrival, she gave me the proper direction and we began sorting flowers by size and wrapping them in foil. Mira was very fast and within a few minutes had begun to sweat through her tshirt. I could smell the sweet aroma wafting from her as we worked side by side. She carried on a little small talk with me, asking about any relationships I might be in and asking about my likes and dislikes. Just trying to be friendly and pass the time. Soon, it was time for our first break. Mira invited me to sit next to her on a stack of pallets and offered me a can of soda. I felt sore and told her so. I wasn't used to working at such a torrid pace. She had outworked me almost 2 to 1 and I told her I was sorry I was putting so much extra work on her. She laughed and said that I would get the hang of it soon enough and that I would be outworking her within a day or two.

When break was over, Mira took my empty soda from me and tossed it into the recycling bin, then came back over and leaned down to me as I sat on the pallet. Her breasts were quite noticable through her wet tshirt and her nipples were hard. She said, "Let's make a bet out of the next 2 hours. Whoever packs the most flowers gets to choose lunch and the loser has to pay." I agreed, thinking I would be buying the burgers today.

I made it a race, working as hard as I could. Mira was blindingly fast and beat me easily, though. As the lunch bell rang, she added up our totals as gleefully announced her victory. I smiled back and asked where we were going to eat and how much it was going to cost.

"You misunderstood," she said. "I said the winner gets to choose lunch and the loser has to pay. I didn't say anything about food." She grabbed me by the hand and led me through the warehouse. I was a bit confused. I realized we were heading towards the offices where I had been interviewed by Jack, but I didn't know what was on her mind. I had the funny idea that she was going to try and seduce me, although I had not given her any indication that I was interested in her in that way. Sure enough, when we got to the doorway to the small warehouse office, she swung the door open and motioned me inside.

"So what exactly is for lunch," I asked in all honesty. I was a bit confused when she got around behind me and moved me into the room a bit farther so she could close the door. Close and LOCK the door, I noticed.

"You agreed to the bet, now you have to eat the lunch I choose. The price is free, but the menu is a bit exotic." With that, she removed her tshirt and bra, exposing her small tight breasts. The nipples were at least a half inch long and hard. Not sure what to do but believing I was being shown the main course, I decided to go ahead and eat. I moved close to her and moved my mouth towards her right nipple when she pulled back, laughing, and pushed my head back with her hand.

"Hey! I'm hot and sweaty from work, not from you!" She was laughing as she said it. "I'm not lunch. Just hold your horses a minute."

No sooner had she stopped talking, the door to the office rattled. She turned and unlocked it and opened it a crack, to see who was there. She then announced, "your lunch has arrived."

I was a bit in the dark, still. I was beginning to think I was the butt of some newbie joke when I saw Jack walk in and quickly lock the door behind him. He was shirtless and glistened with sweat. As he entered, he gave Mira a sly glance and a quick kiss on the lips. Then he turned to me and said, " Mira beat you fair and square and now you are going to eat the best lunch you have ever had." Without missing a beat, he unzipped his pants and presented me with 8 inches of man sausage. Stiff as a steel rod and crowned with a gorgeous mushroom head, it bobbed up and down with his heartbeat. Mira reached down and stroked it several times. She then knelt in front of him and held it at it's base.

"Get over here and gobble this up. We don't have all day!" She was laughing as she said it, but she was also using her free hand to manually stimulate herself through her pants.

I almost came when I realized my good fortune. I had imagined trying to manipulate the workday to get Jack into this position without jeopardizing my job, but here it was hanging in front of me. I knelt in front of him and began to circle his cock with my hand. Mira pushed it away and said, " I hold it, you suck it."

Without a second thought, I placed my mouth over the bulging end of his stiff cock and moved my head forward until My lips were up against Mira's hand. With that, everything started to move in sync. Mira began to stroke Jack's cock in rhythym with my head movement. Jack, already groaning in pleasure, moved his hips with the same beat. I was in ecstasty. The warm, musky, smell and slightly salty taste of Jack's cock was getting me hard as well. Since Mira held his cock, I quickly reached down and unleashed my own one eyed worm from it's lair, stroking it with the same rhythym as my head moving over Jack's shaft.

Mira gave a gutteral groan as she had a massive orgasm. Her pants were wet through to her hand. She was quaking and her grip on Jack's cock slipped. Not missing a beat, I wrapped my free hand around it and continued. I could taste the pre cum oozing from the throbbing head and I lapped it up, greedily. Jack soon started to thrust his hips forward with more force and grabbed the back of my head. He didn't push my face into his cock, more just held on to keep from losing balance. I quickened my pace, sensing his climax coming. His cock head was throbbing in my mouth and he was groaning loudly. Mira had moved her face close to mine and whispered to me that she wanted to take his load. She tried to pull my head back so that she could finish him, but I moved her away and redoubled my efforts. My own cock was ripe and I could feel the lubricating pre cum running down my fist. I knew I was going to cum almost at the same time as Jack. As we slammed face to crotch at a maddening pace, Mira got down below us and, to my surprise, moved my hand out of the way and wrapped her lips around my throbbing cock. I could feel her bright red lips rubbing over my head and hear her slurping my pre cum. At the same time, Jack began to spasm and shoot his load in my mouth. I came immediately, filling Mira with my creamy load. She choked and gagged as she tried to contain my load as I did the same with Jack's pulsing cock.

Over too soon, we all seperated and leaned against walls and desks. We were all smiling. Mira had a large amount of my cum on her chin and was licking some off of her hand. I was doing the same with Jack's excees, when Mira came face to face with me and cleaned up every drop with her ravenous tongue. "I told you I wanted his load," she said with a smile.

Jack needed several minutes to collect himself before he could stuff his meaty man sausage back in his pants. Soon, he smiled and slipped back out of the office. Mira stood in front of me, grabbed one of her exposed breasts and forced it in my mouth. "A little dessert for you! I know that you prefer a good sausage. Maybe tomorrow we can find some more tasty treats to munch on."

With that, the lunch bell went off and it was time to get back to work.

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