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We head to the movies, and get a complete surprise along the way.
As Janet and I settled down into bed, I set my watch for an early wakeup. One thing we didn't need was to try and explain adultery to four young kids. Janet assured me none of the kids would come into the room at night, so I took her into my arms. We fell asleep snuggled together, and woke up in nearly the same position.

I climbed out of bed, took a quick shower, and woke Janet up with a kiss. I told her to take her time getting ready herself, and headed for the kitchen to make breakfast. I dug through the fridge and cabinets, found everything I needed to make French toast, and got to cooking. As I was throwing things together, I heard the chaotic pounding of many feet from above my head, and reached the fairly easy conclusion that the first child awake had proceeded to make enough noise to wake up the others.

Janet came down first, her dark hair still wet, saying, "Get ready. We're about to be invaded."

I grabbed her as she walked into the kitchen and demanded a kiss for good luck. From the kiss, I gathered she felt I needed a lot of luck. We had to cut it short, though, as the combined sound of eight feet on one staircase hit our ears. Moments later, all four kids swarmed into the kitchen demanding breakfast.

"Why," I asked, "Didn't you eat, last night?"

"Don't be silly, Daddy. It's morning, and time for breakfast. That was dinner, last night." My son jumped into his seat at the table and asked, "What are we having for BREAKFAST?"

"French toast. And if Aunt Janet has some bacon or ham, we'll have that, too."

Janet opened the fridge and bent over to grab something out of one of the drawers. I stopped cooking momentarily as I got a nice shot down her jeans, though her ass was covered by the more sedate panties she normally wears. Still, a quick glimpse of her narrow waist and slender ass was motivation to keep her happy by feeding the kids. She handed me some bacon and then grabbed a pan for me. "There you have it, kids. It's French toast and bacon. Everybody loves bacon, right?" A chorus of cheers was their reply, and I told them to go see if there were any good Saturday morning shows on, or if they were stuck with Disney.

Janet's older daughter giggled, saying, "Uncle Tom, we love Disney. Especially Handy Manny." There was a mass exodus as the kids followed Janet into the living room and sat down to watch t.v.

I got back to cooking, and Janet jumped in to help. Everything felt right with me cooking for the kids, her standing beside me helping. Once again, it was no different than a husband and wife with four kids. We were at ease as I started cooking the French toast with Janet throwing bacon into the pan. I was mesmerized as Janet returned to the fridge to get milk for the kids. This time, she bent at the waist, giving me a view of her amazing rear. As she walked by, I told her that we would have to lock the kids out of the bedroom if she kept doing that.

"Doing what," she replied with a grin. As she said that, she leaned tight against my body as she adjusted the temperature on the bacon. Her breasts were pressed against my body, and she said, "I'm just helping get breakfast ready." Done with her teasing, she poured milk and set the table as I finished the first of the French toast, which I threw onto four plates. I added a bit of bacon to each, then called for the kids to wash their hands and come to the table.

After considerable grumbling about missing their show, fighting over the bathroom sink, and arguments about who got which plate, we got the kids to start eating. We only had to make one threat about not getting to go to the movies and all four stopped the bickering altogether. They spent the rest of the meal on their best behavior. As Janet and I are the two disciplinarians, all knew that we weren't joking about keeping them home instead of going out. Janet and I ate with the kids, then I started cleaning as Janet started the challenging process of herding four kids through the process of washing, getting dressed, and brushing their teeth. Much as I hate washing dishes, I was glad to see Janet take charge of the kids, so I quickly tackled both the breakfast dishes and some others that were in the sink.

Once that was done, I started packing snacks, drinks, and other items into one consolidated backpack. In the process, I realized we were nearly out of pull-ups. And with two toddlers still wearing them, I knew we would need more. Janet said she hadn't been able to make it to the store (mentioning something about a sex maniac taking up all her time on Friday), and we'd have to get some.

"No problem," I replied, "We just got some, so we can stop by the house on the way to the show. I'm sure we can make it until then. It's just another hour or so." With the bag ready to go, I joined Janet in getting the kids ready to go. As she got them into clothes, I tackled socks and shoes, then sent each child to the bathroom to brush teeth. Assembly line style, we finished quickly enough to allow the kids to watch a bit more Disney. That would give Janet and me the time to get ourselves ready.

With the kids downstairs, Janet started picking clothes out. I figured she would go with her standard tight jeans and button up shirt, so was surprised when she picked out a fairly short jean skirt. She stripped her jeans off, giving me yet another show with her firm ass, then slowly slid the skirt up her long, slender legs. Once she had the skirt on and zipped up, Janet bent over and asked what I thought. Since I had a clear view of her pantie covered ass, I told her it was beautiful. She spread her legs, looked at me through them, and smiled, her long, dark hair dangling nearly to the floor.

She stood back up without bending her knees. The result was that she had to thrust her ass toward me, and the overall image was that of an erotic dancer. I once again told her that if she didn't stop, we would have to lock the bedroom door, and might miss the movie. She walked by me, patted my semi-erect cock through my pants, and said, "In that case, I'd better just pick out a shirt."

Slipping the shirt she had on over her head, I realized she wasn't wearing a bra. Her perky little titties looked inviting, and I had a hard time restraining myself as she looked for the right shirt to wear to the theater. She looked through several, finally settling on a loose fitting t-shirt that wasn't quite long enough to tuck into the skirt. She slid that over her head without putting on a bra.

"Uh, Janet, aren't you forgetting something?"

"What's that?"

"I don't know. A bra, perhaps."

"No. I don't think so. Why? Did you want me to wear one?"

"I was just thinking about being out in public without a bra."

"Tom," she said, "I only wear a bra about half the time. You mean you've never noticed?" Giggling, she continued, "You really should pay closer attention. I've been going without one much more often since we started sleeping together. Especially when we're around each other. And if you missed that, you certainly probably missed that I'm not wearing panties half the time, either."

Just the thought took my cock right from "semi-erect" to rock solid in about three seconds. She was right. I definitely needed to start paying attention.

Janet then added, "I was thinking about going without panties, today, but decided on the skirt. It's a bigger tease, and offers more possibilities than jeans without panties. But I'm not wearing the bra."

I hadn't really planned on an extended stay, so getting ready consisted primarily of finding a new toothbrush and brushing my teeth. Janet and I finished up and headed back downstairs. We grabbed coats, got kids ready, and prepared to head out the door. I grabbed our pack and chased kids to the car while Janet locked up. With all four kids in and secure, we left the driveway. I reminded Janet to stop by my house as we hit the highway.

The kids played various driving games on the short trip to the house. Janet pulled onto our street, and we looked at each other, confused. I told her to keep driving and go around the block. As we drove by the house, the kids asked why we weren't stopping, then got excited as they realized there were two cars in front of the house. My wife's in the driveway. And my best friend's in the street.

My heart was racing with a combination of nerves, questions, and concern. Janet was also flushed, and I could tell she was as confused as me. She stopped half-way around the block, and asked me what we should do. Leaning into her, I whispered into her ear. "Go to the house. We'll leave the kids in the car and see what's happening."

"Sorry, kids. Aunt Janet just forgot we actually had to stop. We're going back around. But you're all staying in the car. We're just picking up some pull-ups."

There was general disagreement from the back of the car. While the kids were all excited to go to the movie, they were also excited by seeing the cars in the driveway. With our spouses supposedly out of town, both Janet and I were nervous, concerned, scared, and freaked out, all at the same time. Janet pulled into the driveway and we both got out of the car. We were thinking alike, as we both held onto the doors to prevent them from slamming shut.

I walked to the garage remote and looked at Janet. "Are you ready for..." I paused, thinking. "Well, whatever?"

Janet nodded, though she seemed unsure. I tried to reassure her by pointing out it was unlikely anything bad had happened, as neither of our spouses had called. And anything else was either innocent or nothing more than what we were doing. "Whatever happens, there's nothing to be too upset about. If I say to turn around and walk out, can you do that?"

Again, Janet's hesitation showed she was having mixed emotions, but she agreed to do whatever I said. With that, I entered the code and the door went up. Before it was even half-way open, Janet and I ducked under and walked quickly to the door to the house. I opened the door and walked into the house, Janet right behind me.

No matter how "strong" I had been outside, I wasn't quite prepared for the sight that greeted me.

As the door opened, I caught a flash of my wife's heavy set ass coming out of my recliner. She was naked from the waist down, and though she was wearing a shirt, it was open all the way and her bra was hanging loose. Her huge tits (40DD) were dangling in front of her, and her shoulder length brown hair was in disarray. As she jumped up, grabbing for a blanket, I saw my best friend sitting in the chair, completely naked.

The shock of the door opening had an immediate effect. My wife freaked out, and Janet's husband quickly lost the hard-on that had apparently been buried in my wife's pussy. When he realized his wife was behind me, Gary also struggled to find some clothes to put on.

Janet was obviously distressed, and I was unsure of myself, so I told her to go back into the garage. To make sure she obeyed, I turned and gently nudged her in that direction. She cast daggers with her eyes, but listened. Turning, I stepped into the hall bathroom and grabbed a handful of pull-ups, not even counting. I walked back to the door and headed into the garage.

Before closing the door, I called back into the house. "We're taking the kids to a movie, and should be home sometime after lunch. I imagine you can be decent by then, but be here, regardless. We'll call."

I closed the door and turned to Janet. To my surprise, she didn't scream, yell, turn red, or start crying. What she did was laugh softly. Then, she started to laugh harder. Laughing to myself, I directed her toward the car, telling her we had to get control of ourselves, and figure out something to tell the kids.

"Don't tell them anything. Or tell them that Gary and Allison got home early and Gary's looking at computers."

I liked her idea, and that is exactly what we told the kids. It was believable enough, as all four kids know that Gary is a geek who loves fixing computers. We got into the car, quieted the kids down, and pulled out of the driveway. I handled the explanations as Janet drove. It was probably better that way, as I didn't trust Janet to keep her emotions in check. I struggled enough, myself. The image of my wife's big, beautiful ass coming out of the chair, my friend sitting there with his cock sticking up, pants who knows where was burned into my mind.

The short drive to the movie theater gave Janet and me a chance to get our emotions in check. Though still dealing with raw nerves, Janet and I managed to get the kids out of the car and into the movie theater quickly and easily. We bought a bunch of popcorn and a small drink for each of them, then found seats where they would all be able to see. Instructing the kids to stay in their seats, Janet and I walked to the back of the theater. I stayed there to watch the kids, and Janet went to get our own drinks.

When she came back into the theater, I pulled her close to me. "What do we do when we get back to my house?"

Janet responded more calmly than I could have believed possible. More calmly, in fact, than I felt at that time. "First, we don't worry about that until the time comes. We're going to enjoy the movie with the kids and each other. The only thing I'll say about it, right now, is that Gary's call, yesterday, makes a lot more sense, now."

"What do you mean? What call?"

"Gary called to see what my plans were for the weekend. I didn't catch it, but he seemed interested to hear that we were letting the kids have a sleepover. He asked if I was taking the kids alone, or if you would be there to help. I thought he might have been hinting at the two of us being together. I realize now he was just finding out if your house would be empty. That's the only thing explanation that makes sense."

She took my hand. "But enough about that. I don't know how much of it I can talk about without a meltdown. So, let's forget it as much as possible, and go watch a movie with our kids." She led me by the hand to where the kids were seated. "Hey kids," she said, "Do you want Uncle Tom and me to sit a few rows back so you can be big kids and watch the movie alone?"

They all cheered, "Yes," throwing their hands up and high-fiving each other. "We're big kids, now!"

"Okay, but just remember than mommy and daddy are only going to be right back here. So we'll know if you're being naughty."

Janet then turned, still holding my hand, and led me back several rows and picked some seats in the middle of the row. We sat down next to each other, and Janet put our popcorn between us. As we sat waiting for the movie to start, watching the kids, I leaned toward her and whispered into her ear, "You're taking this better than I might have expected."

She looked at me, laughed nervously, and replied, "No, I'm not. I'm freaking out, inside. But what can I do. We have the kids, it's not like I can scream and yell. And I'm still not sure how to react, anyway."

"Me, I think you're handling it fine. I'm wigged out, too. Of all the things I might have expected, THAT wasn't one of them. I struggled to get out of the house without going nuts."

"Tom, let's not talk about it here or now." Janet looked at me, and I could see she was struggling with her emotions, so I changed the subject.

"Look at it this way. At least we get to watch 'Monsters vs. Aliens' to take our mind off it."

Janet laughed at that. It was good to see her giggling, and I didn't care what it was.

After what seemed like forever, the previews started and Janet and I checked on the kids. We gave them some more popcorn and reminded them to be quiet during the movie. Then, as the movie started, we returned to the seats we had, noting that we had the entire theater to ourselves.

When we sat back down, Janet slid down into the seat, putting her knees up onto the back of the chair in front of her. That put her head nearly below the tops of the seats. She also spread her knees slightly apart, giving me a perfect view of her panties. Having a view like that was sure to make watching the movie a challenge. When Janet took my hand in hers and moved it to rest between her legs, right on her pussy, I knew I wouldn't remember a thing about the show. Confident of her intent, I started to rub at her pussy lips through the fabric of her panties.

Janet spread her knees a bit wider, and responded to my touch by pushing into my hand by rocking her hips forward. After the previous night under the blanket, I knew Janet could climax without a lot of noise, so I slid the fabric of her now wet panties to the side, giving me open access to the lips of her cunt. I slid my fingers up and down her slit, wetting them with her juices. Then, I eased my first two fingers into her hole, burying them to the knuckles. I held them there for a moment, giving Janet time to relish the feeling, then began working them back and forth in gentle strokes.

As I continued to fuck Janet with my fingers, we heard the door open, and one of the theater employees walked through. He was pretty laid back about it as there was only one group, and four were our kids. When he walked back out, I slipped my hand back to Janet's body. Rather than shift her panties aside, I slipped my hand behind her back and down, easing it under the waistband. I continued to push toward her feet, forcing Janet to raise her ass off the seat. When she did, I slid the panties down her legs. Janet dropped her knees off the chair, allowing me to slide them even further down. Then, she just positioned her legs so the panties slid to her feet. She nonchalantly leaned down and picked them up and slipped them into her purse. She then returned her knees to the back of the chair, spreading her legs so I had an unobstructed view of her naked pussy.

Placing my hand back over her mound, I slipped my two fingers back into her hole. She again adjusted her position so I could force them as far into her cunt as possible. At the same time, she reached under my arms and started to stroke my leg, working her hand toward the cock trapped in my pants. Unfortunately, I was wearing clothes that were less accessible, and was resigned to only being able to finger Janet to another orgasm.

I was shocked when she found the zipper to my jeans and slid the zipper all the way down. She somehow managed to untuck my shirt and used it to cover the waist of my pants. She then released the button and slid her hand into my underwear. She found my cock, helped reposition it, and started to slide her hand up and down the shaft. I leaned in to her ear, whispered that I didn't know if I could be as quiet as her, then licked and kissed at her ear.

Her response was to stroke a little harder, squeeze a little tighter, and whisper back, "Try, because this theater isn't entirely empty. And I plan on making you cum." She continued to stroke my shaft, and I returned my attention to fingering her pussy. We sat there jerking each other off as the movie continued, trying to pay attention to both the kids and the theater doors. Janet started to spread her knees even further apart, causing her skirt to ride up her ass. It bunched up around her hips, leaving her lower half nearly naked. Given the extra room, I slipped a third finger inside her box, spreading her pussy lips wide. Though the situation limited her ability to rock her hips on my hand, I could feel Janet clenching the muscles of her cunt around my fingers.

As Janet surrendered to the sensation in her pussy, she started to stroke my cock with more energy. As I started to ooze pre-cum, Janet started to rub at the head of my dick with her fingers. She would slide her hand up and down the shaft several times, then twist her hand around the tip, using the slippery cum as lubrication. That allowed her to squeeze harder and still continue the jacking motion. With every stroke, she added more lubrication, and she continued to give me one of the best hand jobs I've ever had.

By that time, I was fucking giving her a pretty good fucking with my fingers, and her hand on my cock increased my desire for her. As sheer sexual lust took over, I eased one slippery finger out of her pussy and slid it lower, moving it across her "taint." When I found her anus, I started to massage the hole, rubbing the well lubricated feeling around the opening. Janet stifled a gasp and squeezed hard on my cock. Whispering into her ear, I reminded her to stay silent. Looking for her consent, I quietly asked, "Do you like that?"

"Yes," was her almost silent answer, so I continued to run my wet finger around her tight brown hole, working slowly to loosen the muscle keeping it shut. When it was completely lubricated, I eased the tip of my finger into her ass. She was extremely tight, and I felt the resistance pushing against my finger. With slow movements, I worked the finger back and forth in her rear, sliding in a bit further with each push. Finally, I pushed hard and buried my finger in her ass. With two fingers working her pussy and one now completely in her butt, Janet nearly lost control.

Her hand was now jerking furiously on my cock and I had to stop breathing to swallow the moans of ecstasy that almost escaped my lips. Janet was fighting her own battle as the sexual pressure reached the boiling point and an orgasm tore through her body. I felt her tense as the sensation hit her. As she writhed in pleasure, Janet continued to stroke my shaft, I climaxed, dumping my hot load into my underwear and all over Janet's hand. With all that new lubrication, she kept sliding her hand up and down my now sensitive cock to work any remaining cum out of the tip. I was forced to slide my fingers out of Janet's pussy and ass and pull her hand out of my pants to prevent myself from making more noise than was desirable.

Janet, comfortable the kids wouldn't see, leaned into me and shoved her tongue into my mouth. We kissed passionately as we came down off our orgasmic highs. As we relaxed and came back to our senses, Janet broke off the kiss, and giggled with a sheepish look in her eyes. Like a schoolgirl after her first time to third base, Janet whispered, "That was nice. Really nice."

She took a moment to slip her skirt back down to cover herself, then stood up and went to check on the kids. After making sure they were okay and didn't need anything, she returned to her seat, carrying our backpack. "I think we could both use some wipes." She pulled a package of baby wipes out and handed several to me.

Taking one, I reached between her legs and put it to her now sticky pussy. Janet looked at me, shocked, and I whispered for her to lean back. She did, putting her knees back on the seat in front of her, legs slightly spread. Gently and lovingly, I used the wipes to clean her butt, legs, and pussy. In a much more sensual manner than normal, I ran the wipes through the lips of my lover's vagina, then past the slit toward her ass. Using a separate wipe, I finished up by ensuring any cum that might have been on her legs was cleaned.

Janet then made sure her hands were clean of my cum and used more wipes to clean as much of my abdomen, stomach and cock as she could while I was dressed. I zipped and buttoned my jeans, then reminded Janet about her panties. To my surprise, she whispered back that she was keeping them right where they were. She wanted me to know that for the rest of the day she would be naked under her skirt.

"Janet, we have to go back to my house and handle the Gary and Allison thing. Do you really want to do that in a skirt with no panties?"

"Yes," she replied. "I most definitely do. And Tom, I think I've figured out how we can have one night just for ourselves. I think it's time for Gary and Allison to watch the kids."

I looked at her, trying to get my mind around her suggestion. "Are you suggesting we tell them about us?"

"No, though I have been thinking about that. We don't have to tell them anything. We can just say that we need time to think without having to deal with the kids. Let them watch them. Or we can tell them we're fine with what they did because we're doing the same thing."

I wasn't sure which idea was better. "Let's not tell them. At least not today. But let's not be too hard on them, either. Let them know we aren't going to run out to find divorce lawyers."

Janet, tired of the whispered conversations, grabbed my hand and pulled it to her. "Let's just watch the end of the movie, now. Let's not worry about Gary and Allison until we get back to your house."

So, we did just that. We weren't really into the movie, having missed half of it. But we were into each other. So we enjoyed our time together, both considering how the day's events would affect the rest of the weekend and, perhaps, the rest of our lives.

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2012-07-05 11:43:59
hope your partners know about your affair becouse i don't see you tow telling them of your cheating to have a upper hand incase of anything(.eg divorce )cheating is cheating both parts should know what has been done.STANLEY.

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loving your work dude, great stories all over the place, nice job!!

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