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My night watching my lover's girls gets even more bizarre.
Before you go any further, please read the themes list, and understand this is a fantasy involving an older man and young girl. I understand this is disturbing to some, and would point out that there are dozens of themes available for you to select.

I sat on the couch, watching t.v. and thinking about what had just happened. Though shocked at myself for fucking Cassie's 12-year old body, I balanced it with the note Kelly had left. While none of our discussions had broached the concept of me taking her daughter's virginity (dildos notwithstanding), her message had been pretty clear that I should teach Cassie whatever she was interested in learning. And she had been VERY interested in learning about sexual intercourse.

Just the thought of what had happened aroused me, and a tent started to form in my pajamas. Realizing they were still wet from the encounter with Cassie, I jumped up and went to the bedroom to change into new bottoms. Glancing at the clock, I realized it was still only 9:30, meaning Kelly wouldn't be home for some time. Dropping the dirty bottoms in the laundry pile, I headed back toward the living room.

As I walked by Sarah's room, I noticed she was reading a book by the light of a flashlight. I stuck my head in the door and reminded her she was supposed to be asleep.

"I can't go to sleep, Tom. I'm too excited."

"Excited about what," I asked. "You should have been asleep well over an hour ago." In part, I was concerned because she was still awake. I was also concerned about what she might have heard when Cassie was in the living room. She was apparently far less asleep than Cassie thought, and all kinds of potential issues flashed through my mind.

Sarah sat up in bed and asked if I would read some of her book to her. I figured she was stalling, as she had obviously been reading to herself, and told her as much.

"It's time for you to get to sleep, kiddo." But as the words left my lips, I noticed what Sarah was wearing. Instead of the princess pajamas she had worn to bed, she was wearing a t-shirt. My t-shirt. Suddenly Cassie's comment hit me like a ton of bricks. "WE took the last two." Somehow, these two were involved in this, together. I stood there, stunned.

Something must have shown on my face, since Sarah grabbed my hand and pulled me toward her room, trying to close the door. "Please, I don't want to wake Cassie," she pleaded. Willing to give her a chance to explain herself, I went into her room and pushed the door partially closed. A nightlight provided more than enough light for us to talk, and I asked her to explain what was going on.

Sarah was extremely nervous, like a little girl in a lot of trouble with a parent. Which she was. She played with her hair, almost broke into tears, and tried to get something out.

"Calm down, there's nothing to be worried about. I just want to know what you two are up to." I didn't want to pressure her too much, but I wanted to know what she and her sister had been planning. Sarah is the less mischievous of the two, and I knew that if there was anything out of the ordinary going on, Cassie was involved. "Just start at the beginning and take it one step at a time."

"Okay," she said, still a bit nervous and teary eyed. "Alright. I know what you and Cassie did, tonight."

I flushed, terrified at the thought that Sarah might actually have witnessed what happened on the couch in the living room.

Seeing my reaction, the words flooded out of Sarah's mouth at 100 miles per hour. "Don't worry, Tom, I don't know everything. I just know what Cassie told me before you got here. And about mom's note. And about what she wanted you to do with her. And that I want it, too."

She clamped her hand over her mouth on the last sentence, as if she had said more than she wanted. Frightened at how I might respond, Sarah grabbed my hand and started crying for real. "Don't hate me, Tom. I didn't mean that."

Too stunned to express, I looked at her. "I don't hate you. And it's not whether you meant something or not."

Sarah still had tears running down her cheeks as she talk right through my comment. "It's just that there's some stuff you don't know. I heard you talking to Cassie about what kind of things she has done. She only told you part of the story." She paused a moment, then added, "To protect me."

Through the entire exchange, I just stood there, feet froze to the floor, unsure of what to say or do. Now, I was concerned. "To protect you? From what? Or who?" Regardless of anything else, I cared deeply for both girls, and was very concerned that someone might hurt them.

Sarah, who had stopped at least the serious crying, looked at me and said, "From anyone finding out our secret."

"What secret is that, Sarah? You shouldn't be having too many secrets. Especially not ones that make you scared like this."

"You and mom have your secrets. You and her do all kinds of things that moms and dads do. Well, Cassie and I have a secret, too."

Sarah stopped, seemingly unwilling to continue. I didn't know why, but she wasn't going to share this secret easily. I told her that I would make her a deal. If she shared the secret, we'd discuss it and decide together if anyone else needed to know.

That seemed to do the trick, and Sarah continued her story. "Cassie told you that she likes to play with herself, and that she had mom's thing inside her. What she didn't tell you is that we did that together. We've been playing games like that since just after my birthday. But I don't know if Cassie wants me to tell you or not."

I had figured nothing could floor me, again, after the rest of the night, and Sarah proved me wrong. I sat down on a toy-box and tried to get my mind around what she was saying. And oblivious to my state of mind, Sarah just kept going.

"I saw you licking Cassie between her legs. I've done that, too. And she's licked me. We saw that on one of mom and dad's videos. We found her massage thing in the same drawer as the videos. It was Cassie's idea to try that out. She's the only one to push that all the way inside her. I only used it a little bit."

I almost had to laugh. The tension of the situation, and the outright risk, was offset by the innocent language Sarah was using. Oral sex became "licked." A dildo became a "massage thing." And use of a dildo became "used it a little bit." And as I sat there torn between laughing and screaming, I thought back to the relationship between my sister and me. When we first started, we didn't use the right language, either. We talked about things in very innocent language. The first time I ate my sister for real had been after seeing a porn video. That's also how I learned about finger fucking, and my sister was the first girl I fingered after learning about it.

Sarah was more calm, and continued her story. "When mom caught Cassie, we thought she was in trouble. But then mom suggested she talk to you about some of what she's been doing. Cassie told me that, right away. She also told me that she thought she wanted to do just that. And that she hoped you would play with her. Then, tonight, I complained that she would get to play and I wouldn't. That's when Cassie came up with the idea of both of us playing with you." Sarah finally seemed to relax, and sat back down on her bed. As she did, I noted that she, at least, was wearing panties.

I didn't know where to start. I stood there, imagining how my parents might have reacted had they walked in and caught my sister and I in one sexual act or another. They certainly would have been as shocked as I was at that moment. But would they have also had the deep sense of arousal I felt thinking about what was happening? Looking at Sarah, I tried to think of a way to defuse the situation.

"Sweetheart, what you and your sister have been doing is pretty natural. While the actual things you've done might be extreme, little kids explore their sexuality." I stopped, trying to figure out the right way to put it to a 10-year old. "The things you and Cassie have done are part of growing up, and you happen to be most comfortable trying things out with her. In time, you'll find yourself chasing other people, like the boys in your school."

Sarah reacted to the "boys" part, saying the boys in her school were all a bunch of maniacs. I didn't figure it was quite that bad. At least she didn't accuse them of having cooties. But any thought that things were getting back in control went out the window when Sarah added, "Cassie and I agree that you're more fun than any of the boys we know. And if we're going to do what they do in the videos mom and dad have, we want to do them with you."

Amidst the chaotic jumble of thoughts bouncing through my mind, I filed a note to find out just WHAT movies they had found.

"Sarah, I'm sure you're excited by the things you've learned. They all feel good. They're things you'll learn more about as you get older. But it really is time for you to go to sleep."

"That's not fair, Tom. You did it with Cassie, so why not me? I'm as grown up as she is." Sarah tried valiantly to puff herself out as she said that, but at 10, she didn't have anything to "puff." She sat there on the bed, half defiant, half pouty. "Cassie said we would both get to play, tonight."

"Sarah," I replied, "It's not a game. I'm very concerned about you and how this will all affect you."

"Well, Cassie and I are still going to play with each other. She's going to lick me between my legs. What does it matter if you do, too."

I almost laughed, again. Here was a tiny 10-year old arguing with me about her sexual exploration. Her defiant attitude was a change from her normal quiet demeanor. I looked at her, and saw a lot of her mother's attitude, and a lot of her aunt's body. Unlike her sister, Sarah got her looks from her dad's side of the family. Luckily, she doesn't look like her dad, she looks like her aunt and grandmother.

I walked over to Sarah's bed and kissed her on her forehead. "I really think it's time for you to go to bed. We can talk about this in the morning."

"That's what mom and dad always say when they mean 'No.' Why did you do what Cassie wanted but won't with me?" She was pouting, and I knew I was on shaky ground. I can be stern with my son, and his pouting never works. Any of the girls are more likely to get their way by sad displays, and Cassie and Sarah are old enough to know that. I stopped with my hand on the door, then turned back to face Sarah.

"Honey, I'm not saying, 'No.' I'm just saying this isn't something we can just do."

Sarah's reply was pretty quick. "You just did it with Cassie. I didn't see a whole lot of talking or waiting going on, then." Her comment confirmed that she had seen more than she should have. She had grabbed my hand, hugging the arm with both of hers. "Please, Tom, we won't be doing anything I haven't already done."

Her direct approach was scary, and I was unsure what to do. Conflicting emotions ran through my mind. "She's only 10. But Cassie is only 12. It would be wrong. But no more wrong than what had already been done with Cassie. Kelly seemed to okay what Cassie and I had done. But she was the one who asked if I would be with a 10 year old. And Sarah really seemed interested in sexual play. And she'd already done it with Cassie. And she looked so cute in my t-shirt. And I had felt something when I saw her panties."

I stopped thinking, knowing I had already made up my mind. Knowing what I wanted and was willing to do. Pushing the door entirely shut, I turned to face Sarah, whose eyes lit up at the sound of the door closing. She was shaking with excitement, smiling at me.

"Does that mean..."

I put my hand to her lips. "It's not time to talk, Sarah. It's time for you to lay down." I picked her up and laid her down on the bed. "We'll only do what you want to, honey, and you can say 'Stop' or 'No' at any time. You get to decide what happens, okay?"

She nodded and smiled. Having given in to the desires I'd been feeling, I looked at Sarah with new eyes. I didn't see the little daughter of my lover, I saw a beautiful young girl with amazing sexual potential. She really is quite different then her mother and sister. She has the long, straight hair of her aunt and grandmother, though it is the same beach blonde of her mom. Sarah also lacks the height of her mom and sister. Only about 4' 6", Sarah is also far more slender, and weighs no more than 60 pounds. And at 10, there isn't even the hint of breasts. If she continues to take after her dad's side of the family, she won't develop tits until much later than her sister, and they will be much smaller. Her aunt can't be more than a 34A cup, and Sarah definitely takes after her.

Beyond that, the most I had ever seen of Sarah's body was when she wore her swimsuit. Though shorter than her sister, she is considerably thinner. While Cassie is far from fat, she has a very strong build, just like her mother. Sarah has a much lighter frame, and that shows in her body. Looking at her now, I thought back to those times I'd seen Sarah in her swimsuit. I thought about her tiny little rear and her legs, thinking how cute she always was.

But Sarah wasn't in that swimsuit. She was in one of my t-shirts and a pair of her panties. And she was beautiful. Surrendering to the fact that I would give the little girl what she wanted, I laid down on the bed next to her. Almost whispering, I said, "Are you sure you want to do this."

She didn't say anything, but gave a slight nod of her head. With that permission, I got to my knees and grabbed the waistband of her panties. I slid them down over her ass and off her legs. Laying back down, I put my hand on her belly. Slowly massaging her tummy, I worked my hand lower toward her abdomen. Sarah kept her eyes on mine, and whispered, "That feels good. It makes me warm and tingly down there."

"I'm glad. I think you'll like this, too, then." As I said that, I slipped my hand even lower until it came to her crotch, my fingers brushing lightly against her tiny little pussy. Unlike Cassie, Sarah had absolutely no hair around her vagina, though she had the same prepubescent pussy lips. As I started to rub at her slit, Sarah closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling.

I continued to caress her on and around her pussy lips, waiting to see just how wet she might get. Slowly, as she relaxed and gave in to the feelings, I started to feel the slippery moisture of Sarah's pussy juices. Still moving at a snail's pace, I worked my finger up and down in her slit in an attempt to lubricate her well hidden lips. As she got wetter, I slid my finger closer to the top of her pussy slit, looking for the tiny nub that would turn increase in size as she grew older. I knew I had hit her clit when I felt her tense up in pleasure. Her reactions were so strong and positive that I worked to get more lubrication on her tiny little clit so I could play with it some more.

Sarah's tiny frame was quivering with pleasure as my fingers played with her pussy and clit. With my other hand, I pulled on her leg, encouraging her to spread them further apart. Sarah followed those instructions and opened her legs wide enough for me to have a perfect view of her tiny vagina. As she spread her legs, I slid my finger back down her slit, pushing it further past the barely developed lips. Working it back and forth in her pussy, I found the tiny hole that led into her cunt. Teasing the opening with my finger, I started to push gently, getting a feel for just how tight she was. From the resistance to my finger, the answer was, VERY. She hadn't been lying when she said she'd only used the dildo "a little bit." I guessed it had never gotten further than rubbing against her outer lips. And unlike Cassie, it didn't seem Sarah had ever fingered herself.

"Have you ever had anything inside you like this, before?"

"No," she said, almost gasping. "But it feels good, like having Cassie's tongue there."

Knowing that she had never been fucked with anything, I switched fingers, replacing my index finger with my pinky. It was awkward, but I figured it was best to start small, literally. I ran the pinky back across her slit to help lubricate it, then returned it to her tiny hole. I massaged the opening with my pinky before pushing lightly against the resistance. Sarah was breathing heavily with her eyes closed as I pushed harder until I felt the tip of my pinky slide past the opening. Sarah let out a moan of pleasure mixed with pain and I held my finger where it was, the tip barely inside her pussy. Though I'd been with 13-year olds in the past, and 12-year old Cassie earlier, all had been at least somewhat experienced at having things inside their cunt. Sarah was the first time I'd had sexual contact with someone so young, and I wasn't sure how much she would be able to handle.

Slowly, Sarah's body responded, though. She recovered from the initial shock of my finger stretching her hole open, and I felt safe to continue. Rather than push the finger in, I started to wiggle it gently, hoping to further loosen her and minimize any pain from moving forward. Sarah seemed to enjoy that, and I could feel her pussy responding as she got wetter and wetter. With better lubrication and her pussy loosening slightly, I eased my pinky a bit further inside her. Sarah again responded with a combination of ecstatic pain, and I again stopped where I was.

With my finger working it's way into Sarah's 10-year old body, my eyes were intent on her face for any sign of distress. Though she winced slightly each time my finger moved further inside her, she quickly relaxed. Her face was actually radiant as she relished the new feeling she was experiencing. I did everything possible to maintain that innocent glow, not wanting to cause her any pain.

As she relaxed, I slid my pinky back slightly, then in again. That helped, and Sarah was no longer cringing when the finger slid further inside her tight hole. Slowly, over many minutes, I eased that pinky deeper into her cunt, until I had it buried past the second knuckle. Though it would be almost unfelt by any grown woman, my pinky worked like a perfect little cock to train Sarah's tight pussy. Her breathing picked up and she let the occassional moaning, "Yes," escape her lips. Mostly, though, the only vocalizations she gave were soft grunts of pleasure.

Once Sarah's hole seemed completely open to the pinky working it's way in and out of it, I pulled it out and replaced it with my index finger. Sarah barely flinched as the longer, thicker finger snaked it's way into her pussy. Moving slowly, gently, I started to fuck her tiny body with my finger, increasing the tempo over time. Soon, I was slipping my finger into her with greater speed, and Sarah was starting to react more aggressively.

As my finger slid in and out of her now willing cunt, I softly asked, "Would you like me to lick you, now? Like I licked your sister? Or do you want me to keep doing this?"

She hesitated, obviously torn between the two choices. Finally, she said, "Will you do this some more, after licking me?"

"If you want. We'll do whatever you want."

"Then, yes, do everything you did to Cassie."

My cock jumped as she said that. I was sure she didn't know everything Cassie and I did, but my dick responded as if she had. Pushing that thought down, I stood up and picked Sarah up, laying her back down further down the bed, her legs dangling off the end. I put her pillow back under her head, then knelt down at the foot of the bed, my face between Sarah's legs. Staring at her young pussy, I hesitated slightly. I knew that eating her out was the "point of no return" for me. Once I put my face in her pussy, I would be unable to deny her anything, regardless of how wreckless.

Unable to control myself, I leaned forward, tentatively licking her slit from top to bottom. She tasted heavenly, and I started to gently eat her pussy, slowly pushing my tongue further inside her. Pushing past the still tight opening of her cunt, I shoved my tongue all the way into her, fucking her with my mouth. Despite her experience with her sister, Sarah was unprepared for that feeling, and gasped in delight. She was quickly learning that age and experience count for a lot when it comes to sex, particularly oral sex. She was starting to get more into what was happening, though she seemed unsure whether to make noise or stay quiet like I had told her.

"Sarah, honey, if you feel good, and want to make noise or say something, you can. We have the door closed, so it's okay, as long as you aren't TOO loud."

She didn't say anything in response, but when I returned my mouth to her pussy, she did start to respond a bit more vocally. She wasn't yelling, but she definitely allowed herself to respond to pleasure with soft moans and gentle grunts.

Totally aroused by her slender body and tight hole, I wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled her further off the bed. I helped her get her legs over my shoulders, and put my hands under her tiny ass, holding her up so her cunt was right in my face. I buried myself in her hole, forcing my tongue deep into her virgin hole. The smell of her juices in my face and the taste of her pussy on my tongue unleashed the animal in me, and I ate her with unbridled lust.

Sarah was beginning to writhe in response to the sensations in her pussy, and she started to rock her hips across my face. It was quite obvious that 10 years was plenty old enough to experience deep sexual pleasure, and Sarah seemed close to the brink of orgasm. I thrust my tongue deeper into her cunt, and she started to scream under her breath, surrendering to the climax hitting her body. I flicked my tongue into her pussy several more times, then eased her body back onto the bed.

Crawling up beside her, I whispered, "There. That's what your sister got. You seemed to enjoy it at least as much as her. Maybe more."

She shook with the after effects of what had to be an orgasm, perhaps her first, and said, "I did." She hesitated, then added shyly, "Remember you said you'd put your fingers back there, after licking me."

"I did say that, didn't I. Do you want me to do that? It might be sensitive."

She simply nodded, so I slid my hand back down her body. This time, I slipped my index finger right in, and it slid in with almost no resistance. My tongue lashing had obviously done a great deal to loosen her up. Or her own juices provided enough lubrication to make it easier. Regardless, my finger slid right in, and I shoved it as far as it would go. I then started to finger fuck her, again, slipping the finger in and out quickly.

Thinking about eating Sarah out, watching my finger sliding into her 10-year old cunt, I was turned on beyond description. My cock was pushing furiously at my pajama bottoms, which once again had a massive wet spot where my head was touching. As I continued to finger Sarah's pussy, I pushed my bottoms down with the other hand. My cock, free from the confines of the pants, sprang up, ready to go. Sarah looked down at it, saying, "Wow. That's even bigger than mommy's massager."

Looking at Sarah, I told her we should stop, because I wasn't going to be able to control myself much longer. Rather than agree, she threw her arms around my neck in protest. "You can't leave, yet. You said you would do everything you did with Cassie."

I wanted to argue with her, pointing out that I had eaten her out and finger fucked her. In fact, she'd had an orgasm. But Sarah's move to grab me with her arms had the unintended consequence of putting her body against mine, and our height difference resulted in her crotch hanging dangerously close to my cock. As she rolled into me, I slipped onto my back, carrying her with me.

Almost on their own, my hips thrust forward, pushing my solid cock toward the nest between her legs. Though I didn't push hard enough to force my way into her, the head of my cock did brush against her wet slit. Feeling that, Sarah responded much like her sister did. She pushed back and rubbed her pussy across my dick. It felt wonderful, and I let her continue to dry hump me for several minutes. I could only handle that because I had so recently climaxed inside Cassie's pussy.

With all the cum, her's and mine, my cock was slippery and wet, struggling to find its way into a hole. I asked Sarah if she was sure she wanted to do EVERYTHING Cassie had done. She quickly responded with a, "Yes." As she continued to slide back and forth on my cock, I reached down and positioned myself so that I could enter her virgin hole. With her on top, she would have some control over what was happening, and I could help her ease herself down onto my pole.

Her tiny body made it easy to reach around her and slide my cock up into her pussy. As I felt her outer lips envelope the head of my dick, I held her waist to keep her from pushing down to quickly. She was rocking her hips, rubbing herself across my cock, and I instructed her to slow down and wait until she felt me inside her.

She stopped the gyrations and allowed me to reposition myself at the opening of her cunt. Taking her hips in my hands, again, I told her to let herself push down toward me. I held her up to keep her from hurting herself, and slowly let her drop her hips, pushing against my cock. Though I'm no monster, I still have a 7-8" cock that is much wider than any of my fingers, and she was hardly loose enough to just take me inside her in one push.

Sarah continued to push down, and I let her drop a bit more. That allowed the head of my cock to push hard against her pussy, and I could see Sarah's face cringe. Pushing my hips down into the bed, I kept pulled myself back slightly.

"Sarah, honey, we have to go very slowly. This might not work, and I don't want you to hurt yourself. You're very small, and might have to grow, some more."

"I'm okay. Really, it doesn't even hurt."

I knew she was lying through her teeth, but figured she would stop if it really started to hurt. Pushing my hips back up, I pushed at her opening, again. She pushed down, too, and the combined motion was enough to force her hole open enough for the head of my cock to squeeze inside her cunt. She screamed in pain, and I pulled back, again.

"No. I'm okay. That just hurt a bit." She was trying to push herself back onto my shaft while she said that, and I could see the determination in her face.

I pushed up slightly, again, allowing her to push down a bit more. This time my cock head slipped in slightly easier, though I could see beads of sweat forming on Sarah's beautiful face. She was working hard to swallow the pain of her virgin hole stretching, so I held her in place, trying hard not to move myself. Slowly, the pained look passed, and Sarah pushed down, again. Agonizingly slowly, her pussy stretched to accept my cock, and the head slid entirely into her cunt. The incredible tightness shocked me as her cunt literally squeezed my cock. This time, Sarah stopped pushing on her own, and waited for the pain to subside. She opened her eyes and asked, "Is it all the way in?"

I almost laughed, but held it in, knowing that to her, it probably felt like it was all the way in. "No, honey. Just the tip is in, but you can stop if it hurts. If you keep going, I'll tell you when it's most of the way in."

She responded by pushing down one more time. With the head already past the opening to her cunt, the rest of the cock slid in more easily. But she was so tight that each thrust of her little ass stretched her past new limits. Urging her to take her time, I rocked my hips down into the bed, again, pulling my cock out slightly. Then, I slowly raised my hips back up, allowing her to push herself back onto my shaft. She let out a long, slow, "Ooooooh!" as I slide into her in one motion. I continued to slowly rock my hips, pushing about one-third of my cock into her with each thrust. I felt pressure building in my balls, and slowed things down, trying to keep myself from cumming.

With my cock inside a 10-year old cunt, that was difficult.

After several strokes to let Sarah see what it felt like, I allowed her to push down even further onto my cock. She was no longer moving in fractions of an inch, she was trying to get more and more of my rod inside her. She took about half my shaft when I felt the stronger resistance of what I knew must be her hymen. Grabbing her hips to once more stop her motions, I told her that she had taken almost all of my cock, and that she would probably experience one more sharp pain if she pushed any harder. And that after that, she would be past the worst of it.

She simply said, "Okay, I'm ready," and pushed down hard. As she pushed down, I thrust up with my hips, slamming my cock through her virginity. As it ruptured, she let out a scream, and I pulled her to me, hugging her tightly. Not moving a muscle, I allowed her to handle the pain I knew she had felt. Slowly, she relaxed again, and sat back up. I could see tears in her eyes, and asked if she wanted to stop.

"No," she said. "It just hurt. Cassie told me it hurt the first time she used mom's massage thing, but she didn't tell me how bad it was. I think I'm okay, now."

She then pushed down hard, one more time, taking well over half of my cock inside her newly "devirginized" pussy. As she pushed down, I knew she was as full as she would get, so I started to rock my hips again, thrusting in and out of her. She started to really moan and grunt, which I took as an indication to continue.

But I could only go on for a few more moments. Sarah was rocking her hips into me, and my thrusting into her young pussy pushed me over the top. Pulling her down until she was impaled on my cock, I climaxed, pounding my seed deep into her tiny womb. I continued to hold her as the orgasm ripped through me, causing my cock to pulse in her cunt, spilling more cum inside her. Then, as the orgasm subsided, I lifted Sarah up, allowing her to slide off my shaft.

I helped her settle down on her pillow, and laid next to her while her breathing slowed. "Thanks, Uncle Tom," she said sleepily. "I think I liked that." As we laid there next to each other, both naked below the waist, Sarah finally fell asleep. I kissed her gently on the cheek, saying, "Good night, little girl," and covered her with her sheet. I grabbed my pajama bottoms, noting that I would need yet another pair, and went to get some out of the bedroom.

While I was changing, there, I heard the front door open and realized Kelly was home. Looking at the clock, I realized how long I had been in Sarah's room. I threw my third pair of pajama bottoms on, hoping these would stay clean longer than the last two pair, then headed out into the living room.

Kelly was sitting on the couch as I walked into the room. "I was wondering where you were. Did the kids keep you up late?"

With a grin, I looked at Kelly and said, "You can't even imagine. We have a lot to talk about. You have some very naughty little girls, there. There are a lot of things I don't think you're aware they know. Things like porno videos, dildos, oral sex, masturbation, and pleasuring each other."

Kelly, who knew about Cassie, looked at me and said, "You mean both of them? Sarah, too?"

"Yes, Sarah, too. I'll tell you the whole story, but I hope you weren't planning on getting fucked, tonight."

"Well, I WAS. But if you have a good enough story explaining why you can't fuck me, I have some other things we can try out."

"That's what it will be, then. Let's go into the bedroom and I'll tell you about the things your babies have been up to, and what I've been up to, and what we should do since neither of your girls is a virgin." Leaving it there, I took Kelly by the hand and led her into the bedroom.


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Anonymous 2/16, go learn a thing or two about the hymen and how it functions in real life compared to our perceptions and what works in a story, then get back to me.

Hopefully when you lose YOUR virginity, you'll learn there is no such thing as a "cherry to pop." If you want scientific discussion of sex, this probably isn't the best source.


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Very nice

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Haha december 4 got it right virgin moron.
Hopefully when you lose your cherry you will realise the hymen isn't that high in a vagina.

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Jungfrau Maedchen. Sehr gut.


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That was the best. Having sex with two preteens in the same night was my greatest fantasy. Keep training them they are yours forever now. Likeemyoung!!!

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