My first story so be nice
It all started with a stupid bet, my wife and I got into an argument about who was
more daring. She obviously won as you are about to see. "Ok he should be here any sec, you
sure you dont wanna back out". My wife said along with a sexy stare and a batting of her
long eyelashes. I couldnt help but stare at her for a second she looked so hot wearing
nothing but her black 2 piece bathing suit. Her very long and slightly curly blonde hair
was draped across her shoulders but it did nothing to hide her large double d breasts. She
was 5"10 about 150 pounds, thick but definitly not fat. She was relaxing our leather couch
one leg was slung over the arm rest, one hand lazy moved her fingertips up and down her
thigh stoping just inches from her pussy. I could tell by the look in her eyes that there
was no going back now.
About a half an hour earlier we had been relaxing in the hot tub, when the subject
of who was more daring came up. I decide to bet my wife that she would never fuck a
stranger. Now i did this with every though that there was no way she would ever do it. The
most daring thing I had ever gotten her to do before this was grind with a guy at a club. I
couldnt belive how damb horny my beutiful wife looked while she waited for my answer. "Not
a chance I dont thnk u have the balls", i answered back "ill be in the closet he wont even
know im here". "Hell yes honey prepare for a show" she said as she jumped up kissing me on
the lips, "I hope he is a least a little good looking". "Well u never know what your going
to get with a delivery boy, I just hope he's legal" i said with a shrug. Hey i see a car
coming down the drive way you better hide. Alright i said running to the closet i could
already feel my cock getting hard. Our living room was set to where if i craked the closet
door i would have a great view of the couch.
Closing the door almost all the way behind me i crouched down waiting for whatever
was about to happen. My wife stood behind the door looking out the peep hole. "ok its a
nice car thats good", "im glad u decide to go with chinese instead of pizza" she said
giggling. Ya were all having fun now i said under my breath. "Ok he's getting out, oh no
he's kinda fat". Instantly i smiled to myself, there's no way she'll do it now. "Well a
bets a bets and besides he's not that fat". well my smile was gone, "ok here he comes he
looks young". "Great were going to jail", "honey sshhh he's right here. ok here we go".
ring ring ring impatient little bastard i thought as he continued to ring the bell. My wife
gave it about 25 seconds till she answered. She opened the door very fast, it kinda
surprised him especcially since i dont think he expected to see a 28 year old blonde
bombshell in nothing but her bikini.
"Aaahhh hey i got your chinese food", "oh nice im very hungary come on in". She
lead him past my closet and i got my first look a him. Yep he was a little chubby but not
as much as i had hoped for. he was about 5'10 maybe 220 sandy brown hair just and averge
kid i thought. As he followed my wife to the kitchen i noticed his eyes never left her ass.
Ok "how much do i owe ya" "aahhh $35.96" "do u want check or cash", "whatever works for
u". "ok ill write u a check hold on". Oh here we go i thought, my lovely wife bent over and
filled out the check giving him a view of some great clevage. And he never took his eyes of
them just when she was about done she suddenly glanced up catching him staring. He
instantly blushed "do u like what u see". "Uuummm what do u mean im sorry", "no no its ok
you see my husband has been out of town for a month and no one has looked at me like that
for a while"."I kinda like it" "uuuuhhh ok im sorry really". I had to suppress a giggle of
my own now this kid had no idea. "its ok baby" my wife took his hand "lets go talk for a
minute". She lead him to the couch sittind down she said "so tell me about yourself".
"Uuummm im not sure" "OK do u have a girlfriend"? "Not right now, i did though but i had to
dump her". "oh how come"? "Well honestly she said we were moving to fast so i just thought
i would get ride of her". "Ah I see how old are u anyways"? 17, well almost 17 next month."
"Fuck" i thought uou might as well lock me up now. "oh so what did your girlfriend
think was moving to fast"? "Ummm well" "its ok i wont tell" "ok i was fingering her." "mmmm
nice" my wife scooted closer to him their legs were now touching. "Did u like fingering
her?" "oh ya i love it". "Hhmmm do u like tits"? she said putting her arm around him, and
in the process putting one huge tit on his arm. "ah yes i do". "good, here touch one of
mine" instantly she grabbed his hand and used it to cup one breast. He didnt say one word,
he just kept squeezing it. And without a word he brought his other hand up and began
massaging the other one. "mmmmm" my wife moaned as she leaned back onto the other arm rest.
His hands never left her tits as he followed her back. "Are u a virgin baby"? "Yes is that
bad?" "not at all. Slowly i stripped of my trunks careful not to make a sound, I could not
belive what i was seeing.
My wife of 9 years was letting a 16 yearold virgin fondel her double d's. The pains
of jealousy were very strong but i was also more turned on then i had ever been, I couldn't
help but stroke my hard cock. "here lets get ride of this" she slowly removed her top he
didnt even look at her face he just keep squeezing. But now he focused on her nipples which
as they say could cut glass. My wife had this semi glazed look on her face she was
definitly ready to fuck. "do u like my tits"? "oh yes there huge much better then my
girlfriends". At this point he kept trying to kiss her while maintaining his hold. "No baby
no kissing i save that for my husband, but i do have something else for u sit back". She
had to practically force him back for a sec, he didnt want to leave the titty's. Well he
soon forgot all about them when she pulled her legs up on the couch and removed her
bottoms. Without wasting any time she leaned back on the arm rest and spread her long legs
as far as they would go. He couldnt stop staring at her totally shaved pussy, I could see
how wet her pussy was from the closet. He slowly lifted his hand and began stroking her
slit, "hhuuuuuhhhh she was already close to cumming. Without warning he roughly shoved to
fingers in all the way to his knuckles. Instantly she orgasmed she screamed a loud groan
and covered his whole hand in juice, he slipped in another finger and continued to jam them
in and out freakin hard. Now most girls might not like it but i knew my wife did, she loved
it rough. She was now letting out deep moans every time his hand hit home, she had her legs
drawn up to her chest now with her legs spread wide. Her pussy was open so wide, his three
fingers kept pistoning in and out i noticed his pinky kept rubing her ass hole.
I meanwhile had blew my first load all over the floor and was working on my
second. The kid kept fingering her for about another minute and just when she was about to
cum again he stopped and withdrew his fingers. "Can i fuck you"? my wife just nodded her
blue eyes never leaving his. "ok i want to do you doggy style" "ok baby" she quickly rolled
over onto her knees. She kept her knees on the couch and turned her ass directly towards
me. I could see her pussy juice slowly sart to run down her legs. He waited till she got in
position before he moved behind her. He quickly pulled down his pants, his cock was a
little on the small side about 5 1/2 but not to bad. He stroked it a few times before he
mounted her, he left one foot on the floor and the other he put on the couch. Witch gave me
a very good view of his cock entering her cunt, his very hairy scrotom was in stark
contrast to my wife's bald pussy. He shoved his cock all the way in one hard thrust,
instantly my wife started moaning, and playing with her own clit. He didnt waste anytime
fucking her as fast as he could go, with each thrust my wife's juice squirted out.
And then it happened, as we alll knew it would. Just as my wife was about to have
her second orgasm, his balls tensed up and with one huge thrust he barried himself all the
way to his balls. And started coming, he let out a low moan while keepin himself all the
way in. "No dont stop I need you to make me cum" my wife tried to rock her hips back into
him, but he held fast till every drop was deposited. "come on please i need it" he pulled
out leaving my wife very empty. "um i better get going i got food in my car". "Are u
fucking kidding me, thats it your not going to get me off". By this time my wife had
gotten to her feet and was staring him down. "Um im sorry but i cant", he was quickly
putting his pants back. "Well I really got to go but can i get your number ill call u". by
jhis time i was barely controlling my laughter, "No thank you get out". My wife opened the
door for him and just like that he was gone forom our lifes forever. We both waited till we
heard him drive away, my wife pratically ran back to the couch, and i followed her. "Hurray
baby get that cock in me". She laid down on her back and spread her legs as far as he would
go. I took a long look at her sexy body, her golden locks were still looking good her chest
was flushed. Her pussy was still leaking alot of cum and i could tell she was very wet.
"Come on lets go," who am i to say no to this. I quickly slipped between her legs
and thrust my eight inch cock into her dripping pussy. "UUUHHHh" she came instantly juicing
all over the couch. Her pussy felt like it was on fire she was squeezing my cock with all
her might. She was letting out soft squeells with every thrust, and i was giving it all i
had. I was fucking her harder then i ever had before, i could feel her fingers rubing her
clit. She exploded one more time drenching my balls and the couch with pussy juice and
sperm, "did u like watching me fuck him". "I loved it, i didnt think i would but it was the
sexiest thing ive ever seen, I had now slowed my thrusts to give her time to recover. "are
u going to let me do it again", "oh ya i wouldn't miss is for the world". "Ok good now fuck
me so hard baby". And i did i pounded her as hard as i could for about ten more minutes
before we both came together. "oh god that was great thank you" "no problem" i said with a
smirk so whats the next bet,

The end


2013-11-25 22:54:27
Pretty good ideas and you will probably get better with practice. Use spell check. Put caps where they belong and separate paragraphs. Don't give up.

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Mayureshjoshi hhjjkkhfffh kid dfddnkffhjllgfffghjjjjjhfddchhjhjhjjjjkkjjj

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spelling is atrocious

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yea tell us

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I'm with the first readers. The story was very nice but confusing. Better structure and caps to begin sentences.

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