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This story continues from my other story called ‘under the counter’. Please enjoy

It was weekend and because both James’s and my parents lived quite far away from the school, we had to stay in the whole weekend but neither of us was complaining because we both knew what would eventually happen.
I woke up at 7 am that Saturday with a large hard cock, I could either wank it away which was boring and lame since I had found my new fuck buddy James, I could go take a leak and it would probably die down or I could pop into James cubical and have a little early morning fun.

I poked my head around the corner through his cubical door to see that he was still fast asleep snoring with his mouth wide open. I had a great idea and a way to get rid of my morning wood.

I walked over to James’s bed cautiously so not to wake him. I thought the best way to wake him up would be with a morning blow and I did owe him one so why not pay him back now and best of all he would hopefully wake up and return the favour. I slowly lifted his bottom half duvet and folded it onto the top half and there, too much delight was his raging boner pitching up his boxers making a sort of tent shape. I liked my lips at the prospect of sucking his cock.

I unbuttoned the buttons on his boxers and released his dick through the whole in all its perfect hairlessness. I then put my left hand down through the whole in his boxers and formed a cup around his balls, feeling his small balls in hand was amazing and with my other hand i slowly started feeling up and down his muscly leg. While doing this I lent over, opening my mouth and slowly inch by inch took in his cock until it was touching the back of my throat. I began to move up and down, swirling my tongue all around his shaft each time. i stopped feeling his legs and creeped my hand up one of the hole's in his boxers where his legs go through and with one finger, i started to massage his tight asshole, which certainly got him groaning in his sleep.

I heard him start to moan in his sleep after about 3 minutes and knew that his cock was nearly ready to blow, I picked up the intensity as I could feel it getting harder and harder. He let out on last loud moan and two shots of cum shot and hit the back of my throat which I easily managed to take down

Through all this he still hadn’t woken up. Well his loss. I carefully removed my hand from his balls and folded his now limp cock back into the boxers and buttoned them up. I then folded the blanket back of his amazing legs, getting my last glimpse at it all.

I still had my boner but didn’t want to wake him up from his deep sleep. I couldn’t go wank myself though. I saw that his mouth was still open; I had my second great plan. I slowly climbed onto his bed of his small chest making sure I did not sit or wake him up. I was now kneeling. I pulled down my tight boxers so that they were on his chest and with my hand grabbed my also nearly hairless cock because I had shaved it all off. I put my other hand behind his head through his curly hair and slowly lifted it and at the same time moved my cock forward to his mouth.

I started pushing it in and it was at the point that it hit the back of his throat and cut off his air supply that he woke up, quite startled to see me over him and especially with my cock in his mouth but he didn’t hesitate at all and knew what I wanted. After he woke up a little more and without even saying a word, he began to suck. I could feel the force of his mouth all around my boner and loved it.

It was at this point that I want to do something new, I took my hand and opened his mouth, interrupting his sucking to his dismay, as wide as possible and decided to fit my balls in his small mouth too. He then continued to suck making sure that my balls stayed in his mouth. I don’t know how he managed to keep it all in there because his mouth really isn’t big enough for it.

I felt the tingling feeling run down my back into my cock and I knew it was time. I grabbed his head and started face fucking him as hard as possible to make sure I got maximum pleasure out of this and as I knew I was about to cum, I pulled my cock out of his mouth spraying my cum all of his face and amazing chest. He looked shocked at this but I knew he liked it because he stuck his tongue out and licked my delicious cum up from around his mouth. In the ecstasy of this I couldn’t support myself over him anymore and fell back in between his legs and felt his semi-hard cock against my back, which was the cherry on top.

I hoped of his bed and put my boxers back on, he also then got out of bed and whispered into my ear, “I like surprises like that, and we should do this again soon”. We walked slowly together to the showers and I got to watch him shower his beautiful ass before I joined him to make sure he got a proper scrub down.

After we got changed for breakfast, we went to sit down at the table. There were very few of us in the boarding house this weekend and basically had the whole school to ourselves. As we sat eating our breakfast I mentioned that we should go swimming later and he agreed....

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2009-11-25 08:59:50
Possibly one of the most pathetic storie have have read here.

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