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This is the story of how I made my roommates gay for a day
My name is Icel, and I’ve been a horny boy since like fourth grade. Of course in that grade I didn’t knew that my real passion is for guys.
I’m the type of guy that likes almost all kind of guys, even the not-so-cute ones.
I’m 18, and in my life I’ve fucked tall guys, small guys, whites, darks and black guys, all types of cocks and balls,
so basically that makes me just a horny guy looking for sex.
I study Natural Sciences at my university, and I live in an apartment with two guys I met in a summer Math course, Mark and John.
Mark was fair skinned, a pretty boy, kind of hairy, short, with an excellent pair of legs I enjoy looking at, every time he is not looking at me.
And John is dark light skinned, tall, skinny and due to the fact that he is always shirtless, unlike Mark, I’ve been admiring his dark-pink nipples,
round and big.
There is only one problem, they are both straight and I didn’t had any chance to fuck them, even look at their cocks (because they were very taboo),
so since the day I met them I only could jerk off thinking about how I would fuck them, see them fuck each other, lick their (as I could imagine) extremely
beautiful pink ass holes.
But one week before the summer started again, I decided that I couldn’t say good bye without a taste of them, I had to lick them all at least once,
even if it was raping them. So I contacted a friend of mine that could give me some X, ouch they were like 30 bucks each pill, but I was gonna enjoy this.
Finally the day came as they were about to eat, this was one of these occasions in which we all contributed to the cooking and ate in front of the
TV watching the news, some talk show or The Simpsons. I bought the soda so I could serve them, and I took out my two pills and watched them dissolve
in the dark juice.
After that like in half an hour they started to look dizzy, weird, I know it was making effect, so I started acting like them in case they remembered it.
Mark, who I never saw shirtless before started sweating first, his shirt was all wet, and he was shouting how he couldn’t believe how hot was the day,
while John agreed already shirtless. After that I saw a show I was waiting since I met Mark, he took off his shirt.
He was very white, and his torso was moderately fix. With just a yummy hairy tummy, not a single hair in the back or the torso, maybe he shaved, and his
nipples were light pink, and puffy.
-OMG Mark what a miracle, you took off your shirt-I said “with a lot of surprise”
-Yeah, look at my nipples-and started to rub his finger on his right nipple and softly biting his lower lip, he breathed noisily through his nose.
I noticed how his nipple got hard. It was half joking, but there was no doubt, he was horny. On the other side was John, looking at Mark’s show and
touching his starting boner.
-Ha-ha, you’re getting horny John- I said still “laughing” in case they could catch me.
-Yes… I am- and after this he pulled out his basketball shorts with his white brief, revealing a beautiful golden and pink headed, curved, 8 inched dick.
Its head was about to explode. Immediately I went to his cock and grabbed it, after a few shakes I could see some pre cum, so I licked the tip of his
mushroom cock head. It was very salty, then I looked up, and I couldn’t help but to go to his nipple, dark pink and big, and started sucking them, first
the right, I followed the
perfect round border, and then bit it. When I looked to my left, there was Mark with a silly smile, so I grabbed his face between my hands and kissed
his lips, they were hot and trembling. My lips pushed into his; delicately I sucked his lower lip while I was giving a hand job to John. Then I pushed
my tongue inside his mouth violently, and tasted every single corner of his mouth. I kept kissing him to my favorite part, his nipples, first the right
one, I sucked it with desire, I bit it, felt how it got hard with my tongue, at this level of extasy I could easily cum without touching my cock. Then
the best happened, John took out my cock and started to suck it, there was a lot of gagging, I felt how the saliva got my balls wet. I don’t even remember
how bad was him but I wanted to cum in his mouth. While John sucked my cock, I managed somehow to suck Mark’s cock, which was very pale, with 5 inches
and so fat it barely fit in my mouth, I licked it all, felt his foreskin with my tongue, and sucked it like a pro.
I wanted to fuck him, so I started fingering his asshole, the he stood in front of me and blended, showing me his asshole, pink, with a little layer of
thin hair, next to this, John stopped sucking me and sit by my side saying: “Mark you have hair on your ass, Icel, do I have hair too?” And blended by
Mark’s side, now I had the best view, two beautiful virgin assholes, both with a pair of balls hanging below. So I did what I only could do, sucked one
while fingering the other.They were moaning, I switched from one to another, and later, before I could notice, Mark sat on my cock which was all wet
with John's saliva. I felt how my cock was entering trough his asshole, so warm and soft, covering all my cock, I pushed my cock deeper into him and he
barely complained. While I fucked Mark, John was passionately kissing me, not only in my mouth but my neck, and my ears, it was a complete extasis,
having such pretty boys in this position. While John was almost sucking the blood out of my neck, with one hand I touched Mark's back, up to down, so silky
and beautiful, then his hairy tights, his hips and finally his bushy cock and balls bouncing; and with the other hand I jerked and momentarily fingered John.
Then something really awesome happened, Mark fliped and now we were face to face, and we started 3 way kissing, a mix of tongues, lips and sensations.
While still kissing us, Mark said: "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum right now"
And his dick exploded right into our chins, he licked my chin dry, licked my mouth every now and then, sucked my tongue for long periods and then removed
himself from my cock.It was the best fuck ever, but I never would have expected what happened next.

But well, keep on touch so you can read what happened next!

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2010-05-20 22:12:02
WOW that was totally hot sexy and so damn fucking awesome 3 hot guys(gay or straight)kissing licking and rub/sucking sexing each other,it making me feel so hot and horny^_^

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-30 08:54:29
Don't listen to that ass, this was a hot story. Not the best I've read, but I enjoyed it. I wanna know what happens next!

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2010-04-19 23:49:13
You are a disgusting fag

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