A girl is caught by her father in bed with her boyfriend, and the father decides to teach her a lesson.
Julie lay back on her bed and spread her legs, her tight fourteen-year-old body tingling. She looked up at Matt. He had a huge shit-eating grin on his face. Julie's eyes moved down, along his body, to his cock, sticking out hard and straight, condom glistening, as it moved toward her pussy. She reached out, wrapped her fingers around his shaft, and guided it to her hole. She felt the head spread her lips and move inside, then Matt grunted and shoved the whole thing into her.

"Oh god that feels so good!" Julie felt like she was in heaven as the walls of her pussy gripped Matt's cock and pulsed around it. Matt was eighteen, and her parents didn't want them together, but she didn't care. She loved him and she wanted him. This was just the second time they'd fucked, and the first hadn't been very good. Julie was a virgin, and it hurt like hell when Matt popped her cherry. Matt didn't even seem to notice that she was in pain and not enjoying it much, but she figured that was just the way it was the first time. And this time was already a lot better.

"Mmmm, ooohhhh," Julie moaned as she felt Matt's fingers massaging her breasts, his lips and teeth attacking her throat. Her body was moving with his now, her hips moving out against him in rhythm with his cock-thrusts into her pussy. She could feel Matt's cock rubbing against her clit, her body humming with the jolts running through her crotch. Julie closed her eyes, leaned her head back against the bed, let it roll from side to side.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Julie's eyes snapped open, her head popped up. Her father John stood in the doorway of her bedroom, rage bloating his face. Julie was instantly terrified. She was absolutely scared of her father. He was a big, strong man, with a temper that could be nasty. He'd been in the Army, and was now a private security guard, and was no stranger to violence. Julie didn't know what might happen next.

Matt jumped up off Julie and started stammering something about being sorry. Great move, dude, that's going to win you lots of points with everybody. Julie was still frozen on the bed, waiting to see what her father would do.

"Get out. And don't come back." That was delivered to Matt in a low, flat voice that was even more frightening than the yell Julie had been expecting. The "or else" didn't even have to be added. Matt hurriedly grabbed his clothes and headed out the door. Julie's father stepped over to the bed and stood over her.

"I thought you were different, but you're a whore just like all the rest." That same flat voice. There was something creepy about it.

Julie started to get up off the bed. "Daddy, I didn't.." His hand lashed out, caught her on the side of the face, hard, sent her flopping back onto the bed.

"Shut up!" The slap had been a shock, Julie's face burned where he'd hit her. What had been more of a shock was the way the pain had resonated through the rest of her body, making her gasp, causing her skin to tingle, even drawing a spasm from her still-wet pussy. And Julie was suddenly and intensely aware that she was naked on her bed in front of her father.

John was unbuckling his belt. Shit, he was going to spank her. He hadn't done that in a couple of years. It was really going to hurt on her bare ass. But when he finished unbuckling, he didn't pull the belt out of his pants. Instead he unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers and started pulling them down. A new fear surged through Julie, and she started to shake.

"Daddy, what are you going to do?" She could barely get the words out.

"You act like a slut, I'm gonna treat you like a slut." Julie's eyes were drawn to his cock, now completely free of his pants and boxers. It was hard, and it was huge. It looked like it was a good two inches longer than Matt's, and a lot thicker, too. Julie didn't really have enough experience with dicks to know if Matt's was big or not, but her father's was definitely big. John stepped over to the bed, holding his dick in his hand.

"Daddy, no! You can't, I'm your daughter!" He slapped her face again, and again the shock echoed through Julie's body. She couldn't believe that the pain actually seemed to make her hot, to make her pussy wet. But any excitement she felt disappeared when she felt the bulbous head of her father's cock pressing against the mouth of her pussy.

"Nooooo, god DADDEEEEEEEE!" She wailed as he bucked his hips forward and plowed her open with the entire length of his dick. He slid in easily, she was still wet from fucking Matt, but she felt like she was being split apart. It was almost like having her cherry popped again, being opened by something so much bigger than she'd ever had before. Julie's body jerked, her pussy spasming at the invasion, and she shuddered as the realization hit her that she was being raped by her own father. Tears poured from her eyes, and she choked trying to catch her breath.

"What's wrong, bitch, can't handle a real man?" Her father's words shocked her almost as much as his actions. She knew he was a rough man, but she'd never seen or heard anything this crude from him before. "You're going to find out the difference between a man and a boy."

He grabbed her knees, forced them up and back so they were almost pressing against her shoulders, held them in place with his arms. He began fucking her, with long, hard strokes, pulling his cock almost all the way out then slamming it back into her pussy. Julie's body shook every time he plunged into her, she was having trouble catching her breath. A jolt shot through her as her father's crotch banged against her clit about every third stroke. Julie couldn't believe it, but the physical feeling taking over her body was better than anything she'd felt with Matt. The size of her father's cock, the way he treated her rough as he fucked her, she began to realize this was the kind of sex she wanted. But not with her father, not by being raped, and she tried to fight back, to kick at him, twist away. It was useless, he was too big, too strong. And her body was rebelling against her.

Then her father reached up, grabbed her tits with his big hands, and twisted them, viciously. Pain ripped through her causing her body to convulse. She finally found her voice.

"Daddy! You're hurting me!" He just laughed.

"Yeah, and I'll bet you love it, don't you bitch?" He twisted her tits again, even harder, then slid his fingers to her nipples and dug his nails into them.

"Oh fuck, YES!" Julie's body and mind had snapped as she felt the exquisite pain take her. Her pussy tightened around her father's driving cock, the muscles in her lower belly contracted, jerking her shoulders up off the bed. "Daddy, fuck me! HARDER!"

Julie lay back on the bed, her head flopping from side to side, her eyes closed, as her father ravished her. Her body was on fire from the abuse her father gave it. He pinched and slapped her, scratched with his nails, bit. And Julie reveled in it, each new pain now shooting straight down to her cunt, where a tension was building that was like nothing she'd ever felt. Suddenly the tension hit a peak, then broke.

"FUCK YES!" Julie's body convulsed, everything curled around her pussy which was trying to drag her father's cock all the way up to her stomach. She gasped, sucking in air, not able to get enough. Then she heard her father grunt, felt something sticky and warm flooding her cunt. Shit, he was cumming inside her - she'd made Matt wear a condom, afraid of getting pregnant. But the thought drifted out of her mind as quickly as it had flown in, lost in the feeling of her father's semen pouring into her. She dug her nails into his shoulders, her own orgasm, her first, lingering as her father finished shooting his cum into her.

Finally Daddy's dick stopped spurting, and he stepped back. She felt him pop out of her and the mixture of their juices seeped out of her pussy, dripping down toward her ass. As she felt it running over her anus on the way to the bed, she suddenly wondered what it feel like to be touched there.

Her thoughts were cut off when her father's hand wrapped itself around her throat. She looked up at him, eyes wide with the same fear she'd felt when he'd walked in on her and Matt. His face was hard.

"If you ever say a word about this to anybody, I'll kill you. And I'll make you suffer first. Understand?"

She nodded. "Don't worry, Daddy, I'll never say anything."

"Good." He squeezed her throat for emphasis. Julie trembled, wondering how much he could choke her, make her suffer, without killing her.

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