Willie invited me over for a family BB. I have never met any of Willie's family so it was a suprise and an honour. Willie's family turned out to be very nice people. Not one person had horns.
Later that evening all the guests had left except myself. Willie and I were having a beer together and b.s.-ing. Sitting under the Apple tree at Willie'.
I looked up and said. " this is a great Apple Tree you've got Willie."
" Ya I like it,..... it is kind of like a family member to me." . . . " Like a niece or something".
" What make is it Willie ..... " I smile at my humour
" A Northern Spy Bob. .... and not made by GM."
We both laugh. ... well, GM deserves it.
........... pausing for a drink ......
"Your family sure have a high opinion of you Willie."
" Why do you say that Bob.?"
" All the praise for the good you have done over the years."
" Well you know how that one is Bob, you've done many good deeds yourself."
"I was especially impressed by your sister-in-laws story of how you saved her daughters life many years back Willie."
Willie looks at me and smiles.
.................... we both sit back and are quiet for a few minutes ... looking at the tree and the evening sky . ..... I can see Willie is thinking about something.
" Bob, may I tell that story from my perspective.?" ...
" Sure Willie, can I get you another beer, mine is finished and I would like one Willie to go with your story?"
Ya. sure Bob."
Returning with the beer. Willie stars in with his story .....
......................."".... she was about fourteen at the time this happened Bob. ...
Wilie gives me a serious look, I know something is going to be different about this story.....

I was having the family up to my cabin for a weekend of fun. Dawn wanted to come up with me. She was so excited about seeing my cabin. Dawn had never been here. Dawn and I came up on the Thursday. The rest where coming up on the weekend.
On the way up we stopped for a bite to eat. Picked up some supplies. Everything seemed to be going along very well. I had already loaded my vehicle with most of the stuff we where going to need before hand. This left room for only one person, Dawn.
We reached the cabin and Dawn ran off to the lake ... it is close to the cabin as you know Bob. I put the supplies away then went to find Dawn. She was swimming in the lake. I watched her for a bit to see that she was safe in the water. I yelled at her about the weeds to her far right. She nodded back ....
I turned and pushed the boat to the edge of the lake in case I needed it. I looked toward her, she was fine ........... I went into the cabin and grabbd a beer and headed back out to oversee her. I looked out and was surprised to see her near the weeds ........ I put my beer down and ran as fast as I could Bob ... floated the boat, and sped off as fast as it would go ,,, as you know that little boat can move. I was about half way there when I could see she was in trouble ..
I gunned her bobby .. that little boat was skipping out of the water ... I headed straight at Dawn, cutting the motor about twenty feet away from her .... and to her left a small amout. The hault-ing boat produced waves which lifted Dawn. Each wave lifted her head up so she had breathing space.
I was able to grab her by the hair and lift her head above the water ... she was coughing up water and Algae ... I was near the bow ..I threw one leg over the opposite side for balance ... reaching for her neck and pulling her up .... she was coughing but not unconcious Bob. I reached for her trunk bottoms or belt ..... she was naked Bob.
.............. pause for a Drink .......
I put my hand between her legs wrappng it around her crotch so my wrist was where her pussy is and my palm was near her ass. Lifting ... I got her into the boat ... I took off my shirt and wrapped her in it ..... once her coughing subsided I took the orr and moved my Dingy out of the weeds. Once clear of the weeds I took Dawn to the cabin.
She was shivering, I got into the shower with her ... naked, she was not embarrassed ...she was very frightened Bob. Christ Bobby, I pulled weeds from her mouth.'''
" Understandable Willie " .... I reply. Taking another sip from my beer, leaning back into my chair for the rest of the story.
....... ''' Dawn showered for about ten minutes ... when she came out she ran to me for a very big Uncle type hug Bob. ... ""
Willie pauses for a minute or more. ............... resuming his story, Willie say's to Dawn.
''' are you feelling honey, ..... '''
'' I'm ok Uncle Willie, feeling a big sick though ...''
'' Come here ..... I'll give you a couple of pills to counteract the water you swallowed and help your lungs rid themsleves of any water left in them. Lord only knows what is in that lake water Dawn.''
Dawn takes the pills and the night begins with what seems like a quiet evening. About two hours into the evening, near Eight I would say Bob, Dawn gets sick and throws up on the sofa. She looks pale. I clean up after her and put her to bed .... I put her into the bed that is common with the living room.
Dawn thoughs-up two more times. She has diarrhea, not much fun her first time at the cabin. By Ten Thirty Dawn is sound asleep. Dawn had a second shower to clean up Bob.
Night is at hand.

A vale of darkness over takes the Earth. The lake side is quiet. Only the Crickets and Frogs can be heard....... '''

" That is about how it was told to me this afternoon Willie. Minus the poetic ending about darkness. I suspect that signals a change in the story from here on out Willlie."

" YUP ! ..... that's right. Hence my alluding to darkness earlier ...which you so quickly picked up on .."
I shrug my shoulders, Willie knows me very well. Willie and I have been through some tough times together.
''' ................ when I picked Dawn out of the water by her crotch I got a thrill Bob. I hid it from her and thought it was just a brief animal thing.
Everything else she said is true until the pills. They are designed to do as I have said. One side affect is that when combined they can knock you out colder than a Mackerel. I knew this when I gave them to her. That is what made Dawn sick Bob.
...................... pausing, both Willie and I sip at our beer ....
" I need to tell someone the details. I know you are well acquainted with sex and the unconcious. I would like to tell you what happened. Because of what I did to my niece Dawn I was able to understand your 'Hotel escapade' as you like to put it. I have noticed lately Bobbie that I am craving sex with unconcius women. I was never into that before Dawn. Your playful ways pushed me in the diection of sex with unconcious women Bob. I feel if I can tell anyone, I can tell you old buddie..... Perhaps I will get over it."
" My family thinks I am such a hero, little do they know." .............

I fetch more beer. .....upon my return Willie continues.
''' ................. I watched Dawn sleeping. " ... Willie begins ....... ''' I moved about doing chores in the cottage. I even went for a walk trying to put the Demon back which had taken possession of me. ''''
'''' ........... Finally I sat down. It was after midnight. I dosed off for a bit. I woke up near One AM. I had left the lights on ............ I got out of the chair in which I had fallen asleep and took a piss. I turned off most of the lights leavng the ones near Dawn till last.
''' I knew I was barely in control of myself Bob. Heading toward the table lamp beside Dawns bed I inhaled her fragrance.
I just stood there and looked at her sleeping. Her beautiful hair falling across her face making her even more beautiful. I could see her arms protruding from underneath the covers.
Her hair, her face, her arms, and that lovely fragrance ..... my Demon got wind of these and tipped the balance in his favour.
Leaning forward I kissed Dawns cheek, moved my nose about in her hair. All the while enjoying her smell.
Resting a hand on her hip I moved my hand slowly over her hip, waist and upper thigh ...feeling her shape through the covers. The more I felt her up without her reacting the more courageous I got.
I pulled away from Dawn .... I just stood there looking at her sleeping.
I got down on my knees and slid my hand under the covers searching for and finding her behind. I nervously touched her and pulled my hand away ..waiting to see if she awoke. Once again success bolstered my confidence. Soon I was touching her bum, feeling her panty covered cheeks. Slowly I move my hand between her legs ......... God she felt good Bobbie .. I couldn't stop .... I just kept on touching her ..feeling up my lovely nieces crotch ....
I do not know how long I kept this up but in time I had the covers off her hips and her panties down baring her bum .... I even moved her so she was more open for me .. I was sniffing her Bob ... I licked my finger and finger fucked my niece ...... she was tight ... I even tried to pop her cherry ... I don't know if i made it though ......Jeeeze Bob ......... ""

... Willie paused for several minutes ...I said nothing .. .. just sipped my beer and waited for Willie to speak. .......
"" .... I was right out of control ...... I was so horny I knew I would have to cum ... I wanted to fuck her so badly but I knew she would feel it in the morning.
The I remembered my good friend Bobbie ............... so ............. I got some vaseline and lubed up my prick and her bum hole ..... I had moved her so her rear would be accessable ....
It slipped in so easily Bob ............ I thought it would be a hard thing to do .... of course I am small that way so I guess size does matter ......""
................ a little chuckle from both of us ......
"" I figured if she mention her bum being sore in the morning I would put the blame on her diarrhea. That would explain any pain .. ..
I was very gentle Bob ... but I entered her fully ..a slow fucked of my young niece' bum ... she never moved or made a sound .. not even a flich when I entered her Bob. Dawn is not a skinny girl but not big either ..her bum was big enough at that age I guess to take a man ...I must have been in her for fifteen or twenty minutes ... I would stop so that I would not cum early ..I wanted so much for the feeling to never end.
Sliding my cock in and about her sweet young ass was one of the best sensations I ever had Bob. I remember looking at her and all I could see was my shaft disappearing between her cheeks. I did not realize that you cannot see the hole with your cock in it.
It eventually occurred to me that the longer I was in her the more she might hurt in the morning ... ... so I resigned myself to the fact that this wonderful feelling was going to have to end ... I moved in her for a while longer .......lovng the feelng of her youthfull ass tight warm .. so wrong to be in her ...
When I came Bobbie it was as if Heaven had opened ...she jumped at the first shot into her ass ... after that she was still .... I did not care by this time ... I emptied myself into her ..God it was something Bob. ""
............ Willie sits back in his chair .............
" well Bobbie ..what do you think of me know .. ? "
"Willie, I have a serious hard on so I think I'm envious ."
" Some help you'll be Bob." ...... " You'll probably line me up with some unconcious women to help me out." ...........
" As a matter of fact that was my thinking Willie." .. ........... " can I ask a Question Willie."?
" sure, go ahead ...... "

"How as Dawns bum in the morning ... ?
" It hurt but the diarrhea story worked ..... "

" Bobbie, how did you get hooked on women's asses." ?
................." I'll tell ya' in the morning Willie ... over coffee "
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