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No school girls this time, the teacher provides some entertainment for her colleges
The Staff Meeting

“Ah Casey, come in come in.” Charles Andrews, headmaster of Birchly hall private school waved Cassandra Lynx forward.
“You are a little late.” Cassandra walked into the staff meeting room and closed the door behind her.
“I am sorry Charles, the class finished on time but some of the girls left a bit of a mess on the desks and chairs and I thought I had better clean it up.” The head master waved this away
“Leave it for the cleaners, that’s what we pay them for,” Cassandra smiled and sat at the one empty chair at the large polished table.
“I think you have met most of the faculty, but I think now would be a good time for a formal introduction.” At the head of the table Mr Andrews indicated each teacher in turn, one representative from each department.
“Mr Mason,” He indicated the man to his immediate right, a handsome man in his mid thirties looking the perfect teacher in a dark suit, his brown hair a short back and sides.
“Mr Mason is our head of maths and deputy head.” The man nodded a greeting.
“Mrs Salisbury,” he pointed to a woman in her early forties, grey hair just beginning to creep into otherwise lustrous blond hair, like strands of silver amongst the gold. She must have been a beauty in her youth and though time was beginning to tell she remained a striking woman, not yet given over to fat.
“Is our head of English.” She smiled warmly at Cassandra
“Please, call me Madison.”
The headmaster turned to the other side of the table and indicated a bull of a man, the eldest there to look at him, but not past fifty.
“Mr Henrys, our rugby trainer and head of physical education,” to the petite Casey the man’s sheer size was impressive, he overtopped her by a good eight inches and was wide shouldered. He had to weigh a good 18 stone but she doubted an ounce of it was fat. For all of that his expression was kind, if stern.
Not a man to trifle with, she thought. But he nodded politely.
“And finally, Mr Philips, our biology master and head of science,” here he pointed to the man directly on Cassandra’s right, the youngest there besides herself, in his early thirties with a handsome face and a body which could only be maintained by very regular exercise. He held out his hand and Cassandra leant across the table to shake it.
“I regret that Miss Thatcher was unable to attend, she is busy with a conference in London but normally heads our arts department.” He paused and turned back to Cassandra who was sitting directly opposite him at the foot of the table.
“Everyone, this is Miss Cassandra Lynx, our new social sciences teacher and staff slut.”
All of the assembled staff knew of her role of social sciences teacher, the title under which she taught practical sex education, but some were evidently unaware of this second title for several of them gave her a second look over. Cassandra smiled at them all, for she enjoyed their admiring stares. After a brief pause Charles carried on,
“So, how did the first lesson go?” he asked
“Very well, some of them are shy, which is understandable. But they are already coming out of their shells. At the beginning of the lesson only three girls admitted to masturbating, though I suspect a few more do but did not wish to admit it. By the end of the lessons seven girls gave themselves orgasms in full view of their classmates. Over the next few weeks I think the vast majority of the class will become very open about their sexuality within lessons. It is too soon to tell whether they will advance as quickly in skill, but I am hopeful. They are a good group of girls.”
“Did you have any problems?” Cassandra turned to face Mr Mason, who had asked
“Not really, there were a few girls still reticent at the end of the lesson, but these things take time. There was one girl who ignored some of my instructions, but it was dealt with.”
“What did you do?” this from Mr Henry,
I knew he would be a stickler for discipline. Cassandra grinned and reached into her purse, pulling out a pair of white knickers.
“I confiscated these from her, it was her not removing them that was the offence, so it seemed appropriate.” The rugby trained chuckled and all of the staff smiled at this inventive punishment.
Casey put the knickers back in her bag, next to a pair of her own which she had taken off before the lesson and had decided not to replace. The meeting moved onto other topics and other departments, and although Casey tried to listen the memory of her young students burning pussy beneath her fingers and the pert breast in her hand was very distracting. During a long talk concerning the feasibility of upgrading the IT facilities her own pussy began to moisten and her hand almost unconsciously crept under the table toward the middle of her legs.
No! She thought, stopping herself. Not yet. But as a trickle of liquid slowly inched down her leg it was hard.
“So, that’s the last item on the agenda, Lucas can replace Madison on the French trip and we can get Donald to cover his classes.”Cassandra snapped herself out of a day dream, the names meant nothing to her but the words ‘last item on the agenda’ sounded promising.
“Well, that’s business attended to. God each year the days seem longer,” Charles said, stretching in his chair. He looked directly at Cassandra for the first time in over an hour
“I for one could do with a little relaxation.” There was a murmur of agreement from all sides of the table.
“Miss Lynx,” began the headmaster “I think it is time we used you.” Cassandra’s smile was genuine, she was burning for release.
When no one spoke out Cassandra decided to take the initiative. Putting her purse under her chair she stood up and, under the stares of the whole room threw of her blazer, draping it over the chair. Turning back to the table she began to sway seductively, unbuttoning her blouse. As the last button fell away she swirled, stepping up onto her chair as she cast it away to fall on the floor. Her bra covered little, but even so lasted bare seconds before she was half naked atop the chair. Kicking off her shoes Casey stepped up onto the table, lithe as a dancer she twirled so that her skirt flew upward and all could see that she wore nothing beneath. Finally she stopped, still dancing. The eyes of the men and, surprisingly, those of Mrs Salisbury, were all fixed on her. Either on her pretty milk white breasts with their erect pink nipples or her swaying, twitching ass. Smiling wide she took the top of her skirt and brought it down, revealing her entire naked body to lustful eyes.
“So,” she said, purring seductively “What do you want to do with me?” For a moment no one talked, all eyeing this voluptuous beauty, then finally Mr Philips spoke.
“Charles tells me you give a good blowjob Miss Lynx. Come over here and show me.” Responding to his commanding tone Cassandra dropped to all fours and crawled across the polished table towards him. As she did he stood and undid his belt, letting his trousers fall to the floor. Swiftly his boxers followed unveiling a quivering cock just waiting to be sucked.
The biology teacher stood upon his chair, on all fours with the table beneath her this put his penis directly level with her hot, burning mouth. Cassandra licked her lips and inched forwards. She opened her mouth and began to suck the pre-cum from the tip, delighting in the flavour and making him roll his eyes back in appreciation. She took his cock down her throat and made him groan, he cupped the back of her neck with one hand and pressed her in.
“A good show, but I think I had better get in there before the girl is all used up.” Cassandra heard a gravelly voice behind her.
Mr Henrys no doubt. She smiled at his comment but did not stop giving head. Behind her there was a scuffle as someone removed their clothes, then a thud as someone much heavier than Cassandra climbed up onto the table. He moved up behind her and she shivered as one large finger was slid into her dripping wet hole.
“Alright slut,” he growled “Whose cunt is this?” She made no answer for her throat was full of cock and the hand of Mr Philips would not let her withdraw. After a moment the man behind removed his finger and gave her a slap, directly between the legs. Cassandra flinched and let out a muffled yelp. Mr Henrys reinserted his finger, much to Cassandra’s appreciation.
“Well slut, who owns this cunt?” This time Mr Philips relaxed his grip and allowed Casey to surface
“My cunt is the property of Birchly hall sir,” she answered.
“Ha! She’s not daft our slut,” he said affectionately. Cassandra took Mr Philip’s head into her mouth once more as she felt Mr Henrys shift behind her. She felt the tip of his shaft rest on her sopping wet lips, a large hand ran up her side and, surprisingly gently, cupped one soft tit.
Casey moaned around her mouthful as a large prick was pushed up inside her, though she could not see from the way her pussy stretched Casey thought he could not be less than eight inches, possibly more. Quickly he fell into a rhythm, fucking her hard but well, though he did not know it, this was just the way she liked it. With a cock in both ends Cassandra was close to cuming, but held it off as best she could. She wanted to finish Mr Philips first and her moans clearly gave him pleasure.
“Unghh, yes, come on woman just like that, a bit more! Ahhhh!” With that he came, cum exploding into Cassandra’s mouth.
“Swallow it Lynx!” he said, and gladly she did, taking every drop even as her cunny took a pounding from behind.
Finally he withdrew his softening cock, clean of all spunk. With her mouth free Cassandra’s moans grew louder.
“Oh!” she gasped as she panted like a bitch in heat “I’m close, so close.” She shivered with surprise as the long shaft withdrew from her pussy.
“You cum when I cum woman, and not before. Understood?” the rugby trainer growled
“Yessss,” she gasped.
Though unable to see Casey was not surprised to feel a hand rub her pussy, seconds later those same fingers slid up her asshole, lubricating it. Cassandra braced herself to take the monster cock inside her and, sure enough, began to mewl softly as it slid its way in slowly. When the full shaft was buried deep he pulled out half way and thrust in again, building a rhythm. Though her cavity felt stretched and would surely be sore Cassandra ground back onto him, purring with satisfaction as he thrust into her faster and stronger with each passing second.
Bracing herself with one hand Cassandra reached down between her legs and finally touched herself, her hands along with the cock in her rear brining her so close she could barely hold it.
Time to make him cum, she thought. Twitching her hips brought a long low moan from the man riding her
“When Charles said to use you I thought you might object,” He said between grunting gasps
“No! Use me, use me like a fucking whore! Those girls made me so damn horny I wanted to tell one to lick me out there in front of them all!” This image was too much for Mr Henrys who came with a great cry of ecstasy. I second later Casey let herself go and joined him, her juices running down onto the table top as his filled her hole.
With one last shuddering jerk Mr Henrys was done and slid off her, climbing down back into his chair. Cassandra lay there panting for breath as his cum dripped out of her. After a moment she slid her legs up and raised her head, gazing at the remaining teachers she said in her most sultry and seductive voice
“So, whose next?”

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