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This includes my younger brother too
My Older Brother and I P3 (with younger brother)

If you have read either of my first two you can skip to the next section. This happened only a few days ago.

My name is Ashlee and I am 20 years old. I am about 5’2” and I would not say that I am little but I would say I am about average. I have blonde hair a couple inches past my shoulders. My boobs are a clean 36b and firm with slightly smaller than average nipples. I have about the perfect hips and ass and I am not fat in any way. I have two brothers who both have brown hair and brown eyes. The younger one, Jimmy, is 16 and about 5’ 6” and has a slim build (not much to see kinda thin). The older one, Derek, who is 23, is about 5’8” tall with a slim build and muscular. My younger brother and I live with our Mom and my older brother moved out.

This morning I woke up and realized I woke up late to go to a friend’s house, I told her I would be there by ten AM and it was 8:30, I had not even started getting ready. So, I grabbed a towel and took my pajamas off as I moved toward my bathroom. I got into the bathroom, removed the last piece of clothing and jumped into the shower, throwing my towel onto the toilet. I turned on the water, expecting to get a blast of cold water in my face, and tensed up. But, nothing happened.

“Damnit Mom, when the hell are we going to get my damned shower fixed!” I said as I turned the valve back to off.

So I wrapped my towel around me and moved to the bathroom in the hall. When I got there and opened the door, the shower was already on. Jimmy was taking a shower right now. I stood at the door for a second deciding what to do. I could skip the shower and go to my friend’s house and just hope they don’t say anything. Or I could get in the shower with Jimmy and just end up being a little late. I decided on the latter hoping Jimmy would not mind.
I opened the door to the bathroom and went in and took off my towel, took a deep breath and pulled back the curtain to the rear of the shower and stepped in behind my younger brother.

“Jimmy I need to shower right now I am in a hurry, you can stay in or get out I don’t care.” I said quickly as he turned around.
“Ashlee get the hell…” He stopped when he realized I was naked, he looked straight down at my pussy. “Wow she’s bare” he whispered even though I could hear him over the shower. His eyes moved higher after a moment, focusing on my boobs, just as he started to reach out I said something.
“Well? Are you staying in or getting out? Decided quickly” I said which seemed to snap him out of booby land. He put turned sidewise and backed against the wall opposite the curtain and pulled one of my shoulders forward so I could get in front of him where the water was spraying (I don’t know if that’s the right word so forgive me if its not). I felt his hard-on catch on my hip (I didn’t really look at it), and he turned more to get past me like it didn’t happen.
“Fine, fine you can shower with me.” But you owe me for this one.
“Yea, right, whatever.” I said, completely disregarding what he said and grabbed the shampoo and put it in my hair.

As I was rinsing my hair out I felt the soap start going up my side and jumped forward slightly.
“Jimmy what are you doing?!!” I said without opening my eyes because of the shampoo.

He pulled me back, closer to him, “Chill I am just trying to help; now stand still.”

For the time being I decided sure he can help a little and let him. While I put conditioner in, Jimmy gently did my sides, over my tattoos as if
he might wash them off me, and my back. When I started to rinse my hair out again he moved reached around me and started soaping up my belly. Then without warning he started to soap up my boobs, little circular motions over my boobs. I felt my nipples start to harden.
“Jimmy, I think it is about time to stop…” He stopped soaping up my boobs and started massaging them with both hands. I started to lean backwards into him and I closed my eyes, allowing him on my boobs.
“Ashlee, your titties are so perfect. They are so soft, nice and firm, and so beautiful.” He pressed his whole body against me, I felt his dick go between my legs and was resting against my lips. He shifted one of his hands down and started rubbing my clit.
Realizing what could happen I leaned my hips forward so that he would not end up inside of me but he could still rub my clit. I started breathing heavily while he was rubbing me; it felt so good, I started to lose stability in my legs so I decided to do the next thing I could think of that did not involve his dick supporting me. I dropped to my knees and turned around and started stroking his dick. It was already hard enough to suck on, so I took his manhood into my mouth. Just shallow licking at first, but I decided if he can almost make me cum, I might as well make him cum. (Fair trade right?) I started taking his dick deeper into my mouth, until it started hitting my throat, but even then I tried to make it go deeper down my throat. I got it as deep as I could then I had to pull back. Every time I went that deep I felt my throat pulse around the head of his dick. I continued to suck on his shaft hoping he would cum soon. (I was also thinking about how Derek’s dick is not near this long, Jimmy had to be nine MAYBE ten inches long)

“OH GOD ASHLEE!! OH THAT’S SOO GOOD!!” He let out a groan without warning and started to cum. luckily, his cock was not in the very back of my throat when he started to cum but it was close. I pulled back as his warm cum started filling my mouth. By the time I had taken my mouth off his dick, I already had a lot of cum in my mouth. He then kept cumming on my chest; I felt beads of it start to pour down my chest and over my boobs as his cum stopped shooting his hot cum over me. I swallowed what cum I had in my mouth and looked down at my boobs when he had finally stopped, my left boob was completely covered in his cum my right boob was almost covered. I stood up.

“JIMMY!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!” I shoved him back. (I wasn’t really mad but still he could have warned me before cumming how much cum he was going to fucking shoot!!)
“WHAT!! I thought that’s what you wanted me to do!” He said as he held his hand around his now limp dick. (Which he started jerking off again)
“No, now I have to clean all of this off me, you could have told me you came so much. FUCK! I am going to be so fucking late now!!”

I grabbed the soap bar and started scrubbing my chest to get all his cum off. He stood behind me jerking off the whole time I was doing this. I had finally gotten all the cum off me when I felt him grab my waist and push me over.
“I need this Ashlee, I can’t bear watching anymore.” Before I could say anything else he had put his head against the lips of my pussy and pushed. It felt like it had happened all in slow motion. My lips opened to the head of his dick as it penetrated me, his shaft sank into me.
“OHH GOD!!!” I couldn’t keep my head up… it felt good… big… my pussy stretched in order to fit his thick cock into me.

I couldn’t let him do this so I pulled the curtain back and jumped off him forcing his dick to slip out of me.
“I swear to fucking god Jimmy! What the fuck is your problem?!” With that I grabbed my towel put it around me and stormed out of the bathroom not bothering to close the door.

When I got to my room, I grabbed my cell and dialed. (>Me >>>Kris) YOU CAN SKIP THE CALL IF YOU WANT. I PUT A QUICK SUMARY OF IT AFTER IT.

>>> Hey Ash WTF you were supposed to be here 5 minutes ago.

>Sorry Kris my bad you wont believe what Jimmy just tried to do

>>> Ash what’s wrong? You sound kind of shaken up.

>Jimmy just tried to have sex with me!!

>>> Oh my God WHAT DID HE DO!!

>Okay I got up late on accident and my shower is out and I wanted to get there in time so I jumped in the shower with jimmy, I know stupid idea, but then he started touching me and I let him…(she cut me off)

>>>Wait Jimmy started like what rubbing your boobs? Or ya kitty?

>BOTH OMG!! I couldn’t help myself it felt good!!


>Not only that he came on me!! (she gasped) I KNOW he was jerking off behind me while I was washing my hair and while he was touching me though I couldn’t see him doing it so I didn’t know. But you are not gonna believe this!


>He is the biggest guy I have ever seen, thick long big balls you name it. Jimmy is really packing some weight.

>>>So what happened after he came? WAIT was it a lot.

>Kris it was enough to cover even YOUR chest!!

>>> REALLY!!


>>>Is he available?

.>You’re kidding, right? KRISTINA HE IS MY BROTHER!!!

>>>No I am not kidding.

>Whatever, anyway, I will not be over today. I am a little fucking creeped out right now.

Basically I told her Jimmy tried to have sex with me and she wanted to then have sex with him and I told her I wasn’t coming over.

The next day Derek called me and asked if I wanted to come over since he was alone, I said hell yea and headed over to his house.

I decided on a tank top and a pair of shorts I run in, no underwear. I walked up to his door and knocked and he answered and told me to come in after looking me up and down once and closed the door behind me,

I looked at him for a second, he was wearing loose jeans and a white t-shirt. Immediately I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up as we kissed. I put my legs around him and he carried me over to the couch and laid me down gently on my back.. He got on top of me and removed his shirt and I put my hands on his muscular chest as he leaned down to kiss me again.
I grabbed the bottom of my top and pulled it over my head, he went straight to licking my breasts I put one of my hands on the back of his head as his tongue danced over my nipple, I started moaning softly to let him know I liked it, and he switched to the other breast. I undid his belt as he worked on my breasts. He sat up and pulled the belt off and moved lower on the couch so he could take my shorts off. As soon as they were off, he put his head between my legs and started to massage my clit with his tongue while lightly using his fingers to play with my pussy lips.

At this point I was moaning freely as his tongue flicked back and forth on my clit him sucking it every now and then, he must have known I was extremely close to cumming, because he stopped and pulled his boxer-briefs off. His hard dick flicked out of them and pointed right at me. I got up and crawled over and cupped his balls with one of my hands and put my mouth over his manhood. I waited till I started feeling pre-cum start flowing out and stopped sucking on it and started jacking him off…sometimes licking the bottom of his shaft. Spreading the pre-cum over his dick to keep the lube up and putting my mouth on it if I had to.

“Wait Ash, I want to try something, I know we have never done it but be right back.” He ran up stairs and came back down a few seconds later, holding a tube. “Please lie down.” I did as he said. He opened the tube and rubbed a clear liquid over my boobs, It felt warm so I closed my eyes as he coated my them. Once he was done and my boobs were covered, he positioned himself so his dick was right over my chest, I knew what he wanted so I held my boobs together and let him slide his dick between them. He started moving back and forth between them.
“Ash…ahh… this feels great…ohh…” I started grinding my boobs on his dick as he fucked them instead of just holding them together.
“Ash… god your tits feel so good… oh…I am gonna cum soooo soon….” I didn’t want him to cum on my face
:”Derek cum in my mouth when your ready.. I wanna taste your cum…” he just nodded as he took his dick out from between my boobs and moved forward. I opened my mouth and no soon did he have it in my mouth did he start cumming..

Once I had his cum all in my mouth, I let it stay there for a bit so I could taste it and swallowed… I didn’t give him time to recover, and got up shoved him onto the couch rolled him over and got on top of him…held his dick steady and lowered myself over it and started to ride his cock…. Fuck it felt amazing, having his cock penetrating my pussy over and over…leaning forward enough so it would rub against my clit every time I went up and down or back and forth. I felt myself getting tighter as I came hard, letting out loud moans….AS I was cumming Derek couldn’t help himself.
“FUCK ASH!! OHH IM CUMMING AGAIN!!” as he said this he was cumming into me. GOD his cum felt so hot inside my pussy. “Ashlee your pussy is so tight.. eghhh..ahh…” I knew he was right because at the moment he felt huge in me

I couldn’t move anymore for the time being… I came so hard…. I rested on his chest letting his dick slip out of me by itself....He continued to play with my tits as I was laying on top of him. I closed my eyes and waited for when he was ready to start again.

Again just like last time contact me if you want, give me your honest opinion. Or what you think I should or shouldn’t do in the next one.

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2015-07-08 23:33:32
Ashlee should fuck whoever she wants to fuck. If she wants her older bro, Derek, and not jimmy it's her choice. It's been a few years, but my little sis and I had a sexual relationship during our teen years too. We had a younger brother too, but he never got involved with her. It was just her and I. We both knew it was wrong but we couldn't stop it. We were each other's first so I think that had a lot to do with it. eventually the family found out about it and made us stop, made us go to therapy. Long story short, we're both happily married to other people now, and although my sis and I are still emotionally very close to each other, we now have a normal sibling relationship. I still remember though with a lot of fondness those beautiful moments we had all those years ago. That's why I like reading some of these stories, like Ashlee's. It brings me back to a very exciting time in my youth.
Ashlee, enjoy your time with your brother. If you guys love each other, more power to you. :)

Anonymous readerReport

2014-06-14 23:21:37
I think you shouldof gave Jimmy some pleasure also, after all, you went into the shower with him, hes human, tell ur friend, did u tell her about you and derek, you made it like Jimmy was disguisting, but you and your other brother are having affairs.

anonymous readerReport

2010-11-04 05:11:05
I agree fuck Jimmy. Like the story other than that.

anonymous readerReport

2010-11-03 03:24:46
That isn't what Jimmy should do.

But Ashley please ride him some night.

Chances are it won't ruin your pussy for Derek but it will feel great and be worth writing a story about.


2010-07-25 19:45:43
If I were Jimmy after that episode, you would wake up some night on your back with me pounding in and out of you until I filled you with cum, I wouldn't call it rape, I'd call it justice and would pound you every chance I got after that. :p

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